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>AMD poozen

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ryzen sux at games

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>oh no it has 50 more fps which are above all reasonable displays refresh rates and with a top-of-the line GPU running a game at low at low resolution

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pcgamer use a 1080ti on 1080p at low to benchmark a cpu....

and they wonder why people call their bullshit out

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Its to remove gpu bottleneck you retards. Thats how you correctly measure CPUs against each other.

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you remove gpu bottleneck on 1080p now? i thought 720p was the norm till literally a day ago

wow technology runs faster than i though /s

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After all these fucking years devs can't optimize beyond 2 fucking threads.

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>Thats how you correctly measure CPUs against each other.
no that's not how.
There are synthetic benchmarks out there that can determine more accurately the potential and/or the actual performance of the cpu.
What does the low res low quality meme provides us? it provides us with a bad synthetic benchmark and very inaccurate results.

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oh no no no no no no it was supposed to be our year

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>1080p low
1999 called they want their resolution back

I hate this testing methodology at least 1080p ultra or 2-4k

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that's masturbation, not benchmarking
a proper benchmark is based on actual usage, which would be [email protected] Ultra for 1080ti

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Are you fucking dense or just paid shills? It doesn't matter what the graphics settings are even if they were comparing GPUs. Better performance for the same task is better performance for the same task. The fact that this needs to be pointed out to so many people in such a small thread really makes me think that AMD finally hired some shills to combat Nvidia. I just can't believe that you are all that retarded.

But then again look at >>65429978
>it doesn't matter if it performs better because most people don't have the hardware to notice the gains!

Holy fuck please Shuaybi yourself.

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>having money to hire shills
It's probably that asian doing it all on her own time.

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If they used proper settings you would realize that there isn't a lot of diference between procesors.

>b-b-but gpu bottleneck

Who the fuck cares. I play everything maxed out.

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But think off all those barely held together cores OP. I mean just think off all them!

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Oh look, it's another Intel post-purchase rationalization thread.
You're on /g/, show the linux benchmarks or go back to /v/

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Sweetie, you're missing the point. Synthetic benchmarks like that are useless because they don't reflect the normal usage patterns. And because the FPS don't scale linearly due to the GPU also being a factor makes it ever more worthless.

>The fact that this needs to be pointed out to so many people in such a small thread really makes me think that AMD finally hired some shills to combat Nvidia.
Or maybe there's just one Nvidia shill and a lot of anons that aren't brain-dead.

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the fact that someone is using a top of the line gpu to play on a resolution that most surely no one that has the capacity to buy one will ever play it shows how much they know about technology

the gpu is literally bottlenecking the system

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>not posting zen+

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>games preform better with smt disabled

Behold the power of Poozen!

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I mean maybe if you are a gaymer it's bad

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>game engines that were developed before ryzen perform badly on ryzen

who would have knew

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That's because Windows has a retarded scheduler and Microsoft is lazy to fix it.
Same thing happened to Intel when they re-introduced HyperThreading. Took Microsoft years to fix.

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thats not true all games perform bad on ryzen anon

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>product was clearly rushed

>It's Microsoft's fault!
>It's the same devs fault!

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>The linux scheduler is goo-

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took ms 8 months to partially fix their sc to recognize how ryzen handles the threads on commersial windows
took them 2 weeks to fix it on windows server
it took linux like what? a totality of a month to patch the kernel and the various branches
do the math


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but we're not talking about coffee lake

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Don't worry guys I'm sure Zen++ will finally match an Intel quad core.

>muh transcoding
>muh twitch streaming

But even poozen++ won't fix that shoddy software ecosystem

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oh wow you trolled /g/ so good
better bookmark the thread and show it to your mum

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you mad cause amd went full american history x on your soyboy blue ass

Revenue of $1.48 billion was up 34 percent year-over-year, primarily driven by strong sales of Radeon™ graphics and Ryzen™ processors. Revenue was down 10 percent sequentially, primarily driven by seasonally lower sales of semi-custom SoCs
Gross margin was 35 percent, up 3 percentage points year-over-year and flat sequentially.

you are also mad that your chips are nowhere to be found

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>>It's Microsoft's fault!
>>It's the same devs fault!
remember this?
>bulldozer comes out
>performs shit
>wait for ms patch
>ms scheduler patch arrives
>bulldozer gets 5% better performance
>bulldozer still is shit, but 5% less.
do you see that there's a strong correlation between the h/w and s/w?

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