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overclocked ryzen with faster rams is faster ; O

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whooops ehhehh didn know this was onn eheEHHH FUCkkk whats P OP PP IN G AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUU ……….WoooOoOW its lit in here huhhh huhu mmwwahhh FUUUUCKCKKK ITS HOT AS FUCK IN HERE take the hoodie off Nahhhhh keep it on its cute as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck nah but 4 real shout out .. shout out … FOLLOWERS AHAAAAAHH ……………………… doing a shout out for .. if ur following it aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUAUAU fuck… cant

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stop spamming intelfag

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8400 is king of budget gaming

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you sure about that?

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>DDR4 2666
>DDR4 3400

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>1080 ti

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Go back to /v/, gamer.

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2666 MHz is the fastest supported memory speed on the 8400. :^)

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Faster RAM does fuck all on Intel systems anyway.

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>just buy the ram that is twice the cost of the cpu
>then you should OC the shit out of them both (requires good mobo and cooler, stock one won't cut it)
>all of this only to match performance with a cheap ass cpu on a cheap ass mobo with a shitty stock cooler
>and if you get unlucky with silicon lottery on either ram or cpu, that's entirely your fault, enjoy shit peformance lmao
Holy fuck, amdrones are so dumb. I bet many of readonly anons won't buy amd stuff just because of their obnoxiousness.

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Gaming doesn't matter, dumb amdgoy

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>I bet many of readonly anons won't buy amd stuff just because of their obnoxiousness.

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Also false.

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Why are intel users so dumb?

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So you only buy RAM on your mobos QVL?

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>>66051251 .

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>>66051251 ,

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intel is a reddit cpu

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why is ram speed having such an effect?

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No, but unless you specifically configure your RAM to run at higher speeds, it will run at 2666 MHz with an 8400. You can stick 4000 MHz RAM in there and it'll run at 2666 MHz unless you "overclock" it.

I'm unsure whether Intel ever released a non-overclocking chipset to match the non-k Coffee Lake CPUs, but that's something you can only do on Z and X series chipsets.

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>samefagging this hard

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You have aspergers

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94C under full load is fine, depending on the cpu, though. my desktop and my laptop give me a warning at 105C and then shut down at 110C to prevent damage. older gen intel cpu's can take that easily.

>Thermal Trip: The processor protects itself from catastrophic overheating by use of an internal thermal sensor. This sensor is set well above the normal operating temperature to ensure that there are no false trips. The processor will stop all execution when the junction temperature exceeds approximately 130 °C. This is signaled to the system by the THERMTRIP# pin.

i don't know what kind of cpu that tripfag is using, but if he has an older generation intel cpu, 94C under full load is perfectly fine. maybe look up information like this before making yourself look like a tech illiterate normalfag. sure, the lower the better, but 94C is far from being 'dangerous'. i wouldn't worry about any temp below 100C

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NOOOOOOOOO it was supposed to be our year intelbros

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>What intelfags actually believe

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not an argument.

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Hmmm it's almost as if AMD had higher RAM speeds than Intel and therefore affected the results

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>17 posters 42 replies

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that is a flat out lie..... an i5-4690k performs just as well as a 8400.

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>94C under full load is fine
uh, maybe technically. i personally wouldn't let a component i cared about run that hot.

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How is intel better then

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so this...
is the power...
of amd shills...

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It means I can still run faster memory if I want to for benchmarking purpose.

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actually its just the power of higher framerate

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my i5 6500 is fine thanks ;)

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>stock ryzen with FASTER ram performs WORSE
that's all i'm seeing here.

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cost of better ram is like $50 more, alot cheaper than a z370 mobo, delid kit, and good air cooler

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Never said that, I said the RAM bias should be corrected and the results shown with all the processors using the same memory type. Not even defending anyone I'm pointing out shit journalism and research when I see it.

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Some people just like to eat shit, i guess you are one of them

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see >>66051858

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amd had NOTHING when i bought my pc 2 years ago
it was trash

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>implying i will buy amd
Intel to the death

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>overclocked Ryzen on a $300 mobo with top-tier memory vs cheap Intel setup
>ayymd setup only manages to get +10-15 fps while costing twice as much

And ayymd shills are still screeching about 'muh value' and 'muh performance'.

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It’s not, you nearly add a full 1000 megahertz and you only get 4 more FPS?

