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>Is literally FX 2.0
>Ivy Bridge ipc but has moar coars
Apart form the tdp being higher, I don't think FX did anything wrong, the ipc on the cores was inferior to intel like is still is with RYZEN, but you had more of them, so it throws blows with intel.

Maybe the lack of multi threaded games made FX doa but it doesn't deserve hate because software can't use it, it hung in there with sandy when 8 cores were being utilized and that was what it was.

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are you baiting or just retarded

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wtf are you smoking

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I'm not baiting, it's basically the same ideas as an FX cpu but with better ips, I'm not hating AMD, I use AMD, but it's kinda silly to hate on FX but drool over ryzen just because 7 years of ipc gains.

I'm justing hoping they keep updating things and don't stick with AM4 for 6 years like they did with AM3+.

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>just because 7 years of ipc gains
If it's so easy, where's your high-performance x86 CPU core?

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wtf mang are you retarded

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and this is why you guys reading this shouldn't be doing drugs

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Ryzen is shit. How can an eight-core CPU be worse than a six-core one which uses a 10 year old arch?

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Imagine being this retarded

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>a cpu with CMT+housefire core clocks to compensate for reduced IPC
>the same ideas as a design with full SMT and the execution units to match, but can't clock as high

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I'm trying to figure out what rules this thread is breaking but I'm not sure. Is blatantly lying against the rules?

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then you're just retarded. Zen is nothing like Bulldozer, there are no modules and it's an SMT arch instead of CMT

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The way they went about RYZEN to get 8 cores is excellent, but the concept where you have 8 cores, maybe not as good as intel but 8 of them so performs better in this multithreaded age, is the same.

No u.

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Is it just me or do others notice AMDrones always give off this vibe of desperation?

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btw Ryzen is a high clock design as well, it's just limited by the shitty GloFo mobile process

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I'm not being desperate, I just think if games only could use 2-4 cores noways like they did in 2011 we'd be shitting on ryzen too because it's physics score would be terrible.

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Higher clocks on Ryzen is unlikely. My Ryzen 6 1600X gets very power-hungry and hot if I push the clocks. I just run it at stock settings, that's fast enough for me. AMD would have released chips with higher stock clocks if they could. But they can't. You really do need ln2 to run the new Ryzen2 CPUs at 6 GHz (which you can do).

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>process limited

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You make no sense at all. Try reading a book, and then come back.

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At least FX8xx don't have ME/PSP botnet

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I'm not hating on FX or RYZEN, but multithreading has made FX8300 shine as a budget part and made RYZEN awesome, so it's stupid for the tech press to love ryzen and shit on FX for 6 years wen they're both moar cores.

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this is b8

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>Ivy Bridge ipc but has moar coars
Ryzen has highest IPC on x86 platform at the moment, stop smoking what you're smoking

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>I'm justing hoping they keep updating things and don't stick with AM4 for 6 years like they did with AM3+

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and now with zen+ AMD is about 3% behind intel IPC wise.

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>Apart from the tdp being higher, I don't think FX did anything wrong
That's because you're a fucking moron.

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ITT: OP was proven to have suffered a stroke.

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How am I a moron? the thing crushes the sandy and Ivy i5 in multi core scenarios if you do more than muh games, and costs less.

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>posting creepy ass silhouettes
I'm an AMD guy, pham.

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>it's rly gud for 1 fing!
Exactly, it's shit for everything else. FX is outdated trash that shouldn't even be mentioned anymore.

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to be honest, it really fucking doesn't. a sandy/ivy bridge i7 wipes the floor with even the fx 9590.

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That was the haswell 4770 that crushed the 9590, the FX hung in there for a while, as devs got off their ass and games starting being multithreaded

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>I'm justing hoping they keep updating things and don't stick with AM4 for 6 years like they did with AM3+.
Holy shit
>Being this retarded

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>it's basically the same thing, but better in every way
omg it's terrible!

you realize a pentium 2 is the same idea as a 8700K but better?
moar coreaz more ipc

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>Needs to be clocked to 5.5 to get 60 more points above the R7 1700

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Ge Anon, it's not like they did this exactly one cpu generation ago.

Ang yes, they need to keeps updating the cpus, even if it takes updating the socket, because when AMD stagnates, intel start doing dumb ass shit like the 6950X where it's $1800 and isn't much better than their last one, and not improving their ipc much since sandy bridge.

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There is no reason to make a new socket right now

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Intel is, just for the hell of it.
Z390 is only months away.

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Yes Anon, but what about in 2-3 years? even when FX was being sold at bargain prices and it was a good deal, it was still old as hell, you can't compete with intel and be doing that shit, look how much cool shit intel's been forced to do to stay competitive, 6 core i5 on the mainstream platform, that's huge, they've been sitting on that for years just because they don't have to sell it and they want you to by an enthusiast chipset, when AMD stays competitive and itnel has to do something, things like the intel core 2 duo are made.

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the inevitable end of moores law is what leads to better multicore utilisation, not your silly ideas

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OK then, where is your proof? 'cause you have just been spouting nonsensical anecdotal "evidence". As a self confessed AMD supporter, your views are delusional.

