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woah fashy stats bro

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>10% Faster Clock by Clock

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So still about 15% slower than an 8400, let alone an 8700K?

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Intel's IPC is inferior now.

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it's not exactly apples to apples here since the 2700X has more aggressive dynamic clock boosting.
still good to see overall though.

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Still worse then intel in gaming

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>this is what AMDrones actually believe
Can't wait for the real world benchmarks to show it lagging behind even a quad core Skylake again.
>B-B-But we won the Cinebench!!!

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They're both at 4GHz dumbfuck.

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>Still worse in old games

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More like
>can't wait for CPU-Z to release more (((((updates)))))

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>All those old single thread heavy games!
>Muh 5.3Ghz platinum samples!

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> what is XFR(2)

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can the mods ban this plagiarized pajeet poo rag already?

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I'm not even going to post Hardware Unboxeds bullshit.

I would rather they ban you.

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>Any benchmark where Poozen loses doesn't count!!!

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>AOTS CPU bench gives a 2% improvement
So either the benchmark is shit or that's the actual improvement

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>i'm not gay, but 10% is 10%
ok, but i would rather see a power consumption graph

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They do count as long as you have a fair balance of games and take account of outliers. When you put a game that is 40+% faster on Intel into the total averages it will skew shit.

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5.4/5.0 w/ 4000c12

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Wojak posters must be banned desu, enough of this childish brand wars bullshit

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Fake and gay repost

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That's about 2x more than Broadwell to Coffelake, so around 4 years?

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Disabled when overclocking or undervolting, like any other power management feature of Zen

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What about applications for grown-ups?

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Why do you keep reposting this? Someone won the silicon lottery, why should we care?

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10% or so improvement over Zen for everything else.

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Yeah, 10% faster with a 1080fucking Ti on 1080p, lmao.

Put a regular 1080 there and that'll drop to below 5%

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>Magical nerf ((((updates)))) don't count

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>Cherrypicking this hard.

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>Poozen magically ahead in CPU-Z benchmark
>Poozen way behind in all real world applications
>Th-There was nothing wrong with the CPU-Z benchmark! Intel paid them to change it!!!

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So what are the kikes gonna cry about now?

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Probably that AVX512

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Did you forget when 1800x was beating 6950x in productivity despite being 8 vs 10 cores, shill?

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Haha wow, Intlel damage control is out full force. AMD themselves said only a ~3% IPC gain between Zen and Zen+, which is exactly what we see in this guys benches. HOWEVER, we are also seeing performance gains of up to 14% in some applications due to improved memory latency. Intkek shills are just upset because they haven't seen an improvement number between generations bigger than 4% in a long time , ON THE SAME MOTHERBOARD :^). Did I mention the stock cooler than comes with the CPU will likely be good enough for a 4.2 all core OC? Sure, Zen+ won't be as good in gaymen, but I feel good when the company that made the CPU is committed to more than 5% real world gains between generations, dropping prices, giving value (stock cooler), and not fucking me in the ass every year with a new motherboard.

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>look mom! I posted an image from HWBot again!

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>new uarch
>5GHz capable lithography
>going against Skylake core +2% in 2019

It's gonna be a another Auschwitz

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a real one this time? hell yeah

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>tfw I want to buy into AMD's moar coars but they really don't matter because I don't sit at my computer all day running benchmarks

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It's a regular 1080, scores should be even better with a 1080ti

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No, because that never happened. And of course if you overclock the 6950X to the same clockspeed, it runs away even further over the horizon. Not to mention that it can clock higher than Poozen, making the gap bigger still.

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Intlel shills still on Ryzen Derangement Syndrome kek.

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It's fine to pay a premium for the better product.

Where is my 12 nm threadripper, AMD?

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Kek kill yourself clinically retarded intel shill, 8 Zen cores > 10 intlel cores

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so with that and the clock improvements we are looking at a 17-18% increase?

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ryzen 7 2700x can go to 4.7 ghz with the included wraith prism

you heard it here first folks, from a procrastinating amd engineer

you're welcome

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Lol good b8post lad

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>ryzen 7 2700x can go to 4.7 ghz with the included wraith prism
>you heard it here first folks, from a procrastinating amd engineer
>you're welcome
proof? everything ive heard is that 2000s got +300ish ghz

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Uh sorry to rain on your parade sweetie but you can't improve IPC AND increase clockspeeds in a single generation. Not even blessed Intel® Corporation is capable of that.

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I don't know if people are modifying HWBot results, but if you're running 4000 MHz CL 12 memory there's no way your on air or water. That is impressive even for LN2. Would also explain why he's using the Z170M OC Formula which was record breaking for ram overclocking. The limited power delivery of a micro-ATX Z170 board and the prioritizing of ram OC would explain why it's a relatively low cpu OC for LN2.

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AMD boys are still mad. Like. HOW? Hahhahahahah

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Nice, mods are finally doing something about this rampart shitposting.

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Wow, there's literally a mod deleting any posts in here that say anything bad about Poozen. Go fuck yourself you street shitting Indian.

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He deleted AMDfags shitposting too, retarded drone

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Sieg Heil brother!

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>average intel cpu review sample

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Post id card or im not believing you

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I bought an Intel because I play single threaded old games, for every other activity my old cpu was just fine.

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People say that but never quantify exactly how old. I play a lot of NFSIISE for example and cpu performance is irrelevant because any cpu made in the last decade is overkill for it. Hell when the game was made dual core basically didn't exist in the consumer space.

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>1070 vs 2700
>cherry p...

>> No.65578365

looks fun

>> No.65578388

Nfs3 is better

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It is, but i'm in a NFSII mood.

