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>Assemble a part list
>Example gaming builds and _monitor_ suggestions; click on the blue title to see notes
>Learn how to build a PC (You can find a lot more detailed videos on channels like Bitwit)
>How to install Win7 on Ryzen

If you want help:
>State the budget & CURRENCY for your build
>List your uses, e.g. Gaming, Video Editing, VM Work
>For monitors, include purpose (e.g., photoediting, gaming) and graphics card pairing (if applicable)

>NO R3 1200/1300X or R5 1400/1500X. THEY ARE DEFUNCT AND SUPERSEDED BY THE R3 2200G AND R5 2400G
>G4560 - non-gaming (light tasks) or bare minimum gaming builds with a dedicated graphics card
>R3 2200G - Budget builds (best with OC + fast RAM) or for gaming WITHOUT a graphics card
>R5 1600 / i5 8400 - Great gaming (especially the i5 8400) or multithreaded use CPUs (especially the R5 1600)
>R7 / Used Xeon / Threadripper / i7 - Heavy Multi-Tasking / VM Work / Mixed use

>Current CPUs benefit from high speed RAM; 3000-3200 MHz is ideal
>Before buying RAM for Ryzen, check your Mobo's QVL or look for user reports

Graphics cards:
>Crypto-Currency miners have driven GPU prices up (particularly Radeon)
>MSRP of standard 1080p cards: 1050Ti, 140USD; 1060 3GB, $200; 1060 6GB, $230; RX 570 4GB, $170; RX 580 4GB, $200
>GTX 1070 if you're looking for very high (100+) framerates and you have a CPU and monitor to match
>GTX 1070/Ti and 1080 are standard choices; currently overpriced
>GTX 1080Ti if you're looking for very high (100+) framerates and you have a CPU and monitor to match
2160p (4K)
>GTX 1080Ti

>A 240GB or larger SSD is almost mandatory; consider m.2 form factor

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Kill yourself

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>>64949762 here. Last time polluting the thread i promise. Here is what i ended up going for https://de.pcpartpicker.com/list/srbYJ8. I read in the op that ryzen is picky with ram, i found a list but it doesn't list F4-3000C16S-8GISB. Should i just go straight up for the fastest ram?

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I want to buy a 1440p monitor, but my GPU is just a 1050ti. Is it okay to game at 1080p windowed? if so, how does it look like?

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>being triggered by components
it's more likely you'll suicide before anyone here

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Looking for a cooler to go with my Ryzen 1600x since apparently there's no stock cooler with them.

Suggestions? I have a Cooler Master HAF 912 usb towe

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>drop the cooler onto the cpu socket
>bent some of the pins
kill me

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I'd say grab either a Wraith or Wraith Max from Amazon.
Old school Wraith: https://www.amazon.com/WRAITH-SILENT-COOLER-Heatpipes-Connector/dp/B06XP5GFFH/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1520074511&sr=8-4&keywords=amd+wraith
Wraith Max: https://www.amazon.com/AMD-199-999575-Wraith-Max-Cooler/dp/B074RNSCJM/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1520074557&sr=8-5&keywords=amd+wraith

Both work without modification on AM4

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what's with the reviews

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how do i start becoming competent at judging what components are good and bad? the most confusing things to me are the cpu and ram. all i see with cpus are the ghz, and for ram, the amount of memory.
basically i want to become one of the people who's competent enough about hardware to suggest things to others.

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>GeForce GTX 1050 ti
>AMD RYZEN 5 1600 Six-Core
>runs worse than my 6 year old rig I had previously

I can't even maintain 60 fps on World of Warcraft on low settings. What the actual fuck.

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likely people bitching about it interfering with ram kits.
The Wraith Max is an updated version of the Wraith, and the Wraith Max itself is getting an update this year to become the Wraith Prism.

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No need. Clumsy shitter like you is bound to stumble and fall out of a window any moment.

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Almost entirely unrelated, but after only playing WoW on a Laptop for a few years I recently built a proper desktop and fuck me, but the graphics of the game sure got updates. Shit's looking great with everything at max.

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realistically speaking will the nvidea's april announcement have any impact on the current gpu prices?
is there any hope for price drop?

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2200G or 2400G? A lot of reviews seem to think the 2400G isn't worth the extra 70 bucks

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there's your problem

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There's not going to be an April announcement.
And if there was it still wouldn't effect things. There would still be the "ram shortage" and miners will still be buying everything they could get their hands on.

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I forgot to specify, our flooring are TILES (pic related) and we go barefoot. I might use a large wooden table. I'm this poster btw. >>64946716
So there are no problems as long as I keep touching the unplugged case like a kids game/anti-static wristband clipped to case, and build it naked?

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Anybody else find the concept of using an nvidia gpu with AMD could to be weird? it feels awkward like mixing chocolate with ketchup

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Reminder to not be memed into buying a dual core central processing unit in current year.
Fucking phones , TVs and refrigerators have quad core processors.
Get sick of cancer, braindamaged corporate tool.

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>imagine being nr.2 at everything you do

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Save the $70 and get high speed Ram and OC that 2200G and you have performance on par or better then a 2400G.

I'm starting to think that the 2400G drivers a fucked though it'll be fixed at one point.

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2200G if all you want is an APU that can play vidya with the iGPU. 2400G if you're going to use the computer for things other than vidya and shitposting or if you're planning to get a decent GPU later. The extra CUs on 2400G don't really make a difference because it's bottlenecked by RAM bandwidth, but SMT is pretty significant benefit for CPU.

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Best monitor set up /PCBG/?

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27 or 32" horizontal main, 21" vertical for reading/ reference material and a 32" or larger on the wall for media/ background stuff

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I currently have a gaming PC i bought cheaply in 2010 with a dual-core processor, some new games actually seem quite interesting today though, what do I need to just play modern games decently?

