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$5 says it'll do worse in games and that'll be the OMG ITS SO BAD flag for shills.
I'm picking one up, I don't care, 16 threads for $300 is hard to pass up.

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I'm buying a 2400G tomorrow. I don't play gaimus so I'll be quite happy to upgrade my old i5 from 2013 plus actually getting rid of windows 7 and moving to dual-boot openbsd/ubuntu
However next year I'll get a 2700X to play PS3 and Xbox 360 emulation

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let's be honest I hate intel as much as anyone here but the i9 is simply a marketing scam they will get out of the market next year and introduce some i7 KXZ variant

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I'm picking one up for similar reasons, I'm still using an i5-4440 and its really starting to show its age when I try to do anything intensive.
Don't think a 2700X is gunna offer you very much over a 2400G in that regard though.

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Image invalidated. Only youtube neckbeards make charts based off overclocking

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>Don't think a 2700X is gunna offer you very much over a 2400G in that regard though.
I was thinking about it today. The 2400price is so good i can't say no since last time I upgraded was in 2013
Perhaps I'll forget about games until 2020/2021 because really next year I planned a GTX 1080ti but the fucking card is a mess. It's expensive and thanks to modern pc ports it's barely bruteforcing the average ubisoft shit

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only youtubers worth watching

most imporntantly,
they were the only ones who wised up to the overclocking situation. You'd need [email protected] insane voltage to beat out of the box xfr2 and precision boost 2.

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this is a better one. it's 300% over intel

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>45 minutes of autism
>actually being obsessed with overclocking using a very shit mobo and extreme limited knowledge
This is what you need

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>45 minutes of autism

>implying that it wasn't exactly why I was there in the first place.
>implying 45 minutes of autism is a bad thing

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did you actually realize ryzen 7 does more using less power (35W)?
Ryzen 1600 65W is beating a $300 CPU. It's embarassing

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not extreme, but still pretty nice

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but why did you like that video? honest question

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>be AMD
>can't beat jewtel
>throw cores at the wall
>dump a bunch of extra cache
>barely catch up
>only win in niche software
>still can't clock high
>power consumption gets worse and worse
>throw in a muh led cooler
>bargain bin pricing

Wee lads this is some high octane winning

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you wouldn't understand.

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Only 720p benchmarks count ;)

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>>only win in niche software
such as winrar?

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Pic is the reason why intel shills are destroying every thread with spam and posts of the lowest quality

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is it degeneracy related?

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another super niche thing. It's only a game after all.

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>Be Intel
>Can't pull ahead of AMD
>Throw $10K Xeons at the wall
>Dump a bunch of extra cores
>Barely catch up
>Only win in badly written software
>Power consumption gets worse and worse
>Multicore scaling is even worse
>Throw in a VROC key
>Price it like it's not an abomination

Wee lads this is some high optane winning

>> No.65611181

>high optane
Fuckin shots fired

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Intel has so much going against them right now it's pretty hilarious.

The 'does not matter' list has become so long now that all Intel shills have is to post wojaks and cry bullshit instead of having any valid arguments.

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all that matters now is singlethreaded apps

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>Only win in badly written software
about that...
literally one of those if_intel_genuine kind of benches which the 2700x impolitely proceeded to btfo.

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Hurry up goy it's 349.99+tax on amazon right now! ONLY $25.99 MORE than ryzen 7 2700x


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how the fuck will intel ever recover from this absolute blowout
The sad thing is some people will still pay gorillions for intel shit

>> No.65611232

btw, intel optane works better on AMD's brand new Store MI
according to

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AMD position in the market is soldered from now on.

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only thing stopping me from going ryzen is inferior gaming performance on the high end. if it was ~5 fps then that's basically margin of error shit but i'm seeing from some benches upto 40 fps lead for the 8700k. the intel chip is much better to push the limits of 144hz monitors

>> No.65611261

only online fps/moba can get 144hz today
sad but true. not amd or intel fanboy just not a steamcuck willing to pay 800 dollars on hardware to play at low settings

>> No.65611263

Intel on suicide watch!
As a tech enthusiast I demand the best. And as a Youtuber, Twitch streaming I am encoding all day every day as I am sure you are doing as well. This release establishes a new pinnacle in enthusiast computing. Not even a fan boy, I just 'get' computing ya know? I'm not some mlg cheetah duster so I don't over lock and I don't game, I get real work done and today will stand as a day of historical proportions.