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>Has round 50-60 % more IPC
>Almost matches Coffee Lake, on par with Kabylake IPC wise

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>ipc on the cores was inferior to intel like is still is with RYZEN, but you had more of them, so it throws blows with intel.
You can buy an 8 core ryzen...

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are you still in 2015 pre-Zen rumours?

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AM4 is supported until 2020, which will likely signal the transition to DDR5.

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>go from shit to something pretty good

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You sure anon?

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>Is literally FX 2.0

why is /g/ so retarded

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OP is not from /g/. He fucking stinks of those FX fags from plebbit

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>AM4 is supported until 2020, which will likely signal the transition to DDR5

Good, I'm not planning on upgrading my desktop until around 2020 anyways. I'll just skip DDR4 completely, might upgrade my GPU and swap out my 4690k for a 4790k at some point though before then.

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Well 2020 would still be DDR4, it's 2021 that will be Zen3 and DDR5 if everything stays on track.

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It's pitiful that the 4790K is only 15% worse on that cinebench R15 single than a 7740X when that's a 4 year older CPU.

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I hate amd because i got memed into an fx cpu but ryzen is actually ok. But i still hate them and wont buy their shit because i had too many bad experiences in the past with them

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>2700X 2% behind the 8700K
>2600X 4% behind the 8600
Wow, it's fucking nothing.

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Well, I can probably get by with my current setup until then. I don't play games as much as I used to so having a cutting edge gaymen pc isn't as much of a priority to me as it once was.

By swapping the 4690k for a 4790k I'll get 8 threads instead of just 4 for around a $70-$80 price difference buying and selling them on ebay. That'll make a huge difference in multithreaded applications. Then if I swap the GTX 770 out for something newer in the next couple of years this build should easily last me until 2021+.

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>an eight-core CPU is behind a six-core CPU
>a HT CPU is behind a non-HT CPU
>being okay
AMDrones everybody

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>IPC / Single Thread

you're not very bright are you?

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Did I just time travelled?

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Sure it's nothing, but Ryzen doesn't have the highest IPC for x86 like you stated.
>W8 4 Zen2/Ryzen 3XXX

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>not waiting until 2025 when the FX-8350 finally gets fully utilized and smokes everything

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You can thank Brian for that

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No, Zen 3 is 2020. So expect DDR5 on the uarch after Zen

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What really fucked with the FX was having half of the floating point units.

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Will never happen... zen2 is going to clock just as high + same core count + better IPC

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It's a joke, 8350 is already leveraged and I still like mine.

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My minimal Linux setup on my FX-8350 has actually become a lot snappier once I got Firefox Quantum on there. I can run 200+ tabs, tons of background daemons, multithreaded compile jobs, and the fans don't even get loud.

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Could be worse.

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>tfw it can be this much worse

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Thats why you don't get an FX. My Phenom did 180 on 4 GHz.

This CPU is just sick. Just buy a 2600 or 2700 depending on your needs and money. I think everyone can afford a Ryzen with a bit of saving. Do you live in Africa?

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2nd rig was
>Ryzen 1700 - 250 €
>2x 4 GB - ~45 € on a local market site
>ASUS Prime B350 - 60 €

Yes, EIGHT cores for under 400 €. You could save another 160 € with a 2200G.

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I'm in Cali, I've got the dough for a PC mate board and ryzen, it's just my 990FX rig still performs so decently for daily use, also I would want a nice X470 taichi board or something with good VRMs, so I'll have to save.

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Uma delicia

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>It's a joke
I could tell from the pepe

I just wanted to be autistic :^)

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>>Ivy Bridge ipc but has moar coars
>ipc meme
>shits all over intel on 4ghz in single core
>literally more instructions at lower clock
>still clinging to ipc meme

Face it nigger Intel is technologically inferior.They thought Sandy Bridge was so good they didnt need to work anymore and they were dieshrimking the same exact chip for 6 years.
Now they are 6 years behind and they will stay there until Keller develops a new arch for them which will be another 5 years.

>> No.65764752

But then its your fault. I bought the Crosshair for my maximum OC rig, but my HTPC runs underclocked, still 90 % of the performance and 75 % of the single core, runs well on a Prime B350 ('shitty' VRMs).

A 8350 is OK for daily use, maybe even LoL, I could play this on my Phenom I used for a few weeks when I sold my Intel rig prior to the Zen+ launch. But thats all, if I wanted to play PUBG on it, it would deliver around 10-35 FPS. The FX is a bit faster, but still too weak to deliver anything that comes near the 60 mark...

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Just for your IPC meme, here my old 5820K at 4.2 GHz. Ivy Bridge IPC is somewhere around 450-60 on the same clock.

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>using cpuz for benching

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466 on my old [email protected]

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If you're using a based Gigabyte AM3+ mobo, it'll let you use four cores with ipc better than a phenom, at 4.4GHz my 8350 with four cores on 4 fpus performs like a phenom X6 1045T on 6 cores.


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Whoops he was using a 1055T and it got the same score I get with 4 cores.

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Its OK Cinebench isn't different
Sounds even worse then
The 8350 has better clocks
Still far from any modern CPU

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Phenom II on AM2+

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FX is kinda shit admittedly, but at least we have the option of cranking 4 core 4 FPUs up to 4.8 or 5GHz, the TDP may be as high as 8c 4 FPUs at stock but it will hang there.