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oh shit I remember that track from my childhood... there was a shortcut through some cave with an altar or some shit
I think I still have the disk somewhere

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>AMD sends CPUs that can hit 4GHz to reviewers
>Most people can't hit 3.9GHz on early bins
>AdorkTV conveniently ignores that.
AMDrones everyone.

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Technically you're thinking of the expert version of the track, Lost Canyons. That webm is of the easier version, Red Rock Ridge (the tiem of day gives it away).

Also: if you do find your disc, go nab the modern patch.


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>±100MHz difference
>"golden sample"
Also, most reviewers could only manage these clocks with insane voltages (like Tom's 1.5V). Stop spreading lies, Intelcuck.

>> No.65578769

thanks anon

>> No.65578784

I don't think anyone doubts that AMD sends golden samples to reviewers.
What people also don't have is doubts that Intel does the same.

problem is that there was no proof, now there is evidence and you faggots freak the fuck out, why?

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The Intelfanboys do. Not every 8700K does 5 Ghz at a moderate voltage, let alone more.

>> No.65579005

I wait for real benchmarks in 2-3 days

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Not hitting 4GHz on a 1700 is a motherboard and not CPU issue. Virtually every 1700 hits 4GHz at 1.4v fine on a good board. AMD just sent reviewers good boards and it's no their fault that people buy shitty ones.

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How are these not real benchmarks? He directly compares between a 1700 and 2700X locked at the same clockspeed, on the same motherboard, same ram, same eveeything. All over a wide variety of benches. Here is the review where wccftech got their shit from.


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>10% IPC on a measly refresh

>> No.65579480

>what is cache
>what is memory latency

>> No.65579491

>on an old chipset
>with slower RAM

>> No.65579519

this, intel really should learn with amd on this one

>> No.65579687


Tell that to my 1700 on a crosshair hero VI. It will boot at 4ghz but the second you put it under load it crashes the system. I've managed to get it stable at 3.8ghz.

>> No.65579733

What do you think goys? Replace my [email protected] with a 2700X? I wouldn't need a new cooler as the one that comes with the 2700X is definitely good enough, I have a Taichi so the power delivery is great already, but the problem is I have some shit 2993 2x8g Corsair RAM. I could probably sell the 1700 with the cooler for $250~ CAD and the ram for $140~. The whole upgrade of new CPU + RAM might run me $300~ for what would be a 30%+ performance gain. Then I would just have to wait for used gpu market to crash and pick up a decent card at a deal.

>> No.65579742

no, wait for the 3000 series for a serious performance jump, and buy everything new by then

>> No.65579971

up to you.
I'm happy with my 1600X. While it's nice to see such a performance increase from just a "refresh", I feel no need to upgrade.
I'll probably wait until DDR5 to upgrade unless the 3000 series is super attractive.

>> No.65580146

There's actually rumors that you'll be able to choose between HBM3 or something else and DDR5 for a future Ryzen arch, instead of it being DDR5 only.

>> No.65580203

>massive fast L4 cache vs DDR4 with double the frequency and double the latency
why is this even a choice?

>> No.65580288

Once you move HBM off the package it loses the low latency advantage it has over gddr. Ergo if you move it into RAM slots it'll be as bad, probably worse due to higher command delay, as regular RAM.

Locality is important and it's why that Radeon pro ssg (vega) was so special even though it's just accessing memory and storage using dma, which has been a common feature in GPUs since like 2010

>> No.65580482

higher improvement compared to combined improvement of 3 generations of intel cpus?

>> No.65580679

b-but muh 5GHz AMD still B-BTFO
[helpless sobbing]

>> No.65580760

If AMD can pull off a 15% IPC with an actual uarch change in Zen2, then they don't even need 5GHz, chances are they'll probably pull off a 10%+ IPC with zen2 and deliver 5GHz, and 12 cores to boot.

Intel is really fucked in DT

>> No.65580788

I think it'd be better to work on GHz and overall IPC instead of cramming more cores at lower speeds for now

>> No.65580839

There's gonna be more cores and how many cores it has has no bearing on the clockspeed since Turbo is a thing.

>> No.65580950

but is it faster than my 4690k at 4.3ghz for gayming though? as far as i remember the first gen ryzen had comparable performance to sandy bridge in games

>> No.65581005

Still why not the 1700x if your comparing to the 2700x?
Why not none X to 1700.
I'm confused, I'm probably mistaking something can some one clarify?

>> No.65581007

I hope it becomes true, Intels eightcore mainstream chip will beat the 2700X. But its still a lot of time until its release and Zen 2 is scheduled for 2019. When does Intel bring 10nm? 2020?

>> No.65581022

>When does Intel bring 10nm? 2020?
Most likely never.

>> No.65581050 [DELETED] 
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All Ryzen7 1XXX chips are exactly the same and X only marks higher quality which only means potentially higher OC

>> No.65581106

So higher quality 2700x vs typical 1700.. Doesn't seem like a fair comparison. But that's why the GHz are the same right?

>> No.65581111

X means higher XFR, not necessarily better bins. XFR can push voltages as high as 1.5 to achieve the advertised single-core boosts, which is safe unless you're running a power virus (even if you do, Ryzen would simply downvolt/downclock itself to safer settings).

>> No.65581392


Its less than half the price. You should be comparing it to an i3. If you fork out 8700k level cash you'd have some zen 2 level threadripper with 16 cores at 5GHZ or some shit.

>> No.65581419

>10nm Intel
not before their 2023 14nm++++++ stracciatellaicecreamlake release

>> No.65581487

They still clock the same, It is two cpus both with 8 cores/16 threads, same amount of cache and same clockspeed. What the 2700X can have better than the 1700 is better power management, it can chug less power and get higher clock but it doesn't mean SHIT in this comparison. If you can't understand that, so you are literally retarded or a shill.