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Which games are leading by 40 fps?
Im mostly seeing 10-12 fps and thats after oc

>> No.65611278

intel retards are worse than /v/

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he is lying obviously but the main point of his flawed argument is 144hz gaming as something that is happening today outside of e-sport masturbation

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why do you obsessed autists destroy threads that aren't marketing? you seem pretty okay with linus jew tips and e-celebs

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i have already checked out the benchmarks from other sites and was also in the last ryzen release thread. it was pretty unanimous that anandtech fudged their benches

competitive games like bf1. i actually play it on medium right now because the visuals look the same as ultra but you get a huge performance boost. on my current haswell i5 quad core (which does get maxed out at 100% utilization in bf1 RIP) i get about 100-120 fps average at medium compared to about 75 at ultra

>> No.65611319

Since I game at 1440p this makes the 8700k even less relevant.

>> No.65611321

every minute you waste on western garbage is a minute you are not playing yakuza 6, mh:w or dragon ball xenoverse 2

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i wanted to get r3 2200g.
now i'm unsure if i should go r5 2600.
2200g because i'm mining on the 1060.

>> No.65611333

why are you in a pc thread if you're going to shill your shitty 30 fps box from quite possibly the most inferior country in the world for games?

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>> No.65611338

Has anyone got a relative performance graph showing the 4770K? Mine is at 4.5Ghz and I need to know how much of an upgrade a 2700X would be.

>> No.65611345

fucking gamers am i right? i bet they overclock too, ROFL! AMD is the thinking mans choice. this couldnt have come at a better time too, i noticed open office is really chugging since its last update so i need some more grunt to get my work done. doubly so now that ive started recording in 4k for my retro toy review channel.

i just hope i can find a Ryzen in stock!

>> No.65611351

I7 8700k reporting in. Heh, you lowly plebs amuse me.

>> No.65611357

Unbelievable Product at a great price! I highly reccomend the Ryzen 7 2700x, it is exactly what I am looking for!

>> No.65611363

>xenoverse 2
that's why american consumerists are aggressive. Ignorance is the mother of pride

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>> No.65611374

do you play western trash? if so you need to upgrade because bruteforcing is not working on gen 5 or 6 anymore

>> No.65611376

>With the base console releases, PS4 hands in an experience mostly the same as the public beta. The average frame-rate hangs right around 30fps but fluctuates above or below this number, and doesn't feel smooth in action

>> No.65611379

>Western trash
As opposed to your eastern works of art? Hehe.

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remember that kid from high school who learned the secrets of the universe by watching discovery channel?
today he is smoking pot and posting here

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>> No.65611395

I'm a weeb PC gamer, so emulation makes up 70% of what I play.

I know this will be great for RPCS3 and CEMU, but what about Citra which is heavily reliant on single threading?

I'm guessing PCSX2 and Dolphin should be more than fine as they're rather old now.

>> No.65611397

Couldn't agree more and benchmarks show Ryzen 2700 deliver Best-in-Class compute Performance.

>> No.65611399

You got me

>> No.65611408

great cpu in price/performance no regrets at all jumpin' to the dark side

>> No.65611411

>I know this will be great for RPCS3 and CEMU
RPCS3 won't be developed next year
It's an eternal alpha release

>> No.65611417

The bible refers to some strange beings, which it calls Sheidims, a mixture of
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>> No.65611425

The Jew is a robotic instrument, provided with a rational mind, as his creator,
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>> No.65611433

He also thought about acquiring the island of Madagascar from the French in
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>> No.65611446

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>> No.65611463

the txt above was written by a gnostic nazi
it's just funny to read out loud

>> No.65611747

>8400 is faster than 8700k
really makes you think.

>> No.65611773

You can play through Persona 5 to completion just fine.

It's getting much better.

>> No.65611866
File: 68 KB, 756x747, 2019isgonnabefun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even better, they did benches with 3466MHz and tweaked timings

>> No.65611903

What average fps do you get
Last time I tried I was getting 17 fps outdoors on a 4690k which is one of their recommended cpu

>> No.65612629

nice post shill.
this will surely make the people forget about intel getting btfo

>> No.65612663

>handily beats intel in all things except gaming,and that shit gets smaller as you get into higher resolution while providing better value
>any retaliation by intel can be checked with the 2800x still being caged

intel should read the goddamn signs,either step up or get fucked

>> No.65612696

I wonder what they're baking up for the 2800X
it probably isn't what the 1800X was to the 1700X

>> No.65612700

what is the point of intel today? they lost in every regard except i9 and i3 8100. Still i3 8100 has only 4 cores

>> No.65612724

>6561 2700

>> No.65612731
File: 284 KB, 924x1228, 37_Lyndon_Johnson_3x4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's AMD Jumbo
thrashing around waiting to be burst and dominating the market,but still being tucked in since Intel shriveled up circumcised wee wee might come out with coffee lake 2 so AMD knows that theyre better off humiliating Intel twice if they dare come out
i'd suspect something radical,maybe even 4.4 ghz turbo

>> No.65612736

but the 2700X already does 4.35 turbo

>> No.65612739

only few gains from 1700 to 2700, guess I'll upgrade in 2020. 1700 still beast.

