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The absolute state of Microsoft.
The glory days are over.
The corporation is getting ready for irrelevance.
>Windows as we know it is no longer critical to Microsoft’s future
>Microsoft announced it’s fourth major shuffle inside the company over the past five years
>There is little doubt over the company’s true future: cloud and AI
>Microsoft is splitting Windows across the company, into different parts
>Experiences, instead of Windows, is how Microsoft sees the operating system
>The core development of Windows is being moved to a cloud and AI team
>Android and Applel have more then 3 billion monthly active devices
>Windows 10 is now running on barely more than 600 million devices
>Missing mobile has meant Windows is no longer the dominant way people use computers, and Microsoft is now chasing the “experiences” across devices.
>Microsoft has been trying and failing to woo consumers for years
>The software giant killed off Groove Music in favor of Spotify. Kinect is officially dead, and Microsoft finally confirmed the death of Windows Phone.
>Microsoft now wants iOS and Android devices to work better with Windows
>The future of Windows 10 apps looks to be fundamentally about web apps.
>Windows isn’t dead, but it’s clearly not as important to Microsoft anymore
>Windows is being adapted for new devices and scenarios, but it’s not the core of Microsoft’s business anymore and hasn’t been for years.
>Consumers don’t care about Windows anymore.
>Consumers are no longer interested in purchasing devices for the familiarity or compatibility of Windows
>Microsoft hasn’t innovated enough on gaming PCs.
>Now that Microsoft has moved the fundamental core of Windows over to the cloud team, it’s easy to see the long-term future of Windows being a cloud subscription service for the people who really need to use it, rather than love using it.

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I have come to hate this word and loathe its use. I want a tool damn it! A platform on which I dictate my own experience, not something prepackaged and freeze dried that taste like preservatives!

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Comfy desktop computing will soon be dead for people who don't know how to maintain their own systems. In the future, the only people with comfy personal desktop computers will be people who know how to install and maintain older versions of Windows, and also Linux or *BSD

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What's a computer?

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Even Apple is moving away from the desktop. Trying to push the iPad as the normie computer of the future.

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>Microsoft is splitting Windows across the company, into different parts
wasn't it like this before?

you know what to do. https://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/current/amd64/iso-cd/debian-9.4.0-amd64-netinst.iso

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remember how people said tablets will replace laptops in 2012?

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2020 year of the Linux desktop.

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They effectively have though. A majority of modern laptops are tablets in laptop form. The computing power they have is tablet grade. There is just a keyboard attached for functionality.

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they're still
1. amd64
2. not locked down

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Microsoft cloud is doing well. They are mainly focused on large scale corporations.
But indeed ms will never go back to its glory days.

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This is still happening, but in its beginning stages. For many people, even smartphones have replaced laptops.

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this, and they always were infighting
For example, rumors say the Ribbon component of Office was implemented independent from the Ribbon component of .Net

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They have though. They're outselling desktops, laptops won't sell anymore unless they pretty much function identical to a tablet (and twist/snap off into shape).

You weren't one of those retards who thought desktops would suddenly disappear off the face of the planet, were you?

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Guys, I'm freaking out. I'm just a casual windows PC user, but I'm nonetheless a dedicated user who has stuck to using PCs for more than two decades, so the thought of the biggest, most accessible pc OS being a thing of the past is terrifying to me. Not just because of things like convenience, compatibility and familiarity but because the passing of Windows OS seems to mark the end of the "personal computer" era that lasted all the way from the 1970s to 2020s! All I want is to be able to continue using the computer in the same way, to do the same things as I did since the mid 90s, but I have no idea how I will be able to do this in the future where service is the new product and machines are just a way to access those services. That's basically two gatekeeping features that I have to shell out money for and that's disgusting to me! So what the fuck should I do? I'm seriously considering hoarding computer parts so I can build new PCs for the next 10 years if necessary, but aside from this, should I also buckle up and learn to use Linux well enough to not have to rely on online guides? Is that the only way? How plausible is it to continue using a cocooned version of Windows 7 beyond the end of maintenance from Microsoft?

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Just horde hardware and software. Run WIn 7 the rest of your life if you want. Have some modern shitty botnet device to carry out internet stuff on.

