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Post more like pic related. It's the right amount/kind of trash to make me horny without making me hard.

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>another chipset
enjoy your new motherboard

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2.2GHz kek

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how stable are those pvc pipes? impressed that you can make chairs out of them

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so, intlel will need them to compete with Ryzen.

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>intel cpu with 8 cores
>xeon / high end cpus are a thing for few years now

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even ryzen will have better single core performance faggot

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fuck you

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tfw AMD has the same socket for zen1/zen+/zen2
This includes APU's (non mobile soc)

Intel still has meltdown too.
Not to mention their price tag.
8 cores doesn't matter when it's twice the price of the competition with less than half the performance benefit.

While technically you are faster on the top end you aren't if you count per $.
Lot's of people can get away with laptops these days so a mid range AMD desktop is more than enough for 3d modeling and spreadsheets.

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more like RIP electrical grid

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Can't wait to delid this and somehow be convinced it needs a new motherboard

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>he doesn't want a brand new mobo to go with his brand new cpu/gpu/ram/case/psu/etc

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>Intel CPU
>More than 4 cores
Enjoy your house fire

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>Intel is finally firing up all cylinders now
AMD really got the pussies irritated, didn't they? Also, AMD just reduced the price of Threadripper. I hope the motherboards follow suit, as well

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Imagine how mad are AMDpajeets now

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I can't wait for the asshurt when it's revealed that the octa-cores don't work on Z370 boards.

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Strong enough to support your fat ass

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They'll still buy it, the absolute madmen

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or that it works but can't be overclocked because doesn't have enough power delivery

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High end boards do, the cheap shit doesn't and Intel can't risk people overclocking on 4+1 VRM $130 crap when this 8 core could easily pull 300W+

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Found the wiki page for the new chip.

>At the beginning of 2006, the Z machine produced plasmas with announced temperatures in excess of 2 billion kelvins (2 GK, 2×109 K) or 3.6 billion °F (2 billion °C), even reaching a peak at 3.7 GK or 6.6 billion °F (3.7 billion °C).[29][30][31] It was achieved in part by replacing the tungsten wires with thicker steel wires. This temperature, which enables a 10% to 15% efficiency in converting electrical energy to soft x-rays, was much higher than anticipated (3 to 4 times the kinetic energy of the incoming wires on axis). The Guinness Book Of Records formerly listed it as the highest human-achieved temperature[32]

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>give women rights
>they toss aside propriety to engage in mating rituals with the most primitive race
What did they mean by this?

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EVERY Covfefe Lake i5/i7 was 8-core from the very beginning. But only now they're able to make them en masse without disabling 1/4 of the chip due to defects.

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Nice meme.

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You don't need to imagine, just read this thread

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The blue (cold) area on the left is disabled cores.

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yeah, we're really mad that we won't die to the highest temperatures know to man

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>replying to yourself and not even varying your grammar to ruse people

Punctuate the end of your sentences, João.

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Now I want to know the method by which you think that they grabbed a die shot of a powered CPU.

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It's you, actually. You are disabled, my man.

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>"you don't need many cores, gaymes only use 1!!"
>"high frequencies are better for muh gaymes!"
>Ryzen arrives
>Intlel starts releasing CPUs with more cores and lower clocks
/v/ BTFO

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0 watts on a 0nm process? How did they do it?!


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>muh samefag
>muh grammar
Go back to your classroom, kiddo

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Not an argument.

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Left is prolly igpu dipshit

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Rajeesh, my son.
I'm not paying you to post literal waste, do your job properly or no clean water for you.

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there wasn't argument to begin with

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AMD has way lower TDP right now than Intel, gloriously lower, so i'm afraid you are still retarded OP.

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2.2ghz wow back to 2004 levels!

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Imagine if it's got a lower boost clock than the 2700.

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>he doesn't just buy a brand new house every time Intel releases a new cpu so he can build a new pc there from scratch
Your poverty disgusts me.

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>implying that they won't make the single core turbo 5GHz and the all core turbo 3.3GHz

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Oh yeah, good point.

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it wasn't powered they just go over it with a heat dryer for a little bit. my dad works for intel, so I know

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>he doesn't buy a new universe every time he wants to build a new pc from scratch
Your plebeianism disgusts me.