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>>State the budget & CURRENCY for your build
~1300€ including monitor
>>List your uses, e.g. Gaming, Video Editing, VM Work
Gaming: PUBG, GTAV, WOT, Kingdom come, Fallout 4
>>For monitors, include purpose (e.g., photoediting, gaming) and graphics card pairing (if applicable)
gaming anything cost effective
Monitor 1080p 144hz 1ms

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just spent £3000

>fractal design define mini c
>acer xb252q 24.5" 1ms frameless g sync (240hz)
>asus rog strix z370 g
>i7 8700k
>evga 1080ti
>32gb corsair vengeance rgb
>samsung 960 pro m.2. 512gb
>seagate barracuda 7200 4tb
>masterliquid 240 aio

already had all my peripherals prebought

>logitech g pro
>hyper x cherry mx red tkl
>cougar gripped mouse bungee
>vivo single monitor arm
>corsair polaris + mm200
>sennheiser hd 650s

desk ikea alex/karlby walnut 240cm
and a maxnomic chair since I couldnt find anything that had serious lumbar for a decent price that wasnt a tatty office chair

thoughts? should I delid the i7? or should you only do that with liquid metal paste - where can I find some? newegg only has one option for £400 which is dumb

all thats missing is speakers and a mic which I cant afford right now

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Will more ram save me, my computer is running faster overall, but, games run like shit for some reason

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its the cpu without a doubt, you could go for 16gb but the cpu is the culprit here especially for nu-wow

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Ryzen sucks for WoW since it values more single core performance. Intel was the way to go with this game.

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Is there a way to simulate old GPU performance using modern ones? I know you can easily underclock the GPU itself to match the clock speed of the old one but can you like turn shader units off, disable specific amounts of VRAM, cap memory bandwidth, etc?

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I think you can downclock VRAM as well. But even if you COULD do all of that, it still wouldn't simulate the performance of old GPUs accurately.

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I mean, I don't know shit about anything really but my old CPU was fucking old. I just thought an upgrade would be an upgrade.

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so what are my options here, just bite the bullet and overpay for 1050ti or hope for better next year?

>> No.64952723

Sounds reasonable. I just built a similar rig. Only thing I'm unsure of is the XB252. Is the 240Hz really that important to you that you'd go with a 24" 1080p over 27" 1440p IPS? I bought the 271HUT and it's fucking great.

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buy it msrp from evga/ nvidia store

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Do you know what cpu it was?

Ryzen will be good for newer games but games like that aren't so well.

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I had an i7 3770

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Served you right for listening to pajeet shills. If you want to play game Intel is still the undisputed king. Period.

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Technically the i7-3770 beats ryzen in single core performance. Although it might match it if you overclock it? I also believe if you get a kit of 2x8GB 3000 MHz ram it will improve speed.

The thing is ryzen relies heavily on ram speed in order to catch up to i7-3770. Ryzen was technically a side grade in your case. Sorry m8

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So how long should I wait to build a decent PC? I just want to play some AAA game on the highest settings

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Nice OP Vandalism juan

>> No.64952882

It will be a while, honestly just do your best to find good deals right now because it's really unsure how long it will take.

Estimating at least one year but even that isn't really accurate.

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Technically you are a mongoloid

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Damn, guess I'll just wait for a while then.

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Intel can go higher that's why its better, pajeet.

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PUBG needs a GTX 1060 6Gb at least.

>> No.64953004

i can always upgrade later since I didnt cheap out on the card

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>imagine being sued for anti-competitive practices constantly and having to bribe prosecutors and judges all the time

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I’m about to buy a used PC from a shut down business. I5-4590 and 4GB 1333MHz Ram with a 500GB HDD.

Or get a complete build in a small optilex case that comes with a cheap monitor and operating system, 8GB RAM, i5 3470, and 500GB HDD.

What do I go for? I want to put something like a RX480 in there.

>> No.64953128


You go for save a little longer and buy new you retard

>> No.64953295

>You go for save a little longer and buy new you retard
He's going to save for a while though.
if you want something easy and fast I guess Option #2 would be good to plug and play.

Although i5s are dying so not sure how long that will last you.

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I just want something that’ll last me 2/3 years that doesn’t cost me £600+

>> No.64953329

>small optilex case
forgot this... not sure if a rx 480 will fit though. And I think these prebuilts have weird mobo form factors. I think you could get a better deal?

>> No.64953424


I was going to rip the Mobo out and chuck it in another case

But yeah I might just get a second hand Real pc

>> No.64953485

Depends on the Optiplex in question. If it's an SFF, than only a low profile 1050Ti would fit as the highest end video card you can get in it.
If it's a mini tower, any RX 480 should fit, though you'd need to upgrade the power supply

>> No.64953510

>I was going to rip the Mobo out and chuck it in another case
I'm not sure how you would deal with the proprietary fron i/o connectors...

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My 280x just died, is there a decent GPU I cp ould get for ~200€ that would go with my FX8170 or should I just buy a fucking laptop ?

>> No.64953569

Maybe you could find a good deal. Ideally I would at least get a second gen i7 or higher, 8GB of Ram, and At least 1050ti or higher. Overclockable would be great too. Windows 10 you use for free and get a $5 code on ebay if you want. An ssd would be nice for the Operating system.

>> No.64953599

>needing to overclock to be better
so intel is pentium 4 now?

>> No.64953600

I'd go for this until you can afford the GPU, for £37 more you could get an SSD

>> No.64953619

a used 290x, good luck finding a 580 or 1060 at a reasonable price

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fuck buying used shit fuck me and fuck nigger miners

>> No.64953686

It gives it more juice
2600k @ 4.5 GHz will last longer than a 2600

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Is it bad that i want to try the optane meme on an ssd? i am getting 16gb one on monday

i had ssd cache on my laptop and performance wise its like a 50% upgrade than normal hdd

>> No.64954331

Is there a cheap comparable gpu outside of the nvidia line? When will crypto die?

>> No.64954382

optane is a terrible meme
>only compatible with expensive platform
>more expensive than large SSD
>basically glorified cache
>not even enough capacity for muh games

just get a 250 or 500gb SSD and a 2tb mechanical HDD

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Sadly no. I'd get a faster kit, a Seasonic PSU and for $60 more get the 6GB 1060

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>Buy a new mouse
>It has more buttons on it than a keyboard

How do I use all of these memes? There's three next to the thumb, one next to the LB and two below the scroll wheel.

>> No.64954617


Macro binding or just general use as hotkeys.

>> No.64954627


This seems like a really good, perhaps best even, buy at $1150. Am I a fool to do this or just wait for prices to go down on RAM and GPUs (if ever)?

