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Age is just a number; tech edition

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Razr v3 was such a great phone, i lost mine when i was moving. Rip in peace, managed to port l4 on it.

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It was rubbish when it was new, and it's still rubbish.

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It had some great software but my god, that keyboard is so bad it's literally unusable!

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4chan looks like a site from 2003.

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>Age is just a number
Prison is just a room

Fun fact: R Kelly worked with Aaliyah since she was 12, they released picrel when she was 14, and got married when she was 15 (and he was 27).

Supposed "insider":
>Rob was sneaking and banging a underage Aaliyah, during and after recording sessions.
>Aaliyah’s family basically turned her over to Kels with no supervision. All hell broke loose, two months later when she missed her period.
>Kelly’s handlers saw visions of their cash cow and his protege’s career going down in flames. Statutory rape ain’t no joke. They lied about her age, snuck off and got married so she could not testify against her husband. It was all for nothing because she wasn’t really pregnant.
>Nasty ass Kels had just given her some type of VD that made her miss her monthly. They got the union annulled with the quickness and Kelly sent lil’ Aaliyah back home.

plebbit: https://www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/83rkl1/til_r_kelly_was_27_when_he_illegally_married/dvkony3/

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