>> No.65581521

Intell will bring their 10nm when GloFo, SMTC and Samsung are providing 5nm and are in a joint venture to figure out how to defeat quantum tunneling and go beyond.

>> No.65581561

Giving people choice would let them choose which is the best price:performance which can vary depending on production of either.
Also the whole capacity vs speed thing.

Also HBM on DIMMs would have higher latency. Though should be more bandwidth than DDR5 still.

Intel 10nm is likely going to perform almost as well as Samsung/TNMC/Glofo 7nm and come out not too long after them. It's their arch that is dated and sucks.

>> No.65581616

>If you can't understand that, so you are literally retarded or a shill.
I'm still lost :^)

>> No.65582173

40w for 250mhz oh God.

>> No.65582535

Um what?
It's 10w for 150mhz.

>> No.65582545

And only half the temperature hahaha! Oh wait.. Intel's shit

>> No.65583333

DX11 was never a great multi-threader. Most of the DX11 performance gains found in later titles are from other gains on the GPU side. It's the reason you see Vega beating out Nvidia on some modern titles adapted towards Vega architecture despite still being a DX11 game.

DX12 and Vulcan scale a lot better with threads but game developers are still struggling with it because it's a new architecture to learn.

This is also why you still see a lot of recent games using DX11 or tacked on DX12 wrappers after launch.

>> No.65583414

I wonder how quantum computing will play out. It will be server based first for sure. I have a feeling Microsoft will offer desktop in the cloud so Windows is just a GUI frointend while all the hard work is done on the servers using quantum x86 emulation. Desktop quantum computing won't be possible for a LOOOONG time (if ever).

>> No.65583421

Can't wait to get my 27 hunnid X in a few days

>> No.65583521

i know you're memeing, but intel has done that numerous times since sandy bridge

>> No.65583577

2 times.

>> No.65584214

Quantum CPUs won't be used as main desktop CPUs for at least decades, or possibly ever. They're not suited for PC tasks.

>> No.65584238

>Implying no one will come up with potential interesting ideas for games requiring quantum computation

>> No.65585830

now THIS is an engineer!

>> No.65585892

holy fuck the cringe


>> No.65585986

what will it be replacing ?

>> No.65586025

Quantum computing is not 100% reliable even if it's faster.

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That was short. He could had ask her about the amd ferrari partnership or what she though about the team's performance.

>> No.65586045

grasping at straws schlomo.

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>tfw still 9370fx

>> No.65586053

>intel 10nm slower than 14nm

>> No.65586064

>Intels eightcore mainstream chip will beat the 2700X
In singlecore by 10% and be 100-200% more expensive.

>> No.65586136

did you miss the part where he asked if she spoke english

>> No.65586247

The more cringey part was when he said she had more VIP access than him. Him asking her if she spoke English was a perfectly fine thing to ask considering the location of the event.

>> No.65586256


>> No.65586257

Who cares about performance. Just look at the flashing lights!


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spbinny go wow wow

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>IPC - Instructions Per Clock
>thinking increasing the clockspeed increases IPC

>> No.65586291

Intel is actually behind in IPC now anon

>> No.65586304
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>Instructions Per Clock
>Per Clock

>> No.65586308

Do you know what IPC means? Intel could run at 80 GHz but if it's slower clock for clock then it has inferior IPC.

>> No.65586320 [DELETED] 
File: 117 KB, 800x371, Intel.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 40 KB, 500x500, tjalla-wall-clock__0540839_PE653259_S4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 1.32 MB, 720x1280, ryzen.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We already seen this kind of shilling before 1st gen release anyway

>> No.65586385

i7 8700k is currently 335 euroshekels here. 2700X pre-order sits at 329.

Sure, you don't get a cooler but still...

>> No.65586399

>not only do you not get a cooler but you get less cores and a free housefire
What a steal

>> No.65586408

Z370 mobos are also more expensive

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>"you can write your letters 7% faster"
>new CPU improves keyboard and touch-typing skills

>> No.65586418

Same thing with me, I got a good cooler from a previous build too. Managed 3.9GHz almost stable around 10 hours of mprime, but I didn't like the voltage.

>> No.65586425

Is it worth the upgrade from Ryzen or should I just wait for Zen 2

When the fuck is that coming?

>> No.65586430

Not him but early Ryzens were unstable as hell.

>> No.65586439

>Brand new architecture
It should be more stable this time around.

>> No.65586462

My 3570k died a few months ago, this is pretty recent stuff.

>> No.65586489

This is a good point actually. Why didn't he make a video covering cherry picked samples on both sides? It would certainly clear up a lot of the animosity towards him from non-amd fans and neutral observers since everyone but amd fans think he's not totally honest with his outlook.

>> No.65586496 [DELETED] 
File: 136 KB, 682x787, 1502493068214.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Multi-core doesn't matter!
>Productivity doesn't matter!
>Price/performance doesn't matter!
>Performance per watt doesn't matter!
>Power usage doesn't matter!
>Temperatures don't matter!
>Soldered dies don't matter!
>Stutters don't matter!
>Streaming doesn't matter!
>Data centers don't matter!
>Locked CPUs don't matter!
>OEMs don't matter!
>Hyperscalers don't matter!
>Upgradeability doesn't matter!
>Anti-competitive business practices don't matter!
>Locked platform features don't matter!
>Synthetic loads don't matter!
>PCI-e lanes don't matter!
>Burnt pins don't matter!
>ECC support doesn't matter!
>*NEW* CPU exploits don't matter!
>*NEW* Games don't matter anymore!

