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DUDE, let us split our program into 100 separate windows and hide even the basic functions behind 10 obscure menus

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>Adobe CC Photography Plan
>never look back

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In GIMP 2.10 you have a single window

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Why though? Just make people install decent window managers that let them create workspaces, so they could have GIMP on one. Single-window GIMP is like painting over mold instead of fixing the leaking roof.

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>Photography Plan
absolutely disgusting

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Maybe someone can invent some sort of program to manage windows

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Don't like it? Open a pull request

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it is literally one setting you retards
view > single window mode
any window in gimp can be docked or separated from the main window on the fly

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I hate Gnome and GTK but Gimp is the exception.

Multi windows are great and keep the brainlets away. And they are optional.

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Enjoy subpar software, enjoy your lack of new features, enjoy at people laughing at you, enjoy not being part of the professional sphere.

Enjoy your garbage!

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>paying for software in 2018
>using software with DRM in 2018
>m-muh features!
go back from whence ye came bootlicker, only free systems are allowed on /g/

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Just torrent Photoshop.

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You know how I can tell your business doesn't pay for your software....

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>Free software
>Quite decent options and features in the software

User Interface designed by an axe-murdering RETARD

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GIMP is badly designed beyond the fact that is uses separate windows. There have been programs with a bunch of separate windows (i.e., Borland's old IDEs) that were a pleasure to use.
Or keep using that pirated copy of CS5.

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Not everyone hates freedom.

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>what is "windows" menu?

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