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NVidia suspends self-driving car tests globally, stock crashes dragging the rest of Nasdaq with it. Uber lost it license to test in Arizona and now the rest of the industry is scambling to cancel development. We won't have any self-driving cars any time soon. t.t.thank you Uber.

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>self crashing meme is already dead

Thank you God, if you're coming for my manual, you'll only get it from my cold, dead hands you fucking kikes!

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Is the chip they use borken?

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It has become redpilled and decided the best long and short term way of making traffic safe is by not going out of your way to save someone from their own stupidity, that'll weed out some of the retards and the rest will start to learn not to make mistakes. Natural selection at it's finest.

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>tfw won't be able to drive and hoon my car safely because Stacy can't have her car drive for her.

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been waiting for nvidia bubble to burst
now going to be able to buy

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That small blip is just an odd shot anomaly and will correct itself. If you want to see real failure, check out them AMD stocks. They can't get into the self driving market because they have no drivers. So ha!

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well why you think tesla hired the one true mega uber jim keller?

nothing with nvidia on ever worked

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Is this a 2 minutes chart?

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that dip was just from a couple big holders selling at a lower price. it'll go back up when they're done selling.

you fuckers can't even into economics

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>LITERALLY one death
>Everyone pulls out
>Meanwhile human drivers have killed thousands since self driving cars started getting tested
FUCKING NORMALFAGS This is why we can't have nice things.

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Fucking this.

Why is it that a computer sucks 20 times worse than me casually shifting gears? Fuck, I was better shifting than a computer when I was fucking 14 on a tractor.

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nice time to buy is guess

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omfg you liars just looked at the stock its fucking nothing I hate /g/ so fucking much sometimes

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Hope the whole AI will fix everything meme is over.

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It's an unbelievable double standard, especially considering that in this particular accident, the victim was at fault, and the backup driver also failed to avoid her.

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self driving cars are for idiots

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Of course the also drag down AMD.

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Self driving cars are a legal nightmare.

Every death will be blamed on the car manufacturer, the GPU maker, the AI maker, the cameras, whatever.
It's too costly.

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>assassinate target with self driving car
>get away with it

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Since computers don't make mistakes, an accident is a very big deal. It might be a engineering failure, causing the accident to happen every time in the same situation.

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made me chuckle

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Manual is fucking annoying

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How is this nothing?

Down nearly 20% in a day.

Debating whether to pump with $10K I have laying around but don't want bag hold nvidia.

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Manual transmission is already dead faggot.

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Holy shit they are really taking a hit

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If a GPU company's market cap (in billions) is higher than its high end GPU VRAM (in gb) then that company is overpriced.

It is law.

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The AI has decided to kill kikes.

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t. wants to text and eat in his car


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Bought 10 shares locked in at $225, next week it'll go back up and I'll dump. If it stagnates I'll just wait for the next GTX announcement, shit always moons.

Clean grab.

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Nah I just dont want to fuck around with the shifter constantly when in heavy traffic you dumb cucklet

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>heavy traffic

I'm sorry for not having 2 hour commutes like Amerimutts

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Literally just put it in second and leave it there.

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I've said it many times before and I'll say it again : Optimization algorithms are not Artificial Intelligence. Corporations got greedy and over-hyped a fundamentally flawed technology and rushed it to market. You can only evade reality for so long. That being said, there will be REAL AI for Jensen's wares soon. Until then, there will be birth pangs. The memes will hold true.
You will see myself in (you)
> Cover my eyes electric blue.

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Nah then fuel economy is fucked

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As if that matters to an American.

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Imagine how much you have to suck for this to amount to even the mildest annoyance or challenge.

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What fuel economy? If you're in heavy traffic you're not gonna go over 2k RPM regardless of the gear you're in.

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Lol he actually thinks about shifting.

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He has to think about shifting, he's too busy texting and doing his presentation on his laptop to be concerned about changing gear.

Buddy of mine is a policeman here in the UK, they fucking love looking out for Rental cars around this time of year because it's usually Americans driving, and 99% of the time, they're on their phone, and have no seatbelt on. Easy tickets.

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sad but so true

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Fellow Europeans, consider that there's barely any cars in America with manual gearshift. Automatic is the norm. It's just one of those things that's different. Your regular American can go a life-time without seeing a gear stick. I'm not saying it isn't fun to laugh at but I'm fairly sure I wouldn't know how to drive a stick either if it weren't for the simple fact that every single car here has one.

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>they're on their phone, and have no seatbelt on
Oi, looks you got a little too much freedom there, m8. This is the UK. BTW, do you have a tv license for that iPhone, old chap? Blimey, is that a plastic fork? Gonna have to take you to jail. Silly Americans.

