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Will Linux ever get momentum with normies?

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Let's hope it won't.

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I want nothing more than for Linux to go mainstream just so I can watch as you people slowly get eroded into botnet.

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Why tho?

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Hopefully not. Normies don't contribute to Linux.

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it is, already. see win 7 wincucks

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Linux is the name of the kernel that Linus Torvalds developed starting in 1991. The operating system in which Linux is used is basically GNU with Linux added. To call the whole system “Linux” is both unfair and confusing. Please call the complete system GNU/Linux, both to give the GNU Project credit and to distinguish the whole system from the kernel alone.

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>linux and chrome os separated

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Actually, Richard...

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What do you mean?

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Which Linux distro do you use, anon?

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I just call it commie Unix.

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Will momentum ever get normies with Linux?

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Are you talking about Ubuntu?

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yeah and bsd and fagOS should be combined too right?

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Normalfags strongly tend to use whatever OS comes with their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Specifically, they typically use it to access their browser (usually Google Chrome) so they can get on their favorite social networks.

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>That 24 year old boomer who thinks you need to launch a browser to access social media

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such as 4chan

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*Alpine Linux blocks your path*

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how else would you do it summerfag?

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no. too fragmented and normies will never use an os that requires you to use a terminal.

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Dedicated Application, dumb boomer.

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>requires you to use a terminal
its not 1999 anymore gramps theres something called a G-U-I ever heard it? pretty neat stuff

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if anything it will be some distro tailed specifically to normfag needs like ubuntu.
they'll never install gentoo.
gentoo is normfag-secure.

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And it's antithetical to how Unix (thus it's clone aka commie unix) works.

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um, sweetheart you must be over 18 to use this site honey
also just a little fact for your premature brain boomers are not 24 they are 74 ya fuckin idiot

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Sorry I didn't realize this was a SPOOK thread.

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just a friendly reminder the current year is 2000 + 18 grammy

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>being this much of a newfag
JEsus Christ its almost been a full month.

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unpaid neckebards don't care about good UX

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Oh, that explains why the commie Unix user is the dumbest person in the meeting room. They can just click and drool around Unix now.

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>Will Linux ever get momentum with normies?
no and thats the way it should be.
is linear algebra ever going to catch on with the normies? number theory? data structures? no. and thats the way it should be. most people are just not smart enough to figure some things out.

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>24 year old boomer
i do not think boomer means what you think it means

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>He thinks linux requires any sort of education whatsoever
It's literally choose a distro, google search a quick tutorial, and use it to load your web browser. thats it.

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I'll just move to FreeBSD.

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I caught another one.

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>being this new

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i never said that nor even implied it.
I implied that most people will not take the time to learn anything *nix, and quite honestly id rather keep it that way because id like to keep the number of linux ricing threads on /g/ down to a minimum

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>being this butthurt
unix is horrible and u kno it gramps
this is your last (You) by the way

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boomer spotted

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>le brainlet maymay

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>being this out of touch
Go back to
Your choice.

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what the fuck are you talking about, that was a brainlet wojak

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pol is where the boomer thing started I thought? it's where i first heard it anyway

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it seemed to have started with all the Q shit a while back on pol

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I said brainlet. You don't know the rest of what I said means? Fuck me this must be your first day on this site.

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>t. 18 year old boomer that has never used Unix.

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Well he doesn't understand the most basic may mays so he's most definitely from Resetera or Reddit.

Reminder people like this exist

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>reddit file name

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top kek

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Linux has shit battery life, also most laptops come with Windows 10, which you can ironically install the major Linux distros in with their store in just a few clicks. and get all the GNU programs you need with actual drivers and more than three hours of battery life.

Using Linux under Windows 10 is actually easier than just using Linux with a Windows VM.

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what the hell is "unknown"?

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seeing as how it's titled "operating system browsing statistics" I would wager that the unknown section are hits which have the user-agent string either empty or containing information that does not identify the OS, such as how wget uses a user-agent string of ‘Wget/version’

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Take that CoC down your throat and don't you dare complain, white boy.

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Something something autism

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No it's just Linux. Gnu doesn't get to take credit for Linux just because they wrote a few shitty tools.

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But linux is shitty and obsolete at birth.

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Year of Unknown desktop when

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Shitty yes, but not completely worthless like anything GNU. GNU/Hurd just recently got SOUND and its been 26 years. Fucking garbage. Stop praising hippies.

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>Stop praising hippies.
Never gave them praise. Linux is still a shadow of an OS compared to 2005 era Solaris.

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>what is android

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Ah yes, the "literally what" OS that nobody not even the industry cares about. Name one thing you can do on Solaris that you can't on ANY Linux distro or server.