This is already happening for a lot of old school power users. Go take a look at the price of used single core cpu mobos on ebay. Any board worth owning goes for pretty good money as there is a market for it. All PC hardware is gonna go through the same waves as single core CPU stuff. The market will drop then slowly creep back up the further away time gets from when the hardware was mainstream.

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it's a very real possibility that if you want to keep using your personal computer in a personal manner (not as a 'window' to online services), you might just have to learn something new, like linux, in the not-too-far future
using old software could do for a while, too, though obviously, unmaintained software will only be useful for so long

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>unmaintained software will only be useful for so long
False. If it works fine today on a given set of hardware it will work fine tomorrow on the same set of hardware. For example a graphics editor will edit a jpg the same as it does today 50 years from now. The consumer fantasy that newer is better and everything needs to be updated every 6 months is fucking retarded.

Would like to point out there is no reason whatsoever for anyone to waste their life learning learning a random OS if what they have works for them. Its not like magically OSes cease to fuction. DOS works as good today as it did back in the 1990s. Just because the hardware for the OS is no longer in production doesn't mean the OS stops working.

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i'm not saying it will do less over time, rather that at some point it will stop doing more
you can use dos and everything that supports dos today, but there's a lot of things which can't be done on such a machine, or is at least far less efficient to do so, that's what i mean
it becomes less ideal over time

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>its 2025
>sitting in the park by myself
>a lovely day
>reach into my bag and pull out my thinkpad
>boot it up
>a jogger running past starts to slow down, eventually coming to a complete stop in front of me
>"i-is THAT a-a COMPUTER!?"
>"mister I grew up knowing about them but never got to see one in real life!!!"
>Die a little inside

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You do realize corporate reorganizations happen every day regardless of how successful the company is

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You legitimately sound crazy and I want a restraining order from you.

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Really, I'm not out to destroy Microsoft. That will just be a completely unintentional side effect.
-Linus Torvalds

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>android and Applel have 3 billion devices
No shit when you account for the different systems under one manufacturer under just windows ten not to mention phones are a lot cheaper than computers

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Microsoft has been a microcosm of America itself for decades. The energy and vitality of the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s in the United States have been replaced with emptiness. So it is with Microsoft...

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Sure for DOS maybe. With modern OS and software there really is no longer going to be much change. The concepts are flushed out already and everything is done being majorly developed. Hardware advances have crawled to nearly a stop. Power consumption is more of a concern then power to compute. The only reason most new hardware gets sold is due to forced obsolescence rather then actual obsolescence. Software makers aren't even looking to innovate anymore. They just add and subtract bells and whistsles every 6-12 months. The software companies are fuct because there is no where else to go with their products. That is why they are transitioning from actual software that is a physical product and moving to subscription services. Subscriptions are the only reason they have good money rolling in.

Unless there is a major paradigm shift in technology there will be no reason why today's hardware and software will be rendered obsolete any time soon. Steve Jobs said something about this along the lines of no company has a business plan past 2030 because everything possible with current technology is already in the works. Without collusion for planned obsolescence between software and hardware companies combined with subscription business models there is no reason why any average consumer needed to upgrade their technology starting around 8 years ago. Literally nothing revolutionary has come out in quite a while.

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>The core development of Windows is being moved to a cloud and AI team

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Linux will also make the change.

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>With modern OS and software there really is no longer going to be much change. The concepts are flushed out already and everything is done being majorly developed.
this reminds me of a quote about how some patent office employee in the 19th century quit because he thought everything had been invented.
things have slowed down recently, but that doesn't mean big changes can't/won't happen
you could be right, perhaps we've truly reached the point where current stuff will just get relatively slower, and Never Obsolete(tm), or not. only time will tell

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Which is the problem, you're thinking about it as revolutionary. No change was ever revolutionary in tech in this context. They were all quite small shifts. Better games, better forms, better internet speeds, longer battery, etc.

So you'll stay waiting for a revolution for the rest of your life, it never happened and never will happen.

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Depending on his place in time he wasn't wrong though. After new technologies are developed innovation plateaus and tapers off. Without a major paradigm shifts new technology and innovation doesn't really occur all that much. Modern mankind has pushed essentially every form of new within the past 100 years technology as far as it can go. Almost every industry has done nothing beyond regurgitate older tech and/or added bells and whistles.

