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What is some technology that lets you escape reality for a little while?

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Benzodiazepines and SoL anime

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That image reminded me that my dog is close to be 10 years old and its a boxer.

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What's SoL anime?

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Slice of Life. Usually cute girls doing cute shit.

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the shittiest anime genre ever
aka nothing happens for the entire series

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have a script?

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you have to go back

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Jerking off.

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Vidya, obviously

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that photo is fucking sad

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anime, drugs, gaymes

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Fuck, I had to put down my dog earlier this year. Thanks for reminding me.

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>Anon is triggered because his Entertainment doesn't have "epic" action and drama
If you aren't watching SOL, you might as well watch Hollywood trash.

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play some extremely addictive immersive vidya, for me it's shit like skyrim, but i also heard stardew vallew is additictive
it needs to be so strong that you won't even want to have snack breaks.
another thing you can do is binge watch massive TV series

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I take LSD and put my VR headset on and watch some sissy hypnos and then pretend I’m a cute anime schoolgirl

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this image reminded me that i put my beloved doggy down 3 days ago.
Wait, I haven't managed to forget it for even 1 minute.

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High Fidelity audio equipment

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>those cables
Is there a toramak reactor behind him?

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haha Akira is great amirite!

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instead of escaping reality fix it, it in fact is a much better solution

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Pretty much this.

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did you ever open OP's picture? how the fuck you be fixing a dead dog

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What the fuck, anon

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What's some good videogame entertainment that runs on an athlon and r7 250x.
i just want an easy game with rainbows and sunshine, not dark souls right now

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>not using cables equipped with Multi-Layer Carbon-Based Noise- and Crosstalk-Dissipation System coupled with a Double Star-Quad Geometry and Solid Perfect-Surface Silver (PSS) Conductors while enjoying the Dielectric-Bias System with Radio Frequency Trap.
It's like you don't actually enjoy music.

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Look at this faggot

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I've started going to judo class. Something everything you need is to get smashed to the ground or smash somebody to the ground. Also small hikes are good to.

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Yeah, i was hooked on Stardew Valley last summer for hours on end.

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Fix yourself.

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Video games

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This and so much this.

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m-must feel good.. must play. colorful rainbow games pretty colors yes.. yess.. must feel good.. happy happy joy joy..

face your fucking problems

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by accepting his death and getting another one asap

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with electrical tape

worked for my thinkpad

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I faced the empty gaze of my favorite dog I had as a child wash away. Enough for one day.

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>What is some technology that lets you escape reality for a little while?

Stargate SG1

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>instead of escaping reality fix it

>TFW you're conically ill and it can't be fixed even my top medical science

my only escape is to drown my pain in brief moments of pleasure

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Gay furry porn

I just imagine a cute muscular furry man who will hold me close and tell me everything is all right

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>my dog lived around 14 years
>it was with me through most of my childhood and adolescence
>it got sick at the end
>was lying down on the yard all day, visibly hurting
>tfw petting it for the last time because vet comes to put him down
>it still tried to lick my hand despite barely being able to move

it wasn't as hard as i thought, but still pretty hard. that being said, i'm glad i had a dog through my entire childhood

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you've either never had to kill your dog, are just being a cunt, or some mix of the two.

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First time I had to put a dog down I felt sad
I've had to do it again recently and now I just feel jealous. The fucker gets to go peacefully while I have 60 years to figure out how I'm gonna go.
Car crash?
Heart attack?
Who knows
Dog went peacefully. Lucky fucker. First later 10 years, second lasted 14

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oh I bet you're such a fucking tough man posting on the internet
kill yourself, you child

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Things certainly happpen in my pants when cute girls do cute shit.

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samefag baby gaymers

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elite dangerous OR no mans sky

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we are on the same page

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touhou, hoers tranquilizers

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my gaycube

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monkeyball, emulated on dolphin or if it's really shitty emulate the gba version

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>doggo just entered the window of life expectancy this year

Not looking forward to it lads.
>yfw she's getting slower meaning her (and our) best years are behind us

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Menial jobs are your best bet

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>muh shounen-shit
You have trash taste, anon. You should be ashamed.

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same things happening to my dog bro. its not going to be easy. I'll probably have mine euthanized at home where she's comfy.

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Since when people do this gay "take my pet to vet to put it down" thing instead of doing it yourself like a man? Don't want to get your hands dirty or something?