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Zones are all better developed technologies that existed in Solaris in 2005 and are still shitty in Linux today. Linux has brought no innovation to the engineering of OS's. It was a political movement (Free software) plain and simple.

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Unlike Solaris, Linux is a non-bloated platform that has unquestioned prevalence in servers because of its stability and customization. It can easily be changed to fit a specific industries need. Take your Windows wannabe elsewhere.

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>Linux is a non-bloated
Linux is just a kernel.

So what does Linux with GNU offer today that solaris already didn't do better in 2005?

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>So what does Linux with GNU offer today that solaris already didn't do better in 2005?

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Alpine Linux is proof that Linux isn't exclusive to GNU you braindead toddler.

Ricing and Industry Respect.

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>shilling your dead project this hard
More like hasn't been RELEVANT since 2005 lol

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>Alpine Linux
Still can't do shit 2005 era Solaris can do.
Other than stifle innovation.

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Alpine is irrelevant, since nobody wants to call non-GNU systems GNU. What is wrong with you.

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alpine linux is pretty sweet actually.
Nearly our entire cloud domain runs alpine for just about everything, an entire install is just a few hundred mb and it only comes with the drivers and software needed, then you install the specific packages needed for production

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Yeah, containers existed before linux, faggot.

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>underage cancer that thinks you have to download an app for every website you use
Ever wondered what someone raised on a tablet glued to their thinks like? This is it.

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Did you ever use alpine?

>> No.66148313

yes, i just said nearly everything we virtualize is alpine

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>Yeah, containers existed before linux, faggot.
unless if your talking about chroot, no, they did not

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Literally Nobody Uses Solaris
How many home computers run it? How many office complexes? How many state of the art petabite servers? None nigger

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So you've installed GNU?

>> No.66148339

I'm talking about containerization in OS's.
Zones were containerization and existed in 2005.

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What if you want to use sed on Alpine?

$ echo axxx bxx cx | sed 's/\b[a-z]/<&>/g'
<a>xxx <b>xx <c>x

>BuggyBox SED
$ echo axxx bxx cx | sed 's/\b[a-z]/<&>/g'
axxx <bx>x cx

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>Literally Nobody Uses Solaris
Linux babby confuses marketshare with engineering. Damn, when did the Unix user become the dumbest person in the room? Oh yeah, when they run commie Unix.

>> No.66148360

Oh so nobody? Thanks

>> No.66148361

because more doesn't mean better

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Linux is a kernel.
Unix was a proprietary system in the 70s.

>> No.66148387

>Linux is a kernel.
And an obsolete one at that, no innovation since the proprietary software of the 70's.

>> No.66148390

>So you've installed GNU?
I have install gnu software, yes

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What's the difference between GNU and linux when Linux uses GNU licensing? I thought any software licensed as GNU was GNU software.

>> No.66148421

This. Linus KNEW monolithic design was deprecated in the 90s, yet he started writing Linux.
Meanwhile all other systems are microkernel based or hybrid, even fucking NT and HURD (lol).

>> No.66148432

*le shrek cringe snap*

>> No.66148444

I'm sorry you don't value privacy, Microshills.

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android and chrome os is linux too

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GNU is a operating system developted by the GNU Project. If you write a program for the GNU system, it becomes part of GNU (like GNU wget), but when you just license you program under the GPL, it isn't part of the GNU system, just like your program isn't part of BSD when you use a BSD license.

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Linux is Linux.

>> No.66148483

Android and ChromeOS don't give a shit about the GPL and are property of their respective companies. Just like MacOS isn't pushed in with BSD despite them being related.

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So who is lying?

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GNU Linux-libre is a fork of Linux.

>> No.66148565

But they didn't change anything.

>> No.66148576

linux isn't part of gnu
linux-libre is

>> No.66148584

It literally says that the linux kernel became part of gnu.

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who cares linux is comfy and not botneted
normies can go suck a bug of dicks

>> No.66148603

>not botneted
Linux luser hand waves proprietary binary blobs.

>> No.66148621

They removed all nonfree parts and blobs in Linux-libre and made it work that way.

>> No.66148640

>nonfree parts and blobs in Linux-libre
Oh so "regular" linux is mostly proprietary and non-fre?

>> No.66148646

Linux also became part of Android.

>> No.66148653

Bloat =/= Proprietary

>> No.66148658

blobs are.

>> No.66148670

Parts are binary only / proprietary, yes.

>> No.66148697

How? Linux is under the GPL?

>> No.66148712

I hope it doesn't

with normies comes cancer, just look at 4chan

>> No.66148719

Magical handwaving and lying to oneself.
It's the lintard credo.