>> No.65764846

>only 115 points single core in R15
Feels Bad man. Cant even claim multi-threaded anymore, not when this E5-2690 struggles to get above 1130 and >>65764808 comes around with a score of almost 1900 w/ the same number of cores/threads.

Speaking of which, someone here with either generation of 8c Ryzen, Could you do me a favor and run cinebench with your CPU at 3.3?

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that pic lol!
>have shitty cpus
>make something decent
>LOOK how much of an improvement!
>mean while our competitors are just re-releasing cpus each year with minor performance boosts
this is even more ironic when you consider that now ryzen does the same thing with zen+ and so on.

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Bitch please

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what is this supposed to show?

>> No.65764998

>tfw a 4690k corelet
What is DDR4 like bros?

>> No.65765001

>ryzen does the same thing with zen+
didn't they get the same clocks but at stupidly lower voltages?
I'd also mention they are still soldering but to be fair just because company A is fucking their customers red raw and company B is kind enough to use some lube doesn't make company B the good guy just the lesser evil guy

>> No.65765025

Winfag says what?

>> No.65765029

>didn't they get the same clocks but at stupidly lower voltages?
Sure, they made it more efficient.

>I'd also mention they are still soldering but to be fair just because company A is fucking their customers red raw and company B is kind enough to use some lube doesn't make company B the good guy just the lesser evil guy
isn't deliding and using liquid metal better performance wise than soldering? (ignoring the fact it's more hassle and more costly)

>> No.65765035

>All Processors clocked to 3.5Ghz static frequency
>h-hey guys an underclocked, non stock coffee lake CPU is only beating us by a few percentage points!
the state of AMDrones everybody

>> No.65765037


>Sure, they made it more efficient.

Effeciency doesn't matter!

>> No.65765048

damn intel is so dead


>> No.65765055

I think that has been tested, the 3-4C it offers is not worth the effort and risk

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Still going strong

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It's a weird kind of argument where
>if you remove the strongest points of the competitive product, it will be equal to ours
Imagine intel fags saying "if we remove the extra cores from ryzen 8 core and compare it to the pentium 2 core then as you can see they are equal.
Real world, end term performance is all that matters.

Depends on the difference and what you plan to be doing with it. It's fair to say not everybody will care about it equally.

For most people, yeah they won't care. Just an interesting note, which leads me to: Why don't they use liquid metal in high performance CPUS? Too expensive vs the gain?

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>Single core 86% better than mine that is overclocked 10%

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>A $200 4.2Ghz CPU beating a $330 4.7Ghz meme CPU

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>I'm not baiting

You're just an idiot

>> No.65765119

Are you a professional retard, or just a gifted amateur?

>> No.65765131

>For most people, yeah they won't care. Just an interesting note, which leads me to: Why don't they use liquid metal in high performance CPUS? Too expensive vs the gain?
I think its a mix of stability (Solder is solid, LM TIM is not, and once it has solidified solder doesnt run the risk of damaging the CPU through diffusion into the silicon, atmospheric contamination, or working its way out from the gap between chip and IHS) and cost.

The whole point of that test fuckwit is to show how fast the architectures are capable of doing work when all other variables are eliminated. In this case, the enormous gap between the construction cores and Intel cores has been eliminated, and what AMD now has is legitimately competitive with only the process node holding it back.

>> No.65765133

>Why don't they use liquid metal in high performance CPUS?
probably because no one has invested into large scale long term testing and they don't want to be left holding the bag full of lawsuits if liquid metal turns out to wreck silicon after 6-8 years

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>tfw both

>> No.65765144

I cannot wait for Zen 2 to make Intel fags cry. They are already clutching at straws.

>> No.65765161

Didn't Intel just higher the dude that made Zen and K8? That genius has a near unlimited budget now.

>> No.65765167

>The whole point of that test fuckwit is to show how fast the architectures are capable of doing work when all other variables are eliminated
What does that give us though? Intel overlocks better right now and ryzen has more cores. Both of which effect the end term performance, comparing ipc is fine, comparing only that seems, pointless.

>> No.65765189

Having all the budget in the world is no good if the process node it's built on is shit. Intel 10nm is getting delayed to 2H 2019, and meanwhile GloFo and AMD are already sampling 7nm silicon, with expected bulk release being either the end of this year or 1H next year.

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The state of Intelavivdrones am i right? >>65765035

>> No.65765467

Clustered multithreading (basically dumb-down cores so you can fit more into a CPU package).
Simultaneous multithreading (basically drop some circuitry into a core so it can pretend to be two/four/eight cores).
And FX was AMD's non-APU consumer range of processors obsoleted by Ryzen.

>> No.65765486

>obsoleted by Ryzen
Poor thing was obsoleted by itself, but it made for a damn good rendering/processing machine for cheap.

>> No.65765498

I'm still trucking along happily with an A10-6600K. Girlfriend is threatening to buy me a Ryzen though (it's my birthday on Saturday) - I'm keeping her at bay with "I don't have the money to spare for a motherboard and RAM".

>> No.65765512

The amount of single perf AMD managed to increase Ryzen within 1 year compared to what intel could only do in 3
>4790K (2014) > 7740X (2017) = +53 pts
>1600X (2017) > 2600X (2018) = +72 pts

>> No.65765544

Yeah but amd is trying to catch up to intel, while intel for many years had no competition and it really doesn't make sense from their business standpoint to make as big of leaps as possible when there is nobody to compete with them.