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>assassinate target with vulnerable cars made after 1996 with CAN bus injection over Bluetooth/cellular and get away with it.

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There's plenty of Autotragics in Europe, I think over 25% of new cars are.

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Driving while texting is as responsible as shooting a AR15 with your eyes closed. The difference is that no one will cry if someone kills you for doing that.

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Well duh, capitalists have no incentive to properly develop an automated driving system. It would kill the insurance industry.

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..meanwhile nvidia ended the day -7.75%. I do find it kind of odd that Jensen would go on and on and on about NVidia's driverless car technology at the nvidia gts conference at the same time as they cancelled their self-driving car testing. Seems like it was a pre-planned presentation he just stuck to.

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No, it would shift liability to manufacturers and certification shops. Insurance is only going away for the end-user.

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An autonomous driving network would be accident free. I bet you think that bottle of pills really does cost 1000 per pill. Typical amerimutt

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>Fellow Europeans
I, sir, am a born and raised United States citizen, caucasian, and I drive manual transmission exclusively. And what you have described it precisely the problem. There are too many automatics, and as a result too many shitty drivers, and increasingly lower choice for stickshift patricians.

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Have you read, or even skimmed, a single one of the IEEE or SAE standards on connected vehicles or automotive security? If not, I suggest you do (IEEE 1609, SAE J2735, SAE J2945, especially SAE J3061). 1609.2/3 outlines the roles of CAs and roadside units (infrastructure cost) and J3061 outlines the product lifecycle INCLUDING continued assessment of security posture and auditing safety systems. And before you throw a fit because IEEE and SAE are primarily US-based, ISO just recently harmonized their Car-to-Car standards with IEEE/SAE.

You're really not well informed enough to debate this.

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>Literal H&S on the AMD chart
>"nvidia is finished"
Even if I own only AMD GPU I can admit that AMD has more to fear right now.

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>5 minutes of googling obscure jewish laws later
And you still didn’t make a point.

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I actually work on these systems. Go back to /polfront/.

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what systems would that be? windows?

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This is excellent news

The self-driving meme can't die quick enough

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>We won't have any self-driving cars any time soon.
We already have self-driving cars, anon. There are literally normal people riding in Waymo's cars in public.

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This. And I still want to know how a human could have avoided this. The average human would have done worse desu

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Enjoying you Sempron, huebro?

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Can anyone summarize the NVidia keynote for me? All I heard about it is that the new Geforce cards literally cost over 9000 dollars. Was that the only thing announced?

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Back to 3D printing you guys, we can still save that meme.

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>getting in a car that's more than happy to make the decision murder you because it determined swerving off the road would save n+1 people
Maybe you'll be able to force someone other than a suicidal neet into one of those when they're old and senile

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I doubt self driving cars would ever do that.

Even if they want to make it "ethical" (which they don't) it will have to be damn sure it's not a false reading that's triggering the deadly swerve.
It would also open the door to vandals/pranksters causing those situations on purpose.

Much safer to just make an emergency stop.

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>increasingly lower choice for stickshift patricians

Tell me about it, neither Ford, GM, nor Dodge make a heavy duty, diesel engined pickup truck with a manual transmission anymore. I hate towing heavy loads with an automatic transmission.

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this its ridiculous

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>Down nearly 20%
Did you calculate that on one of their GPUs?

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Don't all automatic gearboxes have a few low gears you can manually select for towing and such?

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really, 1 dead crackhead and they're suspending everything? How many people do people kill each year with their cars?

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the tesla guy has been doing just that and he is doing great

have some (((applause)))s

>car has a lidar, ambient light is irrelevant
>actually believing the video they feed to the goyim

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nvidia still looks like a bubble. my money is on tsmc because is way undervalued and they make chips for big tech companies including nvidia.

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Driver's fault, obviously.

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Dashcams are notorious for not handling exposure like humans can. Pictures from the area clearly show the area lit better than what it appears in the dashcam. The person would have been visible by the idiot driver had they been paying attention as they should have been.

Self-driving cars are still in their infancy and mistakes/issues will happen and will be corrected. The airline industries didn't start out with a perfect safety record either. The onus and responsibility of safe operation of self-driving cars is on the operator.

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Nvidia and Uber were both way behind in the self-driving car race any way. If Google, er Waymo, or Cruise drop out, that'll be news.

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how did LIDAR miss the woman ?


this is what it can do, so how the fuck did it not 'see' the woman ?

Was it not working at the time ?
Did the system in the car not process lidar data ?

lots of questions as to what went wrong, but with all the data the car was producing I am sure they will find out the root cause.

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140B vs 9.8B market cap. Yeah AMD is killing nVidia. I hate nerds.

