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Why AMD cant into gaming? Their best one generation ahead cpu still lost to based 8400 and their GPUs are disaster.

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>>>/v/ please

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Based 8400 is too based

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Another quality thread from Intlel Gaymur Basedkiddies

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Another quality thread from Intlel Gaymur onionboys

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Double the power consumption for 10 theoretical FPS.

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8400 uses less power than the 2700x, numbnuts

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precision timers off?
because ... precision messes with our rhetoric.

also, geomean... aahahahha, intel can't with regular medians.
what's next? quantum probability? everything just to keep intel on top with skewed results.
spectre/meltdown patches? nvm...

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That's fine, I don't have to play the newest games anyway.
I just wish I could put an amd processor in my thinkpad.

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Everyone is running spectre/metldown patches for latest benches

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>not even 144 fps
Intel belongs in the trash. So much for gaymen CPU.

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because games are compiled with intel compiler

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and by everyone, you mean "I am not bothered to check"
what about precision timers? why did you skip that?
Also why are you posting TPU shit? they have results from last 2-3 years in their charts, they barely bother updating their older tests.
Don't try to jew me. I've been reading those shits that you post for over 10 years.
Did you know that the perf/dollar chart on the 8400 has a $250 motherboard?
Did you know that half of the 8400 features are disabled in cheap intel motherboards?
do your homework before posting for shekels.

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I can wait untill you find the proper answer on your intelaviv guide.

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great argument, kikelord

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Answer your own question and post your own benches if you dont like my benches

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he ran out of pictures.

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>Answer your own question

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>you have to answer my questions because i dont like these benchmarks
I don't

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