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Is Lead free solder the absolutely worst electronics related thing we still use?
I just can't think on anything that caused more device failures and pollution.

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I absolutely hate it
you can't have anything that lasts decades anymore

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It's still really easy to get leaded solder. It's not like it's banned. I still use it.

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>live in europe
>no lead-free solder anywhere

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I almost fell for it

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I would think the opposite is true, specially on places like germany and sweden.

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You can buy both everywhere here in Germany. Don't know how the professional sector handles it

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>tfw I have a crap Acer TravelMate 2410 series laptop from the pre-RoHS days
>tfw I recently bought a Dothan Pentium M 770 from the chinks to get a small upgrade from the Celery that was in there
>tfw it's still going strong with 1GiB of RAM on Gentoo
Why haven't you ascended yet?

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TFW still use lead-based solder, fuck the system.

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>Dothan Pentium M 770
I have a Pentium M 740 laptop. Is there any real difference between the two? Both have single core anyways, and most of modern stuff is double core.

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