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Why are all JavaScript textbooks written in a casual, conversational tone with unnecessary "humor" and assurances that the content is not difficult?

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Why are all C textbooks written like a technical manual for a 1980s IBM computer?

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At least that treats me like a person over 7 years old. These JavaScript ones are like a fucking kids Wacky Science Experiments book.

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Market is for self taught web developers

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In case you hadn't noticed, I swear a bit. If you don't like swearing, you're not gonna learn how to pick locks. Not only
because I swear so much, but because this hobby will make you swear too.

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Devs are kiddults.

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This can't be in an actual textbook

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Because JavaScript is trendy and nonprogrammers want to use it. And that's ok.

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you just described my unix book

bulletbproof unix

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I have a Java book written like this. I pirated it, but now I wish I had bought a hard copy because I'd enjoy turning it to ashes.

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why are all python books written as copy paste recipes and pip abuses?

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Because webdev is autism.

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Because JS is for tards.

Because C is for people who want to make programs that work.

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that's just how js devs communicate, they're fruit loops

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Because they are.

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Nerds always had pretty retarded humor but I will blame it on the popularity of Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby. It was the soyseed

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Why are you reading textbooks about JS like a retard.
There is barely anything in this language to learn, just go to w3school or something, read getting started and fucking use it with reference open in other tab. It's not that hard.

They are wrote this way because they are meant for retards.

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Lol the look on my non technical managers face back in 2004 when she saw me printing this out on the copier.

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Because in C you actually have to use your brain to produce software.

In JS you can roll over your keyboard, the code won't make much sense, but it's likely that it will run. The whole JS ecosystem tries to patch and build around incompetent "developers".
Want to build a single website without even user registrations or much of anything else?
Better import a >30k LOC framework, got to cut the lines they write themselves from 20 down to 19!

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Go ahead and make a modern web app in C then. Hell I’ll make it easy, display a basic bootstrap template with a form and button that inserts a single text string into a SQLite database and displays the value. Be sure to sanitize it!

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It's literally as straightforward as creating your own simple HTML preprocessor.

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because javascript is for brainlets who can't hack c and scheme to do whatever the fuck they want

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>le "C is so much harder" meme

Yeah.. no.

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>JS is as hard as C
Poo in loo.

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Someone explain this to me

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>javascript textbook
wtf lol just read mdn docs all js books are shit except maybe crockshits 'the good parts' and the information in there is way outdated right now. Remember js was meant to be a quick pick up and produce scripting language not a full fledged compiled programming language like C

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And Java is for people who want to work

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numale culture
everything is so le funny

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So C is inferior to JS

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I learned more from single page online tutorials than from entire books filled with crappy examples.

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That sums up all "Headfirst" books.

Applies to js as well, in fact, it's better.

>Because in C you actually have to use your brain to produce software.
True, C is so bare bones you have to be careful about everything and autists think that's a good thing, leave C in kernel and embedded, use a higher level language for everything else.

>Better import a >30k LOC framework
But you need a framework, syntactical errors fail silently at every corner, also use a linter.

because C is for brainlets who can't hack ASM and manually switching the transistors on and off to do whatever the fuck they want

Define hard, C is as bare bones as it gets. If by hard you mean the fact that you need to do everything manually, then yes.
>Poo in loo.
Aka "I have no arguments"

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