>> No.65586516

Where are these videos with Ryzen golden samples
I went to go look on youtube but I only found 1800x videos and videos where people couldn't really get passed 3.95 but a few got to 4 with instability and high voltages

>> No.65586547

Practically every review I remember reading got their chips to 4ghz and I think it was either hardwarecanucks, joker productions of jayztwocents to managed to hit 4.1
As far as I've seen from user reviews, 3.9 is almost a hard limit for most people.

>> No.65586579

I went to go check out those videos
Hardware canucks was using a 1800x
Jay could not get 4ghz and neither could joker

>> No.65586670

Hardware canucks:
>The 1600X sample I have in hand landed at just over 4GHz before the system simply cut off its power, leaving me with a black screen whenever load was applied. I could actually boot into Windows without a problem all the way up to 4.3GHz but that power limitation kept stepping in.
They ended up achieving 4.05ghz - still a good 1.05ghz higher than what most people can achieve in the OC forums

Techspot got high clocks as well
>The 1600X chip we have on-hand for testing had no trouble hitting 4.1GHz at just 1.38 volts and it was even possible to benchmark the system at 4.2GHz after increasing the voltage to 1.5, but AMD recommends a maximum of 1.45 volts for sustained use.

Much like with the Intel processors, these clocks are extremely rare for ryzen. Anything above 3.9 is hitting limits and this is common knowledge.

>> No.65586687

wait for zen 2 or new intel 8 cores

>> No.65586711

Those are 1600xs though
I could easily get my friends up to those clocks on launch day with those voltages I actually followed Techspots review on it to do so

I can't test it though because I have a 1700x but 1600x processors can get up there, it's not exactly fair to compare the 5 lineup to the 7

>> No.65586731
File: 78 KB, 816x840, 1445297301531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tons of people got to 4.1 with Ryzen 5 CPU though anon, check the forums it was pretty common. It wasn't common though at all with the Ryzen 7 series.

>> No.65586747

I've never heard of anyone at all getting anything above 4ghz on a 1600/x and even that 4ghz is a stretch. 3.9 is way more realistic. Everyone I've seen in the forums gets around 3.9 stable.

>> No.65586768

once again youre confusing 5 clockspeeds with 7 clockspeeds
hell these guys ran to some random microcenter and got 4.1 with no manual voltage increase

>> No.65586812


Yet in this reddit post from a couple months back to 24 days ago shows only about 2 people could hit 4ghz and 1 could hit 4.1 but at voltages which were too high. I didn't say it's impossible like I don't think 5.3 on Intel is impossible but it's extremely rare with the vast majority of people only able to hit 3.9 on ryzen 5 based on forums and the same goes for around 5ghz on Intel based on the forums as well.

>> No.65586850

I found three people in that thread that got 4ghz

Seems to line up with the two people you sourced as getting golden samples. Pretty far cry from the 8 big reviewers who got top 22% golden samples.

>> No.65586871

>wait for 8 core intel
I'm not gonna go back to intel for a while, maybe three or four more years if they get their shit together.
If they make a brand new arch with legitimate IPC improvements, soldered dies, not housefires, 8 cores or above, at a reasonable price with an upgrade path, then I'll be happy to buy it. Until then I'll wait for the Zen 2

>> No.65586899

>soldered dies, not housefires
This would be solved if they didn't use the fucking TIM. How much are they saving, really? Fucking kikes.
On housefires, I don't think that's going out anytime soon. Their only advantage right now is clockspeed, they would be obliterated if they lost it.

>at a reasonable price with an upgrade path
Now you're just being silly. You will take a new socket every release and you will like it.

I wish Intel good luck, AMD hit gold and they're not slowing down. Intel needs to stop releasing Broadwell and get on making some new shit.

>> No.65586902

>4ghz is the same as 4.2/4.3 ghz

I don't know if you're purposely being arrogant and biased but you are making yourself look like a fool right about now. There is a good amount of evidence showing that some reviewers got such high quality chips that if you look across all forums only about 5 people have been able to hit 4.2 and above. That's from 1000s of forum posts. If he truly wants to show he is a pro consumer channel he should at the very least analyse what is in front of him and come to a conclusion about it. Right now all he looks like to neutrals like myself is that he has a private grudge against a company and hasn't looked at the situation from a universal standpoint which includes both of the big processor companies.
It's like watching a console gamer talk down other companies when there could be a chance his own console company is doing the same shit. It's just not right and he's already said he's an advocate for fair journalism so I'd expect him to do some research about this too to keep his word. Hell, if he does end up analysing a bunch of sites and comes to the conclusion it's not as bad as what Intel did it would be even better for him as a channel and also for tech journalism in general.

>> No.65586927

>hbm for cpu
brian is literally shaking

>> No.65587060

Tl;DR man

>> No.65587101
File: 24 KB, 604x604, 1521577099884.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

someones got a grudge.

>> No.65587117

what game is this? looks very comfy

>> No.65587143

great argument drone

>> No.65587144


4.3 is pretty low on a 4690k my dude, I run mine at 4.6

Ryzen was already beating Devils Canyon, let alone Sandybridge.

>> No.65587146

You can clock the 1600X high, higher than the 1800X and the 1700. And you can get it to load lightdm just fine above 4GHz but you'll quickly run into segfaults and crashes. I run mine at stock speeds and if I ever need more performance I'll just buy a new CPU. My humble opinion is that overclocking is stupid regardless of it being a Intel or AMD CPU.

>> No.65587169
File: 126 KB, 357x330, 1523122254504.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally showed your true colors, night night anon

>> No.65587171


>> No.65587217

not sure if trolling or actually retarded

>> No.65587226

Say that to my 2600k and not online.

>> No.65587299


>> No.65587330

>'If it does not align with my opinion I will not even hear the arguments presented' the post.

