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Old thread: >>64727606

If you're looking for purchase advice, state your budget and requirements (e.g. size and performance).
Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T, X, and W/P Series if you want the Real Business Experience™

>>Other business laptops are welcome in /tpg/ (Dell Latitude/Precision, HP EliteBook/ZBook).

Recommended freedom models:
>>T60, X60; X200, T400/500
Recommended modern models:
>>X220/X230 - 12", 768p, cheap and light
>>T420/T430 - 14", 900p, widely available, socketed CPU, Ivy Bridge installable w/ Coreboot on T420; Classic keyboard swap on *30 series
>>W520 - 15", 1080p, Desktop Replacement, 32GB RAM on quadcore models, USB 3.0
>>T440p/540p - Last Thinkpads with soc64674917keted processors, easily replaceable trackpad
>>P-Series - 15'' and 17'', up to 4K displays, 64gb of RAM, Xeon processors.

Why ThinkPad?
>>Used machines are plentiful and cheap
>>Excellent keyboards - tactile feel and quiet
>>Great durability: chassis uses a magnesium rollcage for structural integrity, with high quality plastic body panels
>>Utilitarian design: e.g. indicator LEDs, 7 row keyboard layout on older models
>>Docking stations that easily turns your laptop into a desktop
>>Easy to repair (most models), upgrade & maintain thanks to readily available service manuals for every model, spare parts easy & cheap to obtain
>>The best TrackPoint, great for those who type a lot or hate swiping their fingers all over a touchpad
>>Excellent GNU/Linux & *BSD support

>>Hardware Maintenance Manuals (HMM's) and Windows drivers for legacy devices:
>>Used laptop guides by xsauc:
>>ThinkWiki - Info on ThinkPads & running GNU/Linux on them:
>>ThinkPad service guides w/ tutorial videos:
>>EPP discount for new ThinkPads:
>>BIOS logo booru:

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First for glorious scanner ThinkPad.

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hello, i have more money than sense, and have purchased the new x1 carbon.

i'm using it to post this right now, and so far i quite like it! if you have any questions about the laptop, feel free to ask.

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My shitty old Macbook just died tonight. What's a good Thinkpad with a >=192DPI screen?

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Have you tried Linux or OpenBSD on it?

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Please elaborate. How does my X201 keyboard have an issue that causes 2 minute boot times?

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fuck me......

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Am considering this purchase, any dislikes so far? did you get the WQHD screen?

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Are the t460s or t470s (the slim versions) less durable than the thicker ones? I want that awesome thinkpad durability but I want it to be durable as well.

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>You know she succ good, great moder!

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what's wrong with 140dpi? i can't see any pixels on my laptop at a normal viewing distance.

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got an old T420 put win10 on it and gave it to my mom (age 59).
also have a new 240GB SSD
should i install the SSD in the T420 for her?
or would it just be a waste?

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The problem is that fractional scaling is for chumps and retards. There's no such thing as half a pixel. I want something I can scale 2x.

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Any thinkpads with a similar price range/power ratio or should I just go with this?

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I'm looking for one of those tablet-style thinkpads where the screens rotate and come with a stylus. So far I found the X201 and the X220T. Currently have a T60, looking to add to the collection

Going to go look at the X220T tomorrow, are there any better options?
Anything I should look out for with the X220T? Any specific hardware configurations that will help me later on with libre software? Are all of them IPS or only a specific configuration?

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get a CRT?

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Do it. She will love the snappiness even if she doesn't know the difference between SSD and HDD.

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dual core = bottleneck
doesn't matter how fast the drive is

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he's full of shit. see

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X230t. I just got one over an X220t. Faster and more efficient processor, usb 3.0. Comes with new style keyboard, but can be replaced with the old style.
Get it only if you need the pen. I probably would just get a regular X230 with 9 cell battery if I bought again, but the battery life is decent with the 6 cell. I got a 6 cell slice just in case, but it's pretty bulky.

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Best ssd for t420? Ideally keeping the hdd.

