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>EU antitrust authorities are gearing up to fine Alphabet Inc. GOOGL, -0.35% GOOG, -0.24% up to $11 billion over antitrust issues related to its Android operating system, according to a report Wednesday in the Financial Times. Alphabet class A shares are down 0.9% in mid-afternoon trading and closed at $1,151.02 Tuesday. Margrethe Vestager, the EU's competition commissioner, is expected to announce the fine within several weeks but the exact size of the fine wasn't clear, according to anonymous sources cited by the FT.

First, GDPR and now this. KEK... that progressive search engine is fucked. EU will destroy them.


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Good. Fuck Google. Fuck the capitalist swine that will defend them too.

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>implying they would ever pay

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*bans google from the EU*
psssh nothin personel

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>The EU announced the antitrust case in 2016 and accused the advertising giant of imposing licensing conditions for the Android OS that favored Google's products and apps over rivals. The EU argued that these activities, among others, amounted to making it more difficult to develop competing web browsers and other operating systems, which ultimately would reduce innovation and give consumers fewer choices.
But it's fine when Apple tells you what software you're allowed to install, and you can't even change the default web browser on iOS so if you open a link in a email app or something it always opens in safari?

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Yes, the voters would totally love that

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Android has the majority of the market.

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thank you eu, you are some of our greatest allies

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Nobody in the EU uses iOS

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Google has more control over the eu than the eu

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This is the IE case all over again. The EU is a bunch of fucking retards. I'm glad GDPR is causing them to be banned from the rest of the civilized internet.

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the (((voters))) allowed this to happen, they voted for politicians that made the GDPR, they have no one but themselves to blame

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> I'm glad GDPR is causing them to be banned from the rest of the civilized internet.
>the delusions of the amerimutt.

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You will be banned from 4chan soon. How will that feel?

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it's another "europe is too poor and needs to sue people to not collapse under socialism" episode

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I can see your prolapsed corporate anus from home.

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can't the eu force google and phone makers to allow installing new android in old phones

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EU need regulate App Store

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Feels good man, no more redditors replying to me.
How's the school shootings going btw, tyroneshawn jamarcus fernandez?

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Why are you still posting on this site?

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Google has never preventing you from installing new android versions on any of their phones.

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>Muslims vs Jews: Episode 3 x 10^8

And I'm still excited

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To make corporate loving amerimutts angry about how impotent they are together with their circumcised jewish cocks.

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The great firewall can't come soon enough.

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Based EU.

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i kekd

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>silicon valley
pick one

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UK fags do

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Seeing the demographics of both Silicon Valley and the EU at this point, I struggle to figure out who the Muslims and the Jews are.

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I would love if pajeetpai decided to close you guys up china style, the average IQ in the planet would go up more points than if we just nuked somalia.

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This. Just imagine an internet with EUrabians and their technological illiteracy shitting up the whole place.

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so two things could come out of this, either:
>the eu unironically saves technology, BTFOing the botnet forever and ever
>yuropoors don't get to use the same internet we do, effectively erasing all eurofags from 4chan
BASED merkel T B H

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>the EU gets rid of google
>Euroshitskins get removed from the internet

Those.... those are both equally beautiful prospects desu

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I just like their products you commie bitch

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>Antitrust against Free Software

When exactly are they going to go after Microsoft or Apple for pushing proprietary non-standard APIs to further their duopoly?
Apple literally just announced they're deprecating the OpenGL and WebGL standards to try to lock people into their iOS ecosystem.
Meanwhile Google is using the Vulkan standard.

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>free software
pick one

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>56% calling someone a shitskin

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it's barely been over a year since the fascist union slapped a $14.5 Billion on Apple. This was in relation to their tax practices but still, the EU has milked Apple enough for a while.

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>This near instant assblasted reply

SO many enraged Euroturks ITT it's impressive just how severe their inferiority complex is

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>they're deprecating the OpenGL and WebGL standards

kek. safari is such a piece of shit. gonna literally just stop polyfilling for that shit ass browser soon. fuck ifags

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>First irrelevant bullshit that lets us hand out unenforceable fines
>Now more irrelevant fines!
Remember when it took them half a decade to try and fine Apple for their tax evasion practices, and then nothing fucking happened?
It blows me away that any of you eurotards actually believe a non-governmental body has any authority over international corporations with more free flowing cash than half the world combined and more intelligence data than the goddamn CIA

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Isn't Silicon Valley almost a symbol of capitalism? Kinda like Wall Street or something. I mean, with all the businesses and whatnot

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They didn't fine them $14bn, they were trying to fine them OVER $14bn in back taxes.
Apple never paid.