Take a look at Harley Davidson motorcycles. The sales persorns love to tell folks that the modern Harleys are totally new and revolutionary because bells and whistles. The fact of the matter is they are still big v twin motorcycles. Just because they installed fuel injection, added anti lock brakes and hung some pretty plastic on them doesn't make them new or revolutionary. They are the same lop of shit motorcycles that Harley has been making since the late 1950s.

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>t. someone that did not fully grasp Win 95 - Win7
Judging by your post I would guess you really have not got a clue as to how modern technology progressed during the 20th century then ground to a halt in the early 2000s.

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I have a jarring feeling that Cloud will die in the next 10 years as it is used now, computing/storage/networkIO will be such a commodity that there is no need for central storage/computing

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i get what you're saying, all i'm saying is that there's no way to be sure things won't change
all one can do is act on what we know right now, if what you have works for you, keep using it until it no longer does, be that 5 years, 10 years, or until you die.

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They have. Pay attention.

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we might see a time where owning a personal computer will be illegal.

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>Experiences, instead of Windows, is how Microsoft sees the operating system
What does this even mean? Is "experience" the new "app"?

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this is going on in several industries. automotive has been slowly moving in a similar direction for a while now.

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oy vey goym

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it means nothing, it is marketing crap made by people without talent for people without a brain.

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Why is this bad? Microsoft pivoting away from client computing is objectively a good thing. With Azure, they have a vested interest in supporting the Linux ecosystem, and being forced to compete with AWS means that they can't "embrace, extend, extinguish" like the days of Bill Gates.
A Microsoft that spends more time in the cloud and doing ML research is way better than it being run by nerdy Andrew Carnegie.

>tl;dr: 2025 year of the linux desktop

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What do you mean?

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This is why they've become so Linux friendly. Linux is so prevalent in the world of servers, it's a requirement to be able to easily interact with Linux, or fall out of relevance. It's nice to see that they finally came to their senses. We CAN all get along.

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>False. If it works fine today on a given set of hardware it will work fine tomorrow on the same set of hardware.

Then you realize that on top of unintentional vulnerabilities there were intentional backdoors and vulnerabilities placed in this product. Then you realize that some of these are left over at W7 end of life. Then you realize MS has a financial incentive to motivate you to upgrade to the new version. Then you realize this translates to a financial incentive to allow others to know about these left over holes. Then you realize that your original statement has to be prefaced with as long as you don't connect it to the internet. Then you realize that if MS is able to force you to run your computer air gapped then you don't own your computer. Then you realize run it how you wish is one of the four freedoms. Then you realize your original error was ignoring the infringement on your four freedoms. Then you install Gentoo and live happily ever after. That or you kill yourself for being such deepstate cocksucking cuck that you can't look at yourself in the mirror anymore. Either one makes the world a better place.

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it means they're bring windows xp back

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It's not a rumor. In the win7 days and before, the different groups were basically completely isolated. When they heard from the top they had to implement a feature, instead of one group working on this and other groups using it, each group independently implemented the feature. One hugely important example of that is telemetry. In win7, there are about 30 different telemetry systems, all independent, all collecting various levels and types of information, based on which team developed it. Satya tried to fix this trash by making people actually work as a unified body. Unfortunately, though he talks the talk, he doesn't walk the walk. There is only one telemetry system in win10 which every group uses, but that's about it. Outside of that, every group is still working completely independently and try to mislead, undermine and otherwise split up anyone who's encroaching into their territory.

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Get good with virtualization, my man. Set up a server to store your backup virtual images and software on. I've been busily hoarding Windows ISO's and niche software for years now, and I use Linux 99.9% of the time.Shit's gonna be gold in the future, mark my words.

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vs code is the one and only software that has ever come out of microsoft

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Linux is already under assault from normie computing memes. Ubuntu packaged Amazon botnet in their distro for example. The only thing that keeps this shit out of the kernel itself is Linus' leadership. You should be familiarizing yourself with another OS right now to be ready in case the year of the Linux desktop ever comes. OpenBSD is where I have my eye but just about anything will be better once Linux becomes a normie concentration camp like Windows is now.

