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What does it do?

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anything that Microsoft touches really

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If you're using anything besides OBS or Shadowplay for capture, you're doing it wrong. Both are free.

I know businesses that have currently switched to Discord internally because Skype got so terrible.

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Compilation of screencast i agree

acceptable, if you use it for flash gaming recording

if you upload shit on youtube, audio sync is fucking up

uber garbage

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I feel like every single Autodesk program I use has some sort of fucking memory leak.

I don't think I have ever used a java based application that wasen't garbage.

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we switched to hipchat at my previous job.
I've recently noticed that you can't copy a link in Skype for business (without whole message). Can't copy a link in a business chat. What the actual fuck.

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Siemens software in general.

Their software is so shitty that they sell a dedicated laptop for the purpose of running the software.

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Nice bait

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My man; Siemens in general is not good to deal with

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99% of software they sell at my local electronics store.

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