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In the US, we have approximately one fatality per 100 million miles driven. Uber's self-driving cars had driven ~2.5 million miles when they killed their first person. So basically, they're 40x deadlier than human drivers.

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I've seen that footage several times.
....still can't make out of the "driver" is a man or a woman.

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I love how the UK talks shit about America but they really are the biggest pussies on planet earth. Can you imagine something like this going down in Texas? A bunch of pedophile worshippers gang raping 11 year old girls while the police cower in their own piss and shit? Keep talking shit limey. The whole world is laughing at you.


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>assassinate with open source car and open sourced remote connectivity and open sourced display port donggle on open sourced roads with open sourced license.

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Think about it
Self driving cars is definitely going to happen
What you r lookin at rn is an opportunity to buy nvidia stock for real cheap

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They probably should have tested this tech with trains and trolleys first

>> No.65281287

They should have stared on the speedways.
Far more useful as well: boring as fuck driving, usually the majority of the journey and doing something else won't necessarily make you puke.

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Uber isn't the only people with self driving cars you know and this is the very first case of this happening.
>A sample size of one

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>We won't have any self-driving cars any time soon. t.t.thank you Uber.
I liked an idea of assistive autopilot, but I hated how Uber allowed to test their cars.

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>And I still want to know how a human could have avoided this.

By going slower and having some sense of awareness. You don't need to be a computer in order to predict potential problems based on the environment. Assume the dipshit in the left turn only lane is going to go straight and cut you off. Assume the person in the parked car is going to fling his door open just as you drive by. If you don't have clear indication otherwise, assume there's a pedestrian about to walk out into the street from behind a car.

The power is yours.

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Hopefully they rethink how they are going to protect these death machines from hackers.

Our own agencies can't stop leaks and they want to inter-coinnect every vehicle into a grid.
One mistake found in any vehicle will lead to every device being compromised.
Literally a botnet...
One wrong brake..
One left turn...
You could end coupless lives.

Yet everyone wants to just embrace le futura!
Apple and Google are the two big names in AI cars and Apple can't even properly program a calculator on IOS 10 while Google constatly monetizes on your information.
This is fucking SKYNET

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the only thing that means is now is a good time to buy nvidia stock

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So that stupid moral bulshit about the self driving car finally got its answer.

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>friend has internship in NVidia self-driving research


>> No.65282439

not anymore i bet

>> No.65282531

Self-driving tests =/= the whole project

>> No.65282538

At least I don't have to feel like an idiot for buying a car not that long ago.

>> No.65282542

Nvidia just feeds all deep learning hardware(other than Google's highly specific TPUs) anyway

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Too bad drive, brake, gas and everything by-wire is here to stay even if full autonomous driving never becomes widespread.
Enjoy your car braking and refusing your orders whenever it senses something it doesn't like.

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El goblino

>> No.65282640

What? Really?

>> No.65282653

Don't they have radars? Surely light is not the only thing they rely on.

>> No.65282668

I like how Google's run their cars for years without any major incidents and a year after stealing their code, uber's managed to kill someone

>> No.65282686


What the fuck? How is such a different market cap a thing?

There's no way nvidia is so much more valuable than amd.

>> No.65282699

^This made me chuckle because it's a good analysis.

^You're just annoying. Try learning some more words.

>> No.65282748

Nvidia made a net income of 3 billion USD last year, AMD's net income was under 50 million USD. Nvidia has double AMD's gross revenue. Nvidia has a small amount of debt, meanwhile AMD is in massive debt.

>> No.65282754

Fucking ameritards. Who cares about a fucking goblino being killed by an Uber? Literally there are millions of them. Self-driving is cool. Fuck you US!

>> No.65282819

yeah we should wait until they kill a thousand people before they're declared unsafe

>> No.65282851

So... ban all cars?

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>We should knee jerk get rid of them because a car hit some retard jay walking across the road in dark clothing in the middle the night

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Funny enough Musk's tunnels would have solved this problem

Can't have accidents if there are no pedestrians and every moving piece is automated and networked with each other

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You forgot telemetry and other data mining. All modern cars phone home gratis via a cellular modem. Guess you could physically disable the antenna or something

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>Meanwhile in Tesla's self-driving car tests

So this is basically going to set back self-driving cars another 10 years since they were rushing to get this shit out the door. Arizona's governor just banned self-driving tests and California just banned Uber from driving their cars.

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Thats not how statistics work. The more people sel f driving cars kill the more confident we can be in their fatalities per mile.

>> No.65283062

>The more people sel f driving cars kill the more confident we can be in their

>> No.65283304

Giving average joe several thousand pounds of mass to potentially slam into something at a high speed is a risk, but society accepts that the risks are worthwhile to keep modern life the way it is. Human crashes into something, no one starts wanting to ban cars, computer car crashes into something and everyone loses their mind, see the double standard here? Perfection does not exist in the real world, especially when you're talking about driving on a road with random people doing random stupid shit on it. It's asinine to expect perfection from a computer because perfection on a road isn't going to happen ever, people can't even manage perfection with trains on tracks for fuck sake.

