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I bought an i5-8400 to replace my AMD 8350.
Performance aside, my office dropped 3 degrees and my rear fan actually blows cold air.

I thought it was just a meme but I'll probably never buy AMD again.

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Same but to a Ryzen

I'll probably still never buy Intel

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the 8400 is good desu

gj anon

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Correlation does not imply causation, but the post is bullshit anyways. Sage.

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same but an athlon 64 to replace my pentium 4

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I have no idea what you are on about but you clearly don't understand how variables work.

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How is the ryzen compared to intel?

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install gentoo
shit wallpaper

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I believe that's the default.

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Compared a single product to a whole company..... There are some Xeons that kill ryzen but they also kill your wallet.

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Obviously I mean't Intel's competing processor lineup. Why the fuck would I compare Intel's ssd's to AMD's processors?

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it's the windows wallpaper with a shit character shopped in by some intel/windows shill

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The OP is saying that when he bought an Intel CPU his office cooled down. I'm saying that just because they happened at the same time it does not imply that one caused the other.

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If you weren't autistic you'd know he was speaking in hyperbole.

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Sage shill thread

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>How is the ryzen compared to intel?
Good, even better than Intel conterparts in some applications.

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8700k>ryzen 2xxx>8400>ryzen 1xxx>rest of intel

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>retiring a finewine CPU

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>8700k>ryzen 2xxx

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>Performance aside, my office dropped 3 degrees and my rear fan actually blows cold air.
you would have the same result if you moved from a computer to pen and paper.
Useless bait post.
OP is jewntel fag.

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be nice to her

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It was an old 8350. Why would that make me a shill. I even purposely didn't bring up performance because that would be an idiotic comparison.

So which is it?

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post your desktop

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>compare an AMD processor from 2012 with an Intel processor from 2018
>intel processor is better
Never would have seen that coming.

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>buying jewish processors

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>the /pol/ meme

back to r*ddit lad

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24th post best post.

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8700K has a slight lead on singlethreaded tasks including 1080p gaming. 2700X is decently ahead on multithreaded tasks and is cheaper and comes with a decent cooler. Ryzen is generally a better value unless your primary focus is high fps (over 120 or so) gaming at 1080p.

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>Lol what are you poor and can't afford a proper CPU like Intel?
>buying POOzen in 2018 rofl
>I..mean yea I NEED those extra 10 FPS so I can hit the 144HZ target on my 1080p monitor
>No I'm not poor, shutup!

I know you're not like this, but I've seen this line of thinking more times than I can count and it just makes me laugh every time. Ryzen shit stomps Intel in pretty much every range except as you said high FPS 1080p.

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>cpu affects your resolution


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>buying a 6 thread 65w tdp 8400
>not buying a 12 thread 65w tdp 2600
Completely makes sense.

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>shittiest 65w cpu on the market replacing a bad even for the time 125wcpu

to be honest i dont fall for that shit either

i'm using a 3770 with a gtx 760 and can still hit 144hz in everything i play. and i know any ryzen chip is faster than this.

bottom line is people are retards
the reality is: if you are at any resolution higher than 1080p, performance is the same.
if you dont have a 144hz monitor, performance is the same.
if you arent using a gtx 1080ti, performance is the same (you'll be gpu limited since both AMD and intel cpus are both really fucking good and overpower the GPUs currently)
if you play decently optimized shit, performance is the same.

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power fanta pigs

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"Never buying amd again" when they are ahead in just about everything right now AND a new Intel bug was announced makes you a shill, retard.

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The 125w the 8350 produced wasn't even the end of the world either, hidh end enthusiast chips from intel have been 130w but no one cares because muh AMD.

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lol imagine being this brainlet

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At least you bought the only coffee lake CPU with the price / worth owning.

Too bad it's still worse than the AMD equivalent in everything except muh games, and even then, you'll get extremely similar performance unless you have top end graphics cards, as this anon said >>66342338

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this. my 4770 was hot af

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They run cooler and use less energy.

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I'm all for AMD, for for a simple office system, the 8400 is better since it comes with an iGPU, so no need to get a dedicated one.

> then get the 2400G
The 2400G is a fine APU if you're doing some low end gaming or something that requires a decent GPU, but the 8400 is the best for office stuff since it has an advantage on raw CPU performance and the iGPU is decent enough (also, no need of dual channel RAM to get the most out of it)

The 8400 is a fucking champ, but that's the only decent Coffee Lake CPU.

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It's only decent now with the release of cheaper locked chipset boards, being forced to buy a 4 phase vrm Z370 board is just asking for trouble.

I was originally gonna use my spare AMD UD3 board for an emulation rig for my sister, but an i5 8400 on an inexpensive board will be a fucking beast.

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Good Goy.

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speaking only in terms of performance:

i7-8700K = R7-2700X (pick one based on workload) > R5-2600X = i7-8700 > i5-8600K >= R5-2600= i5-8500 > i5-8400

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>bhop script

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very legit and authentic post

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I see what you did here...
Nice memeing.

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You get what you pay for. AMD is for poorfaggots.

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Why get rid of it? It probably the last cpu that doesn't spy on you that has no backdoors in the cpu itself. Get it while it's cheap and common before hoarders come in.

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