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>Intel to the death

Good Goyim.

Die for Israel.

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so, stuttering shit?

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the one game that is so shit optimized even storage speed makes it faster almost linearly.

the game where if the correctly compressed the textures, they come in at about 1/3 the ram cost.

you are looking at an outlier among outliers, not the normal environment. typically with intel, till you are pushing games to the absolute limit on the cpu clock, somewhere above 4.5, ram doesn't do shit, and even then, it only does shit in specific games.

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You cannot overclock an 8400 without a decent motherboard that allows BCLK. Memory speed does not affect most games on Intel. Not nearly as much as on Ryzen that is. Also it's a fair comparison as both CPU's are on the same level. Just because Jewtel don't allow you to overclock your 8400 on shitty motherboards does not make overclocking Ryzen invalid. Tell Intel to stop Jewing you with non-K series processors.

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>Intel fags

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wow is intel shit

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10 fps actually. and i'm talking about the technical side. why is faster ram leading to faster performance on a game?

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You forgot the watercooler too. He said in the video you couldnt get that oc on the provided box cooler. It ends up costing way more

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So it has 2 more cores and is still slower?

Wouldn't that mean the single thread performance is garbage? I doubt most things will use more than a few cores.

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>Why does Intel suck?

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Anything above 60 is useless
Enjoy your house fire

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>AMD winning in arma
Never expected to see this day.

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Mom AMD bullies my Intel again

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But the AMD Subreddit is one of the most active tech subreddits, it beats out both nvidia and intel subreddits.
If anything amd is the reddit cpu.

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Jesus fuck this whole thread is /r/amd
>78 replies, 33 IPs
Fucking embarrassing.

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>overclocked ram
>overclocked cpu
>$40 more

i like how when an i7 is faster than a ryzen 7 /g/ is quick to point out that you're paying $30-$40 more for intel.

the 8400 is one of the best cpus you can buy and guess what you don't need to spend $40 more along with the ryzen ram test because intel doesn't depend on fast ram. let's see how both cpus run on 2400 ram.

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>Every reply needs to be from a new ip.

>> No.66053952

It's actually because they don't have jobs.

>> No.66053953

>all the wojaks are porbably 5 IPs max
back to /r/amd poojet, You can shit there as much as you want.

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i7 6700k still beats the shit out of ryzens in gaming so i am not upgrading till ddr5

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shit wrong PC speccy haha that is my old build

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Guess what? People don't need to pay for unlocks, expensive mobos, expensive coolers to properly overclock ryzen cpus. Side by side transparent benchmarks make shintelkikes sperg out. But when they post benchmarks of overclocked shintel housefires with watercooling, expensive mobos and "unlocked" features, it's all good.
Btw, nice wangblows faggot.

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every time i point out that ryzen can barely match a 4 year old 4790k in single core performance /r/amd gets p mad

>> No.66054032

>hurr, muh single core clocks! Nothing else fucking matters
>fx? ha-hah! bulldozer cpu housefire!
>shintel is our greatest ally! The most moral company in the world!

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Back to --->/trash/.
You eternally BTFO Intel shill-master.

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Why are you putting words in his mouth?
It's like your could only speak in AMD memes.

>> No.66054049

guessing this is the same person.

i actually wanted to try amd but /r/amd are the most annoying posters on /g/. i don't see intel posters grasp at as many straws as amd posters do desu

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>house fire CPU

>> No.66054088

But it's ok when Intel does this, right?

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>unironically ""upgrading"" your 1050 Ti """"""gaming rig"""""" with a $350 CPU

>> No.66054096

>my laptop give me a warning at 105C
RIP your crotch

>> No.66054103

>pushing out bullshit like a kike
>hurr, why are you calling out my retardedness goy?

>grasp at straws
>kernal leak doesn't matter! Remote access on my shintel ships don't matter! But look at that! If someone gets admin access on ryzen chips, they can do anything! Amd literally bankrupt! Vega1000watts! 7nm is a lie! Zen+ and zen2 will never support am4 socket! Ha-hah!
Yeah, no. Shintelkikes routinely post bullshit in here.

>> No.66054125

I'm not the poster you first replied to and your are still writing only memetext.
Who are you quoting btw?