>> No.66148722

No because it's absolutely worthless as a desktop os
It's only suitable for programming and networking type activities

>> No.66148742

When you release a program under a license, it means that others can use your project under that license. You, as developer and copyright owner, can do whatever you want with your project, inclusive adding nonfree addons.

>> No.66148786

>Licensing non-free stuff as GPL
That doesn't sound possible.

>> No.66148798

The proprietary parts come with their own licenses.

>> No.66148817

So what licenses are the blobs in the Linux Kernel?

>> No.66148853

>make browser
>release under gpl
>company comes along, gifts my browser a proprietary addon to work with some service
>now my browser, which is gpl licensed, has proprietary parts built in
>people can still share and work kn my browser, just without the proprietary parts

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But how do they know how many people use linux compared to the rest if most distros don't have telemetry?

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So the linux kernel is now proprietary since it has proprietary licenses? And you have to use a fork to get the non-proprietary licensed version of Linux?

damn. sounds complicated. Might as well use commercial unix.

>> No.66148935

You could also use hardware that works with linux-libre or just get a WiFi dongle since that's the most common thing that may not work since the nonfree wifi drivers are stripped out.

>> No.66148967

If you want normies into linux, get normie women into it. Everyone else will follow.

>> No.66148971

I'm a complete nerd (but not a need so I need to be productive) and Linux is fucking useless for me.

It's ugly, unintuitive and incompatible. I don't get why would anyone use in 2018 when Windows 10 and Mac OS are more solid than ever.

>> No.66148976

Debian comes with a deblobbed Linux just like Linux-libre ootb and you can install the nonfree modules you need. That way you only have stuff you need for a working system without who knows else.

>> No.66148999

so linux out of the box is proprietary. That's what i'm asking.

>> No.66149004

why doesn't debian use linux libre? why reinventing the wheel?

>> No.66149017

>linux is an OS
>chrome OS is not Linux

>> No.66149037

t. >>>/v/irgin

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>> No.66149051

>not using linux
Pick one

>> No.66149052

I have to admit that I have no idea, anon.
That's a years old controversy, some say yes, Linux as a whole is nonfree, because it includes those blobs - and some say no, because they don't see those blobs as part of Linux.

>> No.66149106

I work in a .NET shop. My coworker and I like to joke about nodejs and how many fuckups they've had. Yesterday they had another fuckup. Then he surprises me saying Linux and open source was a failed movement in the 90s and we should go back to enterprise software. In a way, he's right - Linux and open source are movements that didn't really take off beyond programmers. And he's also right, - but I pointed out that our favorite tools, .NET core and typescript were free and open source. He retracted a bit and said that open source projects should be managed by companies with enterprise experience. I also had to explain to him that no, you can't just check anything you want into a person's github repository like Wikipedia. It has to be approved.

>> No.66149111

>because they don't see those blobs as part of Linux.
How do they justify that? You have to go out of your way to remove them.

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What is a blob?

>> No.66149122

A gooey monster

>> No.66149137

A chunk of unreadable gibberish in a programs source code.

>> No.66149166

Man, I really miss programming in Perl.

>> No.66149186

Handwaving to make dumb people think that Linux is free software.

>> No.66149205

So what exactly is Stallman's arguement about it being GNU/Linux and not GNU/Linux/systemd/xorg/kde/libreoffice/mozilla/etc?

>> No.66149206

Linux is not free software. Linux-libre is free software.

>> No.66149226

>Linux-libre is free software.
Right, but we are talking about Linux not anything else.

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>all that pasta

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>>66146718 >>66146752
Android has Linux Kernel

>> No.66149308

The thing that pisses me off about the fsf is that they don't endorse Debian even though it is 100% free software as long as you don't use the nonfree or contrib repo.

>> No.66149446

>there he goes again, shitposting away his life at the age of 45

>> No.66149484

That argument relies on accepting that GNU is the primary project and not just a few tools that could be replace with no great loss, compared to the Linux kernel which makes the operating system actually usable on realistic hardware configurations. Therefore I will continue to call the operating system after the sole irreplaceable part, Linux.

>> No.66149507

Only if we tech them

>> No.66149519

its the trackers that most popular sites have

>> No.66149612

Your coworker is an idiot and have no fucking clue about Linux kernel development.

>> No.66149618

It will be a lie, if they want to be backed by the FSF the need to stop offering proprietary software.

>> No.66149661

>Linux kernel development.
As apposed to linux non-kernel development?

>> No.66149670

>Chrome OS is based on Gentoo
>Chromebook users are normies
>They run Gentoo without even knowing it
Based Google installing Gentoo on normies' computers

>> No.66149701

Anything else to say?

>> No.66149704


I have a better question, who gives a f*ck what that crazy idiot thinks?

