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>"you CAN NOT trust anything Intel marking is saying from this point on"

Seems about right. Is somebody even able to count how many times, just i recent years, Intel has buried customers and press in a Indian-styled pile of shit?


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Do AMDrones really do this?

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>AYYMD asskisser Adoredshill


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The glued together thing. I know that the word was coined earlier, so it could be argued as "legitimately used". But it was a horrible sad and desperate strategy to utilize it.

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>>66273629 (you)
>>66273643 (you)

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Op here. Decided to google "intel marketing fail" to answer my own question. This came up.


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I am legitimately confused about how so much power can go through a damn 698mm2 sized silicon and not explode. God damn it's a lot of power. What is it the critics has agreed upon, something like 1200 watt?! at 1,5 volt -ish?

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So what's next, aiming for OVER 9000W ?

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do you think the kids these day would get that? I honestly made that Intel machop thing yesterday, as one of the first god damn thing I've ever made for the inter-webs. I've had Gimp installed since forever, i tried it, basically for the first time yesterday because i realized it would look good with paints basic cutting tools. It took my maybe half a fucking hour to figure out Gimp. Good thing i'm not a teenager competing to be a memelord on 9gag these days, i suck.

previous post was not me.

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Why is the i7 not on fire too

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you tell me

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>amdrones actually listening to this unemployed scottish degenerate

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Hes a spastics and i can proove it

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fucking lol

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Thought about it, but ehh, it does not guarantee a house and/or office fire, so that would be a bit harsh on Intel and the desperate suicidal fanatic fanboys.

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You fear him

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So then he is, how will that change any of his points exactly?

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I think it's hilarious that a stock 8700 cannot run on the stock bundled cooler without thermal throttling.


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Oh yeah, right. Forgot that. I stopped looking up Intel hardware really, i see a few numbers an determine that Ryzen is good enough, much cheaper and just so much nicer. Fuck clock speed. It's literally the ONLY thing Intel is still leading. (And don't come up with some strange, dedicated & specialized instruction set for some theoretical computing. for anybody on /g/, it's like i just said)

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He rides the most lucrative cock, so for ones he clearly states that intel fanboys are spastics which is true but after he got a base of people who were tired of the IT shitshow in the english speaking part, he immediately switched to bashing amd fanboys, which is the easiest thing to do since they get flakfire from everybody because numbers, to gain popularity from people he claimed to fight in the first place

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intel isnt even faster if you get decent ram with tight timings on ryzen, especially after spectre and meltown and everything else.

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aww come on. AMD fanboys are still outnumbered, and he devasted the AMD fanboy group not that long ago. So not a lot to capitalize on, especially releasing that video to kill of growth of hypothetical "mindless AMD fanboys".

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Thats littrly wat i wrote u spastics

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Who even uses a stock cooler? I suppose AMD fans do because they are poor, but if you don't sink at least $100 into the cooler you don't deserve to run a computer.

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Jesus christ the autism.
Steve is literally the ONLY current reviewer that does proper testing and that you can read his testing methodology in the website.
I bet this nigger would suck linus dick if he read some labels from AMD and said it was the best thing ever.

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Stupid untermensch
Not every cpu is like ur intel housefire

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>Stupid untermensch
>Not every cpu is like ur intel housefire
What if anon has a threadripper?
What if anon overclocks the shit out of his CPU or just want to have better temps for long term life of said product?
Get a job and you can afford a 70 dollar noctua tower as well my friend, it's not even that hard unless you're african or maybe some indian / brazlian kid who needs his dad's paycheck to afford a ram stick, mr stock cooler NEET.

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Spastic a hr02 macho is enough for everything besides intel housefire that gets 100° under water

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delid dis

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Anyone else remember this?



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Because its good enough and you can save $40 MORE to put towards something more important like a GPU

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I'm kinda pissed how Jim ripped into AMD on not presenting first. Prosumers are not going to be fooled by Intel. TR2 32 can have a lower CB score but that does not matter. Those who are prosumer will be aware of this shit and buy TR2 32 regardless because they will KNOW WTF they are buying!
AMD do not need to 'win' over Intel on the CB score by pushing TR2 32 past 4Ghz whatsoever and creating housefires like Intel.