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Nice dubby-dubs. What irritates AMDrones(sic) like me is the ridiculous brand loyalty. Intel held out on them for years, Ryzen is 5% slower and half the price, and all they do is wank over "muh single core IPC" - neglecting to mention how Intel raped them nightly for the last decade.

>> No.65765585

nice, in my shithole it was somethin like this
ryzen 1600- 230€
1x 8gb-75€
prime b350 plus-110€
gotta love yugoslavia man

>> No.65765627

Even if OP's brainfart were true, it wouldn't matter to me because I will never buy intel trash ever again. The way they handled meltdown reveals the company for the slimy jew shitshow it actually is.

>> No.65765639


Even that's a lie, intel's IPC is gained by cutting corners with security. Intel is pure shit.

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>Real world, end term performance is all that matters.
>muh lo-res single-thread game benchmarks

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>> No.65765667

oh yeah, they highered him all right. real high

>> No.65765671

>instantly going into "Us vs them, US, VS THEM!"
cool your heels fanboy, the shit I said applied to both companies for different situations.

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>> No.65765702

b-bbut it's faster in theory!

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File: 1.17 MB, 1444x876, Cinebench R15.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks. Here's an old screenshot of the Xeon in comparison.

Being locked at 3.3ghz sucks.

>> No.65765751

>look mom ryzen cant clock as high as intel it means it has ivy bridge ipc

thats not even baiting anymore

>> No.65765798

What voltage did you use to be stable at 4.25? I've put mine up to 1.456 but still freezing.

>> No.65765823
File: 771 KB, 2270x1023, Capture2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic related 1.46 seems stable but ehh I don't know if I want to have it that high.

To be honest this processor is so good without any tinkering that I think that I'm just going to let it do it's thing with XFR2. Big comparison to my FX6300 that I had locked to 4.50 and 1.45 volts as well.

>> No.65765871


Dirty weaselwords and pilpul. nice beast-trips.

>> No.65766050


>> No.65766052

Keller. I'm an AMDrone, and I'm looking forward to what he's going to design for Intlel. Core iX obviously never had real growth potential - in eight generations, it's only sped up 50%, if that.

>> No.65766069

>Ivy Bridge ipc but has moar coars
it's actually worse than an ivy bridge

>> No.65766131

Yeah, it's temperatures don't get as high and cause spontaneously reboot like mine does. I was looking for single-core pull at the time (I was a Flight Simulator X junkie at the time) - and paid the price. I was happy to return to the Green Team 18 months later, and relegate that i3 to being a dumb hard disk hander on the end of a network cable - which it does admirably, admittedly.

>> No.65766214

>Don't buy ryzen buy Inlel goym the thread
ryzen is better than intel, deal with it

>> No.65766226

>defective by design

>> No.65766491

the pc (((media))) bashed the fx chips because they didnt have the hardware backdoors intel and now ryzen has. They were also going to be very open source friendly, which was dropped.

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>> No.65766944

No amount of money could save Intel from the 10nm disaster apparently.

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Oh yeah

>Multi-core doesn't matter!
>Productivity doesn't matter!
>Price/performance doesn't matter!
>Performance per watt doesn't matter!
>Power usage doesn't matter!
>Temperatures don't matter!
>Soldered dies don't matter!
>Stutters don't matter!
>Streaming doesn't matter!
>Data centers don't matter!
>Locked CPUs don't matter!
>OEMs don't matter!
>Hyperscalers don't matter!
>Upgradeability doesn't matter!
>Anti-competitive business practices don't matter!
>Locked platform features don't matter!
>Synthetic loads don't matter!
>PCI-e lanes don't matter!
>Burnt pins don't matter!
>ECC support doesn't matter!
>*NEW* CPU exploits don't matter!
>*NEW* Stock coolers don't matter!
>*NEW* Games don't always matter!

>> No.65767029
File: 72 KB, 890x400, 1446155785199.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based AMD closely spying on filthy kikes.

>> No.65767036

Xeons werent supposed to run high singlethread. Dual Xeon rigs were perfect for multithread before Ryzen, but now obsolete.

Here is a snapshot from a forum thread. I can't test my 2700X right now, my 1080 Ti is almost dead. I'll probably have to wait for a replacement.
They don't understand the term "IPC". Ryzen isn't behind since Zen, they only lack of clock. 7nm will probably remove this problem.
I was on Intel all the years. I don't care for brands, but AMD suits better for me now. Two eight core rigs affordable prices, I would have paid 2000 € for the CPUs only if I wanted 5960Xs in 2016...
>TFW this was my top score OCd on a 5820K
So glad I switched, 40-50 % (not joking) multicore depending on the benchmark, around 5 % more singlethread even
Now tell me AMD is shit
Even Ivy Bridge E needs heavy clocks to match Ryzen now
I guess at least 4.6 GHz to match Ryzen at 4.2, Haswell-E needs 4.4 to match
Sandy E should be even worse

>> No.65767048

>Poles take over something
>It goes to shit
Polish history in a nutshell

>> No.65767060

It's a feature, you stupid goy

>> No.65767066


>> No.65767228

only 161? My 2600x scored 176 @ 4.25ghz.

