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60Hz = AIDS tier
144Hz = mustard rice tier
240Hz = gimmick tier

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You forgot the ultimate God tier 120Hz, see pic

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not even jet pilots can react above 70Hz

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Why would I need 144Hz for

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120hz + ULMB is the true masterrace.

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Well my monitor is 159 Hz.
Fuck you OP

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Some people need resolution over refresh rate.

4k 60hz is fantastic for media viewing and coding.

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The iPad Pro is actually 120Hz?

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You're right. The hooman eye can't see more than 69MB of RAM.

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Size > Resolution > Color >>>>>>>>> Refresh rate

100" FullHD projector screen > 30" 4k IPS monitor > anything 144Hz

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It's just better. Nothing else needs to be said.

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video juegos

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>size over everything
bruh, enjoy your 240p at the size of a stadium display.

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>lower refresh rate and random letters are masterrace

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Of course breh


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100" full HD projector screen requires a large ass space.

a 30-40" 4k fits on your desk, or a wall mount and looks far better from ~3 feet than a full HD 100" would at any distance.

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>See the Difference!
>on youtube
>on you're 60Hz display
that's funny

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You see that it's more fluid anyway

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prove me you need a 1ms, 240Hz gayman monitor


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240Hz is a gimmick cunt. It's not that much better than 144Hz even though it sounds much better.

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i'm still waiting.

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Unironically a really good device.

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vidrio juegos

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>react above 70Hz
I'll have you know my reactions are 100Hz.

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most monitors are 60 upscaled which is garbage. only expensive ones are truly above 60

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That's just TVs moron.

Actual monitors pretty much always advertise their actual refresh rate, not some interpolation bullshit like TVs have.

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ok, so you don't need a gaymen 60+Hz monitor then.

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Reaction speed (seeing a signal and then reacting with a button press) is not the same thing as being able to notice higher refresh rate.

You can notice 144hz compared to 60hz just from the desktop and moving your mouse around.

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Aren't TVs actually capable of higher refresh rates? I mean, yeah they use the shitty interpolation for video playback, but they need to have a high refresh rate in order to show the difference with the interpolation on

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nope, they're just 60hz with frame interpolation to get it to 120.

It's not like a PC monitor at 120 or 144hz which are straight up pure refresh rate, no interpolation at all.

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>seeing = reacting
absolute retard

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I know it's better. I visited a friend who have 144Hz, it's smoother, yes. I can't deny it, it's objectively better.
>for what purposes would I NEED 144hz

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Also lots of artifacting / "slow downs" as it doesn't have enough info.

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All you need is 24 fps. At most, 30 fps to watch some new amerimutt movie. Gaymes are for children, regular computer usage doesn't really need more than 24.

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But wouldn't the panel needs to refresh every 1/120th of a second? Otherwise you would see a difference

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For what purpose do you need an IPS monitor?

For what purpose do you need an optical mouse rather than a ball mouse you found in a trash pile?

For what purpose do you need speakers or nice headphones when that $2 pair from the thrift store still plays sounds?

>it's not about needs anon
>it's about quality of lyfe

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>not meditating over glxgears

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100hz+ is the sweet spot... You're trolling, or a retard if you can't tell the difference.

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Not him but I wnat to buy a fucking TV 4K HDR to see HDR movies

Who tested HDR 4K TVs, it's really good compared to 1080p TVs ?

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Every 2nd frame you see is actually a ghost image your brain uses to interpret before sending the previous image to your eyes. You're only seeinh 64hz

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Depends on the HDR, OLED is the best, but probably out of your budget.

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>tn plebeian

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So that when you drag around folders it feels like butter instead of faeces

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No, just depends how much money you spend tho, some higher end sets do have 120hz panels, but anything in the lower end even if it says 120hz is almost always 60hz.

Samsung for example, their 60hz TVs all say 120hz due to their smooth motion tech.

And similarly, their actual 120hz panels are all labeled 240hz.

But other companies accurately label their TVs with 60 or 120hz without confusing marketing smooth motion BS thrown in like many other companies do.

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About 1000 euros

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Your brain is also actually interlaced. You see only small interleaved rows at a time, so it's really 31Hz.