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hi anon
personally for me it's usually rollercoaster tycoon, or harvest moon (you can play on a gameboy emulator)
which athlon you have? I have an athlon II x4 640 propus and can still play plenty of newer games. maybe stardew valley or journey would be up your alley, or, if you're up for a cute but challenging game, may I suggest pic related? Lovely Planet - it's an FPS.

You also might like to try Terraria or Minecraft. Or just play something comfy like SimCity 4 with infinite money. Relaxing stuff where you get to build things. Maybe an autism simulator like Factorio. Anyway, good luck. I can recommend more, just message me on discord.

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okay buddy you ARE bulletproof

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because your companion's final moments should be painless and peaceful, not getting bludgeoned to death with a shovel by the only retarded nigger it's ever known or loved.

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Because I don't have tranquilliser/painkillers in dog-lethal doses on hand.

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TFW had to take two dogs, separately, to get euthanized, not so long ago.
It's fucking sad, but if you don't stay by your dog's side at that moment, you are a fucking pussy. They we're always there for me, so I was there for them.

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That's harem though.

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Fuck your for that baww thread photo.

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>he's a plotfag

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I live vicariously through twitch/youtube streamers to forget I'm spiralling down a never ending addiction to alcohol and adderall and I'll either have a stroke or starve to death before I reach my 30's

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This makes me slightly uncomfortable

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>forgetting that music once came from a spinning disc of plastic being read be a diamond
>needing these cables

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>my cat is 22 years old
Fuck this shit he will die on his own terms

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Disassociative drugs and hallucinogens. Disassociate and hallucinate and you will find yourself quite literally as far out of touch with reality as you can be without Trump as a surname.

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My dog has been gone for almost 7 years, still miss him

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I dream in code

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I might well need a pill to knock me out. But nothing technological has ever helped me escape.

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dogs are stupid.

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Dogs (and people) are only lent to us. They're not ours.

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Alcohol + Anime
Try it. It's the best thing ever.
Di Gi Charat is pretty fun when drunk.

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If your pet was a person, it would tell you not to try and run from the love you felt for it. It hurts to lose.

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Some good headphones and cough medicine

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installing gentoo always does the trick for me

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no u

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Why is your heart in your pants?

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>mfw home invasion
>my dog , a 40kg muttweiler, charged forward the intruders shitting and pissing herself.
>she got shot on her chest 3 times
>Gave me just enough time to gun down one nigger whilst the other ran away.
>i held her on my arms as she bled away, wagging her tail ever so slowly

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I don't have the patience to watch anime or movies unless I'm drunk so my primary escapism is music and playing an instrument.
Also this: >>66402285

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>hating SoL

I used to hate it but anon you suck.

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I already make my life hard enough with Linux give me a break

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If it makes you feel better you're not even that abnormal. I'd say a good 10-15% of males in their twenties are doing literally the exact same thing.

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you can tell this is correct because the people are upset

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Beautiful words, anon :')

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found the shounen fag

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Emulate Katamari Damacy, or the K-On! game if you're into that.

>I can recommend more, just message me on discord.
Sent ;)

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LSD and some Gui Boratto music.

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Video games. specifically, Yume Nikki. shits free and you might hate it at first but it'll grow on you

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true. seinen is where it's at. suffering all around.

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Ayy lmao 11 upset neckbeards already, naisu bakuretsu.

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weird that SoL anime make me hate my life more
only fantasy books, film... help me escape reality

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cable wire and transformers

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System shock 2
VR porn but u randomly download a vrporno that starts on a beach so u focus on the slightly stormy beach instead.
Deus ex
Majesty gold hd
Lone far sails cd key
Arrival 2016
Don't worry, be happy doo do de dooo

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Doom 1 in VR is pretty damn immersive.

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by looking at that picture of a woman's face who had her upper lip bitten off by a dog and realizing it's better off dead

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is there a good western alternative for SoL anime
i can't get into anime

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If anyone comes to this thread and leaves with the idea that they wanna play Stardew Valley, this mod is vital to enjoying it:


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Had to put down doggo a year ago because of a brain tumor
I built 5 racing quads after he died because the focus required to solder 24 tiny pads on the flight controller was the only thing that kept me from wallowing.

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"I live vicariously through twitch/youtube streamers to forget I'm spiralling down a never ending addiction to alcohol and adderall and I'll either have a stroke or starve to death before I reach my 30's"
Me too thanks, minus the twitch shit.
Sitcoms, especially ones where nothing fucking happens, like Seinfeld, Frasier, cheers, friends, that 70s show, etc...