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i got my 240GB ssd from MicroCenter for $60
also, got the Crucial MX500 1TB for $260 (stuck that in my Y580)

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Do you think I'd be able to just clone the hard drive to get everything working, then format the hdd after? I'm not sure how I'd go about installing windows and maintaining the lenovo features.

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fo shizzle
just use macrium reflect

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Cool, thanks.

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Lenovo T410 // i5-M520 // 4GB Ram // 320GB // € 140 // Y o N /tpg/?

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>€ 140
not a deal but is fair price

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*portable as well

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It's a no from me

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Whats a good(somewhat) place to get a x220 battery? Im looking at ebay ones since i need worldwide shipping and there are some promising ones but not sure if i should. Current battery holds for 2.5 hrs at best, has 58%.

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You should, chinese batteries are fine for thinkpads.

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Oh sick, didn't know there was a x230t as well. I will look into it, thanks anon. And yeah the pen/tablet mode is the main reason I'm getting it. Just looked up the "slice", that thing looks massive! A whole new level of bulky. Can't you just get an extended battery that sticks out further?

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Fired up my x220 yesterday, installed Arch onto a USB stick, just to see how big the performance difference is between 2520M and the i3-6100U.

Holy shit, is Skylake so bad. The Thinkpad was able to blast the absolute ass of my Skylake laptop. Both had the same amount of RAM, and the Skylake laptop even had an M.2 drive. It's just a shame the battery life sucks - currently have a 6-cell in there, and it barely lasts 4 hours.

Any advice on batteries?

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chinese 9 cell

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I have a T420 with win10 and an ssd (after years on mechanical) and it's a massive difference, definitely do it.
also consider adding another 4gb stick, win10 is a bit of a hog.

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why the fuck cant my t420 run games

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>nvs4200 with 1gb gram
gee I wonder

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>tfw my free (as in free beer) lenovo battery came earlier than expected
All information about battery is stored in the battery chip itself, right? It doesn't matter if I calibrate it while it's connected to the laptop or through docking station?

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it is not worth even 100 euro, thanks to spectre/meltdown and t410 not being supported for the patch.

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if money is no issue, what's the overall best thinkpad?

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No. Anything pre sandy bridge is literally Core2Duo Performance tier. That coupled with the eye cancer inducing screen on the T410 make it a clear no.

I would buy one for 50 bucks as a backup backup backup laptop.

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Thinkpad 25th anniversary edition

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I'm currently using an x200 but I can't flash libreboot and thee c2d is too slow for me, I don't have much use. So, I'm looking for an x230, what is a fair price for a used x230? Is it possible to get in the 150 euro price range without getting extremely lucky?

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Is there any reason NOT to get an i7 x230? Maybe battery runs out more quickly?
Also, i7 x230 has fingerprint reader but no backlit keyboard. i5 x230 has backlit but no fingerprint. Both costs the same.

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Debian and T430? Does it work?

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Why do you need finger print. It's annoying af.

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T25 is trash. Get a T480

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Libreboot. Gets rid of ME and spectre

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>HD 3000
Really made me think
That's fine compared to the igpu

>> No.64753345

T480 with Nvidia graphics probably

>> No.64753347

Why wouldn't it?

>> No.64753350

It's more expensive
That's it
The i7 doesn't consume more power

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Lightdm that's why

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Oh yeah
No no it's fine

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can old T400 /t420 run shitty games like lol or

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I can't see the battery connected to the docking station in tlp. I can see only BAT0. Wat do?

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>state your budget and requirements (e.g. size and performance)

Okay lads, here i go:
I'm looking for an 15" device with a "good" 1080p IPS panel, a quad core cpu with ht/smt and battery life of 8h+ in normal use(wlan, not lowest brightness). A dedicated graphics solution >= 940mx would be nice too. Thermals and noise should also be at a acceptable level. At least 8GB of RAM, AC wifi, Gigabit ethernet. Build quality should be good as well. I'm not really willing to spend more than a thousend Euros.

Is there any (probably used) thinkpad matching this description or are memepads only for the low end t420 users?

I'm looking since 2 months for a new laptop and i could not decide so far, so i guess asking /g/ might be the last thing to do before i become completly insane.

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Anyone got a reliable ebay seller for 1920x1080p IPS matte finish screens for a T440P?

