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>oh hurr durr muh amd/intel cucks
Again there's no such thing in tech, you can always buy/install something else
Also both are botnets so you are basically a fan of botnet, now thats a cuck thing

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Meanwhile, in reality...

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>A thread died for this
Get the fuck back to your call center rajesh. Shlomo won't pay you the 0.0000006 shekels he promised.

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>'rajeesh i cant think of the logo'

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I chuckled, but seriously, buying Intel is like buying an apple product.

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XD Nice Post Anon, Sure BTFO'D that multiBillion Dollar Company in thE Name Of That Other Multibillion dollar Company!!!!

if you participate in a hardware jerkoff thread you deserve to be banned permanently from this website.

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Why do amds fanboys even bother responding? Save the embarrassment please.

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>muh thread died for this meme
fuck off, like /g/ has any worthy threads at all

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/g/ - technology

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The irony

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is this because new 16 cores threadripper was spotted in the catalog of cpu-z and intel can offer only 8...new spectre variants ? :^)

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