>> No.64954631

Sounds pretty based. Are they a hindrance or do they become useful once you get used to them?

>> No.64954676

i waited last year and prices only climbed, i just pulled the trigger last night,

id like to convince you to do the same but literally noones knows, I asked this in like nov and people told me to wait and it cost me 1k more

just buy something you can afford that will last you at least 5 years to ride this all out

>> No.64954685


It all depends on your usage case. Great for software (lets be real here, its for vidya) that has lots of actions - many of which you might want to do at the same time. It is why MMO's and RTS games benefit immensely from such bindings. Even a simple example might be an FPS game - binding weapon choices to your mouse keys instead of 1-9 can let you switch weapons faster without awkward finger positioning associated with a keyboard.

I personally don't have a mouse with extra buttons as they get in the way of my concrete crushing grip I have.

>> No.64954726

And consider one of these IPS monitors
This one has a slightly higher refresh rate but is a TN panel

>> No.64954749

>find a good prebuilt with ryzen 1600, b350, 8gb 3000mhz, 1tb hdd and gtx 1070 for 1k €
>don't buy it since /g/ told me to wait for ryzen2 and new nvidia gen
>apparently nvidia won't announce anything and ryzen2 is only a 0.3ghz frequency boost
>check the prebuilt again
>costs 30% more
thanks /g/.

>> No.64954767

That does sound cool. It could definitely help me in Dayz because it's such a fuck around using the keyboard to do certain actions.
My previous mouse was a £4 one with two buttons and a scroll wheel, the kind I'm used to. This fucking thing is like an aircraft carrier in comparison and is taking a little getting used to.
Thanks for the help senpai.

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Well, I never do prebuilts, but this would be #2 on a whim. I am actually fine with this stupid $500 HP with an i5 7400 and 1060 3g, just the cooling is a mess. I figure the Dell would have better components and a total upgrade.

>> No.64954866

You're welcome.

>> No.64955030

Should have listened to the intel shills telling you POOzen was going to be shit this year.

>> No.64955057

Price checks out but you'd get a small SSD and faster memory

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>.1GHz difference
>$99 more
This is why Intel is a fucking joke.

>> No.64955209

>2600k @ 4.5 GHz
>comparing a gold sample massive 1.2ghz overclock to a small 300 mhz bump
Every Intel cpu overclocking to the moon is a fucking myth only perpetuated by shills, and you really seem like one now

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>> No.64955222


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File: 400 KB, 1920x1080, quadcorein2017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

or it will just stutter and be unusable because it only had 8 threads

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File: 637 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_20180303_113834.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I picked this up on Wednesday, it's a great deal for a solid computer. The GPU and CPU alone cost nearly $900 right now, and you're getting a decent looking case, standard MB, 16GB ram and a 7200 1TB HDD on top of that.

I never buy pre-builts. The last one I bought was in the very early 2000s, since around 2006 I've been building my own PC every few years, but sadly this was the most economical solution right now for me to just get a better system / videocard over my aging FX 8350 / GTX 970 setup I had before.

That said, I had many problems getting this thing set up. Fair warning; DO NOT cancel the Windows update that starts automatically after turning it on for the first time. I learned that the hard way, had some real strange issues happen with Windows update and disk usage and had to do a clean install again just to get things working properly. The update takes several hours, just let it run.

Also, despite all that, I'm still having some strange as fuck disk usage 100% problems when I boot up every now and then, and I'm currently trying to figure out how to stop it.

The only con I really have is the GPU runs kind of hot, as it's a blower configuration. Running Deus Ex Mankind Divided at 1440p at maximum settings I'm getting decent FPS, around 50-60, but GPU temps soar to 80C+. CPU temps mostly go around 50C maximum under heavy load, idle around 30C.

>> No.64955241

The $99 cheaper one, the 8600K, is literally higher rated too.

Ryzen >>> Intel. They cannot get their fucking priorities straight.

>> No.64955242

read the OP, and get a 2400g instead

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But the Gs don't work with B350 or A230 MOBOs.

>> No.64955266


>> No.64955269

yes they do you just need a bios update

>> No.64955277

are you running single channel? that can affect wow quite a bit if your ram is not a dual channel config

>> No.64955281

Just my opinion, but the case is ugly. Get something like a Fractal Define S

Or an R5 depending on how much internal storage you need.

>> No.64955292

It's a matter of updating the BIOS or buying a mobo already updated (look for the "Ryzen 2000 Ready" sticker)

>> No.64955294

>too dumb to use a computer

>> No.64955329

Please no, I am already $45 over budget, and I want a blue and black case specifically. Thank you for looking though.

This good?

>> No.64955343

Fine but I'd get a B350 Tomahawk (that way you can OC), look for the cheapest F4-3200 8GB kit and consider the MX330, (it's cheaper and a little better than that case, get a 200mm fan)
Or get a 2400g to save some money and get a GPU when you can afford it

>> No.64955743

I'd go for this.
The case you picked isn't blue, it comes with a blue fan so stick one in the MX330. As for the 2200g try to get the Tomahawk at a PC shop or a Microcenter to check for the sticker or have it updated (or just order a 1200 and overclock it)

>> No.64955855

that's still over €200 more than the prebuilt before they upped the price, even without the ssd.
at this point i might as well commit to waiting.

>> No.64955925

Just get a 1060, GPU prices aren't going down anytime soon

>> No.64956023

i'm not going to buy an overpriced 2-years old gpu and let cryptoniggers fuck me in the ass. i'd rather buy a console.

>> No.64956093

A 2200g or 2400g would be enough for most games on medium but if consoles are your thing go for it

>> No.64956098

So I have a 750 Ti right now and I want to upgrade my CPU, I don't have a lot of money so I was thinking of getting a 2200G, is it a good idea? I mean, even if I'm gonna use it as a regular CPU it still seems like the best one for that price.

>> No.64956133

>Buy console
>Buy few games
>Comes to the same price it would cost to build a rig
>Get games for practically free from meme sites if you build a rig

desu it seems to work out roughly the same. I suppose it's apples and roundabouts though. Not that I blame you, prices atm are fucking scandalous.