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>W10 on x220

brainlet cat

>> No.64754178

That's not the biggest offense
>Large taskbar/large icons
>People button still enabled
>Notification tab enabled
>Search bar on taskbar
>Domelet trackpoint

>> No.64754222

Okay, I guess I found it
>However, the Linux ACPI subsystem only scans for batteries on boot.

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What's the longest battery life anyone has managed to get on their Thinkpad?
I don't care what OS, model, or batteries were used, I just want to know how long it lasted

>> No.64754229

do x60 replacement batteries that don't explode exist?

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>Domelet trackpoint
Why is that a bad thing?

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Does it need anything newer than directx 10?

>> No.64754255

10 and half hours

>> No.64754261

Did I fuck up by getting an X220T and not a normal X220?

>> No.64754269

No w8, I use tp-smapi and it's supposed to be always present. And it is, I can reach the data through filesystem but tlp doesn't display that.

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>What's the longest battery life anyone has managed to get on their Thinkpad?
Life as in before the battery completed failed? I have two genuine 9 cells for my X220 one of which has thousands of cycles on it and has been used pretty much nonstop since I got it early 2012 and only has 23% wear level. As for actual onscreen time/light useage inbetween charges I can get about 9h30mins on my genuine new 9 cell battery but this is keeping the CPU clocked at 800Mhz, lowest screen brightness and a bunch of other optimisations for battery life.

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man I would fuck louis rossman right in the mouth.

>> No.64754291

Makes no difference. It's just as good.

>> No.64754326

>thousands of cycles
>23% wear level
Like, it still has 77% of original capacity? My battery fell down to 50% after 350 cycles.

>> No.64754337

Correct. Heat is what kills them.

>> No.64754354

Just heat or temperature difference? Should I keep my battery in fridge when not used?

>> No.64754383

Which thinkpads have non shit screens, have decent battery and specs good enough to run Cad and other engineering software? Is the T450s worth it?

>> No.64754390

Heat and dramatic temperature changes.

>> No.64754425

meant screen on time but interesting to know that you've managed to get loads of cycles out of it and only have 23% wear

>> No.64754544

its ok

>> No.64754645

please respond

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Although I do enjoy a good thinkpad, so take this with some bias, the plastics on every acer that I've ever touched felt like a total piece of shit.

Even if you don't go the thinkpad route, get something better than a shitty acer.

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Post x220/230
Anyone ever replace the speakers? Saw a post using nexus 6p speakers. Way cheaper than getting a bluetooth speaker

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I removed the speakers. I just use headphones or a wired speaker when I'm at home.

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Anyone know why Core 2 machines have such piss poor Windows 10 support? I want to use Windows 10 LTSB 2016 on a ThinkPad T400 I got for free but the screen tearing and fragmentation is unbearable. The normal "Pro" version with all the latest updates has the same issue. So does 8.1. Windows 7 works fine and so does Linux and any other OS. What's the problem?

>> No.64755132


Probably something to do with this.


>> No.64755145

Is this a FEMA camp?

>> No.64755211

That's nice. Stable React OS with good driver support when?

>> No.64755228

There's no Libreboot support for *10's, silly freetard.
No idea about Coreboot though.

>> No.64755247

T540p, W540/1. P50.

>> No.64755257

it's look like a crack, but when i try push hard on it, its feel really solid and didn't bent, maybe the coating became wear off.

>> No.64755434

Im not the same guy but i looked at the T540p. Why do all the ebay listings have shitty TN screens? Is it worth buying one with a shitty screen and then buying an IPS 3k screen and replacing it myself?

>> No.64755964

at fema camps, they take your laptops away, dummy

>> No.64756220

Any recommendations on a chink battery for my x200t?

>> No.64756317

C2D generation iGPUs have minimal support in Win10, for the 4500MHD on my X301 I had to download dell's drivers from their laptop with the same chipset and that was on Server 2012 (Win 8.1) - not many people know you can do that. Win 10 is even worse.

>> No.64756603

>80C+ during idle
>shuts off at 100C+
>realized cant hear the fan at all and cant monitor its RPM (not detected) with any software
>remove keyboard and boot
>fan spins up and then stops spinning at all
where do i continue from here?

