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How do we solve the AMD shilling problem?

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Fixing Intel and Nvidia's business practices should do the trick, eventually.

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How can AMD even compete? Their building looks like something from 1800.

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>their building
it's not actually amd owned, they had to sell it off to raise cash a few years back

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>looks like its 10 seconds away from the termiantor 2 intro

>Bunker to withstand the apocalypse and rise from the ashes, ready to meet your post apocalyptic computing needs.

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>ask specifically about AMD shills
>"m-m-muh intel and nvidia le happy merchant"

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AMD has as-good or better products than Intel right now, and at less expensive prices. At a certain point, shilling becomes pretty close to sensible advice.

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you have to be a shill in the first place to vouch for intel

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Intel and Nvidia were not even mentioned in the OP, yet the AMD marketers went straight with the script.

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Well, unless you would argue for via (are they still around anymore?), Intel is the competitor of AMD on the CPU side, and Nvidia on the GPU side. It's pretty natural that they come up in any discussion of AMD shilling.

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By removing faggots like you.

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This thread is to discuss AMD's blatant shilling campaign, not Intel nor Nvidia.

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You solve it by picking up an AMD RyzenTM 8 core processor.

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pls tell me how I can get in on AMD's shillbux I can't find any job listings on their website

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AMD fanboys do it for free, evidently

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What most AMD drones don't understand is that AMD will be the end of PC gaming. Every AMD sponsored game gimps Nvidia (Prey) even though it doesn't have any special effect like Gameworks. When they add things like TressFX, consoles can also use it giving them the same privileges. Their games aren't optimized and run like shit (DE:MD) and now Sony will buy Ryzen and Navi, making 4K60 fps possible for console while the PC segment still doesn't have something good. Rumours even say that it will be a Sony exclusive GPU architecture because they didn't add MCM and because of the investments. Nvidia isn't better because of their anti competetive tactics but at least they give us an edge above consoles but AMD drones still cry because their 290 oder 480 won't run 4K60.
>inb4 muh gaymen
Most of you faggots are gaming and so does anyone with a workstation.

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Why would anybody help out a for-profit company without pay?

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>deflecting again despite no mention of Intel being better at any point
AMD shills really don't like being called out

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Nice projection.
You make it really obvious with how you even have images prepared for these threads.
10 RYZE points have been added to your account.

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Yes goy, it's just projection, now stop with this AMD shilling.

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>Talks about brand loyalty
>Defends AMD like someone buttmad and posts pics like yours
Is this autism?

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Good goy, destroy those AMD shills

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>Brand loyalty
[email protected]

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>How do we solve the AMD shilling problem?
Amd could start giving out some Vega gpus and freesync displays. AMD shills are poor as fuck. I'm jelly of Nvidia shills shitposting on Titan V's hooked up to 65" displays.
I'd like that. That would definitely solve my shilling problem.

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Kek intel owners can't win.

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Provide adequate competition.

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AMD's building looks like retro-futurism to me

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So, literally anything other than AMD?

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