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For me the first problem of GNU/Linux is that there are too many distros, i think that having only one distro would make the community focus on the user experience, the stability and the number of software available. Obviously if only one distro exist there should be different installers with a choice to not use systemd, to not use proprietary blobs, the choice to use stable or new softwares like in Debian and so on... Nowadays the different distros are using a very similar package manager like every other distros, it's like putting efforts for nothing. I use void and it's literally Arch without systemd, why the fuck should we make another distro just for that!
What is your opinion and how would you fix GNU/Linux?

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linux is fine, fuck off and stop trying to simplify and centralize it kike

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Centralization is good if we have more choice than a decentralized system.

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>centralization gives us more choice
There are real arguments to make. Enjoy the free (you)

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>needing to change your distro to change init system, staying with an obscure package manager instead of using a universal package manager trying to give more choice to the user like Guix.
GuixSD may be success in making the universal distro and not debian which force the user to use systemd

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