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>years upon years of development
>still painfully half-baked in pretty much every aspect


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Everyone would rather help develop Krita

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open source software is ded dude

all the gimp guys got hired by affinity and adobe

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use krita

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Because for 10 bucks/month you can have PS and LR

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It's okay, and it's open source. Sometimes it seems fucking painful to do something so goddamn simple. Like draw a circle. Other editors you just use the shape tool. With GIMP you have to do some selection bullshit then colour in the space, I don't even remember.

I still like it.

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It isnt for retarded attention deficit buyfags who need eye candy for everything

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Because there's no demand for it to be any better. All professionals use macbooks with licensed Photoshop. Gimp is only used by developers who don't want to pay a graphic designer for their resources.

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In terms of painting program yes, but there are other cases where OSS works very well, namely 3D modelling.
As Autodesk buy and kill every software that is better than 3DStudio MAX and it is pure shit, blender is getting a lot of love and tweaks and day by day becoming the standard 3D tool.

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>the only difference between gimp and photoshop is eyecandy

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I tried to use it earlier and it just makes everything so difficult. Use a selection tool, select some area, click the transform tool and drag it to move the selection. Nope, the entire image moves. You have to press select -> float to be separate the selection before you can move it.
Duplicate a layer, move some parts, grab the eraser tool and erase - the layers undeneath will show. Nope, the eraser is painting white. Okay, alpha channel issue. Click channels tab where layers are, it shows RGB and alpha. Okay... Hit up Google and you need to right click the layer and press add alpha channel. 10/10 workflow.

And the hotkeys, what's intuitive? B for brush? No, B for create paths. P for PAINTbrush. E for eraser? No, E for ellipse select. Shift+E to erase because you need to select circles more often than you need to erase things. What's pencil? N.

Why do they call it gimp? Because you're gimping yourself by using it.

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it sounds like you enjoy not owning the software that you use. i used to use ps until they came out with that monthly subscription bullshit, i'd rather pay for it up front and be able to use it 10 years from now. but i only really used it for art and sai works just as well in that reguard so whatever

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>implying you or most of the faggots who shitpost about gimp are even decent with it
>or even photoshop for that matter

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>still no foss mspaint clone that starts in <500ms, has non retarded UI and supports alpha channel

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You can just use ms paint on wine whats the trouble?

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it's decent enough for basic photo editing

fucking sucks for OC editing though

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It's fine for at least 90% of users.

It might shock /g/ but most people do not need enterprise-level software.

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>limited zoom
>no transparency
>small undo buffer
>no proper scaling algorithms
I still shamelessly use it to do basic stuff cause sometimes it's the fastest

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>90% of users.
That's why it's used by <0.00001%.
Makes sense.

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I didn't say how many actually used it, but how many it would be usable for.

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That's a very interesting opinion you have, but if that was true, more people would have been using GIMP.

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Is that why photoshop is getting worse?


How can you be so wrong? Until blender changes it god awfully autistic interface no one worth their time will use it. You know why companies pay thousands of dollars for 3D max instead of using blender? Because blenders interface is that god awfully terrible.

I think blender have good tech, but the people who built it UI should be shamed of themselves

Use krita

Same for me, we Adobe went full cloud/retard I slowly started finding alternatives.

Photoshop - krita
Premiere - Davinci resolve
After effects - fusion
Indesgin - ???
Media encoder - ???


I tried to do some of my PS work tasks in gimp once, and it was an adventure in frustration, I tried the same with krita and it was easy breezy

Can you stop being wrong?

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It took OVER A DECADE of people bitching at them for them to change from their retarded multiwindows mode to a single window. That to me indicates an autistic unwillingness to change even in the face of overwhelming evidence.

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Affinity Designer could be a viable alternative to InDesign.
Sketch is pretty comfy for web designers but Mac only :/

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idk what's your beef with a FREE application
i've been making memes for more than a year now and none of have complained

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of you

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The devs are actively hostile to end users and refuse any suggestions for change.

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>that starts in <500ms
Buy an SSD.

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Well OP it is open source so you can add the missing functionality and fix it right ?
Oh wait ..
You are a piece of shit who can just complain..
so no one cares..

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t. gimp dev

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I am working on this

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Because they never decided to regard everything as vectors. It remained almost entirely pixel-based, and that makes workflows difficult. It's always easier to work with "objectified" shapes and vectors.

Krita has the better approach.

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>Well OP it is open source so you can add the missing functionality and fix it

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He's right, you know. Someone has to do it and if no money is being transferred there's no one you can demand stuff from. Either make it yourself if it's critical for you or pay someone else to do it (hire dev) or buy what they already did previously (Photoshop). GIMP is probably evolving so slowly just because people who actually want stuff to happen have already made it happen and can now just use it. Others are just noise who want everything for free and think they have any say in it. These people are usually too young to have a career.

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See >>64830979
GIMP is developed by volunteers, if you want someone to change it then learn C and modify it yourself, or hire someone else to do it

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>You know why companies pay thousands of dollars for 3D max instead of using blender? Because blenders interface is that god awfully terrible.

What the fuck are you talking about? Have you ever even used 3ds Max? It has the most bloated and confusing UI out of any program I've ever used, I would rather use Lightwave on the Amiga than look at that crap again. It makes Blender's UI look well organized in comparison.

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FOSSfags can't into UI design, this is the cause of 75% of the problems faced by FOSS programs.

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Not enough active developers. Remember, it's made by volunteers. You could help out.

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Come on /g/ stop comparing Krita (an absolutely amazing drawing/painting software) to gimp (a so-so photo editing software). That will just give unrealistic expectations to Krita and make people hate Kiki ;_;

Kiki needs all the love she deserves!

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Welcome to free software

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It seems like pretty much anything related to GTK has the following features:

1) It is very popular, probably due to being the first of its kind.
2) To be specific about the above point, it is popular among "smart" devs.
3) It has a cancerous change/implementation committee. You should expect to hear "No" with any proposals, no matter how much you know it'd benefit users.
4) The "committee" will instead do what it wants, ignoring the multitude of intelligent developers and non-braindead users who only want to improve the software.

Substitute in GIMP, GNOME, etc. Fits the pattern every damn time.

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I don't have a repository and it's just a hobby project I'm sometimes working on

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Please don't ever post on this website again.

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>22 years of development
>barely usable
>looks like windows 98
you can't expect much from freetards

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green is my pepper

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>if you want SIMPLE tools to QUICKLY edit your photos you need to learn C and write your own graphical editor
10000000/10 design

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It's autism alright

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If gimp is so bad, why is adobe so scared they send paid shills to a chinese cartoon website's tech board every day?

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Because nobody sat down and developed a clear workflow concept with one way of doing things. Instead it just grew like a tumor in several directions with no clear goal or vision.

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>Green Is My Penis

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> look at me I have serious issues

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Because C.

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gr8 b8 paj8

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Word > GIMP

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CPMask code is GIMP.

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create path.
create text
text tool right click > text along path.
stroke path.

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>barely usable
In what way? Do you even know what the fuck a computer is supposed to do?

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