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To be fair, Apple *barely* supported OpenGL in the first place. Plus with Vulkan starting to mature, that's likely to overtake OpenGL

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Oh the ironing xD

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Absolutely this
Noone seems to get this, the EU will literally burn before Alphabet products are banned from it

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Sure, but its not OpenGL's fault that Apple hadn't updated it in years or that their drivers suck. The Mesa projects drivers are up to date and fast.

Apple has specifically blocked native Vulkan support, and it wouldn't surprise me if they start rejecting applications that use MoltenVK.

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Thank you based germans

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European here, it is shitfaced retards like you that ruined the EU
I cant wait until I get out of this bureaucratic hell and go to some country with actual freedom
And no, I dont mean the US, since that is getting fucked by retarded gov cucks too

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Well sure I'm not saying that Apple is fucking insane for abandoning support of the most universally supported graphics API around
I'm just saying they never really made an effort to support it in the first place, so nobody really tried to port OpenGL applications to OSX. It's kind of a "Well, that's dumb, but not really a loss" type of thing.

>Apple has specifically blocked native Vulkan support
Fucking why? Is this some stupid push for more Obj-C or Swift usage or something retarded

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Why is the EU so anti semitic?
Do we need to send our go- I mean defenders of democracy for another round in there? Wasn't 1945 enough to teach you gentiles?

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>with actual freedom
>I dont mean the US
So....what, vietnam? Guam? The Congo?

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Europeans are too retarded to design and manufacture CPUs. Why do you think they have such a chip on their shoulder about anything technology related? Keep in mind that they still struggle to get their GPS system (Galileo) fully operational despite the fact that America, Russia and China have their own independent systems working for decades now.

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Whiter than you, baby.

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Lol what are they then?

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So this...is the power...of diversity....

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4chan spends half its time ragging on Intel for having a research division in Israel. Are you a serious brainlet or is it just low quality bait.

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Those darn commie liberuls!1!!!1!!1

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Android supports OpenGL, OpenGL ES, and Vulkan
Apple is dropping OpenGL and blocking Vulkan to hurt Android.

Meanwhile they're making Metal the only graphics API on OS X in order to lock developers into iOS.
Same reason Microsoft is dropping all APIs other than D3D12 to lock developers into their new closed UWP ecosystem in 10 and the Xbox.

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>Same reason Microsoft is dropping all APIs other than D3D12 to lock developers into their new closed UWP ecosystem in 10 and the Xbox.
See that actually concerns me a lot. We're going straight back to 2006 when everything was DirectX only because it was the only robust graphics API windows really supported, and then OpenGL 4.1 finally came around and made it not shit and suddenly everything supported both. Now we're going straight fucking back to DirectX only.

Vendor lockin should be fucking illegal.

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>Don't be Evil
>signs huge military contract
>makes most of it's money off the backs of suicidal employees at foxconn
>signed fat contract with the CIA
>ran by an asshole

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That wouldn't be bad. Hoping this happens at some point. But they should ban USA social media too, ie Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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None of these things have anything to do with the fact that they are most definitely capitalists. Liberalism is defined in part by support of laissez-faire capitalism

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Now to actually say something about the matter at hand instead of shilling your nationality
It's a good start. But it's a "and what next?" sort of ordeal; the only way to really hurt Google is to exponentially increase fines if requirements are not met. It's also good to keep in mind that EU's bureaucratic madhouse is actually a strong point in such matters as it gives rise to the opportunity of making the foreign party jump through an arbitrary number of hoops.

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They're "for profit" private organizations and that automatically makes them capitalist.

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I agree, its the very definition of monopolistic behavior and it confuses the crap out of me that Google, whose services work everywhere on everything is on the EU's shitlist, while Microsoft whose services only work on Windows somehow escapes with slaps on the wrist constantly.
Have they ever considered the reason why Google wins is they aren't tying their services to their devices?
If I want to play DirectX games I need Windows, if I want to use iTunes I need a Mac, if I want to use Gmail or Play Video it works on anything.