>> No.64956154

Yes anon, look for a mobo with the 2000 ready sticker or have it updated where you end up getting it (or get a loaned chip from AMD to update it youself)

>> No.64956157

i was thinking of grabbing r5 2600/i5 8400 and some cheap gpu to play tf2 on, at least until gtx 20xx series comes out

>> No.64956169

meant to reply to >>64956133

>> No.64956191

Some on ultra, granted it's 900p

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File: 1.79 MB, 1280x720, laugh.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>glowing alien logo anywhere in your house

>> No.64956261

>When I came to open up one morning, there you were with your head half in the toilet,your hair was in the toilet water...disgusting

>> No.64956307

I'll paste an alienware logo on every surface in my house if it means I don't have to get cucked into paying hundreds of dollars over price for a GPU.

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File: 171 KB, 600x600, 1513286741599.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I get my hopes up with the 2200g but then see stuff like this

>> No.64956374

This just looks like bad optimization to me.

>> No.64956422


BF1 multiplayer eats cpus alive and the little quadcore in the 2200G isn't really man enough.

>> No.64956442

The 2400g would perform better but it's still very playable

>> No.64956469

Alright, thanks.

>> No.64956472

Can someone help me build a PC under $500 that runs most modern games decent? I checked logical increments and pretty much everything was out of stock.

>> No.64956530

This one, it's on the OP https://pcpartpicker.com/user/pcbg/saved/#view=9CfZ8d

Take out the SSD and it's under 500, be prepared for the load times though

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File: 838 KB, 816x739, psu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please help. I need to connect a 4 pin molex male plug to this PSU. Are there any connectors that let me do that? I can't find anything for these red 10 pin jacks

>> No.64956631

Here you go
Remember this >>64956154

>> No.64956758

It runs great

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>nobody answers
I guess it was a stupid question..

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File: 824 KB, 1216x1658, kharn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Unless you particularly need every iota of performance from ram, ram is ram is ram at a given frequency give or take. CPUs are much more complex as frequency isn't a measurement of performance in the strictest sense (but frequency is related to performance).

A major hurdle for judging how good a cpu is is the socket it fits into - some sockets/chipsets offer more features than others and all of the fun that brings.

>> No.64956831

Lurk more and read reviews.

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File: 277 KB, 1200x1000, Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming-ITXac(L1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When I start up a game the mother board creates a massive, constant buzzing noise.
The buzz sound appears to be coming from the VRM modules to the left of the CPU.

I suspect it's the motherboard, but I can't rule out that it might be the graphics card (Vega 64), or the PSU (Silverstone ST75F-PT)

What should I do guys?
I would like this buzzing noise be fixed.

>> No.64956891


Google coil whine.

>> No.64956940

A question about adding more voltage when overclocking the GPU. It does absolutely nothing to me. I get the same fps at benchmark while it being slightly warmer with increased voltage and the Kombustor benchmark still crashes when I tried to squish more core clock.

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File: 21 KB, 552x643, 290x gpu z base clocks.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


What gpu?

>> No.64957000

Some youtube guy recommended me to enable Tripple buffering and Freesync.

Is there really no other solution than something like this?
Is it something every high-end GPU must live with?

>> No.64957027

i5: 3.6ghz base, 4.3ghz boost. 6 cores/6 threads, no hyperthreading. 9MB cache

i7: 3.7ghz base, 4.7ghz boost. 6 cores/12 threads, enabled hyperthreading. 12M cache

id say its pretty fair price if you need the threads for multitasking/vm/workstation stuff. hyperthreading isnt as good as AMD's SMT, but HT vs no HT is a pretty solid boost for multitasking.
could also be a good purchase for "futureproofing" for games. with intel now making 6 core mainstream, affordable CPUs, you can bet that we'll be seeing more and more multithreaded games.

>> No.64957030

1060 3GB

>> No.64957054


> Tripple buffering and Freesync.

That is mean to reduce/prevent whine caused by your gpu running at a million fps that your screen can't even display.

>Is there really no other solution than something like this?


>Is it something every high-end GPU must live with?

It might not be your gpu. It could be the psu being pushed hard when the cpu and gpu are under load. Equally it might be the motherboard getting slammed by a cpu - though outside of thew shittiest of of boards it generally only occurs in overclocked cpus.


1) shit gpu
2) Pascal cannot into voltage - raise power limit and keep it as cool as you can to let it boost up.

>> No.64957131

what kind of temperatures do you guys see on your GPU's VRMs?
im waiting to buy a 144hz monitor next month, so for now i "overclocked" my monitor from 60hz to 75hz. i tested and made sure it was actually displaying 75hz(and indeed its also noticable in games), but im noticing that my GPUs VRM thermals are a fair bit higher.
at 60hz, i was getting around 55c-58c vrm depending on the game, map and such. at 75hz, it shot up to 65c-67c.
GPU is AMD RX 480 4Gb. im not even really familiar with gpu vrm thermals, are these temps high? do they vary greatly from GPU to GPU, perhaps like different motherboard VRMs?

>> No.64957136

Yeah I remember reading somewhere that they dont let user play with the voltage as much in Pascals but Ive seen youtube tutorial when that guy says increasing voltage would prevent the card to throttle too much at certain temp. It does nothing to me and my power limit is st maximum.

>> No.64957172
File: 72 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's hopeless isn't it?

I think we need some new category of PC builds that are specifically Coil Whine-Free.

>> No.64957187
File: 29 KB, 1082x611, 290x metro LL stress test.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Silicon lottery sure is fun eh? If nudging up voltage doesn't let you increase clocks you can try with even more voltage but generally thats a losing game if you don't see any sort of gains when manually increasing clocks combined with a voltage increase.

Pic semi-related - just shy of suicide voltages on my aging 290x before AMD changed the overclocking API.

>> No.64957189

my tax refund came in. specs related. the only thing i can think of really doing is getting a new video card (not at these prices though), or finally biting the bullet and getting a monitor over 1080p

if i dont play games, and mainly just watch stuff and go online, will springing for a high refresh rate monitor still be worth it?

currently looking at either the dell u2518d or a 27" LG 4k one.

>> No.64957203
File: 39 KB, 665x542, murasame 1screen v2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64957238


You can try and cool your shit better.

>> No.64957239

Should I buy an i5-8400 right now or wait for the i5-8500?

