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Linux is simply too obtuse for a normal person to learn and it doesn't help that the community are a bunch of autistic elitist windows is cancer but I don't see a move to Linux happening in the next 200 years

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how do I unsubscribe from this blog?

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It's okay anon. Join us in the dark side, where no normies reside.

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Most computers on the planet already use linux.
It's just the desktop linux that didn't took off.

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I don't see why people care about things like 'the year of the linux desktop', as long as linux works for me i'm satisfied. Who cares about the million of normie retards that will sign away their freedom and personal data for a chance to attention whore on the internet.

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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

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Is this another "Linux is too hard for my tiny brain" thread? Just use windows and stop making these threads. No one cares.

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Linux already won. It runs on 70% of phones, 90% of servers, and 95% of embedded devices. Linux runs on probably half a dozen appliances in the average household.

Sure, maybe linux won't take over desktop computing. I agree with you there. I personally feel like desktop linux has gotten good enough that it doesn't need more marketshare. Who cares if it grows?

The kicker is that desktop computers are falling out of fashion anyway. There is a reason microsoft is investing in cloud services, linux, and open source. Nobody is going to keep using desktops except power users and gamers.

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>mimimi i want to do tech but i don't want to learn and get invest and get butthurt if people tell me to figure shit out yourself and read man pages like everyone else
>mimimi i want all my solutions spoon-fed to me because i'm a lazy fuck and all i care about is being able to afford a NEET life style

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>The kicker is that desktop computers are falling out of fashion anyway.
What's a desktop computer?

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>too obtuse for a normal person to learn
I dunno mang, I'm a windows fag, pretty retarded and setting up debian on a virtual machine was pretty easy.

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What's a computer?

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Nothing really wrong with Linux technically OP, it's just the lack of centralized development and drive for a polished, user friendly, finished, complete product instead of these tiny individual projects competing against each other and making the same mistakes all over again and again.

That, and hardware support. And commercial support. But that's more of a problem with the monopoly of Microsoft on the desktop OS market.

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I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.

Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU which is widely used today is often called "Linux", and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project.

There really is a Linux, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the system they use. Linux is the kernel: the program in the system that allocates the machine's resources to the other programs that you run. The kernel is an essential part of an operating system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete operating system. Linux is normally used in combination with the GNU operating system: the whole system is basically GNU with Linux added, or GNU/Linux. All the so-called "Linux" distributions are really distributions of GNU/Linux.

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Setting up things is too obtuse you enormous faggot. Why do you think geek squad exists?

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>Linux is simply too obtuse for a normal person to learn
Good, we like it that way. No normies allowed.

The move to linux, and BSD, already happened. The underpinnings of the internet are linux and bsd servers.

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Many programs are now in Linux and I miss early versions of Windows. I’ll probably try it.

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nice post

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>Good, we like it that way. No normies allowed.
>The move to linux, and BSD, already happened. The underpinnings of the internet are linux and bsd servers.
And the year of Linux on the desktop is still 5 years away and always will be.

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shut the fuck up

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>Thinks he still has frfeedome and no data of his has been collected

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that's a good thing. normies shouldn't use linux anyways because post like this would happen way more often >>65666093

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Just thought about this.
Proprietary Software wins with convenience.
But I see how proprietary is often also limited. This is I think, to make more money and push the user in a direction you want to see him.

So we need to make convenient free software, which is not as limited but hides its complexity. So it satisfies casuals, just as power users™.
Right now it adresses power users™ all the time, and it confuses casuals, because the complexity is not hidden, but in your face.
If we give the user more freedom and even more convinience and options, which propiatary software takes away from their users, because they streamline them in using it this way but not that way, then it could become much more popular.
If an alternative Youtube would allow to search for the content you want to see much better, with better filter options for example. Then it would already do one other thing better than just the fact that it's free.

