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Now that the dust has settled

Why did ryzen 2 flop?

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ryzen 2000 series was not supposed to be
>oh wow this cpu did a huge blow to intel
reminder this is a refresh
ryzen 2 =/= zen 2
ryzen 2 = zen+

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Wut? Mama Su stuck her 22 inch black strap-on so far up Intel's ass with the 2700x, it'll take an operation to remove it. Smeltdown and Zen+ has destroyed Intel dominance as we knew it.

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it didnt?
its pretty good.

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>Why did ryzen 2 flop?
It didn't. You're just salty about your misguided Intel processor purchase over ryzen 2 and now you want anons to validate your decision.

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Intel won!

>> No.65642086

The only place it flopped is that it did not cause Intel to respond fast enough with a suitable competition.

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Ryzen 2 isn't out yet, which probably explains why you can't buy it.
Ryzen + was released though which was a significant stepup

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