>> No.65767430

RAM also gives additional points

>> No.65767532

intel shills shilling, what do you expect? /g/'s all about brand loyalty, nothing else. consumerist faggots who promote garbage from certain companies like religion

>> No.65769007

AMD FX was only decent at multithreaded applications. And even then the program had to be optimized to properly use the modules.

Zen and Zen+ are slightly behind Coffee Lake IPC, the main problem is clock speed. Zen had a crappy turbo implementation, Zen+ has a much better Turbo. It has a linear scaling. R7 2700X can hit 4450 MHz with BCLK at 102 MHz.

BTW, it's 2018, not 2006. Multithread has much greater impact than ST.

>> No.65769036

By your logic every cpu is the same concept as the FX but with more/less cores and better/worse ipc.

>> No.65769052

and what good the MT is without good ST performance?

>> No.65769101

Good thing zen has good single core performance and amazing MT performance.

>> No.65769217

no its not. The IPC difference is minimal against intel now. Its in the 5% ballpark. Back in the FX day, amd was getting clobbered.
Ryzen means you get 5% les ipc and 15% more multicore. thats a good trade.
With fx you got abysmal IPC and a "promise" that once programs are multithreaded, it will be good.
well, it appears that it took way more years for programs to become multi threaded than AMD was expecting.

>> No.65769605

I'm a CE student interested in CPU design/architecture, besides your pic are there any other books you'd recommend?

>> No.65769623
File: 13 KB, 594x77, Screenshot_20180502_123521.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.65769636

Thanks famalam

>> No.65769768

The whole point of multithreading is having a lot of weaker cores doing a tiny bit of the job, so it can finish faster. Ryzen is designed with that in mind, while Intel focuses on single-threaded and thus scales like shit.

>> No.65769870

intel has 0-10% IPC difference depending on app...

>> No.65770649
File: 88 KB, 156x233, 1379218172655.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>these are the kind of people giving hardware advice on this board

>> No.65770800

>ipc on the cores was inferior to intel like is still is with RYZEN
No, the IPC was literally inferior to that of Phenom IIs, untill the refresh that Piledriver was.

>> No.65773170

For 7nm, however, AMD will move some of their product lines over to TSMC. With the upcoming Ryzen 2000-series processors remaining with GlobalFoundries for their 12nm LP node, it seems more than likely that AMD’s 7nm Vega card - expected to launch later this year - and upcoming Navi architecture will both be manufactured by TSMC. Zen 2 may then ship from GlobalFoundries 7nm fab once it launches.

>> No.65773248

Nu-/g/ everyone.

>> No.65773264

Get a load of this dumb fuck

>> No.65773278

Zen was Clark and K8 as you know was Weber.
He did HT and some parts of IF though.
Great SoC dude.

>> No.65773307

>I'm not baiting
>Proceeds to go full bait

>> No.65773377

OP is talking shit
I recently upgraded my 8120 to a 1600 and it's unimaginably better

>> No.65773530

The 1300x I have is noticeably faster than my 1090t.

>> No.65773903

not even remotely true
I've been an AMD fanboy for years and I bought intel for my build a few years ago because at the time AMD sucked balls
I'm happy now that AMD is making good products again so I don't have to pay kike prices to get a processor that doesn't set fire to nearby curtains and trip breakers when I open csgo

>> No.65774506

He's working on SOC integration or something, not a new core.

>> No.65775489

>Ivy Bridge IPC
First Gen was at least Haswell
Second Gen is on par with Kaby Lake

>> No.65776101

You know they can use the same socket with an upgraded chipset, right?

>> No.65776124

What the fuck? What kind of retard did this graph and what kind of retard posts this graph?

>> No.65776129

>Maybe the lack of multi threaded games made FX doa
no it was just a weak cpu design

>> No.65776141

>muh ipc
mate it aint 200x anymore everything is multithreaded and thats where AMD shines

>> No.65776143

>Retarded the question
Please stop.

>> No.65776152

It makes sense, though. If it's testing a single thread and all cores tested are at the same frequency, it's effectively testing IPC.

>> No.65776187

IPC of what?
Because it aint IPC of CPU it's IPC of Software.
Cinebench was created before Ryzen was even in development, it was constructed on old Intel specifications, it doesn't utilise all the Ryzen advantages.

>> No.65776199

lol meanwhile inthell cant get 10nm working at all

>> No.65776218

Then what, test every single software out there to get a general idea?

>> No.65776219
File: 241 KB, 988x1059, dunce27_AMD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it doesn't even utilise all the Ryzen advantages!

>> No.65776223

Fx is on par with I by why are you retarded

>> No.65776245

I do not understand what is it that you want, do you want IPC information or do you want a number on a graph?
One gives you representation of potential CPU utilisation other gives you a graph.

>> No.65776247

I know, my FX is on par with ivy if you OC it to 4.2GHz when I'm doing multithreaded rendering, and I like the CPU, but guys who like gaymen will bottleneck their GPU if the game only supports 2-4 cores.

>> No.65776307
File: 70 KB, 344x299, 1524891186388.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nice try kike

>> No.65776319
File: 35 KB, 653x726, ryzen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.65776353

They're measuring IPC, brainlet.

