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Find a more beautiful language.

Pro tip: You can't.

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I prefer brainfuck.

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Ps. I develop scala for s living. Shit is so fucked once you know it well. Don't believe odersky's lies

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Literally Java with functional crap.
Have a simple fucking import:
import $ivy.`com.github.nscala-time::nscala-time:2.18.0`

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That's not how you do imports

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I agree with >>65492287, Haskell usually ends up looking nicer.

I still love Scala, it's more practical overall. Haskell overdoes it with how much you were supposed to know and engineer "perfectly" to get anywhere and then you STILL have pretty large problems determining how fast anything runs and how to optimize it in case of issues.

Which is probably a shared experience; ergo Scala has a lot of the big data / big websites / big processing production users and Haskell has not all that much.

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Scala is just a hobby language

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Eh? It runs Twitter, a lot of big data stacks (Akka and Spark particularly -everyone and their mom in big data / big processing uses these), other various pretty large websites like LinkedIn, internals at IBM, Verizon, Walmart Canada.

Not that I really tried, but you can make a rather really long list of production users by following the known users of various popular Scala stacks.

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It's pretty fucking ugly imo. Go and look at Scalaz's source code and come back.

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Scalaz is not part of Scala, though. It is a library - and one that is relatively rarely used.

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Wrong. Spark is based on Scala.

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F# is an infinitely better language.

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F# - is like a much inferior Dotty. Like Dotty it'll probably be nearly useless on its own except for small toy projects for the foreseeable future.

Once you combine it with C# or something else like you generally have to, the result is worse than Scala, with the additional flaw that it's on .NET.

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should i learn scala

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>JVM language

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care to elaborate? would be interesting to know its problems, i see it as a more enterprise oriented version of erlang especially with akka

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I like Scala but no it is not beautiful at all. Clojure is quite nice to look at, though.

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I don't think there's a reason not to learn it. It's not such a complex language that you cannot do it in your spare time. I wouldn't commit to learning it in depth though, unless you have a reason to. But if such reason ever arises you'll be familiar with the language already.

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Make a language with the optionals of Swift, the list/dict comprehensions of python and the colsures of JavaScript and it will be a beautiful language

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>Pro tip: You can't.
Stop talking like a /b/-tier tard

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None of you idiots know about ceylon lang? Scala is completely wasted and even typescript borrows from Ceylon lang.

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And look how Twitter and everyone is leaving Scala because it's a nightmare to maintain and it's complex beyond repair.

Just google rants from Paul Phillips to see the mess that the compiler is

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Akka is fucking awful. I worked for years in Akka projects and their substandard actor system is better served by elixir / eerlang

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So, typescript/ceylon only.

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This, and maybe typescript

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Is it ever going to be used? From what I've read its has slow web performance and c++/java is go-to language for regular desktop programs.

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Beautiful my ass. Implicits and unit insertion are enough to avoid it like the plague.

Even Java is doing better now.

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This. Scala allows for shit code and no style principles.

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And it has many ways to do the same thing. The price of freedom is complexity.

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This has an ugly java patina.

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Antonin approves of this thread

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>And look how Twitter and everyone is leaving Scala
I heard that one three years ago. Meanwhile, look at how much Twitter is leaving Scala:

Not at all.

> Just google rants from Paul Phillips to see the mess that the compiler is
The one where he says it's still one of the best ones at the end? Sure.

Also, no matter how you turn it it's never going to be worse than JS, which incidentally is one of the few "newer" languages that seems like it was even more successful at growing with commercial users than Scala recently.

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I've invested quite a lot of time back in 2016 to learn Scala in my free time, completed Martin Odersky's courses on coursera, and made a few toy projects, only to find out that every company I interview at is getting rid of their Scala codebases, and going back to Java, and if you don't have several years of experience in legacy Java versions, then you are a no hire.

So much for trying to escape shitty enterprise .NET lock-in jobs. Fuck you, next language I will learn will be for hobby purposes only.

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> every company I interview at is getting rid of their Scala codebases, and going back to Java
On job websites, there is still a decent number of open Scala jobs.

Also, it sounds like you just don't have a decent comp.sci degree, else you could presumably get hired for Java.

> Fuck you, next language I will learn will be for hobby purposes only.
Cynically speaking: It sounds like that's what you just did?

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Fuck you for hacking my category filter. The correct form for a shilling thread is:
>protip: you can't
Use that next time

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>scala codebases are being thrown out for java
Really? Scala is still the incumbent when it comes to data engineering.

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m8 he is full of shit

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Ho ho, you copied that line from the shitty throwaway code I wrote, and you have no clue what you're talking about?
Yep, this is 4chin-tier arguing.
Hint: that's not how you do imports in Scala.

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t. scalafag

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F# is CLR-handicapped discount frogcaml, and we all know the buttload of deficiencies of that particular language.

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Sure, give it a shot.
Better yet - try using it for simple problems first (project Euler, hackerrank whatever), or to scratch an itch. For example, if you need to do something and the only useful library is on the JVM.
Try using it pragmatically ("get shit done" mode) first, don't go full FP or perf autism in the beginning.
Protip: try the Ammonite REPL.

Ignore the pro/anti fanbois tho, there's plenty of those in and out of the community.
The language has its pros and cons, and some pretty significant ones, but assume everyone has a bias and take their comments with a rock of salt.

As for guided learning, there's a course on coursera, that is a bit more FP than Python-tier tho.

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>Twitter and everyone is leaving Scala
bandwagon shit. Scala was overhyped around 2008-2011, people sobered up around 2011 or so (hence the few "leaving Scala" posts).
Now, as >>65497547 mentions, people are using it (hopefully mostly) for the use cases where it makes sense.
Scala internal drama brought to a wider audience.
The FP weenie/Pragmatism/Pajeet++ schism in the community was more heated back then, but they seem to have matured a bit.

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ocaml is best language
just a small ecosystem

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Common Lisp and Scheme.

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t. Java brainlet who discovered functional programming

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should I learn SML

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That was the britbong alternative to frogcaml back in the day, no?
Dunno if it's used for much, even academic wankery (see Cambridge's extensive academic and industrial frogcaml involvement).
But who knows, it might be more elegant or something, ask folks who have more knowledge of the ML family.

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Scala's just Java in drag, it's hideous.

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