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>he fell for the quad core meme
>he fell for the 16 gigs of ram meme
>he fell for the dedicated gpu meme

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The problem is that software has gotten so shit and bloated that they are now necessary to run it.

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he cute

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You aight white boi

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> he fell for the /g/ maymays

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Hmmmm that's why my 16GB core i7 works station keeps running out of memory when I'm working.

>He really needed 32 or 64GB of memory.

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This, I remember back when I had XP and 4GB was fucking massive because it was so light.

Now Windows+Chrome is just a hog.

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6 cores
32gigs of ram
1060 3gb - don't even play games

Always be ahead of memes.

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>>he fell for the quad core meme
make -j4 buddy
>>he fell for the 16 gigs of ram meme
no i have only 8gb, i rarely use over 4
>>he fell for the dedicated gpu meme
it makes gaming bearable. i just play shit in emulators because consoles cost money and collect dust.
regret getting nvidia for linux though

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>tfw 2 core, 4 gigs and integrated gpu

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8 GB is really useless for anyone that actually does work.

Yeah, If you're a mar and par level user who uses email, browser and a few other little apps - that's fine.

Memory is a real bottle net for me running applications, python, encoding and alteryx, block chain technologies etc.

Dedicated AMD GPU is a fail because no CUDA & machine learning.

New /g/ machine:

cores: 8+
memory: 32g +

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>cores: 8+

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>8 GB is really useless for anyone that actually does work.
software development is work. i don't need 8gb for that

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>he fell for the quad core meme
I upgraded my ThinkPad with a i7-QM CPU. It is a meme for most tasks, but it offers good performance when I need it. I use virtual machines and there are one or two games I play which use multiple cores.

>he fell for the 16 gigs of ram meme
16 GB isn't a meme. I regularly hit 10-12 GB with a virtual machine and a browser with dozens of tabs open.

>he fell for the dedicated gpu meme
This is indeed a meme now that eGPUs are becoming more common.

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ive fallen for much worse

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Ok pajeet.

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>3% usage doing nothing on a 16 core CPU

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Well, if you are working on fizzbuzz... yes. For actual work:
Intellij + local tomcat + chrome + firefox (huge webapp I work at job on.) Eats ~14gb

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Not enough memory
Not enough cores


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Perhaps it could be said you need, moar coars?

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good job champ. do you want a medal?

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check this out boss

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Oh so you're a shitty web developer using a bloated language, using an awful IDE on a shitty browser. Christ you're a faggot retard.

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Has a valid point. My old Toshiba A series laptop runs windows 7 w/2gb ram just fine. But all I use it for is just e-mail and internet. Main rig also runs windows 7 but it has 32gb ram. For what I do 32gb is overkill but the board supported it and at the time DDR3 was cheap.

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>16gb ram
>gtx 980ti
>just browse 4chan and play solitaire all day on it
no regrets bitches

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Maxwell GPUs are pretty based, don't need much more than a 970 even today.

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good argument

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can someone spoonfeed me whats up with the recent surge of tuxedo frogs

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and it's funny because windows is one of the biggest culprits of this bollocks. fucking stupid i dont give 2 shits about cortana or your shitty iphone games.

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Same, but with gtx 1060

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All these things are the bare minimum for running multiple VMs for more than just fuck-around purposes.

My primary VM uses 6GB of memory, my secondary VM as well, the host OS uses 3GB.
There's 15GB, right there.

tl;dr: OP is a fucking brainlet

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8GB is the poverty tier minimum for photo editing, it's barely okay for audio editing.
For video editing, 8GB is not even worth attempting.

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As an amphibian, the frog is "he who walks in both worlds".

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>8 cores
>128 gb of ram
I use it to store webms
I don't give a shit I laugh a poorfags

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Nobody forces you to use Windows

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This. 16GB RAM isnt even a meme anymore because my browser alone eats half of it

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Feels good man.

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I actually was using over 8 GB of RAM processing data yesterday. Most of the time I don't really use it but I was happy to have it.

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>only has one cpu
>thinks he isn't a poorfag

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>web dev
at least I have job. And I am full stack dev. Web dev implies js devs.
>bloated language and ide
industry standard ide. Industry standard language. There is a reason everything is not written on haskel or other meme language.
Also you have no fucking idea how big product I work on is.

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This, hardware is increasing at an amazing pace which lets lazy faggots get away with sloppy garbage software.

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this anon is rite :/

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>tfw AMD FX ipc is worse than the Q6600 I had prior

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