>> No.65776361

>4 cores
Socket 2011 isn't particularly expensive and it would save you from being a faggot.

>> No.65776371
File: 84 KB, 800x800, jellybrainlet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Thinks IPC = single core performance
>t. Brainlet

>> No.65776388

Oh no no no no no no

>> No.65776419

>ivy bridge ipc
right there is how i figured out you're retarded. clock for clock ryzen+ is now only 4-7% behind skylake. that's solid broadwell tier ipc which was ahead, slightly of haswell, which was obviously ahead of ivy. first gen ryzen was within broadwell. second gen is solid broadwell.

>> No.65776439

>Even suggesting LGA 2011 in current year when RYZEN exists so cheaply.

>> No.65776440

it's Skylake tier IPC now >>65762690

>> No.65776459

I'm actually surprised people bought the fx series stuff the tdp alone was enough to keep me away.

>> No.65776500
File: 1.54 MB, 1920x1200, Prime95 4.4GHz 2 hours 42 minutes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not that high of a tdp even when I OC it to 9370 speeds, and intel makes 140w tdp processors at stock but no one gives him shit for it. Yes, the enthusiast chips form intel have better ipc, but they still have the TDP they have.

>> No.65776525

If memory prices were not so fucking awful...

>> No.65776544

That is true.

>> No.65776568

You are right for some reason thought 8350 was the one with 225w tdp but that's the 9370.

>> No.65776604

You're fine, AMD shouldn't have even made those 220w binned things because the voltage is really high out of the box, and every 8350 can hit 4.8 with 1.5v if you've got a "Bad chip"

>> No.65776607

But they are enthusiast chips. Usually Intel had 77W TDPs, now they are all around 100.

>> No.65776648

The 8350 is kind of an enthusiast chip, I know AMD didn't segregate it into an enthusiast paltform with a different socket, because with the 8350, it is ideal to have an aftermarket cooler, and at least a 6+2 phase VRM to run the thing at stock, lots of people bought the 970 boards like the 970 krait with and 8 core and this happened because the VRM was not designed to handle it.

990FX was technically the enthusiast platform for the 8 cores, but because it was the same AM3+ socket, people bought crappy boards and got disappointed.


>> No.65776780

What's the ideal upgrade from a 2600K that comfortably hums along at 4.7GHz? Do I just wait until it or the motherboard dies?

>> No.65776789

Intel makes the better CPU. AMD get an undue amount of love because the enthusiast community _needs_ AMD.
PC enthusiasts could stop buying Intel tomorrow and it would barely dent their fucking market. OEMs and server chips are still all theirs. Every business laptop, every business desktop, every workstation, every server. If you can find me an AMD badge in the data center of any real company, I will show you genuine surprise.
Maybe this will change. Maybe people will figure out that, much like Opteron before it, Epyc makes a compelling as fuck case for AMD in virtualized environments.
But in the mean time AMD needs the PC enthusiast community. And they fucking know it. Intel doesn't need us. And I feel like more of us need to acknowledge that.

>> No.65776794

Either buy Coffee Lake or wait(tm) for Zen2, it should reach those frequencies.

>> No.65776803
File: 1.32 MB, 720x1280, ryzen.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.65776852

look at the top of their yields


>> No.65776862

Stop posting

>> No.65778382

Didn't the 8core compete with the quadcore models - mainstream platform?

>> No.65778401

but remember that we're not in 2011 anymore. i know right? times change

>> No.65778455
File: 2.94 MB, 359x346, intel.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.65778891

They were a mainstream quadcore competitor. And that is because technically they were closer to a quad with SMT than a real 8 core.

>> No.65778914

>The whole point of multithreading is having a lot of weaker cores doing a tiny bit of the job, so it can finish faster. Ryzen is designed with that in mind
No. FX was designed with that in mind, with Ryzen AMD is actually trying to have decent single core performance, they're just lagging behind with the max clock.

>> No.65778994

intel scales like shit because of the bing bus :D

>> No.65779085
File: 37 KB, 382x597, 1477458810928.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.65779164

>still using [email protected]
>16gb of ddr3
>only thing I've really upgraded since 2011 is larger ssd and gone from a 560ti to a 970
>still play new games like far cry 5 at high settings at 60fps stable
Please tell me when I can upgrade my computer and actually feel like i'm getting a generational jump, because this is fucking sad how much performance gains have slowed

>> No.65779181

more like s᠍oyzen LMFAO

>> No.65779469

Only games matter, the rest is useless

>> No.65779673
File: 187 KB, 659x549, 1514272679004.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>spent thousands on new 2700x build
>won't send a signal to the monitor

kill me

>> No.65779704

novideo gpu?

>> No.65779710

amdead rx580

>> No.65779727

>TFW spend a thousand for 2700X, 4266 memory, RGB fans and cooling
>First time within 3 months I want to play something more demanding than LoL
>1080 Ti is defective

Fuck this
I can still play LoL with it but anything demanding causes artifacts and crashes
Even when I underclock
I just wish they replace with a FTW3 Elite

>> No.65779742

At least its within the RMA period :)

>> No.65779746

>full of shit
How about you tell me how you spent "thousands" on a PC with a $300 cpu

>> No.65779768

i bought more than one component

>> No.65779818
File: 192 KB, 868x866, Untitled-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.65779829

Considering graphics cards are like 400usd for a mid level card...