>> No.64957319

Can it have anything to do with my GPU only has one single power connector and thus cant draw anymore voltage than default?

>> No.64957339

Fancy selling me that card for half the price?

>> No.64957366

you could buy a new monitor the only issue is whether what you are watching is available in those resolutions
I personally watch a lot of youtube but most videos are 1080p max so it doesn't really help me to watch them on a higher resolution monitor

>> No.64957382

i can sell you my old r9 fury nitros for $200 a piece.

i got this 1070 for $365 last month.
itd be nice to watch the grand tour in 4k.

>> No.64957393


Sure its possible.

>> No.64957424

No thanks I'll do with my 1050Ti.

>> No.64957427

>itd be nice to watch the grand tour in 4k
go for it then
you should be fine with upscaling videos anyways although games will look shitty upscaled

>> No.64957459

>although games will look shitty upscaled
i only really play vns, and occasionally csgo so i shouldnt really have a problem with that

>> No.64957469

if you have the money go for it then

>> No.64957574

The 4K one is tempting but I would get this

>> No.64957788 [DELETED] 

He could get a G-Sync one for $100 more

>> No.64957796

that would be 200 more

>> No.64957802
File: 366 KB, 800x450, 1510664997044.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>goysync tax

>> No.64957806

I need to sleep

>> No.64957840

When will the Fractal Design Meshify Mini be available to purchase?

>> No.64957847

can my 3.5gb 970gtx run 4k alright?

>> No.64957855


>> No.64957876


>> No.64957884


>> No.64957955

i don't know

>> No.64957966

You probably fell for the B350 meme

Cant maintain appropriate clock speeds for shit

>> No.64957979


>> No.64958002


>> No.64958025

R6 was revealed one week before worldwide launch, I would expect the same here, may depend on region though.

>> No.64958118
File: 102 KB, 1219x853, smooooooooooch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is this true /g/?

i want smooth gamins

>> No.64958129

>tfw no microcenter near me

>> No.64958135

for some games it has higher 1-.1% lows

>> No.64958146

Using a Phenom II 1090t at stock. Should I just get an 1800x or wait from the Zen+ refresh?

>> No.64958156

Post specs

You may be out of luck for demanding games since old dual cores cant keep up, but if you cant buy a whole new pc, a 1050ti will run with any cpu.

27-32 inch, high res, VA or IPS panels. Avoid compromises and get purpose specific monitors if you are a multi user.

>> No.64958179

Meshify Mini was officially launched on Thursday 3/1, Fractal CSR said Newegg has already received their shipment. I'm giddy af to shrink my build.

>> No.64958239

well Zen+ should be coming out around april so it would be worth it to wait just in case and then decide

>> No.64958317
File: 1.99 MB, 448x252, 1510970226347.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I heard that there's a new set of mainstream boards coming that will lead to a pride drop for the newer gen Intel CPUs.

How long do you guys think that'll be? I don't really wanna go with Ryzen for my new CPU.

>> No.64958363

Intel doesn't drop prices on their CPUs, so you can forget about that. B360 and H310 boards should arrive... at some point. But we've been expecting them since Coffee Lake was first released, so who knows when that'll be.

>> No.64958392


Though you will have to buy a gpu second hand since that pricing is shit, if you want to stay in budget.

>> No.64958394

>price drop for CPUs

>> No.64958401

budget boards for coffee lake will be released in april to ""compete"" with ryzen2. intel are being jews as always.

>> No.64958420

Does anyone know a motherboard that will run the 2400G out of the box? I really can't be bothered asking AMD for a bios upgrade CPU.

>> No.64958427
File: 160 KB, 1020x1039, 8ball.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64958447

go to a place in person and they should be able to update the bios for you or the box will tell you if it has the correct bios

>> No.64958460

The only reason I want to go with intel is because I want absolute compatibility and the best performance for my games. They have fishy practices, but they still can't be beat.

>> No.64958573

i do agree that intel is still better for gayming, especially if you aim for higher refresh rates. i5 8400 + h310/b360 mobo seems like a perfect combination for games.
inb4 amd shills start shitposting

>> No.64958702

Mate if anything demand for the non-K cpus will increase when the new boards come out. Buy your CPU now.

>> No.64958750


>> No.64958779

Could you say a way to get your current gpu VRM temps?

>> No.64958788

Howdy, I have a 2015 macbook pro that my parents got me for school. Could I get a pc for 500$ that would run better than this? (500$ not including monitor, mouse, keyboard etc. Just the PC.)

>> No.64958821

>attention whoring tripfag
>has a mac
>is technology illiterate

>> No.64958840

Anybody have any suggestions for a gaming/sound editing PC for around 700-800 American dollars? I have an average 27" LED Dell monitor that I use for HBO and PS4.

>> No.64958891

The memes are real b o y s

>> No.64958897



>> No.64959013
File: 42 KB, 480x872, cm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

will the type of thermal paste i use make much of a difference? last time i built my pc i bought an aftermarket cooler and some good thermal paste. The cooler came with this paste but i saved it as the other one i bought was much better. Now the better paste is gone and im stuck with this because i forgot id need more for my new build. Id like to say id replace this paste somewhere down the line, but itll probably stay on the board/cpu for a few years until i decide to upgrade again

>> No.64959039

Unless you are trying to overclock to the absolute max your shit paste is fine.

>> No.64959093

I'd go for this, you could get a 3GB 1060 or a 2200g to fit an SSD in the budget

>> No.64959148

wasnt planning on it yet, but its an 8600k and im pretty sure the board supports OC'ing so ill probably OC in the future. guess ill just buy better paste when i get around to OC'ing, thanks for the help

>> No.64959163

The i5-8400 is recommended by a lot of people, but it seems really slow. 2.8ghz? Does that just not matter? Can it be overclocked? I'm a dumb shit, I don't want to manually overclock stuff and break my shit.

>> No.64959179

it boosts to 4ghz/3.8ghz on all cores

you could have searched this yourself faggot

>> No.64959180

>Current CPUs benefit from high speed RAM; 3000-3200 MHz is ideal

Can I go higher? Also, any deals?

>> No.64959187

What is boost?

>You could have searched
Literally the same answer for every single post in this thread.

>> No.64959191

>buy 4k monitor
>have to set scaling to at least 150% to make things readable

might as well have gotten a QHD one instead.