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That 28 core Intel scores 6100 on Cinebench with "real world cooling".

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>trusting marketing

I like AMD better than Intel too, but come on. Marketing is the art of bullshit.

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True in the low end. But high end enthusiasts are a little bit more knowledgeable and don't just blindly go out and buy whatever Intel shills. High end desktop users (other than idiot gamers) will look VERY closely into both options and work out for themselves after research which system offers the best performance to price ratio. 28 core 10K Xeons aimed at the desktop market that do not overclock like Intel says without MASSIVE cooling and stuidly high energy costs are NOT going to buy them if Threadripper 32 can do close to at a quarter the price and only requires a decent air cooler to operate. Which is why I am annoyed at Jim for complaining that AMD did not get their presentation first out of the door. Give prosumers some credit for intelligence. It was insulting.

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imagine browsing /r9k/ and not knowing what 9001 stands for

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That's wrong
Celeron/Pentium Silvers are 4 Tyroges, Desktop Celerons are 2 Machops, Pentium Golds are 2 Machops with four arms, Core i3 are 4 Machokes, Core i5 are 6 Machokes, and Core i7s are 6 Machamps.

Ryzen are those Chinese ripoff Pohemon "Machokes" with 4 arms

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adoredtv is a shill and doesn't know anything about the industry beyond reading wikipedia articles and news articles. EE/CE guys really have to scratch their heads on what he says sometimes. that being said, intel is actually trading blows if not getting bodied in a lot of tasks against AMD, and this is a good thing, intel will finally be forced to wisen up and actually make something rather than sitting on their dicks. meanwhile AMD is actually gonna make some serious money to develop their RnD in both CPU/GPU

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Holy shit, to think Intel would stoop so low to save their sinking 10nm ship. Why is no one talking about pic related?

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intel sucks i hate intel they are nigger jews

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but they just forgot to mention that it's overclocked and can't be cooled without breaking the law

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Other than the fact that you need to hire a nuclear reactor to power it, cool it with a constant supply of LN2 and likely spend at least 5 grand on the CPU and motherboard, it looks a decent chip.

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IIRC it's still legal to buy that refrigerant.
It's just illegal to MAKE it.
Also there are alternatives to it now that work without a conversion which they may have used.

Though this is for R134a. Maybe it really is illegal to even buy already produced R22. I haven't looked that one up before and I can't be bothered to now.

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>getting this worked up over a computer chip company

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Let's see difference perspective
- Intel fake show
- apple says no more Intel on their Mac
- no roadmap
- surprise release
- laptop manufacturing supporting them but only Razer blade
- server CPU fucked up

- support by console with freesync (killing Intel and nvidia with one sword)
- Having actual 32 core processor
- having 2022 roadmap
- new laptop are coming
- epyc CPU are for server

Back to 2002

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the nuclear reactor meme is stupid.
The funnier thing is that it'd trip the average 15a or 20a breaker in an American home so many people literally couldn't run it without rewiring their house.

Intel supports Freesync.

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>Though this is for R134a
Those units use R22 freon, tho.

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nice job not reading

>> No.66278226

What I meant is that R22 production, distribution and use is ALREADY illegal in Europe and NA. And that's the gas the cooling unit Intel used has.

>R-22 has been mostly phased out in new equipment in the United States under the Montreal Protocol, and has been replaced by other refrigerants with lower ozone depletion potential such as propane (R-290), pentafluoroethane, R-134a (1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane), and blended mixtures of HFCs such as R-409A, R-410A, R-438A, and R-507A.

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Intel getting desperate, and they still haven't fixed meltdown. Absolutely pathetic.

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it's not though, look up the fucking spec sheet yourself you double retard

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As long as he keeps calling things correctly months in advance, I will. He has done that all the damn time, and has good insights. To me you post just seems like a stupid adhominem in comparison Anon.