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Fuck that, watch Requiem For A Dream

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>taking your dog somewhere where their last moments on earth a stressful and unfamiliar

>> No.66407868

>Seinfeld, Frasier, cheers, friends, that 70s show, etc...
i said slice of life not slice of onions

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im loving all the manchildren triggered by your post

people who enjoy SoL anime are generally losers who hate their life and try to live through anime characters

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>subtle image post referencing the worst escapism imaginable

I used to enjoy watching numbers get larger and larger but I left to go travel Europe for 6 months and suddenly playing runescape became distant and unimaginable

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To be fair, cute girls doing cute things and also fighting is vastly superior.

>> No.66408267

You are using it right now.

>> No.66408275

Most episodic Western cartoons.

>> No.66408285

Ori definitive edition

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put me in the screencap bby

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1. Take hallucinogens.
2. Read Blame!

>> No.66408373

All anime is shit.

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Found the leftist cucks
Dogs are supposed to be your slaves, beta fucks

>> No.66408432

you have to go back as well freud

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Go all in autismal with KSP or Cities: Skylines

>> No.66409401

opposable thumb

>> No.66409467

i prefer coat hangers

>> No.66409474

athlon x4 845
2016 model but still kinda weak

>> No.66409491

Closer to 20 years for my part. Still cannot forget best doggy. Oh, this feels is just a bit much.

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It's hard, friend. Put mine down 2 some years ago and took /b/ on the emotional trip with me. It's still sad, and I tear up thinking of him. But I think more fondly of him now than while he was alive, because he was a dick. Life carries on, though, and your pain will dull.
I now find myself yearning for contact with dogs, like a dog addict who lost his dealer...

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unironcally muh vidya gayms

>> No.66409759

>Pet it and care for it as it goes through transition of death

Sound like something dr. Strangelove would write.

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Fast desktop, two monitors - one for youtube other for web browsing, nice speakers, nice comfy italian leather chair, can of ice cold coke.

Never do it - killed what little life was left in me and just caused problems to mount to the size that is irreversible now.

Threw everything away, just got small laptop for getting shit done but existence in real world was too painful and I relapsed shortly after. There's nothing left for me in real world anymore, I live my life through lives of others, watching them on youtube doing things I wanted to do.

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Found the cuck that not even dogs like.
How does it feel being that repulsive?

>> No.66409888

Read Yotsuba and enjoy your new found addiction.

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based dogposters

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Found the autist.

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Poor is gonna poor.

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what the fuck is up with the baww feelz ffs.

i came into this thread to talk about tech not go on a fucking feelz journey, already have enough of it in my life ffs.

get it together anons.

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my man

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>> No.66411995

pssst nothing personell, kid

>> No.66412155

fucking disgusting

>> No.66412189

>Deus ex
it's strange how a game with blocky graphics and laughable voice acting is that immersive.

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>had to put my dog down when I was 13
haha fuck this

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If you don't enjoy Hidamari Sketch I can guarantee you that you're a homosexual

>> No.66412819

> Harvest Moon on simulator
Btw, you can play Stardew Valley

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Yeah, that's why I only drink RC Cola.

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>one day my dog will die
I wasn't prepared to feel this feel today

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>your cat is older than me

>> No.66414713

MUCKs, like TinyMUD, TinyMUCK, etc.

>> No.66414780

Hey now.
Just because I hate my life and want to be an anime girl doesn't necessarily mean I'm a loser. I'm very successful financially.

>> No.66415830

Imagine trying to get attention this much

>> No.66416093

So are you

>> No.66416131

That is really sad

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Metacognition and iterative mental deconstruction. The purpose being to realize that the original question is invalid and nonsensical. Escape "reality" to what? To "non-reality"? To "fantasy"? How could you ever have access to such a thing? Even if you dissociate, or pretend, or descend to outright psychosis, storing false memories and the like, you're still living in, and slave to, reality.

Confucius addressed this millenia ago. "Not yet knowing life, how can you know death?" What makes you believe you know this "reality" you want to get away from? To get away from something, it must be an absolute. Your reality is not an absolute truth, nor do you have access to such a thing. However, some forms of reality are more accurate, and closer to the objective than others. Perception, and self experience, are related to this matter, but they are not the same.