>> No.65587350

>reeeee why don't people don't take me seriously while I read sites and make shit
>Finally showed your true colors, night night anon
I'm not >>65586902
stay butthurt

>> No.65587395
File: 61 KB, 636x511, 1474372842917.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Guy pulls several sources, shows the sources and compiles uniform data out of them
>Nah, I'll trust the LTT video with just 2 CPUs

>> No.65587403

8700k users will get cucked by the incoming 9700k

If you want the 9700k you need a Z390 board but you can use a 8700k on it

Then Zen 2 comes out and beats up Coffee Lake prompting Intel to release Ice Lake fast

>> No.65587410

You won't get clicks from me poofter.
>compiles uniform data out of them
lol every statistics fag would die laughing

>> No.65587467

Maybe I'm a little out of the loop, but why people so interested in the X varient? Didn't the general consensus on ryzen seem to be to get the base model and OC yourself? Is it just because the X variant is the only one with leaked benchmarks?

>> No.65587478

>AMD fails to make a decent CPU in the last decade, all their attempts are either memes (Ryzen) or complete failures (FX)
>AMD shills desperately trying to hide their frustration by making fun of Intel patricians because of low performance +% between i7 gens
>Meme Zen+ arrives: muh +5% gainz! AMD wtf!!1

Even with this 'refresh' they can't catch up with i5 8400 and i7 8700, lmao. And the market leader hasn't even made its move yet this year.

When it happens, Intel solution will make Zen+ look like Zen-∞

>> No.65587544

The market leader already did its move last year when the CEO sold his shares.

>> No.65587564

>Then Zen 2 comes out and beats up Coffee Lake prompting Intel to release Ice Lake fast

>Then Zen 2 comes out
>late 2020, after many delays
>Ice Lake is already out and it's a bestseller, just like all Intel products
>Zen2 performance is worse than i7 8700 unless you have top tier DDR5 and the most expensive motherboard
>s-so w-what, A-AMD is f-for people who can count their m-money! If you're buying Intel y-you're a joo!

LMAO, AyyMD cucks

>> No.65587606

What's the point in buying these Zen+ CPUs anyway? No significant performance increase, still behind Intel in games. Cannon Lake will destroy this in all benchmarks. I would just wait for 7nm or just buy 8700/Cannon Lake, why waste your money on this?

>> No.65587652

Nice fanfic.

>> No.65587657

>when the CEO sold his shares
Lisa Su?

>> No.65587688


You need a better bait.

>> No.65587813

Mind pointing out specifics that are a problem in his video? As in find a video and show to me that this is wrong. I'll wait.

>> No.65587833

>muh gaymen
>muh just wait, intel will destroy amd next time
here's your (you)

>> No.65588014

>Wccftech has Intel 8-core rumors

Unless AMD shits out a 2800X they're going to get rekt

But really Intel? Another board change in less than one year? Holy fucking JUST

>> No.65588148

>Unless AMD shits out a 2800X they're going to get rekt
I'd like to see the power consumption and temps of that 8 core intel before

>> No.65588163

sounds VERY anti-Semitic

>> No.65588251

how many Chipsets/platforms will intelaviv shit out this year? totally not in panic mode right here

>> No.65588261

>tfw Plano becomes Intel's goodest bois again

>> No.65588285

Who gives a fuck, seriously go back to /v/

>> No.65588459

Someone you dislike, for whatever reason, can still be right or more accurate than others whom you do like.
Disliking a person for maybe, even legitimate reasons, does not make their better judgement of a particular issue wrong.
Welcome to maturity.

>> No.65588596

when i switched from a xeon 1231v3 which was comparable to a i7 4770 and only slightly lower ipc compared to a r7 1700, the difference in gaming quite significant. the smoothness and decreased input lag was instantly feel able, also background tasks and lightmods like lightpack or ambibox don't mess up the game compatibility like it did before with intel.

>> No.65588634

Intel eternally BTFO. Ryzen+ and Ryzen 2 will just eat into their desktop CPU marketshare more and more.

>> No.65588648

and light years are for measuring time.

>> No.65588656

but don't CPUs use the system RAM? Would they put HBM on the CPU or something?

>> No.65590198


>> No.65590207

Intel fanbois on suicide watch.

>> No.65590403

>Cannon Lake

>> No.65590610

It is different now because getting the x variant is now only 30 dollars more, you get a better cooler, potentially better binning.

Also, with the improved xfr and precision boost, some people are thinking it might be better to not overclock the cpu because you will get better performance that way. Thus the x series with better base and boost clocks are a lot better now.

>> No.65590747


How can intel ever recover?

>> No.65591143

It's accurate until you observe the results, and worse if you try to debug them

>> No.65591365
File: 1.70 MB, 720x405, Hometown purple diablo.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Read the post.

>> No.65591441

Why dont we get good racing games on pc any? As a kid there were tons of them and u played nfs2 a lot. Now its a dead market

>> No.65591529
File: 2.10 MB, 640x360, Dolphin cove reverse.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


There are plenty of good (and recent) racing games on PC.

>> No.65591614


>> No.65591678

The selection for those benchmarks was very well thought. All of the shilltastic games to show bad Ryzen was for gaming are in there. Currytech always surprises me with this sort of details and spark of insight that made me bookmark it, regardless of it being currytech.

>> No.65591703

Yall gonna intrerpret this in the wrong way. So, to be clear, he's still a clickbaiter, but sometimes I find some minor details in his articles that made me finally include him among my weekly reads.

>> No.65591731
File: 1.13 MB, 288x314, 1523258847185.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>There's actually rumors that you'll be able to choose between HBM3 or something else and DDR5 for a future Ryzen arch, instead of it being DDR5 only.
holy fuck i'm rock solid for some HBM3

>> No.65591755

From what I gather, this is mostly memory related gains.
And it's never specified what clocks they were running their memory at.
If it's to specs, then 1700 is 2666Mhz, while 2700X is 2933. Which is exactly 10% increase.
Kindof irrelevant because everyone and their mother has been running 3200Mhz ram on zen unless they never bothered to buy Samsung B-die ships.
In fact, I must be the only idiot owning such ram and staying at specs.