And it wouldn't hurt when free software were also pretty.

tldr; free software should not be less convenient than proprietary software + it should have more options but hidden for casuals + and look pretty

We win with freedom and versatility
They loose with the lack of versatility and pushing their users in just one direction, where the users become less of agile human beings
and on the other side the more agile free software users who are able to fix everything in second and get the content they want in a short time, creating a network of freedom, where everything is connected and not restricted for selfish reasons putting burden on the user just to raise your own profit

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suck a dick

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>Proprietary Software wins with convenience.
no it doesnt

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So what else is the main reason people use it over free software.

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brain washing
peer pressure
babby duk
billions of dollars of shilling, marketing, and propaganda

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underhanded corporate contracts
anti-trust deals

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check em

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shit get

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>asshurt microshills

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ayy lmao

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smoke weed numbaz, mah /gangster/

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btw i use arch

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Why is loli only allowed on /b/ and why does not one follow this rule

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Generally accurate, but it's intended as an OS for the same kind of people who work on it, programmers, mainly as a workstation, get the fuck over it.

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suck a dick

suck a dick

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I agree with this post and STILL think it was a shit get.

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holy shit, impressive

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> Nobody is going to keep using desktops except power users and gamers.

False. Poweruser here. I use Void.

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get the fuck out windows shill faget

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I have no clue what's even the subject, you dirty commie

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try reading the thread, corporatist pig

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how about no
just go back to cuba

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I had a poor as fuck family come to me with a laptop they got scammed on.

It didn't have an operating system, and they couldn't afford Windows.

I put Ubuntu on it. They thanked me.

~7 months later, they come back for a different thing. I ask about the ubuntu laptop.

The father and kids got really into linux, and had tested out a few other distros. They stuck with Ubuntu because the mom liked it best.

The point is, these poor hillbillys are more tech savvy now than most people. Because they were forced to learn something outside their bubble.

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ubuntu and other similar distros that work out of the box without things like screen tearing are already easier than windows but the problem is that windows is pre-installed on just about every pc regular people buy. People don't want to learn anything new, they just want to watch make up vlogs and gaming streams and do their job or education related shit with a office suite they already are familiar with. Linux is already better than windows in many sense, only things that are missing from it can be worked through wine, virtualbox or dual booting.

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Most distros these days are compatible with good looking desktop environments. It makes linux alot more user friendly and even a brainlet like you can use linux.

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I hope the dad or the kid got a decently paying job at the end.
Made my heart warm. God speed anon.

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>be me
>decide it's time to get rid of windows
>don't know shit about unix-like systems
>decide it's time to learn
>install liveusb creator
>put gentoo iso on a flashdrive because I read it's a very manual process
>boot gentoo live on an old laptop I bought for that purpose
>start installing it
>after 15h of compiling decide to switch to a binary distro
>install arch
>learn commands
>use the system
Fast forward 3 months
>set up main machine with arch
>set up old machine as server with debian
>set up laptop with luks, lvm and arch
>mfw I was clueless 3 months ago
>mfw idiots on /g/ told me gnu/linux is hard

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Aspiring non-nomie here. Can I install a Linux partition on my PC in case I need to nope out? How do I do this?

Also, what's better, GNU or Linux?

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*Sprays with hose*

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>caring about technology
>caring about space exploration

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Holy shit sexts, as double tripple sixes, that's the truth coming directly from Satan.

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abslutely checked

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>bill gates wealth is justified

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Holy shit, that was me, I can't believe I got it. That get screen when I posted was a real thrill too.

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why not change FOSS to POSS (Payed Open Source Software)?
No one will make quality shit unless they can make bank off it, and they still keep the software open so those who make improvements can sell their own better version, thus letting the free market work its magic.

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Hey OP, will you write me some video editing software? Needs to be stable for production purposes, and support the latest camera raw standards, like Arri Raw.

Oh, what's that, you need to license Arri Raw? Cool just pay for that yourself, thanks.

Hey I need this to look amazing, too. I want you to hire some established interface designers. Pay 'em yourself, I guess, heh, because this is free open source software, I'm not spending a dime on your project.

Oh also can you do all this for me for free? Open source? Thanks bud. Oh I'll need this by Monday.

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>It runs on 70% of phones, 90% of servers, and 95% of embedded devices.
And 100% of super computers.