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>it's not about needs anon
>it's about quality of lyfe
yes, but keep the "quality-price" ratio in mind, also the "what quality is enough quality".
a 144Hz monitor may be 25% better than a 60Hz one, but 50% more expensive. And 60Hz is fine for 95% of purposes, where 30Hz would feel laggy everywhere.
I could afford a 1500€ phone, but I don't because it's doesn't worth it compared to what a 200€ phone can offer.
Of course if you're a richfag that can afford basically everything in the name of the comfort, why not, but i'm not and I have other shit to spend my money in (like photography and drumming for example - those shit are fucking expensive).
60Hz is just fine. It's comfortable enough.

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TN is good though.

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>probably out of your budget.
Did you just assume my finances?

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Don't go for cheap TVs that claim they support "HDR" with their pissy light output, Fantastic HDR needs around 1000 nits.

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What's actually wrong with a 60Hz monitor for people who do things on their computer besides play video games and jack off to Asian cartoons?

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>yes, but keep the "quality-price" ratio in mind, also the "what quality is enough quality".
That's fair. The cheapest 1080p ~24" monitors I'm seeing on Newegg are $110 for 60Hz and about $200 for 144Hz. I wouldn't spend twice as much on a monitor just to get 144Hz.

But, the one I'm using now was on sale at Costco for about $150. For me, that extra $40 was worth having a 144Hz refresh rate, since I spend a lot of time in front of my computer (both gaming and video editing).

I do agree with you though, the vast majority of people would just be wasting money if they got a 144Hz monitor.

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>duHHh high refresh rate monitors are for gaymers and asian porn watchers hUrr DuRrrrR

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>Why would I need 144Hz for

Muh retarded games, because I'm a manchild.

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>144Hz only 25% better than 60Hz
TOP KEK. They're in different galaxies you buffoon.

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I do games yet 144Hz would be pointless for most games I play.
I hope you are not a FPS or a MOBA gamer, Anon.

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I'm really satisfied with 60fps
Even a dead nuts on solid 30fps is acceptable for me.

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>implying that being a manchild is a bad thing

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C R T > F l a t l e t s

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Yes, because giving the kikes moreof your shekels to see an extra 60+ frames, that make almost no difference, really makes looking at spreadsheets and programming more enjoyable. Enjoy your buyer's remorse faggot.

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Have fun having your monitor explode on you cunt

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Last time I tried 144Hz it was just "smoother UI" and "smoother scrolling", but nothing "galaxies away better".

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>CRTs can't and never will be able to hit 240Hz

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I wish I could still buy a new widescreen CRT display

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Its not so much about reaction time than about smoothing out fast moving targets on screen to improve tracking/prediction.

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This is now a reaction time thread

>fuck ye

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I'll gladly give Shlomo Goldbergsteinwitz more shekels for a smoother computing experience.

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>26th try
>Wow that's the lowest I got, let's save this screenshot
>few more try but I didnt beat my highscore

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stay slow nerd

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Congrats cunt. You know how to inspect element.

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I think LTT did a video on it recently, some TVs are actually capable of handling 120 Hz input, but most of them aren't designed for that because you'd almost never connect a TV to a high refresh rate source, even if it advertises high refresh rate.

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Yup, even if the panel is 120hz, the inputs generally only support 60hz signals.

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Get the fuck out

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You are a mega pleb if 30 FPS is okay to you.

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t. inspect element brainlet

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>yes, but keep the "quality-price" ratio in mind, also the "what quality is enough quality".
Monitors are relatively cheap and are upgraded less frequently compared to other tech. Upgrading your old 1080p 60 Hz garbage fire to a high-res or high-refresh rate one (depending on your needs) is almost always worth it.

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Stop searching for excuses, try harder.

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>average 250
>inspecting element

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Worst b8 on this entire gay earth

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240HZ here

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>t. Poor fag

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I have a 60Hz monitor overclocked to 80Hz. I don't even game that much, and certainly not over 60fps on my shit GTX 660. I overclocked it because it feels smoother even with office use.

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You're so wrong it's almost adorable. TN has not a single advantage other than price compared to other panel types.