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He claimed Nvidia was intentionally harming it's own performance using beta patch 1.3 for Fallout 4 as his only evidence (performance upon release was better than expected vs. AMD, and other YouTubers have shattered this theory elsewhere).

He lied about Vulkan and DX12 not being properly represented in 1060 and 480 reviews when they were empirically overrepresented when compared to their use by game engines and he lied about Pascal being the same architecture as Maxwell with faster speeds.

He misrepresented GameWorks and tesselation, he was flat out wrong on much of his speculatory content leading into Polaris, his videos are almost exclusively praising AMD or hating on Nvidia or Intel, and all of his content is predicated on the belief that Intel and Nvidia are only successful because they're abusing their monopolies of their respected markets.

There is a reason why /r/AMD is the only place his videos get upvoted because he tells AMD fans what they want to hear.

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Don't care. He keeps the tech press on their toes so that's good enough.

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>He lied about Vulkan and DX12 not being properly represented in 1060 and 480 reviews
You mean he called that Tomb Rider wasn't performing on the par and then devs fixed exactly the problem he was talking about?
Yea, such lies.

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why the other slide with intel sponsors that they listed some of them 2 or 3 times and hoped no one will notice?

>> No.66282133

eventually each vrm is tasked to deliver enough power to power a vega 56 or a 1080 at peak power

>> No.66282153

>He misrepresented GameWorks and tesselation
how? its know for milenians now that nvidia cards by default cull anything above x32
but amd had to bruteforce their way up to x64 because in some games there just wasnt even an option to do so...
this is something so specific to target that you cant even call it a mistake or whatever else.

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There is some elements of truth to this, but it isn't an attack on AMD's CPUs, it's just because that's what nvidia cards were better at. Nvidia cards were designed differently, so nvidia designed the games to fit their cards better.

Compared to the shit that intel pulls on the regular, nvidia's anti-trust actions are just antics.

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>Intel supports Freesync.

They said they would but to my knowledge no released Intel product actually does.

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when you force your settings to be on x64 (final fantasy style) yes its AN ATTACK because you fully know that the competition cannot cull the triangles

not to mention how on amd cards physx api's run on the cpu instead on the gpu..

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Or maybe you're just triggered over the fact that Intel is actually a shitty company that's anti-competitive and probably the most corrupt processor company to ever exist and the only way for them to stay on top is to bribe everyone and deploy shills everywhere defending their vile corrupt ass.

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Knew there had to be one of these about this.

>> No.66282514

>citation needed: the post

here's what he actually said in each case you're alluding to: kepler's performance degraded with subsequent driver revisions once off the market and especially in comparison to GCN (which is true); tomb raider didn't perform up to par on amd hardware on newer apis due to a bug (that was subsequently fixed) (obviously true); gameworks is a blatant ploy to force nvidia optimized code in the render path (only a fucking imbecile would dispute this) and pascal performs very similarly to maxwell when normalised for clock speeds (also largely true). as far as his speculation on polaris no one really cares so long as he makes it clear that his speculation is just that (which he did). he acknowledges that nvidia have a large technological lead and in fact made an entire video pointing out how much better the gtx 1080ti is for gaming compared to vega.

tl;dr you have no clue what you're talking about.

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If fires can kill a Pokemon, then fire is still the best weapon.

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This is what "diversity program" brings you. Fucking retarded kikes

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>Amdrones shill tv

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Can we add the following to the list?

>requiring sub-ambient cooling doesn't matter!

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Fuck you goy

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> kikes jewed by diversity
Do you even listen to yourself? Re-read that again.

>> No.66284081

The iGPUs do, no? I could swear they did. Huh.

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there reallly is a crying incel wojak for every situation

>> No.66284793

> spending $300 on a $200 CPU instead of spending $300 on a $300 CPU

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Intel always was shady in this regard. I remember when AMD released the Athlon 64 and it kicked Intel's ass hard. At the time I read a hardware mag and they had a 12 page spread about the forthcoming Pentium 5 and how awesome it's going to be and somewhere in the back of the magazine a quarter page on the Athlon 64 release. It was obvious Intel bought the reporting.

