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What are some good and free password managers? I'm currently using LassPassword but it seems to be completely garbage.

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write your own password keeper app

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I'm not a programmer just asking for /g/ opinion on this topic.
Looks great but seems like I have to handle manually a lot of stuff which seems like a good way to fuck up.

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manually handle what? You create a database file and that's it.

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I use PC + Android which means I'll probably have to sync both databases manually which is a hustle.

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ya damn brain

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>I can remember 100 strong passwords and not repeat single one of them

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>he can't
why would anyone out themselves as an utter brainlet like this

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Image was used to portrait how retarded you sound.

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>owning 100 meaningful accounts

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wasn't me but nice quads

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set up nextcloud/owncloud on a server to automatically sync your db between your pc and phone

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The one that comes integrated with High Sierra

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Don't have a server but in other bread I was browsing some anon recommended using Syncthing

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yeah that also works

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> Image was used to portrait how retarded you sound.
> portrait how retarded you sound.
> portrait how retarded.
> portrait

It's portray.

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>quads not understanding irony

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Dude, there is an app on FDroid.

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It just werks.

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