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winblows 10 = retardation

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Oy vey retarded goy. I said that it was good. I didn't say it was better than other types of panels.

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Hating Windows 10 = retardation

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Thank you, someone here gets the purpose of high refresh rates.
I just like muh guhraphix to be butter smooth

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Stay mad, i tried and predicted successfully
At least, try it and show your best

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I only play retard tier games that rely on reactions instead of intellect.

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this isn't anime kid, prediction doesn't mean shit in a competitive game, you aren't going to predict shit, you're gonna be guessing and missing most of the time if you try that shit in CSGO or R6S.

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This is AIDS-tier b8. Not even trying bitch.

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85hz CRT.
Check mate.

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looks like shit

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I have the same screens as pic. Have no clue the Hz rating, don't waste time playing stupid games, so I don't give a fuck.

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Yes. Apple actually did something good and innovative (in mobile world) for once. I wish the other manufacturers copied 120Hz panels instead of notch meme.

>> No.65105326

the higher screen size and resolution goes, the higher the framerate needed to sustain persistence of motion becomes.

>> No.65105372

>implying Apple has never innovated in the mobile world
iPhone laid the blueprint for the modern smartphone
iPad defined what a tablet should be like

Keep on hating on Apple faggot

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The higher you go the less worthwhile it is. The jump from 60Hz to 120Hz is big. Difference between 120Hz and 144Hz is negligible. 250Hz is too expensive to really justify the very small differences between 120Hz and 250Hz. 1000Hz monitors would refresh every millisecond but it still won't make you a pro gamer. This high end hardware is mostly only useful to top 5% players who are already skilled enough to take advantage. The 95% of players would perform about the same on 60Hz. My 2 cents.

>> No.65105437

>The 95% of players would perform about the same on 60Hz.
You went full retard there.

>> No.65105445 [DELETED] 

winblows 10 = retardation

>> No.65105462

This so much why does everyone copy the shit

>> No.65105469

He's probably right though. I think there was a video on this by Linus Sebastian, the creator of the linux kernel, proving that normies can't tell a difference.

>> No.65105471

Retarded Gahnoo+Loonix user detected.

>> No.65105487

>normies can't tell a difference
That's because normies are retards. I guess his statement was valid.

>> No.65105489

Or just Windows 7 user like me.
Windows 10 is shit on multiple levels and you know it.

>> No.65105503

Windows 10 is better than Winblows 7 in every way possible. Have fun without Cortana you cunt.

>> No.65105515

50Hz = ultimate God tier.

>> No.65105516

I most definitely will, thanks.

>> No.65105527 [DELETED] 

winblows 10 = retardation

Windows 10 (and 8) has a 4GB VRAM allocation limit in DX9. Windows 7 doesn't have this problem.

>> No.65105561

I put my 60Hz monitor to 50Hz and it felt like AIDS. 50Hz is not just AIDS but worse than AIDS.

>> No.65105570

Windows 7 is so shitty. Windows 8 and 10 are better. Prove me wrong cuntsucker.

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7 works better on my PC. Tested all: 7, 8.1, 10 LTSB2015/2016, Pro/Enterprise 1607, 1703, 1709. Better scores in all benchmarks and UI feels faster. I also can turn off desktop composition (helps with latency in Photoshop).

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Best CPU. And I got it for free.

>> No.65105689

>best CPU

Ryzen 7 1700
Ryzen 7 1700X
Ryzen 7 1800X

>> No.65105697 [DELETED] 

Literally worse than mine. Even my old 3770k running at 4,8GHz is better than AyyMD's backdoored trash.

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Pic of you

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Why? This wan't even about cpu's are you shills that desperate for attention?

>> No.65105727 [DELETED] 

Sorry it angers you, but AyyMD is rubbish. Worse performance, backdoors, overheats, software incompatibilities, etc..

>> No.65105728

>Tfw I'm both :/

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Topkek cry more faggot

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>worse performance
>says the shintel fan
That's a lot of self-projecting going on there.

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Let me BTFO this InHELL peasant real quick.

>> No.65105763 [DELETED] 

>AyyMD shills in full damage control mode

>> No.65105766

lmao, got any real arguments or are you just going to meme like the children you are? Im betting on the latter. Your move

>> No.65105774

im pretty sure this is bull though.

