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AMD Ryzen 7 2800X Rumored Ready To Counter Incoming Intel 8-Core Coffee Lake-S


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It will be what, 4% faster? Who cares!

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It's about staying competitive. But stay worried goy.

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>moar cores race
And yet most applications don't use more than 2 or 3 threads. And even then, usually the application is offloading some dumb menial shit onto the other threads and 95% of the work is being done on a single thread.

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Most likely it will have a highly binned 4.5Ghz clock speed with slightly higher power requirements and probably harder to buy (like initial 8700K's were).

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By the intel standards that like a huge performance jump.
But by real performance standards it's quite depressing, like if x86 reached a point of diminishing returns until someone invent some new way to run x86 code in a faster way.

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>most applications don't use more than 2 or 3 threads
Ah, phonefags and their "applications." Anyway, with hardware finally offering more threads, many (but not all) programs will eventually get better parallelization now.

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>running 1 program at a time


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>trivial background shit when out of focus
>what is schedualing

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Oh, you're a gamer.

Well just FYI outside of gaming there are a lot of use cases where you run more than one program at once. For example practically every job that uses a computer.

Not to mention programs that are cpu bound.

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Sounds like crap.

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while, yes, tons of programs run concurrently, there are very many few that demand much intensity in processing when they are not in focus for the vast majority of people whether at home or at work.

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nigga I compile my shit from source
you think that takes 2-3 threads?

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>what is schedualing
A word that doesn't exist

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Oh shit I don't have a rebuttal, better attack a spelling mistake!

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y = mx+ b

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