If they wanted to really put a stop to anti-competitive behavior they would require the use of open standards.

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>it's not hypocrisy if they share my ideology

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I'm pretty sure the EU is just hunting whales for easy cash, they only have a few robust economies in the collective and migrant crisis is hurting their welfare systems pretty fucking hard, on top of trying to ramp up their own military since Big Donny D keeps threatening to stop covering for them. Apparently Germany has 0 combat-ready fighter jets and one whole submarine that's about to go out of commission, and that's the country with one of the best economies.

That being said I wouldn't mind Google opening up Android a bit more. Having to install GAPPS for even the simplest Android-staple feature is fucking obnoxious.

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Post feet

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This entire chain of replies is over a guy claiming they aren't capitalist, it doesn't have anything to do with whether or not they are hypocrites about their social ideals

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>Don't be Evil
They haven't used that slogan since 2008.
Google is fully on-board evil.

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>the point
> 30 astronomic units
>(You)r head

Noone debates their hypocrisy, you have just been shot down for having the nerve to call them not capitalist.

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......I love bullying Euroarabs as much as anyone else, but a measly $11B is nothing to the EU.

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>It's another "Europe tries to steal money from successful businesses to prop up their failed welfare states and delay their bankruptcy" episode

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You are right, but Google should also get shit on, but for privacy reasons. Shit like this has to happen slowly, sad as it is. The world would either implode or go to war again (both are nice, really) if everything that needs to happen just clicked instantly into place.

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By itself? Yeah, nothing.
Combined with all the other multi-billion dollar fines they're whipping across the table at any company with a dime to their name?
That's a whole lotta bennies that get covered.

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Something pretty close to facists actually. They just prefer an oligarchy that pretends to have been your choice to a dictator, and would prefer a government that calls itself socialist even though it'll be the means of production seizing the government and not the other way around.

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>Google should also get shit on, but for privacy reasons.
Not going to disagree with you there, but Microsoft is pulling the same shit now but worse with Windows 10.

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>It's a "faggots thinking they understand foreign politics when they can't even grasp what their own landfill is doing"
It's like two idiots sitting on their Jenga tower and all they concern themselves with is "hurr durr his tower is gonna collapse any minute"

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(You) (You) (You)

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>the means of production seizing the government and not the other way around.

Winds up as the same shit either way.
A group of assholes with too much power over everyone else.
Bureaucrats are just lazier/less intelligent versions of the corporate guys.

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(You) too

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That view, while understandable, breaks essentially the entire canon state philosophy and excludes you from political debate, making it ultimately gimping. The most defining aspect of a state is that individuals give up on the notion arbitrary freedoms to know their freedoms with respect to others secured. It comes from the idea that "being able to do everything" ultimately is a fundamentally dysfunctional notion of freedom.

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>the most defining aspect of a state is that individuals give up on the notion arbitrary freedoms to know their freedoms with respect to others secured
What kind of commie one world govt bullshit did I just read?

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OY VEY, that's a lot of shekels! How will Goolag pay salaries to all of their insane special snowflakes if EU keeps fining them so much all the time??

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They're still in the EU.

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That looks like taken from a psychiatric clinic's patient database.

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That's what an average google employee looks like now.

BTW, Google Employees demanded that Google expand their diversity program but were shot down today. It's only a matter of time though.

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Stupid lazy jealous goyim want money from hard working Jews. Nothing new here. Next.

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This is entry level state philosophy. Were you guys raised under a rock? Did you not even read Locke, Hobbes and Kant? My philosophy ed was basic af already how can you not know this?

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Its filled with companies with shares and wage labor. Stop being a retard.

>> No.66251671

Fine by me, fuck all these mega corps

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>Social concepts = not capitalist
next you're gonna tell me welfare states are socialist.

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never mind I can't read

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>Fine by me, fuck all these mega corps
Same. I was hoping that they'd cave in like they caved in to those anti-Pentagon/anti-US communists and cancelled that mil contract.

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But I thought /g/oogle were /our/g/uys/?