>> No.65612747

is amd still making their Sempron , athlons,etc?
I remember they stopped being good in 2007 and only in late 2016 amd returned to the CPU market
I could be wrong though

>> No.65612752

There is no 2800x
Ryzen 2 is zen+ not zen2
They are going after the price and dont want the 1800x owners to feel jewed with a cheap top end model
There will be no
2400 non g
2200 non g

>> No.65612755

Even then you shouldn't upgrade a above average 1-year old Ryzen processor anyways (or think about it).
Especially since Ryzen 3 (Zen 2) is coming next year and with bigger gains that your AM4 MOBO will support.

>> No.65612769


>> No.65612812

>Ryzen 3 (Zen 2) is coming next year
Next year they will introduce better(improved) APUs. Zen 2 won't be around soon. Ryzen 1200 and 1400 are selling like water in the desert

>> No.65612885

if it's slow on ryzen it's not going to be noticeably better on intel

>> No.65612893

Sorry i was being conservative

>> No.65612914

intel in 2018 is a joke

>> No.65612935

Almost like Intel only wins in reviews that abuse the timing bug.

>> No.65612959

>massive performance gains
>literally 99% of reviewers stating AMD is following the same performance boosts like intels yearly release

Something tells me that the forbes blog farm isn't the best place to get data.

>> No.65612971
File: 215 KB, 500x700, trump0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>abusing the timing bug
>citation needed
>too autistic to run a bench mark with HPET off and on
This board is too much sometimes Jose.

>> No.65612972

I think it might be apt to say...
Its the end
For the Intel era

>> No.65612985

this was a refresh

>> No.65612989

Time to find the next ryzen then

>> No.65612990

>it's normal for a processor to lose half of its performance after enabling HPET

>> No.65612999

Yes it was a refresh. Few hundred megahurts and some better timings, there is nothing "massive" about this.

>> No.65613023

yeah, because it's a refresh on basically the same node

>> No.65613058

Show some proof that
A. HPET affects performance
B. If that performance is seemingly perfected that the results are actually false

I'd settle for A but I know no one on this board would be forth even a modicum of effort to dig into supposed issues.

>> No.65613067
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>> No.65613081
File: 63 KB, 240x135, laughing Dalian.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's actually hilarious.

>> No.65613092

holy kek

>> No.65613093

>A. HPET affects performance
>B. If that performance is seemingly perfected that the results are actually false
I don't get why when Ryzen 1 has this same bug and every guide says to turn off HPET it's an issue but when Ryzen 2 doesn't have it all of a sudden it's okay to turn it off.
>I'd settle for A but I know no one on this board would be forth even a modicum of effort to dig into supposed issues.
You mean like you not following the news and begging for links?

>> No.65613106

> >10%
>same as intel's 5%

Literally 2x the boost

>> No.65613112

>No results found

I don't get why no g/tard is unwilling to run a fucking benchmark with hpet on and then off on an intel system and show the results.

>> No.65613120
File: 954 KB, 1274x713, gSxf4Jh[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.65613137

>>No results found
I guess AMD is just objectively superior in every benchmark then. :^)

>> No.65613140

>overwatch remains an outlier

>> No.65613147

Because DX11

>> No.65613158

all these frame rates seem to be massively lowballed especially in overwatch where it's easy to get well over 200fps on a decent cpu

>> No.65613183

maybe it's on 4K ultra settings 154X MSAA

>> No.65613207
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>Release patches that affect CPU performance two days before a major CPU launch.
I wonder who could be behind this?

>> No.65613294

Why is this shitty company simply unable to provide itx boards? I'm not changing my fucking case just to buy a fucking cpu.

>> No.65613344

it's not AMD's fault that motherboard manufacturers aren't making specific boards for it

>> No.65613491
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>> No.65613498

There are, or soon will be, ITX boards, but no mATX boards have been announced so far.

>> No.65613508

your fault for buying a meme form factor

>> No.65613627

>watch overwatch gameplay on jewtube
>get motion sickness
quake is better than this shit

>> No.65613966

this anon is right. I buy top end hardware to play my games in 1280x720 on the lowest settings on a 60hz monitor.

>> No.65614063

Do you understand that all of those bf1 tests are same single-player scene with tank? And in an actual multiplayer with shit happening on your screen ryzens are much better than your pucture in comparison to the intel cpus?

>> No.65614073

4.5ghz 10C is only 227W vs 4.2ghz 8C 191W or 4.2ghz 10C 238W

>> No.65614098

1.15v at 4ghz.
1.42v at 4.2ghz.
Anyone going for 4.2ghz as daily are retarded

>> No.65614105

Not to mention if you pair the chip with the mocf board, you can take it to 5.4/5.0 with 4000C16 ( on water ) to

4220C12 ( LN2 )

>> No.65614129

anandtech fudged their results? why cause they actually did benchmarks with spectre and meltdown? LOL

>> No.65614145
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>in an actual multiplayer with shit happening on your screen ryzens are much better

>> No.65614166

everyone used the patches retard

>> No.65614229

Our test rigs now include Meltdown And Spectre Variant 1 mitigations. Spectre Variant 2 requires both motherboard firmware/microcode and operating system patches. We have installed the operating system patches for Variant 2.