>> No.65105783 [DELETED] 

No, it isn't. There's a white paper going into detail if you're interested: https://safefirmware.com/amdflaws_whitepaper.pdf

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>shintel kiddy brings up amdflaws
Top kek. Nice knowing that the office in the video is built from stock photos, that the no name fledgling company was founded by three Mossad agents, and that they only gave AMD 24 hours (Intel had half a year for meltdown). And the vulernabilities are nothingburgers. If someone gets admin access and you flash a malicious bios, you will get fucked (no shit). Intel's meltdown and spectre, however, can be exploited from shit like javascript in a web browser. Go back to sucking shintel cock.

>> No.65105786

Fuck that stupid test, use a real test such as osu!

>> No.65105793


>implying I'm not already on high res
High definition is actually useful, unlike high refresh rate

>> No.65105796

>Implying memes aren't valid arguments

>> No.65105804 [DELETED] 

No, look here: https://safefirmware.com/amdflaws_whitepaper.pdf

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TOP KEK the InHELL shills are wild tonight

>> No.65105809

If anyone gets admin access, you are already fucked dumb shit. If you flash a malicious bios, then its your fault. Same thing with computers built with Intel. People who gain admin access can do shit and if you flash a malicious bios, then you are fucked again.

>> No.65105810


>> No.65105825 [DELETED] 

I'm not, I even considere *Zen for a whil..gh... ugh, sorry, I puked a little in my mouth.

>> No.65105829

>implying memes are valid arguments
A meme is an image, it can be interpreted in many ways. Im not doubting your ability, but speak with big boy words you learned in grammar school if you want to have a real discussion

>> No.65105836

"I'm betting on the latter"
Congratulations you proved my point you retard.

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Pic of you

>> No.65105841

>A meme is an image
Opinion discarded

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>Worse performance
>software incompatibilities
>said a guy using Intel

>> No.65105862


>> No.65105869

>whitepaper when I talked about the video
I said video, dumb fuck.
Also, did you read the fucking whitepaper? Ryzenfall, Fallout, and Chimera require ADMIN access. Any shit can be done with admin access. Masterkey requires malicious bios flashing. Flashing a malicious bios will always cause problems; the chip does not matter you tech illiterate piece of shit.

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Then post a more profound meme instead of a copy paste image. I was using your shitty example (see pic)

>> No.65105877 [DELETED] 

>if I don't read it, it doesn't exist
Ahh, ignorance is a bliss :^) Oh well, it's you who will get owned by script kiddies with your shitzen CPU, not me on my mighty secure Broadwell-E.

>> No.65105894

Not even the same guy, but the argument is that Intel processors are littered with backdoors and overheating issues are also prevalent.

>> No.65105895

Another anon explained it here. Also, have fun getting owned by script kiddies with spectre - that can be exploited with even browser javascript. Ryzenfall, fallout, chimera require ADMIN access. Masterkey requires being a dumbass and flashing the wrong unverified malicious bios.

>> No.65105917

Have you read it? There are no details and it affetcs Intel also, if I gain ring 0 access on your shitty processor and your bios allows flashing I can remotely flash your bios and persist you retard. It's not AMD exclusive, whereas meltdown is, have fun with your meltdown.

>> No.65105918


keyword: perform

Some people genuinely can't tell the difference between 60 and 60+ refresh rate but I am talking about the actual benefits of high refresh being lost on average gamers. It does not turn average players into good ones. It helps top players get more of a competitive edge. Especially in games like Street Fighter and Quake.

>> No.65105924

Hey now, don't knock Model M's. They're fucking great, I always end up coming back to buckling spring and the keyboard itself is both a solid blunt weapon and 9mm-resistant shield for home defense due to it's design. I much prefer Elitebooks to Thinkpads, though.

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InHELL shill is salty as fuck TOP KEK

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>> No.65105934 [DELETED] 

>AMD exclusive
It is.

Patched. Unlike your shit, which most likely can't be patched.

>> No.65105935

Wow... I didnt know someone could be so blind... shit, at this point I kinda feel sorry for you.