What you desire is a shift of perception and self experience. The pharmacological approach, the consumption of media, what have you, are worthless if this underlying framework is not investigated and properly understood. What your psyche really longs for, the need you feel, is the truth. What you really want is to understand. What you want is an end to the confusion and internal conflict. Do that instead. Don't try to pretend you're somewhere else at the cost of ignoring where you really are.

>> No.66416335


t.Muhammed bin Al-Salam

>> No.66416950

Had to put my girlfriend's old cat down that I didn't even really liked and I cried hard. I can't imagine how bad it will be when I put one of the ones I like down.

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>have 3 cats die on me
>don't feel much of anything

>> No.66417572

Dissociation and compartmentalization.

>> No.66419089

there is no escape

>> No.66419131

I just go on youtube and put in (song name) HQ then use mp3fiber to download 320kbps MP3s.

Is this wrong?

>> No.66420398

>Also small hikes are good to.
What about large hikes?

>> No.66420415

Are you implying that technology isn't real?

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>Hey guys I'm not feeling too great right now, any suggestions for a game or something I can get wrapped up in?
>"LOL fucking faggot I bet you like dicks because you're so weak how could you ever feel bad what a retard HAHAHA"
That's you. You are like that.

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>not getting bludgeoned to death with a shovel by the only retarded nigger it's ever known

>> No.66420527

The last 3 family pets who've died were so out of it by the end they didn't even know who I, or anyone in my family, was or where they were.

If you're having a pet euthanized because of some sudden-onset thing where they're still aware, yes you should absolutely be there with them. But when it's a slow decline, when they aren't really "there" anymore, it doesn't matter. They died a while ago, its just their body is still "alive".

Like my grandma, for example. She's lucid maybe 10% of the time these days, and declining fast. "She" died a while ago, its just her body carrying on through, literally, miracles of modern medicine. My grandma is already dead.

>> No.66420560

>I'd say a good 10-15% of males in their twenties are doing literally the exact same thing.
Honestly I'd estimate it way higher than that. Probably 20%, maybe a quarter.

*The* defining trait for people under about 30 these days is anxiety, crippling depression, and drug or alcohol dependencies. I know few people, very few, who are 100% functional without using any kind of alcohol, cigarettes, weed, or psychoactive drugs, and also not life-threateningly depressed. I'm not even in the midwest.

>> No.66420583

Bet you're a big fan of diversity and gun control these days, huh

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>Hey everyone, I just want to chime in and say that, as a black woman, I support this mod.
>Very often in media I feel like there's a concentrated effort to force black male/white female couples, and as a black woman myself, that doesn't make me feel 'strong and independent' like we're shown; instead I feel lonely and abandoned. Yeah I like not needing to rely on others but that doesn't mean I don't want to be loved, especially by our own men whom the media seem eager to pair off with anyone but us.

Oy vey this black woman needs to be stopped

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>i said slice of life not slice of onions
I thought that was pretty clever, anon

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I didn't have to put my dog down, he went on his terms. He was the family dog for 13 years, was a chow/corgi mix. Breathing started ragged, then had like a mini seizure, then silence. I cried for a solid 2 weeks, mostly because any time one of us would get home, we'd always say stuff like "Who is it?" to rile him up and he would greet us and stuff. No need to ask "Who is it", there's no dog to get excited anymore. It fucked with everyone's norms.

It was pretty hard but i maybe because it was my first time losing something that close to me. I don't want to imagine my mom or dad passing, and if my wife passes unexpectedly, I'd probably just off myself.

>> No.66421486

That's crazy, I live in a European country and here that percentage is under 1%.

>> No.66421650

No, as long as you're happy with the quality

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You never are, anon. Same goes for losing a loved one. No matter how many times it happened, it never gets easier.

>> No.66421742

these, philosophy and reading random shit in 4chan
reading random shit in general and reflecting on it and then on yourself is a really good way to waste time, and, in fact, you can learn a lot in the process, so it's also good for you :)

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>> No.66421777


>> No.66421959

Audio quality is overrated anyways. Good music will sound good even on dollar store headphones.

>> No.66422066

this but unironically

>> No.66422087

It's just like real life but without any of the realistic qualities.
everybody is attractive
everybody is happy or has at least some quality that makes us happy watching it
no stress, just lots of happy nothing.

>> No.66422114


everyone that replied defending SoL is a NEET fag

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Same brah

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I'm going to be devastated when I lose my puppies. Devil's spawn they may be, they're still my best friends.

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This, or just running my turntable, have a lot of my parents old vinyls still that they luckily took really good care of

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