>> No.64959218

How do people actually use 4K monitors like this?

I hate the scale feature.

>> No.64959229

RAM is expensive so don't ever expect any deals. the last couple memory kits I got I thought I was getting jew'd at the time (140 and 180 for 16GB DDR4 3200) but looking back I'm glad I got cheaper than what I could get now.

Overclocking depends on your mobo, look at the qvl, generally higher end chipsets will give you better OC

>> No.64959235

When is RAM going to be cheap again?

>> No.64959241

Thank you for the suggestion, definitely looking into this one.

>> No.64959250

Anyone got any experience with Zotac cards ?
I saw a 1060 6GO for 349€, my current GPU fried so it's a bit of an emergency, worth it ?

>> No.64959251
File: 41 KB, 800x572, 1431043797360.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Recommended 120GB SSDs?

>> No.64959252

anything higher than 3200 is negligible

its going to be a while

>> No.64959275

hwinfo64 should display the sensors if your mobo/gpu has them. maybe in your bios as well.

>> No.64959284
File: 307 KB, 600x545, 7c3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>its going to be a while
Why? I thought faggot meme miners were hording gpus, not ram. Explain this shit.

>> No.64959295

Not soon. The prices might start trickling down near the end of this year.

>> No.64959297

This is the cheapest
Though you'd be getting better value with this one >>64959093

>> No.64959310

well gpus are largely expensive due to RAM shortages also
manufacturers are being investigated by china for collusion
they also have a lot of different devices they have to make RAM for including phones that use a ton of fucking RAM these days

>> No.64959312 [DELETED] 


Any recommendations. I'm hating these ram prices.


This is decent :
>Current CPUs benefit from high speed RAM; 3000-3200 MHz is ideal

>> No.64959315

Is using TV as a monitor viable option? FullHD is enough.

>> No.64959322

>Any recommendations. I'm hating these ram prices
not really
decide if you want 8 or 16GB then get the cheapest kit with good timings and frequency

>> No.64959329

I use a 7-8 year old 32" vizio that's native 1366x768p, anything is possible...

>> No.64959333

Beware or the internal resolution of the screen and the refresh rate

>> No.64959341

thats gotta look like shit

>> No.64959348
File: 40 KB, 685x618, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just upgraded a little from https://pcpartpicker.com/list/23n9sJ to https://pcpartpicker.com/list/7vngsZ for 350€. I will sell the old CPU and motherboard, and probably the PSU.
Also, I'm using the intel cooler since the guy who sold it to me had that already installed and I didn't have any more thermal shit lying around, just ran out of it one week ago. It gets up to 70ºC tho.
So, after selling the CPU/MOBO I'd have spend like 250~200€, If I am able to sell these for 100 or more.

And, finally, as the RAM I had was 1866 and the new one 2100, it looks like the motherboard itself overclocked the slower RAM.
This will last me at least two years, just for the moment we get DDR5 and GPU/RAM prices are stable. If prices are still shit, then I guess I will get a 1150 compatible xeon for cheap and go with that.

>> No.64959353
File: 184 KB, 665x662, e68.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So its the normies fault?

>> No.64959367


Any recommendations?


>> No.64959380


>> No.64959386

Checking your digits f.am

also, explain, what are those and what numbers should I be looking at

>> No.64959431

best motherboard for an i7 8700k

>> No.64959445


For gaming.

>> No.64959548

I'm looking to build in a node 202 with an i5 8400 and a 1070. Is the 450w psu that it comes with enough for that? Memers on google saying all sorts from 500w required upto 650w.

>> No.64959576

use a wattage calculator

>> No.64959595
File: 3.64 MB, 4000x3000, 2018-03-03 14.18.10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64959626

I am about to pull the trigger on this ( for my first gaming pc) https://geizhals.at/?cat=WL-826643
Does this build look ok? Critique is appreciated!

>> No.64959633

can someone explain what m.2 and m.2 turbo are in relation to ssds? first time using an ssd in a build and my board has 2 m.2 slots but i have never seen or heard anything about them. do they just increase R/W speeds on compatible ssds?

>> No.64959695

Thoughts on this SSD? I have a $50 Amazon gift card to spend.


>> No.64959716

They are still SSDs. M.2 allowes for higher datarates compared to SATA. e.g. you wont get a SATA SSD with 2000Mb/s read speed. So its generally recommended to buy a M.2 SSD if your mobo supports it.

>> No.64959770


What do you think of this combo? I don't have much experience with MSI products.

>> No.64959811

well fuck my board supports it and i thought i got an m.2 ssd but i didnt. guess ill just upgrade soon. thanks

>> No.64959828

What's the best option to a massive poorfag that also lives in an expensive shithole?
Want to play some vidya (GTA V, some World Of [insert your favorite militar vehicle here]) and do some music production.

>> No.64959887

at least recommend i7

>> No.64959899

That about $150 worth of overkill

>> No.64959910

just bend them back ass retard

>> No.64959915



>> No.64959921

why the fuck are you paying big money to build a rig if you're not gonna go for the best you can get?

>> No.64959926

I have 935 USD.
But I live in Chile.

>> No.64959958


>> No.64959960

Why the fuck would you pay more for something that's not going to be used?

>> No.64959970

Should I do this or prebuilt? Want to play old shit and newer indie shit. May buy a graphic card later on for VR.


>> No.64959971

Avoid the Pro4, get the B350 PC Mate or the B350-F Rog Strix if you can afford it (better VRMs), a 620 EVO, a 500GB 960 EVO or a slower but cheaper MX300, there's a Gigabyte 1060 6GB for €30 less than that 3GB one (though I'd spend a little more for a double fan one), consider the P400S Eclipse and Ryzen benefits from fast memory so get this kit

>> No.64959988
File: 119 KB, 1718x639, RIP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the word on Ripjaws?

I'm thinking of getting this.

>> No.64960027

Just answer the FUCKING question, queer.

>> No.64960050

is it on your mobo's QVL? if not, dont buy them and find something on the QVL.
3200mhz is good if you can get it to run at that speed. the timings are not the best but i imagine it wont make a huge difference; i dont think intel chips benefit from good ram as much as ryzen chips do.