>> No.65105949

>It is.
Hurr durr intel won't let you flash a bios even when tools to do so clearly exist.

>> No.65105958

>spectre is patched
With a huge performance hit on many computers and a few others getting bricked. Intel even told people to stop patching to avoid problems. Also, the exploits require admin access and the flashing of a malicious bios. At that point, any other computer can be hacked. What do you not understand?

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>trying to guilt trip me so that I can spend more for a worse CPU
Not going to work, Shlomo Shekelwitz

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File: 1.87 MB, 1920x1080, 1520865873282.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder regarding Shilltel backdoors.

>> No.65105977 [DELETED] 

>performance hit
Not on Haswell and newer due to INVPCID support.

>> No.65105997

Amusing post but all of that has been known for years. Everyone knows that NSA and friends can access whatever they want below kernel level via UEFI and other means.

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Come on dudes, we were fighting over monitor refresh rate
Go make another AMD vs Intel thread

>> No.65106029

>the intel patches were good and didn't effect performance
Then why did intel tell companies to stop rolling out the patches? What about all the reports of slowdowns in desktops and servers? What about all the bricked computers? You are literally the most blind piece of shit ever.

>> No.65106040

I'll buy a 144+hz monitor the day that I can play TF2 at 144+fps while in the middle of a big 12v12 clusterfuck. It's impossible to do because the game is so poorly optimized, even though it's over 10 years old at this point.

>> No.65106046

you must be new here faggot

>> No.65106101

>Not able to get 144FPS in TF2
>Blames optimisation instead of his shit-tier battlestation

>> No.65106339

>Size > Resolution > Color >>>>>>>>> Refresh rate
>100" FullHD projector screen > 30" 4k IPS monitor > anything 144Hz

this is a horrid opinion.
larger (or rather, higher FOV) displays actually need higher refresh rates to feel comparably smooth in displaying motion.
e.g., a 43" UHD showing an object crossing the entire screen width in 1s would have 64px or ~0.62" displacement between adjacent frame, which when sitting 2' or so away is very hard to perceive clearly. on the other hand, a tiny ass little webm can look very smooth at even 30 fps and not be blatantly obvious as choppy crap until scaled to a larger window.

large format displays are where high Hz are needed the most, and 40"+ screens could honestly use 240+ Hz for fullscreen vidya content.

>> No.65106442

>installed memory
>128 GB
What the fuck, are you a server, a client or a faggot?

>> No.65106992

>basically zero motion blur
>not masterrace

>> No.65107072

Should I use this or 144hz and why?

>> No.65107190

They can detect 500hz

>> No.65107452

same reason why you prefer 60fps over 30fps.

>> No.65107471

kHz monitors when

>> No.65107493

50Hz is PAL/SECAM. PAL/SECAM is better than Never-The-Same-Color.

>> No.65107854

Even if you only play games that require intellect, it's still nice to have the higher refresh rate. High refresh rate monitors make everything feel smoother.

>> No.65107940


>> No.65108203

Enjoy your x-rays, fag.

>> No.65108348

30 Hz = cinematic god tier

>> No.65108395

your eyes cant see more than 24 fps anyway

>> No.65108403

OP = faggot tier

>> No.65108449

why exactly?

>> No.65108507

Wrong. Human eye can't see more than 1TB hard drive.

>> No.65108515

I literally cannot stop sucking cock.

>> No.65108522

Gaman sweet spot

>> No.65108668

Has less to do with visuals at that point. More hz = less input latency. For shooters this is important because you may have a competitive edge over someone dealing with high input latency.

>> No.65108687

240Hz would be good in reducing eye stress if using strobing. 120Hz is better than 60hz crap crts, but not fast enough to not tire your eyes.

>> No.65108715

because oled can't into 120fps yet and no one wants to invest actual money into lcd anymore because the technology is near its eol.

>> No.65108883

I don't feel any need to upgrade to 144Hz, I'm happy with my 100Hz ultrawide.

>> No.65108905

>120Hz better than 60Hz CRT

Hmm I doubt it. LCD technology is riddled with latency because it's slow by design. The argument is kind of silly though because you probably wouldn't have to use 60Hz on CRT anyway. Could easily get 120Hz on CRT by lowering the resolution a little.

