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Take the concept of "Workstation" for example. It doesn't make sense to pretend it need 999 cores of CPU (GPUs are multicore by definition). Most work machines do either single core stuff or max 4 to 8 core stuff. In practice 4 to 6 strong cores is what most workers need for 99% of the time.

Hell, even when you do need 999 cores to render something, e.g. on Photoshop, it's like 1% of the the time. 99% of the time you actually do development that doesn't use more than 2-3 cores.

AMD also sucks at GPUs.

But fuck it, take no one's side. They are all duopolies. AMD+Intel and CPUs, AMD+NVIDIA on GPUs.

The only reason they are not fucked by anti-trust laws is that they are all US based.

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Try harder and in the meantime screw off.

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Si j'mens j'vais en enfer.

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>triggered fanboi

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>i'm not an hired shill i swear the post
a thread died for this

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>4 cores is all you need!
1/10 you tried

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>strong cores
>implying AMD cores are weak
Your bait is unironically weaker

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NVIDIA are fucking niggers on Linux fuck them

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>AMD sucks at GPUs

They have the best cards to mine with. That already puts them ahead of overpriced Nvidigay.

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>AMD also sucks at GPUs.
Oh, is that so? Then why has every AMD GPU since RX480/470 were announced sold out and not available on MSRP anywhere?
If you're satisfied with 4 cores, then good for you. Vidya isn't everything, try posting this on >>>/v/ though

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2 cores is all you need. Intel gets it


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Nice Linux drivers Nvidia, good job.

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>why has every AMD GPU since RX480/470 were announced sold out and not available on MSRP anywhere?
Because cryptoniggers.

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You get 2 more cores and 800 more mhz and higher iPC and faster ram on the 7980XE vs the TR 1950X's 4225mhz

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Missing 2 more pumps and doubling the radiator space he has + separate VRM block

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And he needs to switch to fujipoly's 17.0 w/m-k thermal pads

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Retarded kike shill thread, do not bump

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but i thought nvidia was better at everything
clearly since they are so ahead on games they must be so ahead on anything regarding parallerism

oh wait they cant impose cryptoworks on e-coins i guess

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Here's a hard pill to swallow.
Disagreeing with the popular wisdom of the board and agreeing with the normies that buy purely based on mindshare doesn't make you special, it just makes you as retarded as the normies that buy purely based on mindshare.

Everyone can use more than 4-6 cores. Yes, even gamers.
And no, the 580 8GB is objectively better on Vulkan and DX12 than the GTX 1060, the 570 is objectively better than the 1050ti, the Vega 56 is objectively better than the 1070 and the Vega 64 is better at Vulkan and DX12 than the GTX 1080. Higher power consumption yes but that can be fixed with an undervolt if you know what you're doing.
And if you can afford a 1080ti or a Titan then you're not currently part of AMD's target market.

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>he doesn't compile large projects
daily reminder it's /g/ - Programming and gaymen normans should GTFO to /v/

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Get the fuck out, go back to >>>/v/ you fucking retard.

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