>> No.66149769

Being a nerd means programming and doing sysadmin shit, not playing vidya

>> No.66149790

>programming and doing sysadmin shit
You'll find far more windows programmers and sysadmins working in windows than linux.

>> No.66149818

Company policies tho, not because they find linux useless or like windows better

>> No.66149839

>not because they find linux useless or like windows better
I'm pretty sure it's implied they like windows better, anon.

>> No.66149900

Still the biggest argument against Linux is the lack of AAA gayming titles, at least in this shithole. Meanwhile even MS uses Linux for their networking needs and in the cloud, because their customers need it.
I'm even more they are just got an MS cert and got a shitty job at a small firm. I work at an MS obsessed company and everybody hates it, but still act like it is their only choice and pay their MS "tax".

>> No.66150189

Linux had lots of games in the play store.

>> No.66150307

I understand that 4chan doesn't lay out reply chains in nice nested blocks like reddit, but at least pretend to understand what we are talking about please

>> No.66150352


They are owned by Samsung now and build cloud infrastructure for Dell. It runs entirely on illumos (once known as opensolaris)

>> No.66150430


No matter how much you meme, cry, and lie about how bad windows is and how good alternatives are it's never happening unless Microsoft makes windows linux based. The only possible way to knock down windows is if Apple released a new mac book air for $500 or less but the are too greedy and shortsighted I think.

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The only way to make people use GNU/Linux is to ship it preinstalled.

>> No.66151123

It already happened between systemd and Ubuntu

>> No.66151507

stupid fucking summerfag contrarian niggers.

>> No.66151629

Retarded meme spouter.

>> No.66151673

Systemd is shit in many ways, but it's not a botnet. Stop spreading FUD.

>> No.66151927

Why do people think it's cool to larp as grey beards? It's really obvious

>> No.66152874

I would like to see a certain type of person, say 10% of the population being able to use linux no problems and still function in society.

I would not like to see every boomer liberal millenial cunt demanding Distros cater to their endless list of whiney bullshit.

>> No.66152884

piss off faggot

>> No.66152963

>he cares about normalfags

you're one of them aren't you

>> No.66153274

Aren't most of us just normal fags hiding out from the rest with a few wizards?

>> No.66153482

Pretty sure that only GCC can compile Linux. They evolved together for the most part.

>> No.66153570

It just uses ebuilds to generate the system image bro.

Because he is right.

>> No.66153616

By your logic all Linux distributions should be separate.

>> No.66153628

There's work being done with clang but honestly I don't follow it at all.

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File: 103 KB, 800x652, wsl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you call this then? NT/Windows/GNU?

>> No.66153739

A sloppy bowl of shit.

>> No.66154078

WSL reroutes Linux syscalls to NT, right? So it'd be Ubuntu userland (GNU/non-GNU/SystemD) running on the NT kernel.

>> No.66154235


>> No.66154282

To be honest the reason Linux won't have the same share is two parts. 1 Linux is NOT user friendly, windows is made for your grandma to be able to poke around and figure out Linux requires you to know something about it to use it since CLI is a way of life for linux. 2 The community many users are scared away by the Linux community since the community is a mix of either A super nice and friendly people willing to help 2 Fat Neckbeards that spend the entire time on the board insulting you for not using THEIR favorite distro.

>> No.66154310

Linux is a kernel. If the user must use Linux, it defeats the purpose of a kernel; running in the background and allocating resources, but luckily you don't have to use Linux; it does everything on its own.

>> No.66154483

>unkown less popular than macos
Unknownfags BTFO

>> No.66154895

Linux? Isn't that hacking? Oh, I don't really wanna do anything illegal.

>> No.66154941
File: 388 KB, 605x712, 1337392317333.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot image.

>> No.66154972



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>> No.66155101

GNU/Linux is too fragmented, when they realize they don't need to reinvent the wheel over and over again and just leave the main distros and developers join forces to make a free, professional product, it will be successful on the desktop.

>> No.66155287

>when they realize they don't need to reinvent the wheel over and over again and just leave the main distros and developers join forces to make a free, professional product,
You don't understand what distros do.

>> No.66155533

I think there are really only 2 distros that matter. Debian and arch/parabola.

>> No.66155547

And it should stay that way.

>> No.66155559

you spelt Debian and Redhat wrong.

>> No.66155563

most people don't even own desktops
more common but still kinda of rare are people that own laptops
everybody only uses phones

>> No.66155575

the only possible way would be for a company to release dedicated hardware with their own tailored-to-the-machine distro
like a chromebook, but with actual software

something something Alpine Linux ships with nothing from the GNU toolchain by default and neither does Android

>> No.66155638

What the fuck is unknown?

>> No.66155732

Why do you care so much if other people use the same software you use? Literally a non-issue unless you are autistic.

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