>> No.64960102


Yeah. I'm thinking of getting : https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813119038

>> No.64960125

>mfw in chile that build costs 910 USD

>> No.64960159


This shit good for 2560x1080?

>> No.64960192

Do you have a monitor, mouse and keyboard?

>> No.64960277

M.2 form factor allows for much faster speeds, however they still use either SATA or PCIe. You'll need to check the RW specs of the particular one you're looking at to see what it outperforms, but you prob want to get one that goes PCIe, which is called NVMe. Some turd companies also call this Turbo. Check out the Samsung 960 evo.

>> No.64960291


>> No.64960363

1080? I assume you meant 1440p?

Yes, 1070 is fine for that.

>> No.64960392

cryptocrash when

>> No.64960424

No, 2560x1080, its a 144hz monitor.

>> No.64960429

he probably has/wants a shitty 1080p ultrawide

>> No.64960444

1080p ultra wides are fine you retard if you don't buy a giant ultrawide.

>> No.64960448

Makes sense, yes 1070 will work with that as well. Generally speaking the 1070 can handle everything up to 1440p with high framerates, its when you move up into 4k that a 1080 becomes more attractive.

>> No.64960513

Cool, thanks.

>> No.64960522

Is there an open source, no-frills, clean GPU overclocking software yet? I can't believe it's 2018 and I'm still using tacky, janky, closed source programming created by a commercial GPU company to overclock my GPUs (MSI Afterburner).
Something like Open Hardware Monitor, but for overclocking, would be perfect.

>> No.64960524

whaddya y'all think

>> No.64960581

sqt is full of retards.

can anyone answer this? >>64960070

>> No.64960601

yes. That and the obsession with cloud computing and therefore datacenters buying up as much as possible.

>> No.64960702

Hey /g/,

I was doing some research between the Ryzen 7 1700X, and the i5 8600K and I ocncluded that the 8600K was ultimately better, despite the 1700X performing better when multi-threading (or some shit like that I'm not an expert).
Can anyone advise which is better?

Also, if I were to get a 1080 Ti, would it even be worth considering the 8600K, or should I just upgrade to an i7? Do the CPU and GPU have to compliment each other in that way?


>> No.64960710

best value 2nd monitor for browsing?

>> No.64960727

What do you think of this build for <$1000 budget ryzen?

>> No.64960737
File: 90 KB, 640x640, 1504315926011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

y'all think its worth getting 2200g and risk bios issues or just settle for the 1200

>> No.64960809

Sorry for the link dump in advance. Remember to get the motherboard in person so you can get the BIOS updated
Get two of these to run in dual channel
And one of these monitors

>> No.64960877

Do you have a HDD?

>> No.64960913

I'd rather get a 8700K with a 1070 than a 8600K with a 1080ti.

Pricing on gpus are fucked right now and new nvidia cards are coming in april, better to go balls to wall on cpu since they will last a lifetime.

If you want to go amd, wait for the 2700X, or just wait for it anyway and see comparisons so that you will know if its better than the 8700K.

>performing better when multi-threading

8600K got 6 cores > 6 threads
1700X got 8 cores > 16 threads

1700X will beat the 8600K in cases where more threads are useful (pure processing tasks, like rendering videos or converting files). But the 8600K got better single thread performance than the 1700X and will perform better in gaming since games typically don't utilize all available threads or just simply benefit more from faster computing.

If you need further explanation, do ask please.

Wait for the B450 motherboards if you can.

Or buy used.

>premium motherboard
>budget chipset
>budget build
Reasoning for this?

Otherwise, same like above.

>> No.64960975

hows this monitor look for babbys first 1080p/anything above 60hz? have not upgraded monitor in years.
my gpu is an RX 480, hdmi 2.0b. that should be fine for 144hz right?
anything obviously bad/wrong about the monitor? price, specs(im outa the loop of monitor technologies), freesync? i read that freesync is not as useful on 144hz monitors so i opted for one without it.

>> No.64960980

If you get it in person you can have them update the BIOS or ask for already updated ones

>> No.64960989

>new nvidia cards are coming in april
Actually try Q3 of this year. Specifically September ish

>> No.64961008

Reveal in april then, must have misread the article..

>> No.64961034 [DELETED] 

hey dude I actually went from 60hz to that exact monitor @ 144hz in like 2014, it was brilliant for gaming, and i was using an amd hd 7970 , your gpu is more than adequate

right now ive upgraded to a 1080ti and a 240hz monitor but the biggest jump is 60-120+

>> No.64961047

new article

>> No.64961059
File: 114 KB, 1024x768, illust_59282737_20180219_193442.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have that monitor, but I'm using a 1070. The 480 is quite a bit worse so I would really consider getting a FreeSync monitor.

>> No.64961112


But I got a 1080 for cheap in november so all the better for me, less value loss.

>> No.64961141

I got a 1080 ti in august so I'll be okay. I'm tempted to sell it though since its pretty much double its value and people are actually buying it at that price. I'll probably be screwed though if I do at the same time.

>> No.64961142

That's the best B350 board in my opinion. If you want to spend less get a PC Mate, it should be enough for the 2200g. Get a Focus Plus Gold or a 620 EVO, a MX300 275GB would be cheaper but slower and consider the Eclipse P300 or the MX330 for the cheapest decent one

>> No.64961192

im mostly playing quake champions these days and that game is cpu bound so i dont think its that big a deal for me.
still, do you mean look for one with 144hz AND freesync or freesync and something lower? say 120hz?
neat. happen to remember what you paid for it? im wondering how cheap this will go when on sale.

>> No.64961228

For Quake you should be fine
Hz > adaptive sync in your case, but having adaptive sync for demanding games is nice

>> No.64961559
File: 602 KB, 963x720, 1517534924584.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What could case a pc to not even power up after being built?

I put together some old parts I have, asrock extreme3 mobo, i5-4790k cpu with a radeon HD 7970, added a brand new PSU and used the HDD from a old stock PC I had years ago, turn it on and nothing, as if the PSU is dead, I switched out the new PSU with my old PSU (GS 700) which I know works because I'm currently using it and it still won't fire.

I pulled it apart again and cleaned everything, I checked the CPU socket, everything looks good, I though maybe it was a problem with the old HDD so I unplugged it and put my current HDD in but it still wouldn't fire.