>> No.64756697

See if you can install one of those programs to control the fan. What OS are you running?

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File: 1.71 MB, 4640x2610, IMG_20180216_182142.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At what point did you realise you probably have more ThinkPads then you have any practical use for? I only bought my first one just over a year ago but I am already looking for x230 to hackintosh, even though my use for after the first few months will be minimal.

>> No.64756720

last time was windows but its same shit on various linuxes i had before

>> No.64757134

yeah try find a fan monitoring program... other than that i reckon that it's somehow not working yet not being detected by the system as malfunctioning to give you the standard "Fan Issue" error and shutdown.
get new fan bro

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File: 167 KB, 1200x1600, f0e0ef75-ee6b-470d-bf72-a49f19a91bef.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i was running stuff like hwinfo, it simply had no fan detected.

also another question regarding my tpad since i disassembled it - is bottom cover same for X220 and X230?
i had a wobbly hinge since i bought it, couldnt find why and now when i took the screen away i know - picrelated simply fell apart, the part of case with screw thread. other than that cover is pretty much perfect and no reason to replace, fuck me.
X230 bottom covers are much less accessible and more expensive hence im wondering if i can buy X220 one.

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File: 70 KB, 500x375, In love with a machine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking for a ThinkPad in France/Europe for around or less than 500€. I'm most likely not going to buy immediatly but I'm starting to fish around for recommendations. I use it for uni mainly to do audio, so I need FireWire for those old sound cards, VGA, quad-core and at least 8GB of RAM. It's not pro audio but at least something that won't choke on itself if you load more than two tracks. Somewhat decent to high resolution would be a nice bonus. Does such a thing exist?

>> No.64757630

Sorry, I fell asleep.
I have not tried linux or OpenBSD yet, I've only had it for like a day now, and I've got active work uses for it at the moment, so I'm not playing with it quite yet. Planning to put manjaro on it once this project settles down though, I've read that it worked very well on the last gen model, hoping that holds true for this one.
So far, really it's only the fucking switched Fn and Ctrl keys in the bottom right. I switched it (there's a nice GUI button for it now, don't have to go to bios to do it), but it's annoying that they're like that from the start. Minor thing.
I did get the WQHD HDR screen, and I'm kind of shocked at how well it lives up to the marketing hype. Looks absolutely stunning and the contrast is almost OLED-like. It's also fantastically bright. If the battery holds up with this one (which it looks like it will based on my usage), it seems absolutely worth the premium. There is some backlight bleed though, unfortunately.
Can also speak to the fact that it's honestly crazy how small/thin/light this thing is, while still feeling sturdy and performing well.

>> No.64757647

LOL fucking Chink Lenovo shills. You're so obvious.

>> No.64757669

The T440p can be found with those specs for well under €500 and even cheaper if you willing to swap in a quad core CPU yourself.
before purchasing be sure to factor in the cost of a trackpad replacement to the T450 model as the standard one with the T440p is truly awful.

>> No.64757675


>> No.64757695


I realized this after my 4th one, but i keep buying them since they are so cheap... i got over 10 of them :)

2x x220
1x x220 tablet
3x t420
1x t430
3x t400

i'm currently looking to acquire a x230, w520 and t440p

>> No.64757783

The T440p is a quite underrated in my opinion as apart from the awful trackpad which is an easy swap. they are solid machines that are at least in my area similarly priced to a T430 and much cheaper then the standard T440 and S model,so definitely pick one up asap before a meme tax is applied.
Also may I ask how you could possibly need 3 T420's unless you are using them as donor computers.

>> No.64757826

This review states that it doesn't come with FireWire, and I'm not finding clues about that in Google either. I suppose I have to look for old(er) school ThinkPad then.

>> No.64757919

Sorry my mistake I thought it did. In that case the older W series like the W520 might be your best bet on that front then.

>> No.64757980

Aight, that seems to be what I'm looking for. Thanks. Anything I need to watch out for?

