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In how many years will 32 GB of RAM be standard?

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4GB is the minimum for an office PC.
8GB for power users
16GB for gamers and small content creators.

By 2022 I expect this to double.
So maybe 2026?

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>ramlets not having 32gb of ram already

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32GB is reasonable if you do any sort of virtualisation on your desktop, I hit 16GB with 2 vm's open along with other normal applications running.

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When Intel or AMD support LPDDR4 for laptops 32GB will be the bar for "this is a good amount". So probably 2023 for it to be standard.

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Acutally you can. It's called Ramdisk.

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I have 50 GB of ram in my workstation. Dont think I've ever used more than 16 GB though.

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>32gb is new standard
>everything is made in electron
>fizzbuzz tier programs requires 16gb of ram to startup
you may not like it but this is how future will look like

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you need to look at laptops.

The average laptop today sells with 4GB soldered period. SOMETIMES you get lucky and it comes with those 4GB + a socket with/without another module (usually another 4GB). 8GB laptops start to show up in the "relatively expensive" range.

6 years ago it was a similar situation but with 2/4 GB. By this logic, in about 6 years 8GB will be the min specs in the average lappie and 16 will be the "relatively expensive" range, with 32 biut being top tier.

My bet is 10 to 12 years before 32GB becomes the standard.

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unironically this

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Lol but that uses your RAM to make a virtual disk

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>every program loads their own, incompatible version of chrome
>most don't have security patches
>even the operating system needs electron
I'm ready for the future

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This, I’m suprised no one has caught on to this scam yet. Keep running in place goys.

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I, for one, welcome our new pajeet overlords

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I think he means page / swap files / partitions.

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But unless you have optane or something it's gonna be so slow

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>t. java pajeet

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>watches pewdiepie

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First figure out how many years it'll take for devs to start using electron for all their shitty programs and then you'll need 32GB to even check your emails.

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>sucks nigger dicks

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>8GB for power users
What consists of being a power user?

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Just calling yourself one or possibly having a cracked copy of CS6 I think. I'm on my phone, but there's a pretty funny technological assessment done on self-proclaimed power users that they all failed miserably.

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it took a decade for standard to jump from 4GB to 8GB. I'll say 2030 for everyone having 32GB DDR6

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Hes not wrong, if you consider virtual memory

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>what is Zram

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EOY of this year for me

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4GB can't even handle Firefox. 4GB was decent in 2005, but nowadays everything online is so bloated that it ends up being used up alarmingly fast.

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>4GB is the minimum for an office PC.

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windows 10 system requirements

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>32GB is reasonable if you do any sort of virtualisation on your desktop
I'd say 32GB is pretty low if you're doing much of anything in VMs. At work, I typically have 2-3 VMs open, each of which is hogging 8-16 GB. The stuff I have open in my host OS usually consumes another 16. I'd be fucked with only 32 GB.

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Multiple chrome tabs + microsoft office. A lot of boomers don't realize you can have multiple things open at once. This is why they are content with only 4GB.

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lol bloat

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>t. RAMlet

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I've been operating on 512mb of ram fine for the last decade, tons of ram is a meme to make you shill out more money lol

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Theoretically it actually is possible to quadruple your DRAM with software, though. Just write a program that compresses all the data going in and out of /tmp/ (or a symlink to it) by a factor of 4.

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as if the trend of the last 25 years hasn't been trading bloat for bells and whistles

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You get more when ram is cheap, but these days no point spending too much on ram when you don't need it. The cheapest ram per stick was during DDR2, DDR1 was a shitstorm with one of the largest fab shuts down or something.

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Fucking this. If only offshore pajeets didn't keep writing shitty code and making bloated software 2x2gb RAM would be the standard to which all software would be designed for.

Fuck chrome, fuck windows, fuck android, fuck M$FT office, fuck all this botnet bloated proprietary shit that runs like dog turd. W10 regularly hits the 3.5gb RAM mark for me and that's when I'm just using my PC regularly. On the other hand Arch Linux usually hits around 1gb, 1.5gb at most for me.

Idk why I want to live in this world.

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I don't know why you do either. Do us all a favor and off yourself.

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I, for one, welcome our Windows.js and importkernel.py overlords

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I've tried out firefox 60 on a pentium 4 running lubuntu 16.04. It was usable, even watching youtube videos was ok. For some reason it runs way faster than the old centos 6 it had.

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And the pentium 4 had only 1gb as you would expect, opening more than 20 tabs was a kill thought

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i3 laptop w/4gb works fine, I don't usually use vm's and never use electron type apps.

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you joke but....

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i have 32gb ram thanks to virtual memory

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I dont actually understand how people are content with 4gb or less; especially with windows.

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Why the fuck is this even a thing?

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It's not the same

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how the hell do you know

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My mum has 4GB for he office PC.
It's enough for W10 + Firefox/Chrome with 5 tabs and MS Word.

My sister has 8GB for her games.

I have 16GB because I use Photoshop/Lightroom/Premier and have 20 tabs open. However I find myself running out of memory more and more. I'll probably upgrade to 24GB by the end of the year.

I remember when 2GB was enough and you could run Crysis on it, which still looks better than most games, 10 years later.