>> No.65109662
File: 46 KB, 512x512, 1509876327571.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

144hz is only 50€ more expensive, are you really that poor?

>> No.65109707

Razer made a phone with a 120 Hz screen but /g/ shat all over it because muh gaymer target audience.

>> No.65109768

240hz is close to being as good as what crts did
though you still have input lag

>> No.65109817

>lcd flatscreen

>> No.65110208

I like most of the non apple smartphones, and non apple tablets prior to both decided physical keys need to go.

I also like having a good reason to go to one manufacturer over the other, opposed to the current everything is a grey box besides apple which is a grey box and a walled garden.

>> No.65110212

every oled is 120hz, at least on the tv front, the issue is the inputs to push 120hz are not implemented yet.

>> No.65110218

honestly one of the better phones all considered, I just take issue because I have never had something razor that hasn't broken prematurely and by no fault of my own.

>> No.65110234

you got one monitor you can show off that has been tested to fuck you? because I don't see anyone having issues with face cancer en masse

>> No.65110255

accurately able to distinguish planes at 480hz, they never did an absolute can you even notice this at this hz test.

>> No.65110569

I think it mostly boils down to what you prefer to do on your monitor. For "productivity", high resolution coupled with adequate size beats all. For movies, going from 1080p to 4K honestly doesn't make that much of a difference, and the refresh rate is of course locked to 24 Hz, so a 100" projector could be the best. For gayman, 1440p high refresh rate seems to be the best trade-off between resolution and refresh rate.

>> No.65110613

I'm pretty sure they can't do it on phone displays yet, it would probably have really bad burn in

>> No.65110815


Nah, fast-TNs are faster CRT of old.

CRTs are only good at color accuracy (superior gamma).

Input lag is a meme for the most part, the problem comes from interface/device controllers but the human body has always been the largest factor by far.

>> No.65110855


Drop your nostalgia glasses. The problem with latency has more due to monitor quality, software, controller/interface.

Shitty CRTs back in the day were slow as fuck and were a lot worse (flicking was painfully obvious). The so-call speed advantage from "input lag" comes from the fact they rode on low-level interfaces and software that a lot less overhead (VGA, ISA/VLB/PCI, RAMDAC) then modern systems.

The real advantage of CRTs over LCDs is their color accuracy (true blacks/whites) and viewing angles.

>> No.65110863

Needs more Amiga

>> No.65110904

Has nothing to do with nostalgia. CRT technology is simply faster. Think about how LCD refreshes pixels. Essentially any CRT from year ~2000 is better than high end LCDs today. Acer 240Hz Predator still has higher input lag than a Dell CRT from 1999. Better colors, no ghosting, low latency etc. The only real drawbacks with CRT is they gradually lose brightness over time and they are heavy.

>> No.65111031

> fast-TNs are faster CRT of old.

Unless you mean the consumer HD CRT TVs, this isn't true, regular SD CRTs, PC CRT monitors, video monitors all have lag on the order of microseconds, the best TN monitors are on the order of a couple of milliseconds.

>> No.65111067

120Hz should be the standard for all consumer displays because 24, 30 and 60 fits in evenly, making it perfect for movies.

144Hz is really only for gaming and 3d, and of course 165 is only useful for gaming.

>> No.65111079

>>120Hz better than 60Hz CRT
>Hmm I doubt it. you probably wouldn't have to use 60Hz on CRT anyway. Could easily get 120Hz on CRT by lowering the resolution a little.

nostalgia glasses, the post. most CRTs has vsync caps around 75-80 Hz even for shit resolutions. the Big Daddy displays with 150+Hz/130+kHz sync limits, vertically *and* hcorizontally flat screens, etc. cost $1k plus in '90s Buxx, are we still limited to ~20" 4:3 or ~23" 16:10. Everybody except the professionals and true enthusiasts were stuck with pretty mediocre crap.

the absolute best CRTs were better than an average 1080p TN shit panel, but modern LCDs have features that eclipse the best CRTs ever made, like [email protected]+ Hz, and things aren't stopping there.

>> No.65111193

150hz is the real master race.