>> No.66251735

No, we're just /their/g/oys/

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did you forget what board you were on, gramps

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>but le google are commies xd!!!
>google panders to liberal progressives so progressivism = communism which is le bad!!! concentration camps for le win xd PWN those jews

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t. buttmad special snowflake with mental issues. kek

>> No.66251803

This company cannot possibly continue to operate as a going concern with people like this working for them. They're inevitably going to get distracted and then crash and burn, like RIM but on a much grander scale. I don't know what you cunts are all so worried about.

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>t. authoritarian asshole

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Thank Ue, UE!

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Wanna ride?

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not really, unless you consider "their phones" only those top of the line manufactured by google

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is that what mentally ill call all the normal people? kek

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>fining alphabet $11bln
pissing into an ocean of piss

>> No.66251943

calm down bureaucrat. i'm sure you'll still get those campaign donations

>> No.66252162

>pissing into an ocean of piss
It will hurt them.

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>Redistribution of information isn't an extension of socialist philosophy

That's a really cool and unique worldview dude!

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jesus it's like taking a 5ml syringe to extract fat from boogie

>> No.66252761

Guam is part of the US, but nice try. At least in Vietnam you can hear stories about how to kill retarded burgers like you.

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Why can't the EU do something even better and ban paid digital distribution such as itunes, Steam, GOG, etc

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>ban paid digital distribution
what's the alternative, retard?

>> No.66253033

it's depending on market share

>> No.66253102

jews are smart though

>> No.66253152

Don't worry, the real engineers couldn't care less what goes on in the lower parts of the company. These 'software engineers' are the plebians introducing useless YouTube feature #32914809 with their brand new Rust wrapper for Go wrapped in Lesbian Python

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>how do we pay for all these refugees
>fine the American tech giants

How long until everyone just says fuck off and stops operating there?

>> No.66253288

nice try, Shlomo.

>> No.66253298

Please try

>> No.66253328

Good riddence, google is an evil botnet that even the eurotrash can't stand.

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Guise, this is just the beginning!! EU has a bunch of other ANTITRUST probes into Google and they're gonna fine them some moar. See pic related.

Google's fucked.

>> No.66253426

Servers them right, they trusted the government.

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>> No.66253476

It already has. The snowflakes blocked google acquiring a lucrative DoD contract. Investors are starting to see that google's inclusiveness is costing them money.

>> No.66253547

fuck off faggot

>> No.66253560

You can't vote for the European overlords. They are all nameless figureheads """""voted'"""" in by the (often unelected) leaders of European nations.

>> No.66253597

>google pours tons of money into creating the best services
>most of these services are "free"
>promote their own services
>get fined because they shouldnt promote the services they provide ahead of similar services by opposition companies
I dunno. Google seems like it's in a losing position. They're just too big, covering so many areas that basically everything they offer could be regarded anti-trust.

>> No.66253607

Yes, that's what anti-trust is for. It's a law written assuming that corporations are not nice fluffy bunnies but are instead interested in profit.

>> No.66253656

No we don't

>> No.66253667

Freedom to get raped in the ass by corporate giants? Pack your bags now!

>> No.66253681

>muh europe is too poor
>muh murica is rich
but people are still way more poor in the US if you don't count the top 1%, so what use is wealth if you'll never see any of it?

>> No.66253694

Actually with net neutrality gone and the repackaging of the internet into a cable-package style freakshow i'm afraid it's muricans who will soon not see the real internet whilst Eurofags both get the free and open internet and no botnet

>> No.66253703

They already went after Microsoft, Android has the majority of the market

>> No.66253737

Yeah fuck off autistic neckbeard that can't stand other freaks. Just look at yourself.

