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>These chips deliver a rated single precision output of 3.7 TFLOPs which is just about the same theoretical FP32 output of the GeForce GTX 1060 which does 4.0 TFLOPs on the base version
>priced at around $999 US

Good or not?

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got my 1060 for much less than that. but idk that was before gpus got btfod by miners :/

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>comparing TFLOPS between different architechtures
thats not how it works

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AMD card alway have higher TFLOPS, so it's 1050ti performance?

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pretty impressive performance. was looking forward to some benchmarks showing up

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It's 1060 Max-Q performance, the lower end Vega-M part is 1050ti

Doubly uncomparable for this Vega part since it's both sharing power budget with the CPU, has a lower power budget in the first place and has 64 ROPs on 24CU, which is unusual for GCN

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good part? fuck yea
Good price?

alienware with a 1080 and i7
i7 and 1070
i7 and 1060

I went alienware because I think they are going to be the most over priced for what you get anymore, and 1000$ on the cpu/gpu alone, manufactures would be at near 0 margins if they JUST had it cost 1500$

This shit costs to much to be viable unless that 1000$ is full laptop price and not just the cpu gpu combo

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>4 GiB

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That's the price of the whole nuc. even with the inflated prices 1060's aren't selling anywhere near that high

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Maybe if it was $700 ... $1,000 w/ no ram or hard drive?
Mobo $100, case $50, psu $50, cpu $250, vidya..
$450 + vidya .. $550
Yeah, I could build an 8core 1080 equipped computer for this much. Fuck off intel

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$1k w/o ram or storage... essentially the price of an 8 core ryzen + mobo + psu + case + a 1080 $549 MSRP...

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>1060's aren't selling anywhere near that high
Anon I....

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amazon has them for 500 bucks

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where can you get all that for $550? A 1080 by it's self is around 900 bucks

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Cool story. I bought a 1080 for $549 direct from nvidia.com a month ago. In fact, I bought two and sold one on fleabay to someone for $880. Gotta care about how much you spend and hunt down deals posted on deal sites and instock sites. If you end up paying fleabay prices, it means you're a lazy ass who valued their time more. As a principal, I refuse to pay more than a reasonable MSRP for anything. Holding to this principal, I don't get ass raped and have money avail when deals appear which is the only time I buy. $1000 for this barebones nuc? Yeah, get real. Funny enough, I do have a nuc but I only paid about $2xx.xx for it which is reasonable

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more than good enough for the resolution of monitors its going to come with along with its general power

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cool story bro, now show me where you can get a 8 core ryzen + mobo + psu + case + a 1080 for 550 bucks

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not him, but he meant the total being under $1k, where the 1080 is $549 MSRP

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^this ...
8core ryzen : $249
Mobo : $100
PSU : $50 (550w platinum seasonic)
Case : $50
$449 ...
----- +
$549 Nvidia 1080 Founders edition (nvidia.com msrp)

= $1000. Same price as this barebones nuc. So, they can fuck right off.
I'd consider it at $700 and no higher.
I currently own a nuc. Paid $2xx.xx for it. Have other computers.

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the nuc is also 1/30th the size

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It's actually one of the best prebuilt deals out there right now, fucking kek

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How bad is the TDP that they went for direct die cooling? I get that this would be okay for prebuilts and that the people that use those don't usually fuck around with their heatsinks or CPUs so an IHS isn't as important, but still.

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BGA shit almost never comes with a heatspreader.

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> size
Laptop.. I can buy a fuckn mbp for the price of this shit. A complete system w/ display/hard drive/ram that is more portable and functional.

I already own a nuc btw. The non skull candy that is even smaller than this. If i need an ultra-portable/small computer, I dont give a fuck about performance and I'm not going to pay $1k to cram shit into a tiny form factor not meant for it. At $700, they'd have my attention. Otherwise, meh.

Space/size is overrated and the minimization of constantly costs far more than what its worth. I'd buy a ryzen apu fitted to a small form factor any day over this shit.

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> best prebuilt deals..
It never surprises me why prices get this retarded

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They said the same shit with Fury X. I'm not comfy with 4GB

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That MacBook pro has a worse cpu and definitely gpu though, retard

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those APUs are shit tho, no where close in performance.

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And it was true with fury x. You'll never need more than 4gb of vram at 1080p

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If you overclock the Vega 20, it should perform just as well if not better than Vega 24. Assuming the cooling solution is the same, the i7-8805G seems like the best option.

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you do, fury is just able to take a 6gb demand before it truly shits itself.

the laptops it's coming with are not going to even be 1080p

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now I wish I waited to get my laptop...

