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Do you still buy CD versions of games?

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I only buy Switch games physically since almost every game is larger than the total internal storage

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never did

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I'm not a manchild, so I don't buy games.

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t.soyboy cuckold
Listen, there is no such thing as "based vidyajew", all of the games developed today are designed for the exact same goal, there are almost no video games designed to tell you a real story or pass a message, it's an entirely consumerist media whose only ambition is to smash your dopamine button to milk you out of your attention and money.
Here is the redpill for you: all of the big companies that you worship so much like Blizzard, Valve, DICE, Rockstar, etc... are testing and calibrating extensively their games with biometrics tools and behavioral experiments so they can distill the exact amount of frustration and pleasure to make you crave for the feelings again and again and again so you will spend money on their product (being by microtransactions or buying their next game) or talk about it and attract others in your degeneracy like blackholes are swallowing light.
There has been some articles talking about it but most of the industry avoid the subject because it would force them to reveal how their so called "QA department" work (pro-tip: it's not ethical) and how their testers are basically chimps for experiments. Of course they prefer to show you how "creative" and "passionate" their game designers are and how they want to provide you an "experience" in some bullshit "behind the scene video" when in the back they have mechanized game design to level you wouldn't believe.

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I pirate them and keep em in my server

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>he buys games

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Same thing with almost every movie and song
And I see you're doing well regardless and decide to spend your time on more important things like 4chan

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absolutely, then when I'm done with it I can at least trade it in or something

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>I just sit around looking for petty reasons to stir up arguments on the internet like a manchild.

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I don’t play games, but I buy anime blu rays

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What is a game?

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Im sorry but I havent bought a game since I discovered filesharing 20 years ago

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When i had a console, yes. To resell them

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I dont buy console right away anymore. I bought the ps4 when the pro went on sale this past holiday and i bought physical used games for it.

Otherwise no.

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Fucking retard.

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Despite considering this thread literally belongs on /v/, I'm going to answer it. Yes, I buy my AAA games for 10-15 bucks instead of 60 at the supermarket 2 years after their release.

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