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vs code is literal unusable dog crap. visual studio was actually really good despite being closed source trash with a crap compiler with shit standard compliance that added telemetry to your code without telling you.
Also hotmail was decent at the time. To this day, now-outlook is the only major email provider that's worth using since the others are being cancerous super-niggers on steroid, and becoming worse as time progresses.

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I can't say I'm very happy with office365 continuing to propagate MS Office lock-in

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You're doing a lot of judging for someone who actually fails to comprehend what is being said and instead doubles down on retardation.
The revolution never happened. You were too young to really understand what happened. Especially during the 95-7 timeframe, but go on, keep running your mouth bitch.

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>Microcuck keeps fucking up Windows to try and gain ground with nu-males and women with metro and win10
>keep stealing all your infor for the big brother jew
they can become number 1 again easily. make xp2 style it as xp squared. remove back doors, remove all the spying shit, and remove all the forced Internet shit, and make security tight.

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No need, just open-source it (UE4-style). 0 effort, automatic 100% market share, can pretty much abandon the project and still make infinite money on it.

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The Boomer generation needs to die off for this to happen. They have been desperate since the 1990s to profit from holding back innovation. Absolute retardation is what it boils down too. Windows and every other tech company is becoming Sears. Like Sears they had/have it all and are blowing it. Gonna be hillarious the day that the likes of Google, Facebook, etc. become MySpace. The only thing stopping it from occurring is patent hording and trolling. Really what needs to happen for tech to innovate is the concepts of intellectual property and patent rights need to be tossed in the trash for the betterment of mankind.

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>expected 1 billion devices to run windows 10 within 3 years
Oh boy they were wrong, win10 is garbage.

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Back then new CPU sockets were created to handle the vast improvements being made in CPUs. Now it's so you have to buy a new motherboard to go with your 1% higher IPC CPU. Upgrading hardware was amazing during this time. Shit has stagnated so much now that removing ports and functionality is considered revolutionary.

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>nothing innovative happened in technology between 1995-2010
>t. pic related
Holy shit you are a loud mouthed moron. How about you fuck off to somewhere else where you can get away with being this retarded.

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>The only thing that keeps this shit out of the kernel itself is Linus' leadership.
How can one man be so based?

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If it's that easy, (serious question) why don't poor coders do it themselves? Just make a Windows clone with the same functions and call it !Windows or something.

>> No.65323331

He really isn't. He keeps accepting trash-tier contribs while pretending otherwise, causing endless amounts of regressions and new bugs alike in each new kernel version. It's also why the code is an absolute mess and several systems are downright unreadable. He then gets angry at the people he accepted the PRs for instead of taking responsibility for his own mistakes.

>> No.65323374

Multiple reasons.
1- it's already been done. Every mainstream GNU setup has had significantly more and better features than the equivalent wangblows function for decades now.
2- it is illegal to copy windows 1:1. That fact should itself be illegal though. This world is fucked.
3- See reactos.
4- No and/or false information publicly available, resulting in having to reverse engineer to get any compatibility at all, only to find out that there are 3000 exceptions based on specific program name to make them work instead of the other way around. Then the next update happens and you have to start again pretty much from scratch.

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>They effectively have though

No they have not. Chromebooks are replacing tablets.

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It's a weird set of events plus his congenital personality. Some cross between Finnish culture, being raised to value merit, being competent enough to have an opinion, and not being so much of an agreeable pussy that you're not afraid to defend it. The man was a student and argued in a public forum about kernel architecture with a world class expert on the field. Can we still make people like that today? I hope so because we need them and for more than just software development.

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>and Microsoft finally confirmed the death of Windows Phone

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>vs code is the one and only software that has ever come out of microsoft

based on nodejs

copy of atom

really innovation from MS, hands down /irony off

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It doesn't help that Microsoft ignored the desktop while its relevance started slipping away. Copying Apple wasn't working. It didn't sticking it out in the phone market. The Xbone is dying due to practically handling the generation over to Sony. They shit profusely over their C++ and other non-.NET devs until they left for Linux or other platforms.

The cloud stuff looks nice but the dev documentation is annoying as shit to tolerate. I don't want to have to sift through 10 pages of marketing fluff to get to the damn reference manual.

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Chromebook tablets are just getting started. See the Acer Chromebook Tab 10. It's going to compete against the new iPad.

I don't think it's officially dead. They're just pausing it until Windows S comes along and revives the Windows store.

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