>> No.66054305

>waiting for ddr5
even ddr3 is still fine for gaymen
you /v/edditors are a special kind of retarded aren't you

>> No.66054330

Dude pubg runned better at the same settings, just cause 3 runned way smoother albeit at lower settings but my rx 480 stuttered like hell even on lowest settings, dead by daylight runs better, most of my games run better on this 1050ti because most are Nvidia sponsored titles, all in all that rx 480 was sold at double the price i payed for it to a miner but my damn provider had no stock on the gtx 1070 at the time and since i am a bit impatient instead i went for the 1050Ti like 2 days before they got inflated in price, and since nvidia is supposed to launch new GPU's this year i saved the remaining money from my rx480 and will sell the 1050Ti for the next 1070 level GPU soooo i really think it was a good decision.AMD NEVER AGAIN.

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Oh you meant the CPU, i misread that, but i am not an ultra super duper 8k graphics gamer, for me anything above 1080p its fucking garbage, i am waiting for the new gpus to arrive so i can buy both the gpu and a 144hz monitor.

>> No.66054375

you got me m8 i am from a third world shithole called Mexico.its ran.

>> No.66054413

>Zen+ and zen2 will never support am4 socket! Ha-hah!

Jokes on (you), because Zen2 boards are supposed to support ddr5. You'll be forced to buy new mobos anyway, my sweet GayyMD shills, so your "argument" about muh chipsets is irrelevant.
Even if there still will be only ddr4 support you'd still have to buy new mobos.

>paid reviewers only use the newest mobos in their zen2 benchmarks
>gayymd shills are frustrated when they can't reach the same performance on their old b350 shit
>b-but muh same am4 chipsets till 2020! w-we aren't intel, aren't we! Surely muh cheap b350m shitboard won't gimp zen2 in any way?

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And that game's always been single core thread intensive.

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Is that yfw every time you realize how badly you've been BTFO'd and every one thinks you are a complete joke?

>> No.66054671


>FX poster
>of course it's animeshit again, because only basement-dwelling manchildren would buy Ayymd FX housefire,
>yfw FX was so shit that ayymd had to use 'kawaii schoolgirls' to keep their fanbois zombiefied and buy inferior products

If anything it should have been a Pink Wojak with AMD hat, since it's FX
Intel buyer would be a smug pepe in this case.

>> No.66054708

Nice kikery shlomo. please tell me more about how raven ridge cpus literally need new motherboards cause old ones don't have updated bios.

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File: 73 KB, 373x567, 96b714f1d059f57a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My FX was still running fine until last year meanwhile all the people I know who fell for the i5 meme had to upgrade due to games turning into a stuttering mess.

>> No.66054766

your FX was a stuttering mess since its inception

>> No.66054813

Intelfags prove once again they know nothing about computing.

>> No.66054873

>My FX
>anime poster

like clockwork

>stuttering mess

nigger, if you bought an i5 2500k wehn it was released, you'd be comfy right up to coffee lake, without changing CPUs at all.

Meanwhile ayymd fanbois had to jump from one disaster to another (Bullshitozer, Pilememe, whole FM2 disaster). So much about 'one chipset change a year' meme. It's ayymd shills, who actually have to change their shit every year and pay out the ass for their setups each time after their 140w """"CPU""""" burns down everything.

>> No.66054899

>intel fags now justify the temps of their CPU
thank you God for putting me on this timeline.

>> No.66054916

What a stuttering mess

>> No.66054919

Israel thanks you.

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>> No.66054971

The 8150 kept me pretty comfy up until ryzen released desu.

>> No.66054986

It's really not for intel
It's so far only mattered the most for AMD and that's because it's a new arch that benefits from faster ram. Intel could care less

>> No.66054989

4.2 is max turbo of ryzen, some ryzen2 can go over 5ghz in single core boost.

>> No.66055044

>only use the newest mobos in their zen2 benchmarks
>can't reach the same performance on their old b350 shit
No B450 vs. B350 yet because the former hasn't been released yet, but Bitwit and Gamer's Nexus have X470 vs. X370.

>> No.66055121

Buyer's remorse kek, enjoy your corelet garbage on a dead platform lmao. Intelfags are cucked for eternity.

