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It says 32b bytes is 32GB

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They are colluding with HDD manufacturers and using base 1000 instead of 1024 to jew you out of your gigabytes.

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Not knowing GiB

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This is why you must never hire Indians

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Retina Display doesn't have this problem

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install gentoo

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> the screenshot shows that it distinguishes between decimal and binary prefixes (Tb, Ti)

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This. RAM companies are still honest.

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Yes. This is the definition. giga = 10^9.

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Why, when you enter input in BYTES and convert to to gigaBYTES, does it show teraBITS and tebiBITS

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Not OP but why didn't they do it for gigabois aswell?

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He has to select gibibytes instead of gigabytes.

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Back to 9gag

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>price fixing

Wew lad

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>not knowing the difference between decimal and binary

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Decimal is used for numbers outside of computing.

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It's actually correct, retard.

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I believe the point he is trying to make is that Windows displays Gibibytes as Gigabytes.
But I could be wrong.

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So, it says that 32*10^9 bytes is actually 32 Gigabytes. What's wrong? 10^9 is literally the definition of Giga.

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>buy 8GB module
>install it
>open system monitor

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Probably hardware reserved. What's your task manager show? I've got 63.8 MB of hardware reserved memory on my 8 GB so it shows 7.9 GB for me. I can't imagine why 300 MB would be reserved though unless you've got a pre-D3D11 graphics card or you've got an iGPU.

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Operating Systems use GebiBytes GiB.
Disk Manufacturers and Carriers use GigaBytes GB.

RAM Producers use GebiBytes GiB.

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Your integrated GPU might be taking a 256mb of RAM.

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oh fuck that calculator is beautiful

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