>> No.65283325

Good news: Self-driving cars are safer than a human driver.
Bad news: The human driver we're talking about is Matthew Broderick

>> No.65283348

>140B vs 9.8B market cap
And that's not even a fair way to look at it. AMD makes GPUs and CPUs. NVidia does not. NVidias 137 billion + intels 240 billion = 377 billion vs AMD at 9.7 billion. I know both Intel and NVidia does a lot of other things too but they are primarily known for making CPUs and GPUs. But their 377 billion total vs AMD at roughly 10 billion really illustrates that they are, relatively speaking, a very small player.

>> No.65283375

>stock crashes
>still up over 100% compared to 1 year ago

I love it when people call every tiny dip a "crash" these days

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you can't do much i the way of an assasination over canbus untill 2012-2014 or so and only very specific models with auto-parking or lane assist that have the correct servos for steering . most you'll be able to do is honk the horn, flash the lights, turn the wipers on. maybe bring the car to a stop, but most ABS systems won't accept commands over 15mph

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Literally victim blaming

>> No.65283783

Are you two fucking retarded? Uber's self driving system uses LIDAR. How dark out it is, or whether or not a cheapo chink dashcam can see a human has ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING BEARING on Uber's autonomous system.

This is one of the most basic tests a self-driving car needs to pass. Do you see something in front of you? STOP. Uber's system is notoriously bad. 1 in every 13 miles it need human intervention. Compare that to Google which needed human intervention every 5,600 on average. 1 in 13 miles is not automation, it's a fucking farce. Uber deserves every ounce of bad press and legal throwback for this. Shitty software, combined with a bad worker who was not paying attention was bound to happen when your shit is less reliable then some shitty lane-following software that Tesla is using.

>> No.65284025

By watching the road.

>> No.65284042

Road rules attribute blame in the event of an accident.
The pedestrian was jaywalking and not watching for traffic. That's where the blame lies.

However, from the point of view of accident avoidance the driver and the autonomous system also failed in their responsibilities.

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why does the bike not have retroreflectors on its spokes
why is she not wearing any reflectors
why is she just walking slowly ahead without looking for cars, the car clearly has its lights on so it is not that it was not impossible to see on the straight road

holy shit any human would have ran her down and kept going
I bet this video is nowhere to be seen in most news articles about this case either

>> No.65284123

I live in Mesa, AZ, right next to Tempe, and I drive to many houses in the East Valley, Tempe included, for my job. These Uber cars were literally everywhere in Tempe just a few weeks ago and for a couple of months too. You were always surrounded by at least 4 cars at all times. Kinda surprised that for how flawed the Uber auto driving was and for how long they've been around, only now was there an actual accident. And such an avoidable one at that. You'd think having a thing all-of-a sudden walk in front of a moving car and having it stop was one of the first tests they'd run.
I haven't seen a single Uber car since the death but I still see Waymos around. Even saw one earlier today.

>> No.65284131

not only that, if the girls go to the cops, they will get labeled as prostitutes, get killed, and even then the cops put their thumbs up their ass.

america has issues in small towns, but the moment its brought to light a hammer is brought down

>> No.65284204

>why does the bike not have retroreflectors on its spokes
>why is she not wearing any reflectors
Irrelevant, the car should be able to detect objects in pitch black. Deer don't have reflectors either.
>holy shit any human would have ran her down and kept going
>I bet this video is nowhere to be seen in most news articles about this case either
You're an imbecile if you think that sub-360p edited video is accurately indicative of the actual light level. Here's how it actually looks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XOVxSCG8u0
It's well lit, any human driver could have seen her from hundreds of meters away. But the driver in the car didn't look up at all, hence no reaction time. The video is doctored and purposely misleading, otherwise they would have release a non-edited HD video instead of an edited screen recording of multiple videos (aspect ratio changes for some reason in the cut).

>> No.65284218


well let's see here
my living needs are internet at reasonable speeds, and close enough to commute while not wanting to die. so sub 2 hours at most

however If I have a car that is autonomous, I could handle a good 6 hour a day commute assuming the car can get me there and get plugged in.
The car senses something wrong, it fucks off to get repaired, likely under a warranty, and a new one pulls up while the old one is serviced, but then again I may just have really good insurance/warranties on my car for this to all be essentially free, and force trackers in cars.

you know what takes all the fun out of driving? getting nearly t boned by a faggot going 50 in a 30 and not seeing it because of a hill, with a sensor, my car knows a faggot is approaching, and I don't have to deal with my car being serviced for weeks because the faggot totaled it when he collided.