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There is no way you can have your storage as fast as DRAM

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At this rate we'll soon devolve back into 4gb because no one will be able to afford RAM.

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>4gb minimum office pc

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4GB ram on windows 10 isn't enough for most office workers. opening MS Word and firefox has taken you to the limit, don't dare open a powerpoint without closing your others apps first!

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Fucking kikes and brainlet §oýbóiś

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>everyone has switched over to electron
>every single process on your machine is running its own instance of chrome and takes up 1gb ram each

Standard is going to need to be a lot more

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Lol I can have over a dozen tabs open on a craptop with 2GB, where does the gorillion TB RAM for web browser meme even come from?

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>he fell for the 16gig meme

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Can someone explain to a non /g/ why ram usage is considered bad. Shouldn't I want as much shit that I'm likely to use stored in the ram as possible and just have it dumped when the extra space is needed? I understand that you don't want chrome relying requiring 4gig to function properly at any one time, but why would you want it to dump infomation for any other reason than showing off small ram usaging in performance monitor?

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Already feel like it should be the minimum here on Windows 10. I only have 16GB and had a few "low-memory" related crashes this month.

My next build is going to be 64GB.

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The point is the precedence. "Voluntary" RAM quickly becomes "suggested" RAM, then becomes "Required" RAM.

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That's the march of technology sweetie. Maybe you should stop trying to browser the web with a 10 year old Thinkad with 4GB of RAM.

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>watching pewds

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>That's the march of technology sweetie
Notice how I never mentioned increasing features or capabilities. So the "march of technology" is a higher resource requirement for the same tasks? If that is true why are cars and home appliances becoming more efficient?

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6GB is a "recommended" amount now for the majority, 4GB being minimum. For normal PC use (no development, no heavy gaming) 8GB will be fine for decades.
Although technically the minimum amount doubled every 5/6 years the PC market in it's current form won't evolve as fast anymore.

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It is standard already. Have you seen the RAM on servers? Wew

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Even 2gb will do if you use a light OS/use Firefox <57 and disable e10s

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>Chrome OS

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I use 16GB, not a gamers or content creators.

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it's depend what you do inside the VM, if you're running a bunch of services and generate a lot traffing, of course 16GB isn't enough.

again, and it's depends on host os either.

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16GB is standard for office work, plenty for gamers.
32GB and more is for workstation spec
Higher for VMs, databases and the such?

I think I'll be buying 32GB for my next PC, probably with Zen2.

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yes you can actually, by using less bloated software and OS.

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I've seen a lot of games using more than 8 gb now on max settings, if you have 8 gb the system will allocate less but the performance will suffer

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>Processes: 141
nigga what you doin over there?

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browsing this on my 2gb laptop

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>play ksp
>download mods
>16GB of RAM
>actually get a bsod pagefault because not enough

I'm seriously considering 32GB now, when before I thought it was just a maymay

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>Microsoft is acquiring GitHub! Read our blog and Satya Nadella's post to learn more.

wew lad

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>16GB is standard for office work
You've never worked in an office you dumb neet.

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I remember when the norm was 64 MB. Trying to run The Sims on it was a nightmare.
Time sure flies.

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>32 GB RAM considered standard
>mfw browsing this on 2 GBs of RAM

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8bg ram is already excessive for gaming.

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This was true in 2013

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I suggest you go and watch Destroy All Software's "The Birth and Death of Javascript"

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When prices go down.

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>4GB is the minimum for an office PC.
Not if you're using Windows 10. For the AF Milfags here, the Win 10 SDC is so bloated it couldn't even run off of 4GB of RAM, which is why everything in the military is being upgraded to 8GB.

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I've had 16GB of DDR2 for fucking eons now and have never gotten KSP to use all of it. How many mods did you download rofl.

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I, for one, welcome the bloat.

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Uhh ... I'd rather say
8GB is the minimum for an office PC.
16GB for power users
32GB for gamers and small content creators.

Gotta future proof your shit.

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I still have DDR3, fucking intel holding back the market. If they were actually innovative we'd have flying cars by now.

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um, yesterday?
I have 64 and I still run out of it having to use large pagefiles

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that's not how ram allocation works no game suffers with 8gb of ram. and the ones with mem leaks start fucking up before you even hit the 8gb cap.

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Are you guys all trolls? I'm doing Python/JavaScript/Go/Rust development with gogland, atom, chrome (so many tabs you can't count them) and Spotify open and I still have 300mb from the 4gb left. You could have stopped upgrading at core 2 duo. (Still using my intel pentium e5200 at 5ghz).

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I have about 140 mods right now

but what's really doing it is ksp's/unity garbage collection, I increased the amount of RAM the game uses so it runs its shitty garbage collection less often - it's the reason why the game pauses/stutters every couple minutes.

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>what is swap?

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>using an ancient reaction gif
You aren't strengthening your point

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found that guy who's never held an office/corporate job

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it comes from retards who think that Windows actually utilizing their RAM is a bad thing

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>power users
I love this term

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ive had 15 chrome tabs open, 20 pdfs open on sumatra, matlab and spyder running, word and powerpoint open and ive only hit 8 gb, max 12 gb

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So, did he download more RAM?

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>advertise CloudRAM™
>have access to all kinds of on-the-go information of retards who utilize my service now

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