I'm now starting to think the old asrock extreme3 motherboard is damaged, it seems like the only logical conclusion, any advice would be much appreciated.

>> No.64961621

Check all of your power connections
Make sure that your RAM and video card are properly seated
Try taking out your video card and booting from integrated graphics
Otherwise, your board has likely been damaged in some way. If the pins are bent you basically killed your socket.

>> No.64961654

>premium motherboard
Doing a budget build and this mobo was $10 more than the budget one I found with mail in rebate

>> No.64961686

Thanks for the advice. I might wait for B450 mobo now that other anon mentioned it. I will change the PSU for sure

>> No.64961718


Best motherboard for an 8700k?

>> No.64961730

If I were you, I would get more memory and HDD storage and a cheaper SSD. Any B350 board will be able to overclock the 2200G with ease, but if you plan to upgrade to an 8-core down the road then having a premium board will make overclocking less of a hassle. If you don't plan to upgrade your processor then I would get a Pro4.

>> No.64961735

asrock extreme4 z370

>> No.64961753

Whoops, I accidentally removed the PSU. Ignore that change.

>> No.64961767

For overclocking, probably either of ASUS's Maximus Hero boards.

>> No.64961799

I was looking into that and the k6. I like the price of the extreme 4. Any reason why you picked that one?

I'm not planning on OC'ing it any time soon.

>> No.64961830

>. i5 8400 + h310/b360
how well does this work with emulation and gayming? I'm looking to go away from AMD but don't wanna spend over $500 too.

>> No.64961892

Should I be using LinX as a CPU stress test? It runs much hotter than any other stress test, and seems to find errors that no other stress test will find. Is it a meme program like furmark that finds "fake" errors that no other usage scenario ever will, or is it just a really good stress test?

>> No.64961930

I use intelburntest, which is essentially the same thing but wrapped in different paper. Not to say that the errors it generates are fake, but your processor might be stable at 4GHz on Cinebench but only 3.8 on a Linpack-based test or Prime95.

>> No.64962044
File: 837 KB, 2823x2117, 20180304_134220.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Basically just balance, cost and design, nothing major that makes it better than the rest besides the cost, the only faults I found and it's just pedantic fault finding and lack of forethought on my part would be the BIOS light, which I eventually covered with some masking tape because I'm autistic about lighting. I have a 1080ti and I imagine a 1070ti will be about as thick as this too so if you seat yours in the same way it will reflect underneath off the heat sink quite badly.

There is a lot more information out about overclocking the extreme4 if you were looking to do that too but realistically these boards are so close it will come down to what you think looks better/cost.

>> No.64962055

No problem, all the 2000 Ready motherboards online seem to be Asrock so if you can't wait have this in mind >>64956154

>> No.64962097

I have unused PCI slots.
What would be a useful thing to put in it? Sound card?

>> No.64962135
File: 67 KB, 880x587, 1517773470820.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not that guy, but how about this: I'm getting a Noctua D-15, is the paste that comes with it okay? (if any)

Also, the local (and only) vendor here has Noctua's NT-H1 and Arctic's MX-2. Is it really worth going out of my budget to get either of them, or is the Cooler-included paste okay?

>> No.64962472

is there any place to buy really old processors and motherboards? like gen 2 i-series stuff.

im just curious since it seems like anyone who wants to build a really basic quad-core internet browser is stuck paying atleast 250 dollars for even the cheapest stuff, and the reason for this seems to be that sites like newegg, tigerdirect, etc take old hardware down really fast instead of downpricing it.

it seems like if you want a quad core web browser the best option is to actually buy an old used school compute or something with an early gen i5. for example i can pick an one up with an 2xxx i5 for 90-100 dollars easily on facebook marketplace or craigslist.

>> No.64962481

just go with the noctua paste
there is no need to get anything special

>> No.64962504

Anyone got any suggestions for a good 24in 1080p 144hz monitor? I have an Asus VG248QE, and the colors are pretty bad, but I'd like something relatively the same price

>> No.64962679
File: 36 KB, 665x592, si pi yu idol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this a regular idle curve? i5 4670k btw not overclocked

>> No.64962796

it's clearly not idle then is it

>> No.64962826

E-cycling places should have some older computers set aside.

>> No.64962877

>got a new NZXT S340 case and an 8gb stick of Ram to have 16gb total
>move parts to new case
>now PC wont boot up my ssd
>mobo detects the ssds and hdds I have installed in the Bios and changing boot priority does fuck all.
Wat do?

>> No.64962932

This has to be bait

but (((eBay)))

>> No.64963029


I hear you. Thanks man, I'm getting it.

>> No.64963056

I know IBT is just another linpack frontend, but for me it doesn't run as hot as, nor find errors as aggressively as LinX even with both on their maximum settings. I wonder what gives.

>> No.64963107
File: 73 KB, 1280x960, haf942.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone still rocking BIG ASS FULL ATX cases? I hardly see them in battlestation threads or promoted. Seems like mid has become the cool thing now. Anyone else still love big ass cases?

>> No.64963137

Man, I love you.

>> No.64963446

Good luck with the build man, get two of these instead
This kit would be optimal

>> No.64963542

is there any issue with the new ram stick? is it the same make/model as your other stick? can you see it in your BIOS? if so, is it running in dual channel?
can you boot into your hdd?

>> No.64963709

Would it be worthwhile to sell my RX480 8GB to buy a used GTX 980?

>> No.64963881
File: 394 KB, 473x518, 1487986063785.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>probably still spent well above build it himself prices

>> No.64963981

intel i5-3570k
z77 extreme4 lga 1151 mobo
gtx 1070
24gb ddr3 ram
gtx 1070

is my gtx 1070 hitting its full potential with these specs? if not, what parts would allow it to?

>> No.64964563

do you even fill it up?

my mid is gigantic, i'm downsizing to a mATX mini soon

>> No.64964581


No way. It's huge. It weights about 50lbs. It has caster wheels. And truly amazing airflow

>> No.64964594

bigger =/= better airflow

empty space is retarded for a PC

>> No.64964613


I agree. But amazing airflow is the HAF's marking campaign and it's actually true. Just saying.

>> No.64964776


>> No.64964788


>> No.64964834



>> No.64965000

are u ok?

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