Today's performance measurements do not include Intel's motherboard firmware mitigations for Spectre Variant 2 though, as we've been waiting for AMD patches to level the playing field. Last week, AMD announced that it’s making the mitigations available to motherboard vendors and OEMs, which the company says should take time to appear in the wild. We checked MSI's website for firmware updates applicable to our X370 platforms when AMD made its announcement, but no new BIOSes were available (and still aren't).

Unfortunately, we were only made aware that Variant 2 mitigations are present in our X470 board's firmware just before launch, precluding us from re-testing the Intel platforms with patches applied. We're working on this now, and plan to post updated results in future reviews.

The lack of Spectre Variant 2 patches in our Intel results likely give the Core CPUs a slight advantage over AMD's patched platforms. But the performance difference should be minimal with modern processors.


>> No.65614231

hes right tho and you cannot deny it.

>> No.65614232

no we know that the patches have SOME impact
most of them shows even greater intel numbers than before the patch

which you know..its odd to say the least

>> No.65614240

>posts picture with benchmark of 7-zip
WTF KYS faggot

>> No.65614247
File: 7 KB, 225x225, dunce6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All that proof!

>> No.65614257

how retarded are you to think hz and fps are locked together?! Play any game @ below 144fps @ 144hz and it feels better than playing it @ the same framerate @ 60hz.

seriously KYS

>> No.65614271
File: 604 KB, 1518x1171, 4250C16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.65614300
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>> No.65614386

how about you post some good techsites instead of little Steve's personal Hairsalon

>> No.65614406

the intel sponsored ones?

>> No.65614433

>as we've been waiting for AMD patches to level the playing field.
LMAO the damage control of those fucks

>> No.65614518

If they retest it and get worse results for Intel, that'll clear up the whole issue quite nicely.

>> No.65614529
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Hi guys. I'm in the market for a CPU which will start a housefire even with a nice, high end cooling solution; unless by some chance I'm willing to invalidate the warranty and potentially spunk away my 300 quid. Any ideas?

>> No.65614532

wow you're a brainlet.
Here's what happens when you play a game at ~100fps on a 144hz screen. Frametimes will jump between ~7ms and ~14ms every other frame. Not a good look. If you think it looks good, it's because it happens too fast for you to see, at which point you might as well play on 60hz.

If you go bellow 72fps, it gets worse. Frametimes will jump between 21ms and 14ms. at 72fps a 60hz screen will provide you with a consistent 16ms delay, meaning 60hz is better in every way here.

>> No.65614644
File: 1.25 MB, 1846x1923, 1427329818391.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.65614983

it took them 4 months to "update" their 1600/x reviews with the TDP results because intel was getting smashed

>> No.65615128






>> No.65615147

>high optane winning

>> No.65615186

How is 8400 faster than 8700k holy shit """modern""" benchmarkshitters can't benchmark for shit.

>> No.65615256

Monthly reminder that when over clocked, the 7980 reached one sixth of the thermal density of the sun's surface. This is galactic tier housefire.

>> No.65615272
File: 1.12 MB, 1680x1050, Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 12.39.25.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh the agony

>> No.65615454
File: 42 KB, 632x516, AMD_Ryzen_7_2700X,_2700,_5_2600X_&_2600_im_Test_(Seite_7)_-_ComputerBase_-_2018-04-20_12.00.43.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.65615720

It's only a refresh and it is the most serious attack on Intel's current line up.
Pretty decent for a refresh if you ask me.

>> No.65616917


>> No.65617664

>95% the game performance of price class competitor in a mix of genres
>BTFO competitor in almost all other areas
>way better for streaming
>plebs will still bitch about 140 vs 150fps in CoD
Yes, yes, dont buy Ryzen+, keep those prices nice and low for me

>> No.65617668
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Hi ian

>> No.65617790

Biggest annoyance for me is getting good memory timings, there is no easy way to test for stability.....How do these reviewers get it done? they should post a guide...

>> No.65617909

Good goy.

>> No.65617924

>say the poor people for the 100th time

>> No.65617955

>just wait for intel sekrit sauce

>> No.65617962

GD Intel BTFO again

>> No.65617999
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>don't have to wait for anything because you have a futureproof product that won't break in a year like ayymd

>> No.65618012

Why those overclocked results are so bad?

>> No.65618133

Daaamn. I had a Phenom II for almost 7 years clocked at 4GHz on air, he is still rocking but it is not that good anymore for some tasks.

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