Can not wait for self driving, hell, it may actually be able to alleviate congestion entirely because it can plan half a mile away for how the cars are going to interact. imagine a stop and go intersection where it just normally has half the traffic stop, but instead everything is timed out so traffic only stops to let people going left or right then it resumes.

no more under 30 retards driving on roads thinking they are invincible. no more midlife crisis going 90 because they want to feel again.

can not wait to never need to drive.

>> No.65284232

When auto makers stop using MQX and outsourcing infotainment systems to India then that can start sounding valid.

>> No.65284240

What is gonna happen with all of those new Tegra chips designed around self driving car AI?

>> No.65284264

They actually shopped the reflectors out and darkened the road along shopping out some of the public lightning

>> No.65284294

Google has a far larger data asset than Uber

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File: 29 KB, 396x400, But that's wrong you fucking retard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>computers don't make mistakes

>> No.65284342

is uber that shitty a company they would do that

>> No.65284347

the banning of self driving cars is not against the idea of self driving cars, it's because of the companies behind it who are - at the end of the day - more worried about their bottom line than anything else

>> No.65284362

>Since computers don't make mistakes
Computers can't even do floating point math without round off error you ignorant buffoon nigger.

>> No.65284429

Uber deserves every ounce of throwback specifically because they’re so bad at this that I can ruin genuine attempts of automated driving. Uber’s fuck up has people worried about Waymo, etc when in reality Uber’s just been lying through its teeth as per usual.

Absolutely. We’re talking about the company that created an entire system dedicated to detecting & tracking journalists and LEO to hinder investigations against the company. That created an entire espionage division to sabotage other rival companies. And willingly stole hundreds of patents from Waymo. I’m happy that Uber disrupted the taxi business, but that doesn’t make me like them.

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>> No.65284508

Looks like 8% to me.

I've seen AMD drop that much in a day for literally no reason.
Hell it dropped today for AMD for again no reason.

>> No.65284511

It's a feature.

>> No.65284694

I think self driving tech is interesting.
It is a technology that is relevant because it makes a thing people do safer.
But I also recognize it helps the "wrong" people.
A lot of people who have the job of driving all day does not have the skillset to do something else with their time, so introducing such technology might do more harm than the lives they aim to save in traffic.
The reasoning being mass unemployment leading to increase in crime which leads to a general breakdown in society.

>> No.65284794

>very first case



>> No.65285069

comparing a car with lidar to a human

only a nvidia fan will go that far

>> No.65285173

also the woman had natural night camo. The car had no chance to detect her

>> No.65285954

You need to ride the bus.

>> No.65285991


New application of old joke

>> No.65286008

^y do u reply like this senpai

>> No.65286011


Those are constraints of the system designed by humans. The computer didn't make a mistake, it failed by designed.

>> No.65286262

there are still bitflips and hardware errors

>> No.65286471

t. jacket-man

>> No.65286516

I thought Uber sensors have nothing to do with visual input? Why shop out the lights? how stupid are people?

>> No.65286523

you mean the mobile bathrooms? yea, no
If there was some semblance of cleanliness or reliability to their schedule I would at least give it a chance.

nah, I just see driving as a means to an end, I take no enjoyment in the act itself.

put me on a track, give me an off road and I can have some fun, but put me on a fucking turnpike and I would rather just have everything done for me and do literally anything else.

maybe I get to live 4 hours away from work and not want to kill myself from the commute, maybe I drive into a high pay area, and drive home 5 days a week then get the weekend to do my shit and the 8 hours a day in the car either naping or doing other shit then drive.

a self driving car makes the commute time just time where I have to be inside a car, not time I have to fucking drive.

>> No.65286528

>they have no drivers
shouldn't be a problem for self driving cars

>> No.65286534 [DELETED] 

Did you even watch your own video? This isn't the one that hit the pedestrian

>> No.65286777

Watched it in slow motion, when the biker appears it's not from the left as you could think but right on the car's lane, that meaning that this image is severely underexposed since if you pay attention you can only see 2 stripes on the asphalt, meaning that the car lamps can only light 10meters at most and that is almost impossible in newer cars which can actually light a hundred of meters for a human eye. If I was driving giving how much you could expect to see on a car like that I could've "tracked the obstacle" 10 seconds earlier than the possible impact, something clearly malfunctioned on the car (which I suspect should have radars and infrared cameras), the man/woman driver clearly was not paying attention and the biker didn't see a fucking car going straight down the road at full speed.