>> No.64757997


The 3 t420 are used on a regular basis. 2 of them are used by my two boys (age 9.5 and 7). And I myself use other t420. 1 running ubuntu and 2 running elementary os. Yes trying to pick up the t440p, but i think the meme tax already :)

>> No.64758009

Need a lightweight 14-inch laptop for uni for reading publications, very light coding and report writing.
Want something new and not used stuff, budget is 600.
Any ThinkPad that fits the criteria? Or other good laptops?

>> No.64758024


T400, T410, T420, T430 will do.

>> No.64758034

Not really to be honest I don't have the most experience with these machines but from what I have heard around here and the various other thinkpad forums they are pretty solid machines even if a little expensive at times. also when it comes to buying patience is key is can take up to a month for a good deal so don't rush in to anything. also check your local version of craiglist/substitute buy and sell site, there can be some great deals to be had there if you are willing to be aggressive with negotiations.

>> No.64758048

At that budget a T450s might be a decent option. I personally like them even if there not for everyone.

>> No.64758105

I had the same problem, it turns out i had a cheap replacement fan in my X220 and the fan blades just disintegrated over time. If you hear a crackling sound when the fans stop, its probably the same problem.

>> No.64758106

Can't get anything new in that price range, just consumer stuff.
Saw some Xiaomi ultrabook for 700 or so, but gotta import.

>> No.64758439

I had no idea 4:3 aspect ratio would be this comfy. SXGA+ mod, here I come... once mr. chinese can land his shipment over here, sometime in early april.

>> No.64758485

When I retired my W500 in favour of a W520, and put a T410 in the closet sans SSD because I preferred my T400 instead for its cyberpunk looks. That was a few years back, I've bought a X200, a X220, and an X61s since then; gonna go pick up another X61s some time next week.

>> No.64758743

damn that's a sexy laptop. I'm buying this shit.

>> No.64758870

New heatsink unit with a fan

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File: 2.23 MB, 2304x4096, T42braaap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

babby's first thriftshop 4:3 IBM
>carefully disassembled, cleaned out doritos and spoo
>specs are already maxed out
>scrounge up power brick
>it just werks (tm)
>battery surprisingly good

Is T42p a waste to spend money on IDE/mSata adapter and backlight repair?

thx lads

>> No.64759278

Boi, that's quite a sexypad. As long as it has Linux support, you won't be wasting your money

>> No.64759320

I've got an IDE/SATA SSD in my T42, and while you're obviously not getting full SATA 1 speeds it's still leagues better than the shit hard drive it comes with.

Go for it anon, our older Thinkpads deserve our love.

>> No.64759347

Libreboot is a problem for cpu intel and wifi card ?

>> No.64760069


>> No.64760124

No, but the wifi card drivers are proprietary.

>> No.64760490

looks at that crack

>> No.64760758

you're fucking retarded, anon

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File: 2.77 MB, 287x191, 1487710429543.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw the x131e isn't in the list of recommended models

>> No.64761227

It's for a fucking grandma dude Sandy Bridge is fine

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>see two ThinkPads I want on eBay
>finally find specs and options and apparent cleanliness I am satisfied with
>tight on money but can still buy them
>looking at the tabs while I work every 5 minutes
>flip a coin individually for each of them, if heads I buy
>both are heads
>flip two more times for each of them
>all four times are heads

Guess I'm getting an X220 and T430

>> No.64761539

x220 a shit
>too underpowered to be usefull in office/dekstop environment when i can just use a pc
>much smaller then majority of thinkpads that are acutally used by peopel who have jobs, and not students with the meme220

>> No.64761549
File: 585 KB, 2000x2850, sakuya_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You will have fun with x220. But word of caution. If you want to have it run without throttling you need to reapply thermal grease on cuckery processing unit.

>> No.64761591

Guys can I ask about the ThinkCentre in here? I really want one for some reason. Am I retarded?

>> No.64761603

I mean the all in one ThinkCentre

>> No.64761876

Is there much benefit in upgrading from an x230 to a 240, 250, 260? or splashing out on an x270?