>> No.65779865

What the fuck has intlel being spending all those rape shekels on for all these years? Probably on bribing everyone to not use/shit on AMD. They deserve to eat shit for being such shitbags.

>> No.65779872

how do you even count the ipc of a modern cpu? i don't get it despite being a confirmed computer scientist and subscriber of r/hardware. trust me, ipc is bullshit.

>> No.65779873

Buying Mcafee and altera

>> No.65779985

Also shills for subterfuge.

Anyone still have that old leak about how shills should conduct business. I think it was for reddit shills specifically, but it could still be applied here.

>> No.65780143

>A new round of CPU's come out and are extremely popular
>Memory prices magically increase three fold.
>No actual shortage of memory on nowinstock.net
>Like clockwork
I hate these fucking Jews

>> No.65780174

Needs moar bingbus

>> No.65780205


>> No.65780215

Don't forget Mobileye for 15 billion

>> No.65780265

We've been hitting the limits of 'More Slaw' for a while now. We need something new like quantum technology to actually become useful for the mainstream. But I won't hold my breath on that one because even if you could buy the hardware the software side is a headache for any programmer.

Is Windows in the box dead or alive? ;)

>> No.65780365

>How about you tell me how you spent "thousands" on a PC with a $300 cpu

>>65779727 4266 memory in the current market

seriously though, why buy 4266? can that even be utilized?

>> No.65780538

well if you find out your system will crash so in the end without opening it we can just say its dead

>> No.65780575

Naw mate. ddr4 prices have been fucked for quite a while.
That's all that holding me back too.

>> No.65780604
File: 44 KB, 960x540, YuvqEF9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ryzen ipc is on par with skylake meme
you couldn't be more wrong

>> No.65780730

Never go full retard

>> No.65780811

its very possibly artificial and prices originally spiked then stayed there. have you read about the lawsuit?

>> No.65780823

are cpus even the bottleneck when it comes to games anymore?

>> No.65780855

a lot, especially with games such as starcraft or minecraft.

>> No.65780921

im surprised. figured gpus being 2 years old at best now would be the bottleneck. i suppose it comes down to graphics as well.

really curious how much faster factorio/civilization would run on a newer cpu vs my i7 4600m (i know its garbage).

>> No.65780957

Depends on the CPU.
If you have i7-2600k then you are still fine but if you have i3-8350K you are already suffering some major bottlenecks in multithreaded heavy games.

>> No.65781009

depends on the game, GTA V and BF1 utilise CPUs very well

>> No.65781054

>Compares Summit Ridge to Skylake instead of Pinnacle ridge
Have you been living under a rock anon?

>> No.65781073
File: 10 KB, 294x193, smugchick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>utilise CPU
>very well

>> No.65781093

are you retarded anon? pinnacle ridge is on the graph.

>> No.65781109
File: 9 KB, 142x99, 1309858401577.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.65781158

No i have not. Got a link?

>> No.65781180

Nice graph with no methodology attached.

>> No.65781216


>> No.65781255

>1826mhz memory
As an early adopter of Ryzen and current owner of a 2700x I am extraordinarily doubtful you're actually stable with that memory.

>> No.65781276



>> No.65781286

Neat! Fingers crossed there's some payoff before my will weakens sufficiently and give in and build a new rig.

>> No.65781288

it's le speccy meme

>> No.65781326

same boat

1180 comes out in sept/oct

hope that helps

>> No.65781345

Then he did something wrong. Also clockspeed =/= IPC. You wanna see if you're really getting similar IPC run the same clocks, and the same memory speed/timings, same hyper transport clock speed. Then see if you're getting 2/3 or better performance.

>> No.65781372

Gen 1 it was a 2-3c difference on an 1800x stock vs direct die cooling. Gen 2 there was found to be ~6C drop from delidding and using liquid metal on a 2600x.

>> No.65781428

IPC = instructions per cycle/clock. You don't measure IPC at different core/ memory clocks you mong. IPC does not change with core clocks, just the mips. Of course it's known that if two cpus have similar IPC the one with the highest clocks will win in absolute performance, but that's not what was being measured. It's a test in response to the retards who conflate clocks with IPC and say Ryzen has the same IPC as sandy/ivy.

>> No.65781458

Tell that to the Intlel shills.

>> No.65781462

>no methodology attached.
it's an average of 30 different benchmark between cpus clocked at the same speed. it's 100 times better than your retarded memed single cinebench benchmark, so you can stop masturbating to your skewed results. not a single reviewer goes as far as The Stilt in his posts, he actually knows his shit and makes informative and in-depth analysis of cpu's architectures.
claiming that ipc is better because of one single benchmark is exactly what a delusional amdrone would do - it has no fucking standard, on some workloads AMD performs better and on some intel does. it's just on average intel does better, which is to be expected from being on 8th gen and using a more refined process.

>> No.65781483

>summit ridge
Where's the slide for Zen+

>> No.65781585

>tested using AVX512 meme that's literally useless

>> No.65781632

>“Excl. >=256b” means that workloads, which gain a significant advantage from wider than 128-bit instructions have been excluded from the total value.