>> No.66253749

It's as simple as 2+2
You can't go and kill your neighbour and go unpunished, you give up that freedom in return for knowing that if someone tries to do the same to you, the state will protect you, therefore securing your freedumbs etc
This is very basic and applies to all countries with a state, what we have in the EU is a natural progression of that, you can't go discriminate someone but in return you cant be discriminated against. You give up the freedom of not paying taxes and abiding by society's rules in return for infrastructure and free healthcare and etc.
Get some education, amerimutt

>> No.66253753

are you a tranny? kek

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>it's another "poltard confuses neoliberal technocrats with socialists because it fits their stupid worldview" episode

>> No.66253859

It's different:
>Apple does not have the vast majority of the marketshare like Google does
>Apple sells their phones and their OS directly, Google only provides the Google Services package, since Android is open source, it's up to OEMs to provide Android and modify it to work on porting them
>Google forces OEMs to include the full Google suite or they can't use Google Services in their devices: Google Chrome, Google Play Music, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Gmail, etc.
What this means is that devices either end up with duplicated programs (i.e. Samsung phones come with two browsers: Chrome and the Samsung ones) or that devices will come only with the Google ones.
>Google used to force OEMs to only sell devices with the Android operating system
This is one of the reasons why no OEMs offered phones with Windows Phone, Ubuntu Touch, Firefox OS or Sailfish OS.

>> No.66253946

>hey, lets bomb these random countries
>wait, people are leaving these new shitholes we created
>lol tell europeans to pay for it

>> No.66254085

EU will lose and never see the entire amount.

>> No.66254128

>acting like it's the first time they were fined by the EU
Keep dreaming, goy.

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>le free market will fix it XD
Good thing, Europe hasn't yet been raped by the corporate world, like the Muttland has.

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Borrowed money is not "your" money, amerimutt.

>> No.66254496

Google should put a muslim as their CEO. EU is too afraid of muslims to fine them any money or kick them out of their nations. It's a foolproof plan.

>> No.66254551
File: 1.49 MB, 680x499, 1527500205575.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually, a lot of EU countries are ramping up the deportations this year, apart from UK which is no longer part of the EU.

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[citation needed]

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>The EU announced the antitrust case in 2016 and accused the advertising giant of imposing licensing conditions for the Android OS that favored Google's products and apps over rivals. The EU argued that these activities, among others, amounted to making it more difficult to develop competing web browsers and other operating systems, which ultimately would reduce innovation and give consumers fewer choices.

It's absolutely true. Google forces the android licensees to ship their default apps like chrome, gmail and youtube. Bundling stuff isn't illegal, but when you have a monopoly position it might be.

>> No.66254726

Choosing a religion that cuts a piece of your dick makes you smart, how?

>> No.66255297

Arm, have you heard?

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>all these corporatecucks getting buttmad over based EU

>> No.66255683

He never said they were socialist

>> No.66255768

Is it just me or did mamma Merkel notice that she can't possibly milk the taxpayers enough to cover the kebab exodus and now goes against the big boys? I am aware that EU fines companies left and right, but the news have been full of ot lately. Or is it just because they're pushing againt newsite's main revenue stream?

>> No.66255794

>One evil entity takes out another evil entity
Yeah sure this is a good move by the EU but don't forget those are the same kikes that are destroying our countries.

>> No.66255938

Weight reduction, bro.

>> No.66256059

Nope. This is a meme propagated by their media. Jews are tribal and prop each other in postions of power. There are smart ones among them but nothing like the 99% super geniuses the media wants you to believe.

>> No.66256428

Google owns Android, they should be able to do whatever they want with their own product. Also it's not like users are hard locked into using Googlr apps.

>> No.66256437

thx EU

>> No.66256438

Ty, eu

>> No.66256569 [DELETED] 
File: 342 KB, 700x595, 1528266779995.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]








>> No.66257164

T BH I NEVER agreed to give my tax monie to MS for windows licences for decades for retarded clerks' pcs
sue MS next gib muh shekels back

>> No.66257276

You can't vote for US president also, don't seem to bother people all that much.

>> No.66257995
File: 37 KB, 394x350, 1521275874688.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this butthurt from Mutts defending their favourite corporation
We'll put the money to good use my brown friends, always wanted a new highway.

>> No.66258076

>n-no this doesn't count

>> No.66258100

Well you can you just have to live in CA or NY

>> No.66258111


>> No.66258114

>This is one of the reasons why no OEMs offered phones with Windows Phone, Ubuntu Touch, Firefox OS or Sailfish OS.
You know what pisses me off?
Google never got sued for their dick move back when Windows Phone was still relevant (in Europe it had 10% marketshare).
They abused their market position by not only not providing official apps for Windows Phone, but also by releasing dummy apps (e.g. a Youtube "app" that is just a link to the website), preventing others from making replacement apps (Microsoft made a really good Youtube app, which they had to take down after Google got offended) and purposefully gimping their websites by delivering Windows Phones the wrong versions of those sites or just locking them out entirely based on user agent.