>> No.65591792

Looks like some NFS4 or 3.
Thanks for the nostalgia hit.
>ywn play a good NFS game ever again

>> No.65591815

The more you spend the more you save.

They're really doing it. I'll bet they'll bring 4 way sli back just to support this new mantra.

>> No.65591825

wrong bred.

>> No.65591877

It will be in limited supply, require another new high end motherboard with more affordable boards arriving another 6 months later.

>> No.65591894

Here we are, 1 year after Zen.
Intel has released 6 cores processors to the 'plebs'.
You can bet it wouldn't have happened without Zen.
Now they're talking about a 8 cores.
Will probably sell for 500€+.
Meanwhile, I bought a 1600X last year.
Nothing using it to 100% ever.
No games, no app, just nothing.

Everything beyond 6 cores is useless at this time, unless you serious about cg or video editing.

So I'll just wait to see my 12 threads fully utilized in task manager before making the upgrade. And none of you should bait into 8 core intel for gayming. Just get a 7700K.

>> No.65591918

Stop overcocking Intlel retards!


>> No.65591970
File: 1.64 MB, 1920x1080, Downforce optional.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Redout, BallisticNG, GRIP, forza, dirt rally. NFS is also on PC.


DGvoodoo is my lord and saviour.

>> No.65592008

>when the game was made dual core basically didn't exist in the consumer space.
Of course it didn't. NFS2 is from 1997, the first consumer market dual core appeared in 2005.

>There are plenty of good (and recent) racing games on PC.
I love hardcore sims, but there is nothing like the classic NFS. Nowhere, not on PC, not on consoles.

Why can't we get just a 1:1 remake of NFS 3/4/5? Nothing more, nothing less. Those were literally perfect casual racing games. I have especially soft spot for NFS 4. The soundtrack melodies sound in my head until today...

>> No.65592058
File: 2.72 MB, 720x405, Race the train.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Why can't we get just a 1:1 remake of NFS 3/4/5? Nothing more, nothing less.

No fun allowed.

>> No.65592065

So Intel, the company who's had delay after delay after delay for the past 7 years and already reported multiple issues with 10nm, including performance degradation from 14nm, is suddenly going to launch products on time?

>> No.65592096


If you listen to /g/ Intel has warehouses full of super chips ready to release as a counter-measure to AMD.

>> No.65592182

oh boy

>> No.65592250
File: 8 KB, 225x225, 1523533320180.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That made me laugh more than it had right to

>> No.65592262

toppest of luls

>> No.65592279

Well, nfs 5 was more simulation.
But still the best game I played with regards to force feedback wheel.

Why the fuck do they keep doing those Fast and furious simulators? Do they actually sell or something?
I mean, I played Underground throughout, and I think it was overall good, especially the soundtrack. But since, it's just garbage.

>> No.65592347

NFS3 had some pretty good physics simulation.
I remember replacing one of the cars with the model for the policeman leaning/pointing (can't actually remember which), which I thought would be good for a laugh, the game instead applied some physics to it and he always veered right.

>> No.65592468

>youtube channel has the pajeet flag
the memes write themselves

>> No.65592897

It isn't out yet.
I'm an owner of both in the past, but jesus, give people a chance to really put it through the paces before you guys fall for another potential 3.95 meme.

>> No.65592996

The difference is that people constantly say that the *700k parts are overclocking beasts and everyone highlights that they can reach 5.1GHz+. Overclocking past 4GHz was never an expectation for Ryzen since all indications were that the silicon wouldn't really clock that high. Ryzen is on a low-power node. It was never an overclocking chip and everyone knows that. Stop being dumb.

>> No.65593014

Isn't that what was initially somewhat true for pc's? Vacuum tube was basically ON:COMPUTATION:OFF no?

I know that the physics is different and that you can't observe at the quantum level without collapsing the fields, but isn't it possible to speed up the process such that the processor would only be used for certain (quantum) tasks? What about smarter manipulations of the equations? Like moving sets back and forth from several normal chips to account for several likely computational outcomes before the calculation is complete? Then a binary cpu becomes like RAM for a quantum cpu?

These are all legitimately questions I don't know shit.

>> No.65593050

I don't know how easy it would be to port Vega's HBM controller to Ryzen but it's certainly possible

>> No.65593231

nfs high pursuit (2010) is perfect if u like old nfs games. ppl still play it on steam if u like Mp

>> No.65593246

Such as?

>> No.65593559
File: 2.50 MB, 720x405, Slide show.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Its not the same.

>> No.65593706

Because he loves to shill clickbait videos against easy targets like Intel.
Him giving a balanced overview on things would hardly sell to either side of fanboys which leaves only the reasonable people and as we know those are too few to make a profit off.

>> No.65594279

For what I know, if you tasks a quantum computer to pick the highest peak out of a plane, the computer picks out one of the highest peaks but not necessarily THE highest. The computation is extremely fast, but for the reasons mentioned not precise.
This info was from my physics professor and I can't find an article with the same idea. Fucking gizmodo blocking the real news.

>> No.65595970

Why are 90% if reviewers hitting 4.0 or above then when the average user isn't even able to hit over 3.9 stable?

>> No.65596091

No. You need to delid the Intel and oc it to 5ghz then the Intel becomes like 5% faster.

But you lose your warranty.

>> No.65596106


Stop it noob. If you oc it to 4ghz the xfr is disabled.