>> No.64762065

I just got a T400 from recycle, thinking of buying the gear to libreboot it
2 X61 Tablets (one for the old man, one for everyday browse)
x61 (XP machine for old emulation)
Ye Olde IBM 390X (98 machine for older games still)
All in all, they get booted at least once a month, so no real regrets.

>> No.64762553

2.9Ghz i7
Battery lasts 2-3 hours - how hard is it to replace?
$300 a good deal?

>> No.64763036

>not even flexview
Good luck not disturbing the BGA video chip when the thing is open, and putting the tube back in perfectly so the screen won't have uneven lighting.

>> No.64763059

>lenovo shills have taken over this board

>used machines are plentiful and cheap
so? can find a cheap laptop from many reputable brands

>excellent keyboards
theyre good. so are a lot of others. keyboards are basically good or shit. a lot of brands are good

i will give you this one. better durability than the competition for sure. however, not a problem if youre just a tiny bit careful

>utilitarian design
same with a bunch of other brands

>easy to repair
so are a bunch of others. just repaired a 9 year old dell laptop. easy as butter, runs like clockwork now

fair point

>unix support
same with a billion other brands

plentry of other quality laptops available at same pricepoint. do not fall for lenovo shills

>> No.64763102

>lenovo shills recommending old used machines
You're retarded.

>> No.64763118

pls help
my ideaPad 110 is coming apart where the keyboard part meets the screen hinges
i have it held together with masking tape atm

>> No.64763361

He made lots of compelling arguments and yet you decided to respond to a line that was made for a quick trigger.

>> No.64763889

>Recommended freedom models:
>>>T60, X60; X200, T400/500

I remember when it was
Recommended OLD models:
>>T60/61, X60/61, T400

Not that shit of freedum

>> No.64763911

>What's the problem?

You already know it
> Windows 10, ofc

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File: 187 KB, 960x720, Richard-Stallman-4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hating freedom
Get out.

>> No.64764208

windows 10 is the problem. shit doesn't even run right on most modern hardware.

>> No.64764233

I like the Thinkcentre mini-tower cases: the door is easy to remove and airflow seems decent. And the M58 (built in 2009) and M92p (2013?) that I gave to relatives haven't had any major failures.
But the PSUs they ship with aren't particularly powerful.
You should also do research before trying to upgrade your Thinkcentre graphics card, since cards newer than the Thinkcentre bios may not be recognized.
Overall I feel that used Thinkcentres are somewhat better than HPs or Optiplexes in terms of quality, but they are slightly harder to upgrade than you might assume.
I'd look for M92, M93, and M710t models if you want something recent.

>> No.64764396

>durability not a problem if youre just a tiny bit careful
Dealing with fragile electronics is anxiety inducing. I've probably added years to my life replacing my crapple macbook with a Thinkpad.

>a bunch of others
What quality laptops do you recommend?

>> No.64764620

I've found 4337 dock in my area for 12$. Should I go for it?

>> No.64764697

X201 with clean Windows 10 install running at ~100C no fan, ~50C full speed. I know Gen 1 i7's have shit temps but this seems absurd. Any tips outside of cracking it open and cleaning?

>> No.64764705

>Good luck not disturbing the BGA video chip when the thing is open, and putting the tube back in perfectly so the screen won't have uneven lighting.
Don't bother with all that work and use another dim CCFL. Upgrade to LED.

>> No.64764922

Too much

>> No.64764935

Hot swap battery is cool
But your performance is actually less with the X240 and X250

>> No.64764942

Can the T440p have a keyboard swap?

>> No.64764948

Throw it into the trash

>> No.64764953

Yeah you can swap it with another T440p keyboard

>> No.64764986

What's the x220t like? I really like the idea of it but afaik the chip is soldered and I might as well get a chromebook and run linux on it for not too much more. Is the screen decent?

>> No.64765045

so no classic keyboard?

>> No.64765077

The 40 series was redesigned from the ground up
So nothing will fit

>> No.64765082

Huh. The X62 is *miles* faster than the X230, and it should be roughly equivalent to an X250.

>> No.64765091

You sure that's not the SSD?
Cpu benches say otherwise

>> No.64765098

Must be the GPU actually. Used for light gaming, the X62 gets about 4x-5x the framerate.

