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phone posting is so comfy

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Phone posting is illegal.

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posting not so much, but lurking is superior on dedicated Chan apps

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What is the best screen size for comfy phone posting?

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Picture a S5 mini. Keyboard easily accessible to write short sentences and pictures are not too big in catalog mode

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I think I unironically prefer Clover browsing to desktop browsing

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Same. I got too used to it over time it's not even funny. What's the point of damaging your back?

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It's great. And to boot it grabs the ire of people mad at "phone-posters" for no reason.

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You wanna know why people are mad at phoneposters as a whole entity? It's because they are easily recognizable. They tend to post in a casual or laid back manner with short sentences, usually without pictures, probably because they're either outside and are not willing to spend time thinking before posting or simply because the support isn't made for long text typing. Since they're not using a keyboard, they are prone to make more mistakes or to have a very simple and noticeable writing pattern. I admit however than this can also apply to underage or meme posters.

There is also the cliché surrounding phone users in general that didn't disappear throughout the years on 4chan, namely the underage/normie/social media association with smartphones. Daily reminder that people born in 2000, and probably even after, are browsing this site, probably with their smartphone in hand after posting their last Fortnite session on Snapchat.

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Same here, it's just so much better.
Sliding between threads, searching/scrolling a thread history that goes back weeks, it's all so handy. The only bad things is not having a spoiler button which was taken out for some reason, and all my pics on computer, though I'm building a very nice collection on my phone, and even when youre on the computer you generally get into the habit of favorite images to use anyway. Also the captcha is way easier to do on a touchscreen when I happen to get it.
Also storytime manga threads are much easier to read on a phone.
Oh yeah you can even download all the images in a thread natively. Only used it one but it's handy.

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FLOENS is truly a hero

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you faggots single handedly ruined /g/
kys yourself

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I tries 4chanx and its ass. Clover is so much better

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kys cuck

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>foss software on fdroid ruined 4chan

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Tsk, tsk, tsk. And they say us phoneposters are the ones that don't make good posts.

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The only thing I can think of off the top of my head that Clover doesn't have is a countdown to when you can make your next post. It seems a strange thing to overlook, but maybe it doesn't bother most people. But I hate having to fill out the captcha only for it to say 'you must wait 5 seconds before making another post' all the time.

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You cant view bans and warning which fucks me over all the time. Got banned just last week for posting a crying amd wojak and saying poozen

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16:10 24''

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What am I looking at here?

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Pornhub in brave up top, clover below with newpipe playing YouTube ontop of everything.

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annoys me so much, Floens get working on it

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(You) counter when?

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It's too addicting. I think I will compile a version without support for all boards except /an/.

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I prefer Desktop>laptop browsing over Phone , imo If you browse 4chan other than in your home or desktop>laptop then you are a fucking looser, faggot or under the age of 18 but idk is just my opinion.

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But I need to keep my threads bumped on the go or else they'll die

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1080p between 5" and 5,5"
Most content is fullHD and little stuff don't look that blurry as one might imagine.

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>Clover dev master race

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shidposding from my lg5

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420chan, wizchan and lolcows don't work.
Its still pretty much perfect at this point.

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i'd ban you again

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works on dchan

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I'm laying on my bed on my side. I can use Clover AND shitpost comfortably with 1 (one) hand. Phone is S4 mini. Goat size

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What's so special about Clover and why would I want to switch to it from Mimi?

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free(dom) software

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Mimi's OSS as well, it's not said that open source software should be free as in free beer... You can always pay a symbolic cost in order to get rid off the ads.

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5.99" 18:9 aspect

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It's also one of the things that killed 4chan.

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Not from Clover, most newfags and cancer come here on mobile browsers

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no u

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Come on man I don't play Fagnite

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>he doesn't tabletpost

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