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Intel introduces new features in Icelake that make it even easier to create new Meltdown and Spectre-like exploits, all in the name of performance!


>WBNOINVD is used for writing back all modified cache lines from the processor's internal cache back to the main system memory while not invalidating/flushing the internal caches.

This is the equivalent of writing your entire message on the front of the postcard and putting a blank letter inside then being surprised someone read it the message.

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Cool story bro

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Wipe yourself you filthy kike, your sweat is staining the carpet.

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Stay mad sweety

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mmm uma delicia

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>make it even easier to create new Meltdown and Spectre-like exploits
Wrong, this just increases perfomance.
Tell me, how do you suppose one can modify the cacheline without being supposed to and thus write it back to memory unauthorised?

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AMD gettomg desperate i see

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Hello Joao, hows that monkey soup?

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