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Go outside

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I agree, and I dare say thay Gahnoo/Linux not being popular on the desktop is a good thing ™.
While the system itself is surely more secure than Windows in principle, a big reason it's so secure is that criminals don't target it since it's not popular. Developing, say, a cryptolocker for Gahnoo/Linux is just not worth their time.
Also, with normies coming to it, it will inevitably end up becoming normalfag tier, bloated and just as shit. No thanks.
I use Gahnoo/Linux both at work and home and it works like a charm. I don't give a shit whether it's popular or not.
Those who desperately wish it were are secretly normalfags who would feel more comfortable using Gahnoo/Linux just because it's recognized as "cool".

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You know you can use Void on a desktop, right?

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Grow up
Gimp vs Photoshop, your pick?

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Gimp. I don't want to pay or pirate.

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op doesn't realize android is the dominant OS in the world

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You don't need to do either. It has a monthly trial which even a script kiddie can reset ir virtualize

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Those "normie retards" are your brothers and sisters, your friends and family. You must teach them to value freedom!

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for your first step you will learn to space like a human being
for your question, you can, make an ubuntu iso, and select install alongside windows when installing

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>thrill when gets

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some stupid cunt

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suck my dick you stupid cunt

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that cunts an imposter

Stupid fucking faggot

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>claiming gets

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gimp and krita

suck a dick

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I only claimed them after some poser falsely claimed them for himself.

>Accusing someone of being a newfag for defending the truth

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No, Anon, it's 'Linux', not 'GNU/Linux'. The most important contributions that the FSF made to Linux were the creation of the GPL and the GCC compiler. Those are fine and inspired products. GCC is a monumental achievement and has earned you, RMS, and the Free Software Foundation countless kudos and much appreciation. Following are some reasons for you to mull over, including some already answered in your FAQ. One guy, Linus Torvalds, used GCC to make his operating system (yes, Linux is an OS -- more on this later). He named it 'Linux' with a little help from his friends. Why doesn't he call it GNU/Linux? Because he wrote it, with more help from his friends, not you. You named your stuff, I named my stuff -- including the software I wrote using GCC -- and Linus named his stuff. The proper name is Linux because Linus Torvalds says so. Linus has spoken. Accept his authority. To do otherwise is to become a nag. You don't want to be known as a nag, do you? (An operating system) != (a distribution). Linux is an operating system. By my definition, an operating system is that software which provides and limits access to hardware resources on a computer. That definition applies whereever you see Linux in use. However, Linux is usually distributed with a collection of utilities and applications to make it easily configurable as a desktop system, a server, a development box, or a graphics workstation, or whatever the user needs. In such a configuration, we have a Linux (based) distribution. Therein lies your strongest argument for the unwieldy title 'GNU/Linux' (when said bundled software is largely from the FSF). Go bug the distribution makers on that one. Take your beef to Red Hat, Mandrake, and Slackware. At least there you have an argument. Linux alone is an operating system that can be used in various applications without any GNU software whatsoever. Embedded applications come to mind as an obvious example.

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Next, even if we limit the GNU/Linux title to the GNU-based Linux distributions, we run into another obvious problem. XFree86 may well be more important to a particular Linux installation than the sum of all the GNU contributions. More properly, shouldn't the distribution be called XFree86/Linux? Or, at a minimum, XFree86/GNU/Linux? Of course, it would be rather arbitrary to draw the line there when many other fine contributions go unlisted. Yes, I know you've heard this one before. Get used to it. You'll keep hearing it until you can cleanly counter it. You seem to like the lines-of-code metric. There are many lines of GNU code in a typical Linux distribution. You seem to suggest that (more LOC) == (more important). However, I submit to you that raw LOC numbers do not directly correlate with importance. I would suggest that clock cycles spent on code is a better metric. For example, if my system spends 90% of its time executing XFree86 code, XFree86 is probably the single most important collection of code on my system. Even if I loaded ten times as many lines of useless bloatware on my system and I never excuted that bloatware, it certainly isn't more important code than XFree86. Obviously, this metric isn't perfect either, but LOC really, really sucks. Please refrain from using it ever again in supporting any argument. Last, I'd like to point out that we Linux and GNU users shouldn't be fighting among ourselves over naming other people's software. But what the heck, I'm in a bad mood now. I think I'm feeling sufficiently obnoxious to make the point that GCC is so very famous and, yes, so very useful only because Linux was developed. In a show of proper respect and gratitude, shouldn't you and everyone refer to GCC as 'the Linux compiler'? Or at least, 'Linux GCC'? Seriously, where would your masterpiece be without Linux? Languishing with the HURD? If there is a moral buried in this rant, maybe it is this:

>> No.65675076

Be grateful for your abilities and your incredible success and your considerable fame. Continue to use that success and fame for good, not evil. Also, be especially grateful for Linux' huge contribution to that success. You, RMS, the Free Software Foundation, and GNU software have reached their current high profiles largely on the back of Linux. You have changed the world. Now, go forth and don't be a nag. Thanks for listening.

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>Linux is simply too obtuse for a normal person to learn
> it doesn't help that the community are a bunch of autistic elitist windows is cancer
>I don't see a move to Linux happening in the next 200 years

but who cares?

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>linux is hard

Is this 1998?

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Keep telling yourself that.

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>a big reason it's so secure is that criminals don't target it since it's not popular.

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>make a product
>people really like the product and pay you money for it
>this is somehow unjustified

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Stay cucked, windows user. The less idiots in Linux the better

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Because we want a bigger user share, since that will improve support, which will make it better for us. Not everyone on the linux side likes to start searching and editing config files in text editors. And Wine is a necessary evil, not a luxury

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>criminals don't target it since it's not popular.
The most untrue statement ever made, considering the server sector where all the real money resides is mostly Linux.

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People do not like Windows. They only use it because it's what they know and/or they think they have no real choice in the matter.

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>Also, what's better, GNU or Linux?

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>(((underhanded corporate contracts)))
>(((anti-trust deals)))
NOT WASTED and checked

>> No.65679187

Oh Alex!! I l know that one!

What is the Soviet Union?

>> No.65679240

normies stay out reeeeeeeeeeee

>> No.65679347 [DELETED] 

I see you're immersed in our culture. How many days did you spend on /r/4chan?

>> No.65679367

/r/4chan != 4chan

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If you think that's the real reason normans don't use Linux then you're retarded

>> No.65679587

They only cared because the amerimutts cared. Russia used the space race to create satellites and missiles.

>> No.65679597

you can literally install linux from a flash drive while browsing /g using only mouse clicks and not even getting close a CLI. What the hell are you talking about?

>> No.65679615

We all know that you're brazilian now anon, show us your passport with the correct visa or GTFO!!1!!

>> No.65679616

But it's so hard when you have to sometimes Google search a solution and copypaste a command into the terminal!

>> No.65679648

people that cant grep the output of commands using regex shouldn't be allowed to use a terminal.

>> No.65679658

it's like letting a white boi near a woman's pussy, he will simply not be able to get the job done.

>> No.65679795

The truth has been laid upon us.

>> No.65680035

Shut up nigger.

>> No.65680049

If the job is impregnating her with a rape baby and then running away like a coward, without giving a shit about your own child then I agree.

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$ install firefox


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you know that's a lie m80. The russians were the ones that started the race, America just followed suit. Both had second intentions.

>> No.65680321

Nuh uh, 'murica anounced they would launch a satellite into space, which was just a façade to publicly test ICBMs that could fly above radars. Russia was the first to actually successfully launch a satellite, they basically won the space race as it was set up then. murica obviously couldn't take that so they announced even bigger projects and Russia also announced more and more, until murica actually got some people on the moon by luck, if Russia's moon landing project was completed, we'd have a moon base right now, because murica can't take a loss. Russia said okay fuck it, they got there first, we can't claim it as part of Russia anymore.

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you are already allowed to sell it
free as in freedom not as in free beer

develop something, put it on a cd with the source code and the GPL license and then sell the cd
or sell it online
when bought send the source code by email

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