>> No.65781656

>skylake has better IPC than coffee lake
That benchmark is retarded garbage and will stay garbage and irrelevant forever. Cinebench is superior.

>> No.65781701
File: 64 KB, 1361x562, 7ffHivf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i-it d-doesnt count a-amd is s-superior
>only s-single c-cinebench score m-matters, /r/amd told m-me so
like clockwork.
also you realise it's an average of benchmark and it includes results from 3 different cinebench versions? it's 30 times more accurate garbage posted before.

>> No.65781706

Oh no that's just everyone who bought FX for gaymen.

>> No.65781714


We all know cucktel take shortcuts on security for 'muh IPC'. You know where you can stick those security flaws heeb.

>> No.65781728

>in the brain of a retarded intel kike shill, skylake has better IPC than coffee lake

>> No.65781729

>changing the subject
so we can all agree that ryzen is still far below skylake ipc? alright thanks

>> No.65781748

>i'm too retarded to read a simple graph
it's skylake-x you nigger, not skylake. the cpu tested is 7820x, which has more L1 and L2 cache compared to 8700k so yes it actually has better IPC.
fucking nu-/g/ everyone

>> No.65781767

>more cache means better IPC
Jesus fucking Christ intel shills are the most retarded life-forms in the universe.

>> No.65781805

it LITERALLY does mean that

>> No.65781823
File: 47 KB, 1336x1998, Average.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not in reality.

>> No.65781825

Guys guys, can we just agree that amd isnt up to intel yet but theyre gaining speed fast and intel needs to get their shit together before they get their asses handed to them finally?

>> No.65781847

No AMD has BTFOd Intel out of the water and now it's the turn for RISC-V to finish off both

>> No.65781884

sorry, but im a simple retard
could you show me 1 graph where amd is at the top?

>> No.65781894

why did you post absolutely unrelated benchmark? ryzen has other problems with memory and core latencies which is what makes them lose to ringbus in gaming.
"pure core IPC is intimately intertwined with the caches (the size, the latency, the bandwidth)" -AnandTech
7820X has bigger lower latency caches compared to 8700k, which does make it have better IPC. it's simple as that

that's absolutely true. intel's optimized 14nm process is currently way better and Zen architecture is going to be improved big time. but AMDrones will keep shitting up threads with their absolutely 0 knowledge about cpu architectures because they treat a company like it's their friend.

>> No.65781912

>ryzen has other problems with memory and core latencies which is what makes them lose to ringbus in gaming.
Games are absolutely shit at multi threading.
Of course the higher clock speed will outperform the higher core count in games.

>> No.65781916
File: 41 KB, 716x764, Clipboard01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Happy now retard?

>> No.65781935

not really, i was hoping the graph would be cpu based. im retarded and forgot amd bought ati

>> No.65781943

>TFW ~10 FPS less in ancient resolution

>> No.65781946

also, wow old graph. didnt notice... cause im retarded

>> No.65781949

>but AMDrones will keep shitting up threads with their absolutely 0 knowledge about cpu architectures because they treat a company like it's their friend.
I don't know what irritates me more, intels jewish tricks and amddrones constant shilling and fact distorting.

>> No.65781960

>muh skylake-x ipc
>gayming doesn't matter anymore!
Kill yourself.

>> No.65781980

it's not only about multithreading. gaming has huge performance benefits from lower latencies, ryzen uses a mesh buse, which has way higher latency than ring bus. zen has also worse memory controllers than intel, but it is more flexible and powers ryzen, threadripper and epyc. that's 1 architecture for different market segments, which is great for a company with low budget.

>> No.65781987
File: 40 KB, 450x337, 5059.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

FX was better than P4

>> No.65781996

are you just arguing for the sake of it? what point are you trying to make, expect wasting my time? coffee lake = skylake in terms of IPC. skylake-x is marginally better than both. ryzen is still worse.

>> No.65782016

>Being so deep in intel's jewhole that you think switching motherboards with every CPU is a good thing.

>> No.65782026

Skylake-X loses in gaymen because it's shit deal with it :)

>> No.65782037

thank you, guessing graphs like this dont exist 4 ryzen

>> No.65782039

Anyone have that Vega 64 vs GTX 1080 graph with 64 and 1080 points respectively on x-axis?

>> No.65782044

Intel faggot shills have stockholm syndrome, Not even memeing.

>> No.65782056
File: 60 KB, 700x699, aebb2Rb_700b (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Intel kiddos on suicide watch

>> No.65782072
File: 36 KB, 450x337, 5048.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sure they do, but like this are the different story.

>> No.65782081

>out of arguments
go back to >>>/v/ thank you

>> No.65782089

Truth hurts :-)

>> No.65782090

this will be bentium 2020 edition all over.

>> No.65782105
File: 16 KB, 600x600, 152131532.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.65782114
File: 55 KB, 407x403, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.65782633

Well FX with one core per module definitely has better ipc than phenom, combined with the faster HT link FXmore cache.

>> No.65782685
File: 1.27 MB, 2283x1990, 02012014006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ayy I had one of those in my optiplex.

>> No.65782707


>> No.65782780

shut up goy

>> No.65782803

t. jewtell

>> No.65784777

no popular article on wccftech or why are there so many morons on here today

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