>> No.66055221


>Multi-core doesn't matter!
>Productivity doesn't matter!
>Price/performance doesn't matter!
>Performance per watt doesn't matter!
>Power usage doesn't matter!
>Temperatures don't matter!
>Soldered dies don't matter!
>Stutters don't matter!
>Streaming doesn't matter!
>Data centers don't matter!
>Locked CPUs don't matter!
>OEMs don't matter!
>Hyperscalers don't matter!
>Upgradeability doesn't matter!
>Anti-competitive business practices don't matter!
>Locked platform features don't matter!
>Synthetic loads don't matter!
>PCI-e lanes don't matter!
>Burnt pins don't matter!
>ECC support doesn't matter!
>*NEW* CPU exploits don't matter!
>*NEW* Stock coolers don't matter!
>*NEW* Games don't always matter!

>> No.66055304

It's kinda pitty that all that you say is just overreaction on things that are obvious. New chipsets comes to allow the new features from new cpus to be used. This is fucking obvious. Even if Zen 2 get support for DDR5 it will be just like Phenom that could use DDR2 and DDR3. It is obvious that enabling new features will perform better. The need to a new mobo is all up to the consumer, where for now is the cheapest part of the kit since memories are skyrocketing.

>> No.66055344

You played yourself.

>> No.66056251

New patch

>> No.66056776

only way to fix that is a new engine. A patch would maybe relieve the workload on the first thread just like all DX11 games does.

>> No.66058029

Remorse hell no, but yeah if by that time ryzen was on the market i might have a r5 1600, i am looking forward what Zen 2 will bring and if its really good i am ditching this build. Dont be a fanboy just get the best thing you get and right now upgrading from my i7 6700k to a Ryzen will be stupid at least for gaming.

>> No.66058123

Nah man i am really comfy with my setup.

>> No.66058670

Only if you're using an overclockable Z370 motherboard which I doubt you'd buy with a non-overclockable CPU.

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>> No.66059071

100% true, read intel's fucking documentation. dumbass

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File: 49 KB, 806x532, gta-v-cpu-1080-max.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>> No.66059233

Yep, prior to ryzen launch I was really rooting for AMD

>> No.66059452

>"I mean who worries about the fact a microprocessor is running hot enough to boil water in 2018?? Temps are not something to worry about goy"

>> No.66059476

if they unlocked it, the choice between i5 8400 and r5 2600 would be much harder.
but since it's not the case, ryzen is the no brainer option.

>> No.66059613

Because meltdown, spectre, spectre-ng, and all other Intel related bugs are being patched and they hit Intel performance the most.

>> No.66059798

I remember non-k versions of intel CPUs can't overclock at all so I guess it's still a fair comparison

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File: 422 KB, 672x794, intel delid dis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>> No.66059985

>94C under full load is fine, depending on the cpu
Fuck off. If it was AMD you'd be screaming to the high heavens about AMD HOUSEFIRES.

>> No.66060054

desu I just built my first PC in a couple years and used an i3-8100 with a 1060 3GB and it runs like a dream for me

It's all good my friends, just use what you like :)

>> No.66060090

What kind of test is this?
You can blow up any Arma 3 just by adding more units in the editor

>> No.66060161

Everytime AMD beats Intel on something the Jewish shills move the goalposts. Games like The Witcher 3 and Rise of the Tomb Raider used to be the go to games for Intel shills to 'prove' they were superior. Now that AMD has caught up on those they are no longer relevant. At least according to Intel fags.

When Zen 2 is released it will be the same shit. They will make excuses and move the goal posts even further. It's not about sticking their heads in the sand and shouting 'I can't hear you!' as much as it's about earning shitposting brownie points.

>> No.66060300

zen+ is doing quite well on Linux already, it's convincingly beating the 8700k on a multitude of benches. two problems still prevail and one is the cache and DRAM latency which is killing database performance although the gap has shrunk, and AVX2 which if it could be done in a single cycle rather than doing a 128-bit FMA would basically rape intel in every BLAS task at hand. if zen2 fixes these issues we're truly living in the AMD age. zen2 will finally have the node advantage (i think feature sizes are still roughly similar though) and targets 5ghz which means intel might lose frequency and power efficiency advantage too.

now we just need amd to step up on the GPU side.

>> No.66060404

literal favela monkey

>> No.66060790


>> No.66060974

That thermal paste application made me wanna puke.

>> No.66061049

Way too much for standard water ( only needed for LN2 )

>> No.66061173

You can tell it's a shitty test board. It's covered in crap. He don't give a shit.

>> No.66061263


A guy in Thailand with the ATX version

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