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lel reminded me of this

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bad goy

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Kill yourself Scottish subhuman.

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oy vey

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Stop wasting swedish tax payers money you degenerate.

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Wtf is this guys accent?
It's fucking unbearable and I can't understand half of what he's saying

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quite literally yes

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>a banned gas
i wonder what other banned gases will they use next

>> No.66291049

What does it stand for senpai?

>> No.66291205


What are the cooling properties of Zyklon-B?

>> No.66291233

AMDrones only listen to their own echo chamber, the rest of the world doesn't give a shit about AdoredTV.

Notice how only Hardware Unboxed gave him replies? That's because Hardware Unboxed are AMD shills themselves and can't help shitting on Intel on every turn. He can't shit on Nvidia because Nvidia actually shits out great products but if you read his old articles from yesteryear he was a Radeon shill as well.

>> No.66291730

lowers body temperature to ambient levels. pretty decent, i'd say.

>> No.66292826

you idiot incarnate
even Intel thinks so, because they actually bundled that fucking 8700 non K with a stock cooler

>> No.66293471

This is completely antisemitic and you should delet this post right the fucking now.
Stop talking about illegal gasses.

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9001 is over 9000

>> No.66294884

t. intlel kike faggot shill

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>> No.66294966

>from this point on
why is he such a fucking newfag? intel were never trustworthy

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>deploy shills everywhere

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I'm going for a job interview in Intel in the following week.

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Good goy rajakesh

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>double the arms
What a great metaphor, well done

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>no u
Not an argument.
Where's the R&D for 10nm you fagsoy leftist kike shill, stop wasting money on shilling for your jewish corporation

>> No.66295833

Nice video.

Shame about the single threaded performance on your current rigs though, AMDrones.

>> No.66295859

>twenty something neets with stock clocked ryzen 1500s or intel laptops high fiving each other over this like a personal victory


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Why so anti-semitic goy? You should support lying and corrupt corporations, what's wrong with you?

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>friendship ended with merchant
yellow merchant is my best friend now

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>'forget' to delid the cpu

>> No.66296100

>buy intel
>buy good cooler
>superior performance, thermals, noise, security, emulation, instruction sets, SMT/HT implementation, warranty and support

Remind me why you would bother with AMD again?

>> No.66296235


>Superior SMT
>still gives negative scaling at times

The guys at Santa Clara and Armonk laugh at fools like you.

>> No.66296352

AMD's SMT is objectively superior in both scaling, and that it can make multitasking actually smoother.

You made a lot of terrible "points", but that one was the most retarded.

>> No.66296559

>Remind me why you would bother with AMD again?

>> No.66296757

Brand loyalist fanboy flamewars are the worst.

>> No.66297390

Oy vey please stop saying bad things about Intel

>> No.66297424

>buy AMD
>get good cooler in the box
>superior price to performance since you get more cores, more threads, a good cooler, etc

AMD is superior. Keep jerking it on 1080p benchmarks though, because you totally have a fucking $300 CPU and still game at 1080p.

>> No.66297485

>keep jerking to benchmarks that aren't GPU bottlenecked

will do

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>Adored is an AMDrone meme

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>>66273492 >>66273629 >>66273643 >>66274199 >>66277360

>> No.66300581

>have to buy separate cooler and delid to get low noise and no throttling
>objectively worse security, thermals, SMT, support (AMD goes as far as sending out processors to people who have to update their BIOS before it will boot with the processor they bought)
>performance is only superior in single thread workloads, multi-threaded workloads are a mixed bag at best
>noise is equal, AMD stock cooler vs. Intel aftermarket cooler can be basically silent inside a case
>the only "superior instruction sets" is AVX which consumers are literally never going to use

Outside of high refresh gaming there is no reason to buy Intel.

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shut up goy

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>> No.66302456

This but unironically.

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