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This is actually a thing Intel gave out during one of the developer conferences/meetings

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they sent you a good message

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I only use dildos, not beads.

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That's because you're a faggot.

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Beads are too small you fag.

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Whats the point here? Can it bend and hold shape so you can put it around the corner or something? Can you cut it short if you need it shorter?

I don't see why this shape would be designed, it makes no sense to me, I see no benefits to this and many disadvantages.

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Incognito anal beads

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just plug and play

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itd be pretty cool if it actually still worked after use as anal beads.
id use them desu.

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This is a guess, but you're probably meant to wrap extra wire around the narrows parts.

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Where do you insert the USB plug?

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This is a guess, but you're probably meant to wrap extra wire around the narrow parts.

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Now Intel can actually properly stretch my good goy butthole!
Thank you based Intel

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I'd be worried if my asshole was gaping that much.

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More women in tech!

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Ahhhhh, haven't laughed that hard at stupidity found on 4chan in a while. Thanks.

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Its not tapping, it's healthily widened

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>plug me in

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It's so dense, almost like a renaissance painting

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AMD also shit now
FX still the best

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Yeah I'm sure. How many dragon dildos do you pwn?

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The boring answer is that it probably saves on material, thus reducing cost.

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Fuck, my sides.

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Not enough to fit 2 apples yet.

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I had a hearty kek, thanks anon

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Seems right up someone's alley, so to say.

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Seriously? I've taken shits that had a larger diameter than those beads.

Do you never shit or something?

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Maybe he only eats soybeans and his shit is the size of his pinky finger.

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Clearly trying to win some of the Apple market back.

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"Go fuck yourself"?

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i don't understand the intel hate ?
why is AMD superior to intel ?

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I want one.

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You can shove it full of big dongles. I have some shitty wifi adapters that require 2 ports because I can't fit anything else next to it.

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