>> No.65596167

overclocking loses the warranty on intel

>> No.65596308

>100Mhz more
how much of a difference is 100Mhz

>> No.65596551

It's a troll post m8.
4.35 is already known as the wall for sane voltages.

>> No.65596581

Only XFR is disabled when OC.
There is a weird bug where some of the other power management doesn't work if the CPU is running a multiple of 100mhz, ie 3800mhz causes the bug but 3825mhz does not.

>> No.65596596

Of course it is BS,
AMD's slides say literally that average (or typical, not sure now) OC is 4200 on PInnacle Ridge.

+3% IPC but I don'T know how they measured it.

>> No.65596656

Time to post this on /r/cringe :^)

>> No.65596730

Enough for some Scottish autist to make a video about people getting over 5.1 ghz

>> No.65596773
File: 129 KB, 1200x724, DGvMo8uU0AAdu13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it does pretty much everywhere
not that I want to defend Intel, Ryzens are better deal

>> No.65597154

I'm on a Phenom 1090t @ 3.6Ghz. I do a lot of music creation, video editing, programming and writing. Gaming is important, but I don't really give a fuck about anything higher than 80, 90 fps at 1080p. I'm thinking the Ryzen 2700 would be a very good choice as I can probably do 90 - 100 fps at 1080p with good frame times and frame minimums with tons of workstation performance.


>> No.65597221

Man, I managed to get 4.1Ghz on my pre-order 1800x, @1.37v, its not fucking unicorn frequencies, just the same old lottery. You would be more accurate if you said 4.1 was the hard limit, since that is absolutely true. The only folds running higher than that either use suicide voltage, or have the jew-hoarded TR dies.I overpaid for all of 100-150Mhz above a 1700/x, but I wanted to get the first thing from AMD worth a fuck in like 10 years.

>> No.65597232


Depends on what your workload is. I personally game in Microsoft Solitaire and my frame rate there is high even on four 980s in quad SLI.

>> No.65597251
File: 32 KB, 500x522, C_ECGT_VoAQaZy0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should be good of course, assuming your stuff is multithreaded (video, compilation - check). You could of course get 7900X or 7820X or Threadripper, but at that point that's a way more expensive platform to be on, while an AM4 board should not cost that much. 7820x seems to be nicely discounted now, but motherbaord cost on top of it, it probably still doesn't look that good wrt bang for buck compared to the octal Ryzens.

Assuming there won't be unexpectedly large gap between the prices, I would probably go for Ryzen 7 2700X instead of 2700. Unless you mind the higher power consumption, the premium doesn't seem very large this time and you get that meme Wraith Prism cooler that might be sellable if you already have something better.

In gen1, there was a large gap between the price of 1700 and 1800X, so it made sense to get 1700 and OC, but now it's probably better to get 2700X and even keep it stock (so you save on coolers, psu) or just very mild OC.

>> No.65597480

How come no one clocks an i7 or something to the same clock as a Ryzen chip? Have an 8700k at 3.8ghz and a 2700x at 3.8ghz and see how they compare.

>> No.65597484

Funny thing is that he talks about people just like you in the videos.

>> No.65597515

It will actually be an L4 cache using HBM on die. Imagine loading entire routines or even applications instead of just instructions without needing to access the main memory or keep the main modules off a program there so everything will be fast and smooth.

>> No.65597534

Fairly good technical writeup.
It was made when the platform was still fresh, I think AMD improved RAM latency a bit after launch so maybe the current result is slightly better.

Check the AnandTech forum after some time, he might do a new comparison wit the gen2 Ryzens.

>> No.65598010

In Great Land of Burgers, You are either with us or THE ENEMIES DIE CIS SCUM !!

But yeah if you dislike someone you should if anything listen to them more often so you can find their weakness and point them out.
You did mention a good point which isn't learned anymore in any school STFU and listen you might learn something even if you don't like the guy.

>> No.65598136

Cause it doesn't push forward their narrative
Could you imagine the shit flinging riots that would ensue if a benchmark showed Ryzen had higher IPC

>> No.65598271

It doesn't yet (in majority of apps), though the average is fairly close.

>> No.65598293

You're thinking 1800x
The 2700x now has higher IPC as shown in benchmarks from those who have had both at the same clockspeed

>> No.65598345

AMD only says the IPC is 3% higher (coming from lower latencies of caches and RAM I think).

Those 10% claims from youtube are just in games and it is possibly not real IPC test but 2700X has turbo on.

In any case, I don't care about games so I only consider IPC in applications. Where there is single digit difference often, but it is often higher than 3 %. Skylake will likely stay a bit ahead.

AMD has better/futureproof platform and eight cores, so it's still better despite that. Only thing I regret about it some is that it doesn't have higher AVX2 performance.

>> No.65598346

Going to be upgrading to a Ryzen 5 2600X w/ an X470 motherboard.

Going to be doing a mix of programming, image/video/music editing, 3d modelling, gaming, and streaming.

Out of the loop on RAM though, as i've been stuck w/ DDR3 for 6 years.
What kinds of RAM speed should I aim for, without getting tooo expensive?

Can anyone reccomend

>> No.65598384

Go google up some forum threads, getting ideal RAM for Ryzen is not something you can get advice for on 4chan.

Basically you want to run about DDR 3200 if possible and at low latencies, but getting kits for that might not be trivial and you need to pay some premium, so question is how important it is to rice it in the first place.

The achievability of good clock on DDR4 depends on whether you have Samsung or Micron as opposed to Hynix chips, and it is not easy to know which are in which kit.

>> No.65598388

Intel only had 5% higher IPC so if you're saying it's 3% better then they are within 2%, that's not a bit ahead

>> No.65598389

At least 3200MHz. They're expensive and there is nothing you can do about that.

