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Who else using old xeons here on /g/?

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x5650 master race checking in

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Remember when you could overclock on the mid range chipsets?

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Wished I could buy a X58, how much CB do you get on that?

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do old opterons count?

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Is that a 8350 disguised as a server CPU?

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a little over 1k when i dont have tons of stuff open

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8150, but definitely with a binned imc

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Really? My potato AyyMD APU performs better than that.

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But I paid $15 for it.

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Running an e3 1231v3 here

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planning on getting a dual socket 1356 board and 2 8 core xeons, thing is, the boards are quite niche and rare and it's probably gonna take some time until i find one outside of a used server for less than 200€

the cpus go for 50€ though, 8 core sandy at 2.6ghz

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i have a build with 2 x5670. it's amazing

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Used x5450 in a cheap gigabyte p31 motherboard and it blew up the mobo, not really a shame it was a fun project anyway.

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i see you're a man of culture as well

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Just switched from a x3430 to a x3450 for my backup server.
+40% performance improvement for 40€. Nice

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Got a w3670 in my classified at home. Got the whole thing with 24gb of ram for 110 bucks, get around 1k in cb. The fact that this 9 year old platform is within 20% of a 1600 for half the price if the fucking cpu alone is insane

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It a shame it breaks some fonts in games.

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does your PC ever really draw 700W? dear god

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This old bitch of a T7500 has two X5690 hexcores in it.

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I had a glitch with windows update because of it. Looked real nice though.

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This is my server, have more HHD on the way. just PLEX and XAMPP/Node. some game server stuff too. thinking about upgrading the CPU before too long.

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I own a x5460, lga771, 12mb cache
Its shit

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X5670 here

as much as I gawk at new hardware I'm probably staying on this for a few more years

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Only brought these 2nd hand a month ago.
Dual x5570's with 28 gig ram. Stupidly cheap and still decent

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probably not, that was the only psu i had laying around at the time

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jesus what a good chip
i'd love to oc my e5440, but i'm still using old intel cooler from a pentium and my case has 0 airflow, so even while running at stock it heats up to 75C and makes an absurd amount of noise.

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>who else paying 6 gorilion for electricity

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electricity isnt even that expensive my dude. but youd never know that since you live with your parents

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Got 2 of these in my server, great stuff.

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h-h-ey guys, c-c-can I j-j-j-oin?

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I'm on Dual X5675s good stuff anon

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Is Haswell-E old?

/E5-2658 v3/ here.

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It's a 8320. 3280>3820>8320

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Ayy, same m8.

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How much did you pay for that? I saw one of these for $700 the other week and got tempted.

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How old are we talking about?

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Waiting for my X5675 to arrive from ebay so I can upgrade from my i7 920.
Had another mobo laying around and bought also a W3520 which it's running overclocked then gave that pc to my brother in law which had an old athlon he never had a PC that powerful and considering he doesn't do much with it he's happy as fuck.
Got another W3520 stored if my i7 shits the bed before the other xeon arrives. That shit is basically a 920 for 15 bucks.

Btw is it true that you can easily get to 4.5 on the X5650 and higher end ones? I saw some threads on old forums of guys using them on a rampage III extreme and the guy was at 4.6ghz with decent vcore (the kind that can go 24/7 without worrying about killing the components).

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I am pretty sure it's impossible to get it for $700, it's probably a scam for that price.

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>Build 8350 rig on the cheap
>4.4GHz OC performing worse than X58 xeons.

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If you have decent cooling and a stable board, 4.5ghz on a x5650 and up is most likely doable.

I haven't bothered setting it higher yet, I just don't really need more performance.

My rampage 3 + x5660 is watercooled so 4.6ghz should be quite easy, ram is capable of 2ghz+ as well. I may do it some day, I just keep putting it of because all the stress testing needed when getting close to the limit.

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E5-1620V1 here. I'm waiting for the E5-2667V2 to come down a bit more on price on fleabay before I upgrade. 1620v1 is 4 core 8 thread 3.6-3.8 @130w.... the 2667v2 is 8 core 16 thread 3.3-4.0 @ 130w. So it'll be a preddy gud upgrade.

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>you fucked up my face

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>stock has better SingleCore performance than OCed
>worse MC
really depends on usecase, but generally the fx is better considering the total cost of the system (server mobos are insanely expensive)

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>server mobos are insanely expensive
Uh anon, it's a P7H55-M

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Even FX is starting to get pricey if you want a mid range 990FX board with an 8+2 phase to keep cool, I have a new UD3 in the wrapper, but I have no io shield for it, no box or anything, and that was $100, luckily I had sata cables laying around to hook the stuff up.

I like FX, but X58 competes with it really well for the price, and has actual good IPC.

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