That was blatantly monopolistic behavior and yet they got away scott-free.
I really fucking hope they get fucked as deep in the ass as possible.

Also, fuck Microsoft for giving up on Windows Phone. It was the ideal compromise between iOS and Android, before they first made it more than Android and then just dropped it like a hot potato. Not to mention the gaslighting of the userbase, where promises of updates and upgrades were broken all the fucking time.

>> No.66258135
File: 8 KB, 240x191, a0ec2157.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying EU is a democracy
dude, europarliament is just for show and place for second rate politicians to be pacified with fat paycheck, they don't have legislative initiative power.

>> No.66258188 [DELETED] 

In the real world you're either a capitalist or a socialist/atheist/satanist/fascist/muslim. There are only two possibilities.

>> No.66258277

11bn is pocket change for google, calm your panties op.

>> No.66258545

Good luck trying to get any apps whatsoever without allowing google to rape your privacy with google services since the play store is not accessible without it.

Even if it is technically possible to install things without the play store, they purposefully make it a giant pain in the ass to force your compliance and the average faggot won't bother so it's the civilian equivalent of a gun to your head.

>> No.66258555

They do have the last word on the budget and they appoint/vote the Commission, which is basically the EU government.

Bear in mind though that the EU is not a country / state, so it still looks like half international organisation and half politico-economic entity (similar to a state).

>> No.66258684

EU does good things but also bad things like the coming upload filters and the link tax. Just a reminder, don't party too hard. As long as governments are controlled/lobbied by companies, shit just gets diffent colors, but it's still shit.

>> No.66258736

And this is the future. Europa über alles.

>> No.66258742

go back

>> No.66258746

Lol, EU is the new China

>> No.66258777
File: 117 KB, 768x768, -D-zEkun83myguGaB6AlcOnVdJcasp9PvxW5MSsbnR8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lmao people get hurt when a billion dollar company loses some money for shitty thing they do... These stupid americans

>> No.66258789

so... this is /pol/ now?

attention inbred peasants!
fuck off to /pol/
that's all, thanks

>> No.66258856

That ice cream looks good


>> No.66258859

>being white is good

>> No.66258884

It removes them from one search engine you retard. They'll still be on the Internet

>> No.66258907

You first plebbit shithead

>> No.66258921



>> No.66258953

Bullshit. I am in Poland and people use Applel and Samsung.

>> No.66259067

>votes for politicians who want to restrict corporations
>they restrict coporations
The absolute state of europe

>> No.66259378

I want to see a world where instead of taking fines for GDPR and antitrust they just leave europe all together

Can you imagine what would happen to the european economy at least for a little while if google, amazon, microsoft, etc just fuck off and close all operations, of course it won't happen but it would be a very interesting alternative timeline where all sorts of euro-specific companies open up.

>> No.66259400

Someone else would fill their places within a year.

>> No.66259409

Exactly anon, it would be glorious

>> No.66259417

Are you fucking retarded? Western Europe is like 70% iOS. You're thinking of the shitty east of Europe where they're all poor.

>> No.66259419

What in the comment that you quoted is defending corporations, you retarded fuck.

>> No.66259445

At least it would break up monopolies.

China got this shit right... they outright banned these Silicon Valley jews from China.

>> No.66259507

Apple only install their OS on their own devices, branded as "Apple" devices.

>> No.66259561

Ti actually is

>> No.66259574
File: 31 KB, 478x627, 1513020585682.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>741 Million shitskins constitute the population of Europe and not one of them can develop a search engine

Why are they such brainlet 3rd worlders? China and Russia can do this yet Euros have to rely on a foreign product like a bunch of third worlders asking for foreign aid

>> No.66259578
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>> No.66259584

11 billion buys a lot of rapefugees. Look the fuck out Europe if the EU wins.

>> No.66259797

No one in the EU deciding this was voted in.

>> No.66260076

LARPing burger spotted. Civilized people in the EU don't own autos. We have gentile forms of transit like trains and bicycles.

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