>> No.65598394

The easy way might be to get some kit made specially for Ryzen, like G.Skill and other companies have.

>> No.65598404

It might have been more than 5% but yeah. It depends a lot on what applications you are testing.

>> No.65598464

It was 5%
So now AMD is only 2% behind

Intel better get moving if they want to not get completely steamrolled by Zen 2

>> No.65598573
File: 222 KB, 959x1080, 1502022559883.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The first two columns show Zen vs Haswell in all work types (including 256b float), at stock frequencies.
The first (blue) and fifth (grey) columns show the 1800x vs 7700k at stock frequencies.

The second image shows 1 core, 1 thread work at 3.5Ghz for Zen, Haswell and Skylake (compared to Excavator).

No, the gap isn't 5%. Normalizing to remove the Excavator comparison, the gap between Zen and Skylake is 23.5% for all work types and 12.5% for non-AVX work types.

>> No.65598584

Kaby lake*

>> No.65598644

>gap between Zen and Skylake is 23.5% for all work types and 12.5% for non-AVX work types
Probably over-emphasized a bit. As said, it was made early (he published it on the day of release), and there was a performance increasing AGESA (the one lowering memory latency) after that.

The importance of AVX/AVX2 256bit probably shouldn't be overestimated. More or less only application where you are going to feel it (and that 20% difference) is x265.

>> No.65598661

also note that the AVX number includes outfliers like Linpack that should be treated like syntehtic benchmark for practical purposes.

7700K almost never has as much as 85% percentage of Ryzen 1800X performance in applications.

(saying that although I was the one who originally posted the link to that thread)

>> No.65599009
File: 33 KB, 678x798, 8700ksingle.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Intel is already finished (1/2)

>> No.65599016
File: 148 KB, 781x767, amdryzen2700xsinglecore.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


AMD single core is now better

>> No.65599203

Just a few more hours for the truth.
Will it disappoint in any way?
There will be more controversies about the actual performance?

>> No.65599452

I already have one I even posted on here and mods deleted it lol???

It's a little faster but that is because they fixed the latency in infinity fabric.

>> No.65599485

>Will it disappoint in any way?
I think the CPUs and their prices seem quite unlikely to disappoint someone with even somewhat reasonable expectations, but it does kinda suck that not even a single 400-series micro-ATX mobo has been announced so far. Hardly AMD's fault, of course.

>> No.65599868

>the first consumer market dual core appeared in 2005.
What is 2001 dual core G4's

>> No.65600123


>> No.65600176

Just over 6 hours to go

>> No.65600275


>> No.65600284

>There will be more controversies about the actual performance?
Yes, everyone is gonna use the wrong type of RAM/mobo and get shit performance.

>> No.65600292 [DELETED] 

My MSI GD65 Gaming Z87 boards has 8 SATA ports. I can't find one X470 board that has more than 6 :(

Looks like I will need to buy a PCIe SATA card on top.

>> No.65600455

>muh price performance
>buy this 200 dollar ram kit

>> No.65600490

>he doesn't understand the difference between 2 different 3200 MHz kits can be a 30% performance cost
>waaaaaahhhhhh, I can't spend $10 more on RAM
>btw, lemme just spend $50 more on a processor with 2 less cores and $100 more on a mobo, not working at intel btw

>> No.65600501

You forgot the delid job and cooling requirements.

>> No.65600508

fuck, I knew I was missing something

>> No.65600513

this sounds very reasonable for a specific type of idiots.

>> No.65600523

you both also forgot that you need a PSU capable to tank the intel spaceheaters.
When you OC it, you'd better have that special kWatt PSU.

>> No.65600594
File: 133 KB, 318x354, 1515798660866.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.65600639
File: 95 KB, 640x636, 1523613396811.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>tfw corsair 2933 shit because i couldn't find 3200 ram in my county

>> No.65600651


>> No.65600659

Try to overclock. It's most likely has same hynix chips as 3200 modules.

>> No.65600748

so you can OC ALL of the new line to 4.9 GHZ at least? neat, thats 1gz higher than waht ryzen1 could do on avg

>> No.65600749


i'll try this, never overclocked my ram, just put in an xmp profile and got to 2933

anything i should know or be wary about?

>> No.65600771

Yeah but they release worse products for comparable prices.

>> No.65600772

>anything i should know or be wary about?
Just read the text instructions in "Instruction (archive)" and shoot for 3200 MHz.

>> No.65600777

o also make sure to backup the original ram settings

>> No.65600798

This. If you leave Meltdown and other flaws aside, Intel products have some merits - but cost-effectiveness certainly doesn't tend to be one them.

>> No.65600801

Intel should move on from monolithic to glued-together solution

>> No.65600803


dumb question but how do i do that?

just screenshot the timings etc and then put them back in if it's not stable?

>> No.65600810

>Need for Speed: High stakes
ah, I remember that rail tracks.

>> No.65600832
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Hey, boys! I'm gay!

>> No.65600983

New thread

>> No.65601005
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>> No.65601435
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I wonder if AMD pays their developers overtime to come here and shill.

>> No.65602644
File: 32 KB, 1088x820, cbr15-ipc-comparison-3ghz-scores.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My benchmark > your benchmark

>> No.65602659

That's a good benchmark. Every CPU is at the same clock. Why don't people benchmark like this more?

>> No.65602695

>if you ignore the biggest flaw in this decade's CPUs then they're good

>> No.65602736

>from bulldozer's 73 to 127
Damn 57% better IPC

>> No.65602788
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You tell me.

>> No.65603032
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Who here waiting for 7nm Ryzen?

>> No.65603156

Really want to see this updated with the 2700x and 2600x.

>> No.65603189
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>> No.65603323

>3% IPC difference

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