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Brainlet... you're talking about performance and small form factor. They don't go together. I have an 8core ryzen + 1080. Why the fuck would I give a shit about how my ultra portable functions beyond basic tasks? It's a notebook computer, i dont expect it to have the performance of my desktop. When I need power, I have multiple computers to chose from. When I am not gaymen or doing work intensive tasks, a $200 nuc or mbp are more than sufficient.

another performance jackass

What do you dickfaces live in a shipping container? I have multiple full-sized computers and am not crying about space. The thought never even crossed my mind. Pull the soy out of your gut and get a mid tower case ...
> But anon its soo cute and tiny and stuff
Goddamn bitch ass generation

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sounds to me like your a brainlet, but that's okay you're in good company. When it comes to performance per volume this thing tops the charts, and price wise it isn't expensive when compared to similar products

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> unjustified claim
> re-iterates dumb fuck logic about performance density as if he lives in a crate that's lacking space or is running a data center where its crucial to have performance density...
> meanwhile, just a poorfag neet who remains poor because he spends money on useless aesthetics for which there is no need.
My 8core-1080 build costs the same amount and has tons more performance .. and guess what : I have space for it so utilize it for better performance/value/cooling/upgrade-ability.
Buy your skullfuck box and brag to your soyboy friends about performance density.
> performance per volume
you're the brainlet.

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Damn you've got some severe autism going on there buddy. It's clear you don't understand the point and I don't think you ever will but you're comparing apples and oranges here. A ryzen APU is not the same as this. Between the two systems linked they intel one costs 2x as much, but you get triple the performance for a smaller size. I'm surprised you haven't made the connection yet that this nuc is reasonably priced for the segment it occupies. But hey if you want your shitty performance for an unreasonably high price then go for it it's your money after all.

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I get the point. You just don't seem to get the use case. Small form factor = far less performance. When you make this choice, you're already sacrificing performance. What you're doing right now is arguing about how much performance you can get in a diminished performance scenario. Since I'm not a brainlet, I am indicating the obvious diminishing returns that results from trying to push the performance bounds in a small form factor. You're meanwhile, ranting on and on about the performance of a $1,000 barebones small form factor computer. No shit it has more performance than system 'X'... It costs 2-3x as much. I'd expect something.

> reasonably priced for the segment it occupies.
What segment is that brainlet? My tv can access my media files directly. I don't need a HTPC. Gaymen? I have an 8-core 1080. Portable i have a laptop.

> But hey if you want your shitty performance for an unreasonably high price then go for it it's your money after all.
Take your own advice. I'm not the one ranting about an overpriced SFF computer. Your age is showing btw...

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>I'm not the one ranting about an overpriced SFF computer.
lol you are. No one cares about your cheap ryzen PC that you keep bringing up since that's not the point. You clearly still don't get it no mater how many times you switch the argument or move the goal posts. How about you address my point directly this time

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1060/1050ti laptops are faster so who care....

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>They don't go together
Says you who gets mad at it for some reason

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They are not faster, that's the whole point. This is basically a desktop 1060/580 in performance

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No laptop should ever have an AMD or NVidia GPU in it. It will guarantee a short lifespan.

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> I want to blow stupid money on an overpriced SFF so its justified
The post.. I can't argue w/ you on this basis. Otherwise, you have no point. Enjoy your skull box... it's always been the meme line of nucs.
> gets blown the fuck out
> reverts to : u mad bro meme
top kek

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Obviously, the lot of people are power users...
Funny enough, I see the reasonably priced nucs all the time in various capacities. I've never seen a skull fuck version IRL.

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No, look the op link...
and 1060 Max-Q =/= 1060 laptop = 1060 desktop

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So lemme see, 1 grand for an unupgradeable i7 7700+1050ti
1060 6g $249
8700 $307
z370 mobo $129

hmm tough choice!!!

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Forgot the deliding, cooling, PSU, SSD?

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>1060 6g $249
>8700 $307
>z370 mobo $129
>Unironically buying Coffin Lake and Intel in 20 fucking 18.
Wow, what a cuck
Also this

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deluded amd retards

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xbox hueg vs tiny pc
even a sff pc case is like 300 bucks alone

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Spent already?

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I did. The 24CU Vega outperforms laptop 1060 by 10-20%

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I never understood the kind of special faggots who go out of there way for sff meanwhile there is tons of room for them to manage a bigger reasoned case...

> $300 for a fucking case
I'd charge these dumb soyboy fags more.

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>replies to a meme comment with a meme picture
the absolute state of fanbois

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File: 1.43 MB, 1920x1080, 22.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My bad I am thinking of max-q

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>the manufacturer is a valid citation

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Like I said: 1060 Max-Q =/= 1060 laptop

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Stick this in a NUC and it will be an instant buy from me. Perfect LAN machine.

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I never understand why AMD don't just shove an 8 core ryzen and vega 64 on a module. Realistically you could just solder 32gb of ram to the board and the thing would cover the majority of people buying PCs for games.

By the time you factored in component savings from not having to duplicate VRMS, drastically reduced PCB complexity the thing would probably only cost marginally more than a 1080ti. If it used m.2 SSDs it would not be much larger than a video card and you could probably do something like have a single 48v rail from a small PSU to the board.

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> see AMD's embedded launch
> Market segmentation
> niche and small volume sales

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Yeah but this level of performance over maxq is in line with desktop 470/480

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But they're not of the size of a book.

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You literally cannot buy a gpu as good as this for less money. It's not possible.

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You have to be 18 years old to post on this board. See :

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I'm sorry retard, but you cannot buy. 1060 or 1080 at MSRP. You sound like the underage here.

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whats your point?
Mine is at 1000$ for the cpu+gpu combo, the bare minimum they will charge is 2000$ for anything that uses it.

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