That guy had to die but the car clearly has its fault

>> No.65287007

it does seem that uber's self driving cars are kind of shit. more importantly, no one has laughed at my joke>>65286528

also checked

>> No.65287074

>and the backup driver also failed to avoid her
>person would have been visible by the idiot driver had they been paying attention as they should have been
>the driver ... failed in their responsibilities.
>man/woman driver clearly was not paying attention
The moment a person steps into a self-driving car, they're as good as being blind. They're not 'drivers', they're just sitting in a so-called "drivers seat".
waymo realized that, they had some writeups on that matter
>people trust technology very quickly once they see it works. As a result, it’s difficult for them to dip in and out of the task of driving when they are encouraged to switch off and relax.
That's also why semi-autonomous, "autopilot", "driver assist" functions are the cancer - they're half-baked, good enough to get propped up by marketers, but deadly when their incompleteness is combined with people jumping at the fact that they "don't have to drive no more", completely checking out of that process.
It's more like, 'we have this technology, it's not done yet but we want to cash in and also absolve ourselves of any responsibility for our actual misses in programming it'. Avoid, avoid.

>she should be paying attention 100%of the time she's in a car!!!
not even the people driving the normal cars are paying attention that much ffs

>> No.65287109

How can nvidia make that much money? Where do they come? Mostly from gaymers buying their overpriced gpus?

>> No.65287317

Because Uber could argue the human couldn’t have intervened because they couldn’t see? Are you being purposefully dense?

>> No.65287343

This x1000. Google/Waymo learned very early on that the only way to do autonomous driving was to cut the human out ENTIRELY. You cannot reliably bring a human into the loop during an unforeseen circumstance quickly enough. Everyone checks out behind the wheel when the car is doing everything for them. You’re not processing all the information you normally do when you drive, and are much more likely to crash the car if you take over from the computer in an incident.

>> No.65287380

The bike in front of the woman messed with the human recognition system.

>> No.65287434

Hire a chauffeur or something.

>> No.65287460

you know why right?

It's because the nintendo switch uses the same chip as the nvidia self driving cars and wouldn't you know it the hacking community found a bootrom exploit on the nvidia tegra X1, which is probably in all the other tegra X chips as well.

we know that as soon as fail0verflow published the bootrom exploit proof of concept Nintendo immediately started making a new SoC meaning that nvidia has to get out new ships before the bootrom exploit goes public.

>> No.65287461

It's a digital playground at this point kek.

>> No.65287778

What does SoC mean here?

>> No.65287780

doge still does

>> No.65287836

>actually believing the video they feed to the goyim
thanks for this

>> No.65287852

Uber doesn't have self driving cars.
They have a person there driving and they're pretending it's self driving.

If their system worked, the LIDAR would have seen the person on the bike.

It's a scam to pump their stock.

System on Chip.

>> No.65287870

I don't have 27,840 that I can piss away because I hate driving yearly... however, give me a self driving car and I can justify 100k just because I can now live in the middle of fucking nowhere and instead of paying 2000$ for a shoebox apartment alone, I can likely buy my own house and just commute in even at 2 hours each way and not hate life.

>> No.65287901

fuck, and there goes my stocks... thx nvda, you were doing so well...

>> No.65287986
File: 2.37 MB, 480x270, 1493873819361.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you can't see the benefits of self-driving cars you probably live in bumfuck nowhere.
Traffic is hell and integrated AI can be the solution.

>> No.65288110


If reality is failing you, fantasize harder

>> No.65288149

> no reason
The first Ethereum ASIC miner is announced.

>> No.65288861

Your commute won't improve with automated cars. If traffic becomes more efficient due to them, more people will want to drive and congestion will increase regardless of response times or acceleration. This is the same reason why adding more lanes to a highway can actually increase congestion, as more vehicle volume has to travel through the connections.

>> No.65288917

if you don't want to drive ride the bus

>> No.65288943

That's even worse.
Schedule means fuckall, 9/10 times you won't find an empty seat, you'll get late more often and people who ride the bus stink.

>> No.65288972

You never drove with a Mercedes right.

>> No.65289033

> consider that there's barely any cars in America with manual gearshift
Have you seen /o/? Buy a manual, buy a manual, buy a manual...

>> No.65289036

So what? Most of AMDs profit last quarter was on fucking Epyc and MI25 Instinct. They dont' make much money on over-MSRP graphics cards.

>> No.65289042

what's the fucking point of self driving cars? They made a concept of driveable cars that can connect to a rail system where it runs automated ages ago. What's wrong with that, other than it actually works?

>> No.65289049

Still, some stock holders probably don't expect them to sell as much cards in the near future.

>> No.65289542


>> No.65289543

inb4 car micropayments
>Get increased priority today for only 9.99$ !

>> No.65290102

That would be up to the city to decide. In most cases traffic jurisdiction is on the cities.

