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Amd shills seems to be silenced right now when they noticed ryzen 2 is a flop

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Nice ad hominem. The problem with ad hominems is they don't have any affect on the argument.

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I thought for sure AMD would be able to hit 4.5Ghz by now.

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>To this end, we found that, at a given frequency of 4.0GHz, our R7 2700X held stable at 1.175V input at LLC level 4, which equated to 1.162V VCore at SVI2 TFN. The result was stability in Blender and Prime95 with torturous FFTs, while measuring at about 129W power consumption in Blender. For this same test, our 1700 at 4.0GHz required a 1.425V input at LLC level 5, yielding a 1.425VCore, a 201W power draw – so 70W higher – and pushed thermals to 79 degrees Tdie. That’s up from 57.8 degrees Tdie at the same ambient.

Indeed, RIP MAD

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4.0Ghz just doesn't cut it in 2018

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>caring about clock speed
>in 2018

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4 Ghz ryzen = 5.2 GHz intel because of meltdown ;^)

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>ryzen 2 is a flop
>better temps
>more powerful
>is a flop
You'll need to explain yourself a little better there, anon-kun

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