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What do you do for fun /g/?

Anime and video games don't count

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Then nothing I guess

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working on cars, though as the future rapidly approaches us cars are becoming more and more of a tech hobby

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I spend my time searching the internet hoping morpheus saves me and gives me a girl named trinity to fuck.

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-Go to the gym. I assume that once the fat rolls disappear, that it will be fun. For the most part, gym is the exact opposite of fun.

-Go to new restaurants with the family. Three kids, so I usually eat what I order, plus 3 half-plates. Hence the fat rolls.

-Read a book. I downloaded the full Agatha Christie set (nearly a hundred books in all), and bought about 15 of the in paperback.

-Go to /g/. Some threads are gold. Some are alright. And some are like this one.

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Nothing, fun is for casuals

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Electrical Engineering it's very rewarding

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Writing shell scripts is fun.

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Programming or going somewhere with friends.

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>implying I have time to have fun

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Anime and vid-


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If you honestly do not have free time, then you are a slave and should rethink your life. I'm serious.

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Why ever not?

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I play Pokémon GO and I also tend to go the fuck outside and mooch of free public guest Wi-Fi from local public libraries which are actually nice and comfy so I don't spend my whole day at home sitting on my ass all day

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Music, drinking and building stuff

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is your bank account thick?

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shitposting on /g/

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>Agatha Christie
I just got inti reading her stuff recently too. It's fucking addicting.
Read shit. Even if it's random. Watch movies once every few weeks. Try to get into hobbies I find interesting. Gonna try getting into Lockpicking now. Seems fun

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watch movies
listen to music
hang out with friends
play with my cat
go for a walk (if weather is nice)

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Electronics, RC, reading, climbing, hiking, board games.

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Solve programming puzzles

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I make meads and wines when I'm not on my compy. But mostly I just go to class.

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Holy headspace faggot, she gonna blow harder than the captain of the cheerleading team

And a bigger bung that shit is going to fall in, goddamn.

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install gentoo

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Fullfil "shop" requests in /wsr/ (I use GIMP though) just to have anonymous people aknowledge my existance and give me a "thank (you)"

Yes, I'm so socially isolated, it's a "miracle" I haven't jumped in front of the underground (I fantasize about it though as the train is approaching)

>I'm a 30+ virgin if this wasn't obvious

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Cuddle my cat.

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Read, go out for drinks, music. I try and not play vidya because I think it's a waste of time but sometimes I really want to

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/diy/, /o/, /b/, /a/

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Why don't you read?

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I just gave up video games, now I'm back to anime. So according to your arbitrary rules... nothing.

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Masturbate to what I draw
Pet my dogs
Watch 2D youtubers

I dont have much free time

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Anime, video games, sex, and art.

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I read, a lot
I had to drop out of uni to work
After ten years working I was still a social outcast and left work and went back to university
I thought "you're shit, your life is shit, maybe if I take my degree I'll feel better"
After a huge effort I'm writing my thesis
My supervisor thinks I'm good, I don't feel it though
I'm still alone, still a complete social outcast
I just don't have fun in anything anymore

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Read, write, update, delete

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Drop literature find a better hobby like fitness
Its simple as its sound

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I can't, I have to finish this stupid thesis
It's on computer science and math
I still live with my parents
I can't use the money I made when working because no woman talks to me and I'm not having a job or income and looking at how fucked up I'm I don't think anyone will be reckless enough to employ me

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Install gentoo

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Anime and videogames

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Then just drop /lit/ and finish all the shit you have to finish
Then move to India and become one with the pajeet swarm

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>Masturbate to what I draw

Is that the highest form of narcissism?

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meet guys on grindr

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post art

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make webms of qt kpop idols

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I'm a car enthusiast so I go and visit car shows when I can, sometimes sports car dealerships as well. Other than that, casual sports.

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just use the imt in weegee

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- Go for a run.

- Work on Nerf blasters

- Nerf wars once a month or so

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Nothing. I've been binge-watching a lot of anime lately. I'd like to learn to program someday. If I make it that far, it'd be nice to develop some useful free software as well as contribute to existing projects like libreboot. I also like the idea of making a few games of various popular genres to effectively replace more popular non-free games that people are addicted to.

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yeah, I've made that promise to me. The day I have no time to do things I love, I will reform my life.

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Brew beer
Grow mushrooms

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>play guitar, ocasionally record an unpretentious cover or record something of my own
>read literature/philosophy

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sculpting, painting and animation

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Shitpost on /g/

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Get out more, nigger.

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i like to conjugate latin verbs in my free time

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Hang out on an anonymous image board for Mongolian basket weaving and I insult people's taste in music.

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video games
visual novels

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remove anime and that's me

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honestly? When I was learning italian I conjugated the 5 most used verbs in all times in italian (to see, to be, to go, to have and one that doesn't have in english, would be "to stay"). I did it to get better at italian but I found I enjoyed it quite a lot, althought it is quite a bit of work

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>Cycling (mainly during the summer, fuck the northeast)
>Beer tasting
>Music (playing, listening, reviewing, etc.)
>Writing (goes in tandem with above, I guess)
>Personal programming projects/writing up shell scripts

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real zen hours are during my free lessons when i listen to new albums and play tetris

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I love the backhand at the end of this

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>Browse eBay for watches
>Might get a kindle and start reading manga
>watch videos about cars i can't afford for the foreseeable future
>fuck around with hardware (just put together a PC for Linux so I only have to use windows for gaming)
You've been playing too much my summer car

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ur mom

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Airsoft and HEMA. I do think guns just shit on war entirely but I still like running around outside and taking shots. Also longsword is bestsword.