>> No.65290225


These are all just cooked up excuses the media is using instead of telling the truth about how companies have hit a brick wall in driverless car development. It would be a much harder pill to swallow and investors would go running for the hills. It looks like that hasn't stopped some of them from being aware of this fact anyway and we're seeing the result as well connected whales will be the first to dump.

>> No.65290603

self driving cars mean the loss of the freedom of mobility anyway, I'd rather keep my freedom of movement rather than surrender it for mild convenience.

>> No.65290640

One thing to note, this death was inevitable. Let's not forget the basic facts of any transporation system:

>airplanes have disasters due to pilot errors or system failures, they consistently have major loses of life
>these failures lead to newer technologies, newer regulations and standards, and ultimately lead to overall safer applications of said technology with said vehicles

This applies to ships, this applies to trains, buses, even rockets which are about a 1000x more dangerous than a car--only because you're essentially riding a giant bomb into space (granted its a directionally controlled explosive, but an explosive nonetheless).

This death was tragic, but there will be many many more deaths along the way and the bodies will pile up until we get to the point where we have a safe application of the technology at a massive scale. I am neither dismissing nor condoning Uber's behavior as a company, only stressing the historical record of all new methods of transportation and their own challenges as they matured.

That said, rest in peace my nvidia stock.

>> No.65290665

Uber is a fucking mess of a company. Their self driving tech is shit and literally everyone else is doing it better than them.

>> No.65290672

>t. wants to text and eat in his car
Not that anon, but you can eat whilst driving. That's what I do at least.

>> No.65290755

>eating while driving
That's disgusting and must be an american thing.

>> No.65290867

>Be european
>Need to get around, don't have much time
>Get cheeseburger in mcd next to petrol station
>East cheeseburger whilst driving

>> No.65290942

all because some dumb boomer decided to JAYWALK across a freeway at night.

>> No.65290951

Terrible time management, son.

>> No.65290974

It's not that I don't have enough time to get out of the car and eat a cheeseburger inside, but it's a fucking cheeseburger, there is no reason to spend more time than necessary - so much for time management.

>> No.65291013

Terrible time management that you're in a hurry to find something to eat while driving instead of eating beforehand.
I don't know about you but I like to sit down and enjoy my food.

>> No.65291029

don't blurt out buzzwords as if it's automatically a good or bad thing
when the victim was at fault, which they can certainly be, then "victim blaming" isn't a negative response, but the correct (neutral) response.

>> No.65291038

I sometimes just feel like just eating a cheeseburger.

>> No.65291057

Well you're a faggot, that's on you.

>> No.65291070

that's a known and consistent error (that's "error" as in "inaccuracy"), allowed to meet time and space constraints, not a mistake

>> No.65291081

Even eating junk food I still like to do it my own pace, meaning I go out, buy my grilled meat and don't go running home as soon as in my hand.

>> No.65291108

And I personally don't enjoy spending time in some McDonalds, possibly even crowded.
I'd much rather use my time more effectively and be on my way.

>> No.65291123

Difference is probably that, I don't eat at McSalmonella

>> No.65291129

Well there you go. Glad we could settle this.

>> No.65291132

How many billions in stock prices got wiped out here? How many hundred of millions of invested stock/options for uber management?

Would people lie for a ton of money?

Hell, pretty much every "AI" researcher is lying to himself and everyone else. Self driving cars are a pipe dream.

>> No.65291157
File: 43 KB, 304x270, a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it sure is a mystery.

>> No.65291204

Based boomer poster

>> No.65291313

>The first Ethereum ASIC miner is announced.
lol, no, that was nearly 2 months ago. Seriously. But I see this a whole lot: Mainstream media decides to run some story, all in sync, parroting the same line, all at the exact same time - and it's news. Just for reference, Chinese website Technews wrote about Bitmain's ETH ASICs on February 12th, 2018.

>> No.65291399

>an idea of assistive autopilot, but I hated how Uber allowed to test their cars.
There's a big difference between cruse control and a self-driving car system, one just assist you while driving and the other is supposed to handle everything. The way that Uber test passenger behaved will probably be acceptable 20 years into the future when self-driving cars are tried and tested. But that's not the case today. They were TESTING the system. This means that their passenger should have been a driver ready to intervene. The footage clearly shows that he wasn't, he was screwing around with his phone. It is also worth nothing that the dashcam makes it look like the area is much darker than it really is. Footage from those who live in the area show that the piece of road in question has streetlights and it's well lit and the driver would have spotted that woman in time if he was paying attention and now screwing around with his phone.

>> No.65291403
File: 72 KB, 600x601, 1515557232893.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The state will decide where you can and can not go. Ultimate control over human movement. Insurance costs will be too high to drive your own vehicle. The self driving vehicles will keep you locked inside the cities in order to create "environmental corridors" where citizens can't go. but in reality it's about keeping us all locked up in "smart" cities that track and microcharge our every movement.