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I just bought an 8700K and Z370 MB, did I fuck up?

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no, you'll be fine.

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Literally, hot garbage.

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So, around $750?
You can get 2 1800X for this price.
Also inb4 new fucking mb, because current designs are only meant for 6 cores power draw.

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Lately there has been absolutely no point in buying intel anymore, just wait for amd to release new processors.
Before the new APUs came out this wasn't the case 100% of the time and that's why I have a cheap pentium but now there's no point anymore.

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Meant to reply to OP >>65181705

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Well, there is one point, and that is 144Hz 1080p gayming. And it comes at a huge $ premium.
In every other use cases, you should buy Ryzen.

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Lmao for what reason are you limiting yourself to such a shit eye cancer from 2005.
I ran shit maxed out on 1080p 5 years ago.
And people still use this resolution.

inb4 it's 2022 and Vega +2 and Pascal +2 are out and people are still using 1080p on $1000 cards.

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What are you on about?
I'm pointing out how retarded 1080p/144Hz gayming is.
But that's always the argument Intel fanboys bring to the table.
For what it's worth, here's my config:
>1600X+1080Ti+4k monitor

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You forgot Bronze, Silver and Gold.

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That argument only is valid, albeit retarded only if they have a 1080ti, 1080 or lower and that argument is already dead since you're GPU bottlenecked with those cards.

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Well, I disagree.
You can still 144Hz on lower gpus, but you have to lower settings.
It's the same with 4k 60Hz.
Even on a 1080Ti, you have to lower your settings on demanding games to get locked 60fps.
If you're bottlenecking your graphics card at 1080p, you can still lower the resolution/settings, if you really want 144fps.
Only then, if it doesn't work, do you need a more powerful CPU.

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>but you have to lower settings.

Imagine, having a $600 GPU to play at ancient resolutions just to lower graphical settings.


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it's a new (((chipset))), so yeah

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is that MC Death Grips?

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Well, let's be honest, 1444Hz gamers usually play fast paced FPS games like MemeWatch or CoD.
And I have no problem understanding that, as I played Quake 3 competitively in my days, and having locked 125fps was a must have. It was actually quite ridiculous how awful the game looked when we tweeked it to run like that. But graphics fidelity was the last of our worry.
But those games have no problem running 200+ fps @1080p on any toaster around.
Still, Intel fanboys will point out how slow paced games don't 144Hz on ryzen at max settings, because.

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The Xeon segmentation is fucking magical - it is designed entirely to make anything short of the gold chips useless by massively gimping I/O (among other things). This is where EPYC kicks Intel right in the shekels as it has full I/O for the entire stack.

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That's iGPU you absolute mong

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Jee, I wonder what its price gonna be

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mein neger

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>two point two kekahertz

Intel should just off themselves.

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Muh 8th generation.

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how can AutisicMicroDicks compete?

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And it still won't be soldered

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HT and no turbo? Why not fuck HT and full turbo. Fucker would be fast

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>$1,000 8-core

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>even more market segmentation
gee thanks intel

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Ok, hold up. Hold the fuck up. Are fanny packs back now?

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they never left bro

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>”Covfefelag wuz 8 coarzz”
>Shown a dieshot of 6 physical cores
>”Da bloo area is disabled coarzz”
>Points to the iGPU

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>Intel shits into the faces of their own customers for a whole year
>there are people ITT who'd still consider to buy from them
there's something seriously wrong with those guys.

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>kaby lake effectively EOL in under a year

"I can't believe how Intel continues to revolutiuonise the industry year on year!"

- /g/

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I'm not mad. I'm laughing my ass off at Intlel.

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The bugs were real. But it should not be too hard to patch without impacting performance.

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>now with more cores and still meltdown

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>All bugs require administrative access to exploit.
*Rubbing of fists could be heard at the time of writing*

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>can update firmware with admin privilege and local physical access

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They ain't bugs, is the problem

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No need for a "fix", just disable the backdoor:


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>remote passwordless access with addtional buffer overrun allowing remote jtag to rewrite firmware in ring-3
>cannot disable

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Chip so huge they might get 0 to 1 working chips per wafer.
How can Intel possibly compete?

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