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Anything can be and everything should be Zen if you're into it fucktard.

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dragon dildos

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Why did you reply to this thread then you fat tripfag

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I'm not a degenerate manchild
>video games
see above

I like to read and study, currently studying cybersecurity. I also draw, make videos, and write.

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i feel the same way.
i post comments in facebook news articles and wait until i get a like.

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Social outcast in the "I don't like shit, I don't go outside" way or social outcast in the "I'm autistic" way?

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Nah it's fine, I didn't want any oxygen in there and the CO2 will push it all out. The end batch turned out pretty well I think. Near 14% ABV.

That is not my name

No idea what you're talking about.

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>programming shit for my github
>web dev for some fan sites i host
>browse this board aimlessly

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Watching movies
Watching tv
Eating shitty fast food all of the time
Playing the occasional game
Going for the occasional run
Masturbate to granny porn, or to regular porn if I'm all grannied out for some reason
Rinse and repeat

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Motorcycle and dick around with coding projects, server stuff, etc.

Also video games.

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Your a fucking idiot and you are lucky that your yeast didn't blast that shit right off and pour crap all over your floor.

It doesn't matter if you leave even a foot of head space, the O2 is eaten by the yeast early on when it goes through a budding phase, it speeds up the start of the ferment slightly but its all gone in the first 20 or 30 minutes after pitching.

tl;dr leave space, doesn't matter if there is O2 at the start.

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Read, program and produce music

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If I'm not shitposting or getting frustrated with my frankenstein shitbox, then I'm usually doing outdoorsy stuff like camping or hunting. Now that it's starting to warm up hogs in need of deleting are coming back to a family friend's farm. Imma get me some wild bacon.

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Funposting is fun

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Well both of those, also work on muh weeb mobile.

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>Bow hunting
>Growing button mushrooms
>$7-$12 cigars
>Sex with wife

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>Your a fucking idiot and you are lucky that your yeast didn't blast that shit right off and pour crap all over your floor.

You clearly don't understand what a dual chamber air lock is so I'll forgive that.

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I was talking about the cap on top of the airlock numbnuts.

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What is the purpose of an air lock m8? Or are you really that stupid?

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Wow, you really don't know what an airlock is do You? Try sticking to something that you know so you don't look like a fucking retard next time.

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Fix my shitbox

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I'll never get tired of that gargantuan retard of a tripfag getting btfo

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>rear wheel drive
Get this antique shitbox out of here

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>Anime and video games don't count
Jack off then.

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>he can't recognize a Subaru meme engine
It's AWD

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Follow mlp happenings.
Drink vodka.
Collect figurines.
Go to local events.
Procrastinate on youtube or some manga site.

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-mess with old technology and poke around at tech warehouses

-above ties in to my tape collection, ofc I listen to music as well

-work on cars and mechanical stuff

-film photography, I just got a camera and have shot 4 rolls so far, it's a little expensive so I'm going to keep it low volume

-talk to my friends. you guys are also my friends :DDDDDD


>tfw realizing I'm a boring person

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Fm synthesis
Fuck around with linux as a hobby
Force myself to eat lots of calories every day so I gain weight
Look at cars I cant afford
Don't watch tv, only watch movies if its a documentary about something I like

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build computers

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Ignore this retarded tripfag, don't give him attention.

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Fuck off weebs

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Hang out with friends, working out, and listening to music. Sometimes all three at the same time if I'm feeling like an absolute madman.

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>be a cute dog
>sweaty owner masturbates constantly
>he always comes after me for pets when he's finished, with his jism covered meat hooks
>TFW my fur is full of his future babies

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I'm not doing it often. Sometimes i just like to smoke some weed or eat some mushrooms. They are not legal in my country tho.

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I said don't

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ham radio

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Hobby electronics. Recently converted a battery powered desk lamp to mains powered.

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Computer networks stuff
Learnig languages

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Gym, programming books, actual programming, football, running, coffee with friends, beach if it's summer

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Because ot's bad for your ass m8

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Gardening: nephentes, pepper, cacti, mint, desert flower, etc.

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Naah. At least then i don't have to think about what shitty life i have.

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what tetris do you play? what's the best FOSS tetris?

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got any studying tips or resources? I've been wanting to learn various things (programming, reverse engineering), but I never seem to get anywhere

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those are cherries

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i use a gb emulator on my calculator and play the original gameboy tetris.

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Redoing my 4chan css and home page. Fixing my little server.

>> No.64903272

Tell me more about your little server.

>> No.64903282

HPE Gen10. Debian 9 headless. Just trying to know if my recently cut on seeding speed is from ISP or I fucked something up. Also hosting a little web in LXC.

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And NAS and shit.

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no, that's a dog

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Bug bounties, CTFs, hacking on devices I have.

I've made $13k on bug bounties so far.

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i go to /r9k/ and bully people

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this guy gets it

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is this your first day on the internets?? :D:DD:D:D:D:D:D

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Go out to the range with my baby killing AR-15.

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you are never leaving this place

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