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AMD has completely removed its presence from Israel, they used to have a GPU R&D center there.
Not anymore.

Mommy Su is out for kike blood, and she won't stop until the last drop has been sacrificed to the Great Oven.

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What did Jewish people do to you op?

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Suck my country dry.

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>every country

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not even an argument
What does this even mean? if your religion got a lot of hate for a reason you don't know you would be curious to know as well
What do you mean?

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More like what have Jewish people done to get kicked out of every country they tried to subvert except the US?

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You'll find out when you get oven'd

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>still butthurt from things that happened hundreds of years ago
Talking about immature
>xDD le edgy making fun of whole families getting killed

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Cough cough

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>implying you sheeny fucks ever stopped
The Jew cries out in pain as he attacks you

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t.Muhammed dickriders

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t. Schlomo Shekelsteinberg

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oh man I'm sure in all of these Jews tried to subvert the country

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This is why I will never use a systemd distro

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>mfw somebody ACTUALLY buys his hardware based on /pol/ arguments

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>still making excuses for shitty behavior from shitty people
And nothing has changed at all

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>being a shabbos goy

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Got us into the Iraq war.
Furiously shilling us into an Iranian war.

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>killing sandniggers
see nothing wrong with that. also you know your country could also just... not agree? which already happened

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>what is the political octopus known as AIPAC
Yeah about that

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Killed my phophet?

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Killed my Lord and Savior then blamed it on the Romans

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Killed palestinians and enacted a fascist culling of them.

I aint got any problems with jews but fuck israelites.

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>not caring about the past
>caring about the past
You piece of shit

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Begin social isolation,make animal sacrifices,Jew men fuck non-jew women using power and money,nepotism in any social situation,don’t care about other people.

Just antisocial people need get out.

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Intelaviv / happy merchant is the only /pol/ meme that is even remotely funny anymore. But mostly because Shilltel is shit and I hate Israel.

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The jew fears the samurai.

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How can one woman be so absolutely based?

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The fuck does IME have to do with systemd?

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>AMD has completely removed its presence from Israel, they used to have a GPU R&D center there.
Oy vey... why did they left?

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Yids spying for yids, also that image is flawed because the drivers have gotten better while NoVidya's have gone to utter shit

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The fuck? Why am I in the AMDrone starter kit if I hate gameworks and sometimes watch Adored? The former is pure cancer, everyone should hate that thing, the latter is alright. I understand why he's called an amdrone, but that's a little misleading. Labeling really isn't fair to the individual.

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Framed Hitler.

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Bad goy

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>spied on kikes to see if they have any intel sekrit sauce
>turns out they're actually fucked beyond belief
>alright time to move out

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i had a jewish gf once i can confirm their ability to suck money is surpassed only by their ability to suck your energy like a succubus from your dick

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but baby dick instead of country

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