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This program is utter shite. Nothing is where you would expect it to be, and is unintuitive as fuck. How has this program been around so long yet still so crappy?

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its free

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Your problem is that you want an exact clone of Photoshop, which GIMP is not. If you come to it with a more open mind you will be pleasantly surprised.

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yeah this

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I honestly have less problems working with GIMP than with Photoshop, and I think it's partially because of pic related.

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The gimp is great dude i'm glad it exists and people contribute to it.

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i wish it would be even less alike to photoshop to trigger adobe babyduck slaves even more

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Learn the hotkeys and it's easy.

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The thing is, because the layout has been the same for almost a decade you don't even need to think of what the icon is or look at it. There's also a huge number of familiar keyboard shortcuts to speed shit up. If you're used to something it takes forever to adjust.

Either way though, I'm glad it exists as an alternative. Fuck Adobe.

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I been been using it for over a decade with no complaints. I tried PhotoShop out once. Found it to be an utter pile of shit with no flow. Uninstalled it and never looked back.

What the fuck is your problem anyway OP? You make this thread a few times a day. If you don't like gimp, fuck it. Use whatever you want. What is the point of crying about a software you don't use?

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woah! They added a crop tool in 2.4 so instead of
R (rectangle select) select area
Ctrl + Shift + C

it's just

Shift + C -> select area


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Just like every other piece of open source commieware. It's all trash. Install Windows XP.

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Try krita, maybe it will work for you. Also linux isn't the best platform for graphic design. You probably should stick with windows or macos

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this is what happens when you hire indian developers

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Um no sweetie. Every fucking editor can normally draw a circle.
You could reduce that to just 'Nothing is there'. It's only a step above something like Preview.app.

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>What the fuck is your problem anyway OP? You make this thread a few times a day. If you don't like gimp, fuck it. Use whatever you want. What is the point of crying about a software you don't use?
I think it's pretty obvious. OP is a poorfag who is used to Photoshop but cannot afford it. GIMP wasn't an exact copy of Photoshop, so it triggered his autistic rage. Making meme pictures for Reddit takes so much longer now.

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I dunno man, but some anon posted "green is my penis" i kek'd right away.

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set keyboard shortcuts similar to photoshop

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Turn on single window mode
If you're still complaining about muh workflow and muh unintuitive kys

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It's not commieware if it works ;)

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>This program is utter shite
You incompetent fuck.

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>used to Photoshop but cannot afford it.

BUYING Photoshop? Like in "buying WinRar"?

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Life must be difficult for you.

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I have been using gimp for years, but this one time i tried photoshop since everyone is praising it so much.
It was horrobile, i could not find any tool where i expected it be. Also it did not even work with my gtk theme, what a pile of garbage.

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>2 ways and they take at least 8 steps

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>get told how to do something
>waaaah clicking on things is too hard
Just go back to photoshit. No one here is interested in helping you cure you of your baby duck. If you want to get over it, do it yourself.

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It's not baby duck, it's common sense.

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No, it's baby duck. Don't act like <insert your program of choice here> doesn't have all kinds of obtuse features and shit hidden in context menus.

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they're all grouped into related categories.

one for selection, one for brushes and raster, one for vector, one for layout and canvas.

in gimp shit's all over the place

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Your problem is bad influence from shitty adobe interfaces. GIMP is so much more intuitive than PS.

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Yeah like I said. You have been swallowing shit for 10 years straight and can't accept a good product anymore.

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Why would you even do that? Just type in canvas size and position your shit.

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krita is free, and it doesn't suck

but the devs want to keep it as a painting program and refuses to add any image processing functions to make it like photoshop, when it's capable of doing 70% of photoshop stuff

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Why do people still talk about gimp now that Rita exists? If you like gimp you need to seriously reevaluate your life

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I personally switched over to Krita recently. Never found Gimp to be unintuitive but that might be because I never really got used to Photoshop.

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Unfortunately, Gimp 2.9 is trying to ape Photoshop's interface.

The nice colorful icons have been moved to "legacy".