>> No.65111413

>lowering the resolution a little
120Hz is pointless if you have to run it.at 640x480. Mine can hit [email protected] but that's only useful for DOS games.

>> No.65111443

Has Femanon ever made a quality post in the entire history of /g/?

>> No.65111501

All you need to do is check the max hSync. Most I ever owned were between 80-100KHz. 100000 / 768 = 130Hz @ 1024x768.which was pretty damn good for games at this time. You seem pretty desperate to paint me as someone looking at CRT tech with rose tinted glasses on. I know very well what the pros and cons of CRT were and the fact of the matter is they are superior in competitive games to this day because of low input latency. If you want a large 4k display and don't care about niche gaming shit then I agree. Modern widescreen displays are good for media and productivity just not ideal for competitive games.

>> No.65111516

Sounds like you don't have a very good CRT then. I can do 160Hz at 640x480. What is your max hSync?

>> No.65111593

75 Hz would be enough for typical desktop usage. It's a great improvement over 60Hz, and probably wouldnt raise the price too much, especially since most controllers in 60hz monitors are able to support it.

>> No.65111814

70000kHz. It can do 1024x768 at 90Hz. You can't judge CRTs solely on the highest end professional models that would have been a thousand dollars new.

>> No.65113224

Even if you're trolling, it's not about reaction, it's about buttery smoothness

>> No.65113364

ULMB is Ultra Low Motion Blur
Try googling next time brainlet

>> No.65113876

>he doesnt have 24k monitors running at 10ghz

>> No.65113920


>> No.65116238

That's a decent point but you can get secondhand CRTs today for next to nothing. 90Hz isn't bad anyway. About 3 milliseconds more frame latency than 120Hz.

>> No.65117665
File: 43 KB, 1280x882, spec.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

120hz on crt for that buttery smoothness. I know the resolution is ass, but hey, I like it.

>> No.65118087
File: 139 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>choosing 144Hz, which is a multiple of 24 but not of 60
>not 240Hz, which IS a multiple of both 24 and 60

>> No.65118275

CRT screens are pretty fuzzy, and are susceptible to crazy flicker. If you get headaches easily, have epilepsy, or get eyestrain from a CRT, I wouldn't recommend getting one.

As someone who has owned CRTs for most of their life, and recently made the switch to LCD screens, due to my CRTs dying out, I've noticed far less input lag with my 144hz LCD than my 80hz CRT. The only thing I can agree with is the richer blacks and whites, and even then, HDR displays are becoming a thing.

The only reason to own a CRT nowadays is for retro consoles with interlaced videos, although even then, if you have a framemoister, it will usually be of higher quality.

>> No.65118510

at 60hz they def are, but not at 85 or above in my experience. Mine does 150 max, and its glorious.

>> No.65118752

It's good you like your monitor but I'm not sure that is correct. Reason being is I owned a 120Hz LG LCD which had a feature called THRU mode which is supposed to eliminate all input lag. While there was definitely a difference between it being on and off testing it against a CRT monitor showed that the LCD with THRU mode on was about ~17ms slower. So in my opinion the technology isn't quite there yet. For most gaming this is entirely fine. In certain games however, like Quake, Counter Strike, Street Fighter, you definitely don't want to be dealing with any unwanted latency. So until the day comes that quality CRTs have an actual replacement they are still the preferred monitors for these kind of games.

>> No.65118876

Enjoy having your eyes burn away.

>> No.65118931

Thought the same thing. Why the fuck is 144 hz even a thing?
120 hz monitors were completely fine. 120 scales well with 24, 30, 60.
And it's not like many people can distinguish between 120 hz and 144 hz anyways.

>> No.65118952

Why are you running a gt 610?

>> No.65118998

VR. 120Hz / 2 = 60Hz and motion is not smooth. However at 144Hz / 2 = 72Hz it is better and more immersive.

>> No.65119163

Tbh unironically this. I'm a mania player (at 1100pp rn) and after reaching a certain speed you start to see double of the notes due to them changing so much between two frames that there is a noticable black gap between old and new place. I've tried and planning to buy a 144hz. Cannot say anything about 240hz, should probably try

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