>> No.65291424
File: 75 KB, 720x720, 1518884673344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can tell the jew news from the actual news based on how they reference the woman hit.

>jew news: one fatality today by a self driving car
>actual news: one woman today hit and killed by a self driving car. She left behind two children.

>> No.65291454

The second one has a bunch of useless and non-relevant info in it, why are you trying to induce empathy, pity or whatever in me? I don't even know the woman.

>> No.65291476
File: 282 KB, 665x665, 1520335253510.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The second one has a bunch of useless and non-relevant info in it
>it's non relevant that the person hit was a mother

>> No.65291499

It's pretty damn relevant if a computer cannot stop for child, woman, or elderly. That's a big way to lose any investment or public interest.

>> No.65291501

If you are inconvenient to the government they can just crash your self driving car. or they can crash someone elses self driving car into you. Then they can play musical chairs regarding legal liability and wiggle out of it. They'll say it was an accident or if you were driving a car yourself, they'll say it was your fault.

They can just update their little kill list with the names of everyone they want rid of. And when a smart car sees someone on the list they arrange an accident if possible.

You think they wouldn't? There's probably a line of code they could upload that could cause the cars to drive around on their own running as many people over as they can.

Maybe a code to block every roadway out of a city. Run down anyone that tries to escape. So when you're ready to flip the switch you can block people in the cities so they can't escape using the cars.

>> No.65291514

It's only relevant if it stops for persons of color and overweight people.

>> No.65291519

maybe "oops hackers did it, russias fault" for a nice self driving car false flag mass murder.

>> No.65291577
File: 40 KB, 632x488, r.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.65291609

>lets allow government and corporations total control and power over all power of human travel
>horses are basically illegal to walk wherever you want, can't walk a horse into the city, and they're expensive to own
>cars you can drive yourself will be only for the rich, due to insurance costs
>self balancing motorcycles are being worked on and don't look all too different from regular motorcycles and they can eventually drive themselves

in the future you won't be able to go anywhere on your own. and you wont have your own car. it will be a self driving car you rent, and it will only go where "they" want us to go and nowhere else.

absolute and total control over human transportation. all human transportation. you won't be able to drive to visit your grandma without it being logged, tracked, and approved by state algorithms.

"sorry, due to global warming, all citizen travel between megacities has been reduced to one trip a year"
"sorry, in order to create environmental corridors to protect endangered species you are no longr allowed to drive out into the countryside for a hike. it's dangerous anyways goy, there are ticks and lyme disease. please stay inside under our control for your safety"

>> No.65291613

Nu/g/, dick loving soyboys will never understand this.
I'd let my woman drive before trusting a fucking neural network with my car

>> No.65291656

won't be up to you. you'll be priced out of driving by the insurance companies.

power is addictive, so the people in power constantly need to find ways to expand their control and satisfy their dopamine addiction to abuse of power.

and having the freedom to go where you want, and when you want. the people in power can't stand that. they want to decide where you can go and when you can go there. they want that contol not you, they NEED that control to feed the power addiction.

>> No.65291693

anyone thinking self driving cars are a good idea doesn't realize what kind of people run the world

it's a great idea, but one that can't be trusted in these wrong hands of the state.

>> No.65291728

Depends on where you live, the first one to suffer from this thing will be the US, West Europe and Japan, I'm relatively safe in slavland for years since it's slavland and people hate change.

>> No.65292527

Do japanese even drive? I thought that they were all about the shinkansen

>> No.65292631


Good, serves greedy shitvidia right for chasing the dumb AI and self-meming car money and completely abandoning gamers who stayed loyal to the company for DECADES. Fuckers go too big for their boots and will now come crawling back on their hands and knees to us who kept them in business when nobody else gave a shit.

>> No.65292673
File: 63 KB, 500x437, cars per capita chart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

more vehicles per people than the US

>> No.65292712

Doesn't this also count motorcycles?

>> No.65292725

that's called capitalism, not self-driving car

>> No.65292761

I'm not sure, and the article doesn't say, so maybe.

>> No.65292918

It should still have detected an object in front of it and stopped.

>> No.65292947

If there's money in it, it will happen. This is as sure as death and taxes

>> No.65294318

Based Italy

>> No.65294375

That's a fallacy right there, insurance companies have no reason to overprice themselves out of business. They'll still let you drive because of insurance money and hospital money from all the accidents.
Right now AVs are in the hands of data-driven companies, but those will be fucked once people start taking back power into their hands. Look at the Cambridge Analytica scandal, that would have been unthinkable 3 years ago.

>> No.65294540

Dios mio..... la creatura.....

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