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I think is pretty good. I'm no expert, but i have been using it for years for menial tasks related to documentation and web design

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Not op but nigger i didnt use any photo edit besides paint before gimp and even then it was like the most retarded shit someone could make
Its real nothing is there where u would expect it and tools that belong together are separeted in totally different categorys. Fuck you gimp shill

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Speaking as a UX designer, the grouping and categories in PS and in GIMP are largely arbitrary and are mostly there for historical reasons. Any program that large has a problem of where to put stuff. This isn't fixable with a simple UI redesign, you just need to suck it up and deal with the fact that more power requires more cognitive load.

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Same applies to some option in PS, btw. The BlenderFaggot made some interesting notes on it in his Blender UI improvement series.

Gimps problem is more its slow development due to being written in C.

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This thread again.

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Nigger i dont want to make a master in some shitty photo edit
Thats way to much for placing dicks in womens mouths and my face on lions

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then by all means use paint

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I wish paint.net was multiplatform. It has all I need.

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Once you're used to the GUI it does the job.

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It's a brutal normie filter. Most autists don't even make the cut. Only true wizards can grok it. Those that stick around are rewarded with magical powers.

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that looks good. Is compatible with paint.net plugins?

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No. Pinta has its own plugin system, with far fewer plugins obviously.

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Are you retarded or stupid?

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>still believing free software is about price

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If gimp is so bad, why is Adobe so scared that every day, they send paid shills to the tech board of a chinese cartoon website?

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just pirate photoshop dufus

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>they send paid shills

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GIMP: Ugly, non-standard icons (why the fuck is the crop icon a scalpel instead of the same icon every other image editor uses) in a big, ordered pile. Colours make icons harder to parse at a glance.

Photoshop: Icons are always in the same place, are drawn logically on a segmented tool bar.

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It can't move or edit placed text and it doesn't have vector text.

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i use it for low level edits because i used it for so long that i don't know how to use photoshop as intuitively when navigating through the tools and toolbar

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>Colours make icons harder to parse at a glance.

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OP here, this is the first time i've ever made this thread. So obviously other people out there agree with my viewpoint.

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That's why you put the text in a separate layer, retard.

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once you spend a few hours on gimp it's honestly almost as good as photoshop

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Worth shelling out $1000+ for an ultrawide?

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>colors make icons harder to parse at a glance
are you stupid? It's literally the opposite. You're given more detail to work with.

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>and is unintuitive as fuck
And still not even close to the clusterfuck that is photoshop.
Gimp is horrible at so many things (smart objects, "drawing circles", snapping, resizing), but it at least stays consistent.
Every tool works exactly how it was introduced.

Take a look at the free-transform in Photoshop to see how not to do it.
One of the most important features, tucked away in a menu. Only available to you when certain conditions (area selected) are met.
Awful to learn for a beginner.

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I use it for basic tasks and quite like it. I could download Photoshop but for what I do that'd be like using a hydrogen bomb to kill a sparrow.

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>people make a nice free program for you
>you complain cus it's hard to use
every fugging time. GIMP is GIMP. deal with it or use whatever you rather use

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Gimp isn't a carbon copy of Photoshop and also I'm a faggot. How am I still so crappy?

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>somebody made you a free meal
>you complain because they shat in it

GIMP is just objectively bad, even photoshop 7 is still better than it. The point is moot at this point because krita exist and gimp should be forever forgotten

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no it's more like
>somebody made you a free meal
>complain because it doesn't look exactly like the one your mom used to make you

all versions of photoshop are proprietary and therefore an enemy of your freedom, do not use them

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I can objectively say, GIMP does not suck
But more importantly, GIMP is not photoshop, it's not easy to transition from one to another. They both have their own ways of getting things done
I've used GIMP for 8 years now, and I could never dream of switching to photoshop

Point is:
>Stop whining about GIMP, it's free and you're free to not use it

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Get paint.net/PDN, it's the best one you can get for free IMO. There's also Pinta but you don't have nearly the same number of extensions available plus Pinta is a buggy POS similar to gimp (both of which are meant for linux; really gets the noggin joggin)

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Iv been using it for a long bay one and am so used to it's retard logic that using photoshop confuses me wth how simple and intuitive it is

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mfw i want to learn to use photoshop because everybody but im staying with gimp because i already know how to use it and i dont need much more than that

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No-one cares. Go back to pirating photoshop.

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i never used photoshop, so gimp is intuitive
+1 upboat

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