>> No.64765108

Yeah that could be it

>> No.64765127

Actually quick addendum
Between the 30,40,50 and 60 series your cpu is about the same but your gpu does get better
You're still fucked by the Nvidia cards from years ago though

>> No.64765140


>> No.64765290

So the wifi card doesn't work ?

>> No.64765676
File: 17 KB, 562x58, 2018-02-17-124023_562x58_scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm X220, and this is compiling


>> No.64765700

put it in the freezer

>> No.64765749


>> No.64765831

english board ty kurwo jebana

nie wyrzuce go i już

>> No.64766013

I got a T60 for free because the harddrive was fucked. should i libreboot it and run OpenBSD on it?

>> No.64766032

I want a new ThinkPad it needs
32 RAM or more (16 is the minimum)
2TB of HDD space.
No camera shit.
Can boot linux.

>> No.64766432

What is needed for libreboot T60, change wifi card or no problem ?

>> No.64766519

Just sold my 980TI and i7 8700k, moving onto a thinkpad. Time to grow up. Feelsgodman

>> No.64766520

New from Lenovo new?

>> No.64766543

Should've kept the GPU for your 'pad

>> No.64766547

Is it possible to install T440+ keyboard on a T430? The fact that there is no space between the function keys really bothers me.

>> No.64766734

Anyone here with a T480? don't understand how it's been out for weeks now and still almost zero actual reviews or feedback on it

>> No.64766897

Starting a new job in a few weeks and need a laptop that can run AutoCAD/revit. Are Thinkpads good for this?

>> No.64766924

They just made them available on US site a few days ago I think. And without configuration options.

>> No.64766997

Company I worked for used W530 to run NX and it ran like a charm.

>> No.64767001
File: 39 KB, 362x400, 1513352057223.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello guys, I would appreciate some recommendations, ThinkPads or otherwise
>$1k budget
>need laptop mainly for uni work, browsing, shit like that. No gayming
>I absolutely despise slow and shitty laptops
>laptop must be durable (at least 5 years reliable performance)

I don't know how to pick good laptops, pls advise

>> No.64767090

a few people on /r/thinkpad have some details
sounds like cooling is shit on the new processors meaning they throttle and end up being slower than last gen

>> No.64767136

thats a good idea. those chink speakers represent a bottleneck in quality. i bet you could get some pretty sick speakers for 20 bucks or less on ebay. then you would have to drive them with external power

>> No.64767173

yup, i have t430. you need to get the iwlwifi firmware(non-free) for wifi tho

>> No.64767398

Is this a good purchase or not guys?


>> No.64767434

I've looked at Thinkcentre's before, but if I got one what would I do with it?

>> No.64767523

this but unironically

>> No.64767580

i bought a 15 inch gaymer laptop and regret it :(

is x230 worth it even if it'll be worse?

>> No.64768057

sure, if you want an inexpensive, portable non-gaming laptop

is an IPS screen worth getting for a smaller x series? i'm getting it for work, prob won't watch a huge amount but if there's a marked difference i'd be tempted to pay up

>> No.64768114

>is an IPS screen worth getting for a smaller x series?


>> No.64768242

can anyone tell me the name of the model on the left please?

>> No.64768318

Ok... How much more demanding are they battery-wise? It won't be any less harmful to my eyes will it? Would definitely buy if that was the case.

>> No.64768335
File: 94 KB, 500x500, new kitteh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64768429
File: 82 KB, 616x462, Zl7LqDN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

does anyone know, how many pcie lanes does the m.2 key m port on the t440p have?

wanna use it for an egpu if its not just sata

>> No.64768723
File: 2.53 MB, 4608x2592, 15188901836601407665362.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any way to make battery last longer on x60 tablet?
I have new battery but it still lasts 2-3 hours
Also where can I get drivers for touch pen?
>Linux mint KDE

>> No.64768753

clean insides

>> No.64769062

Real talk, are lenovo ever going to make a square/non-widescreen laptop again? I'

>> No.64769160

Literally install Gentoo.

>> No.64769172


>> No.64769175

And this is the generation they're putting Raven Ridge into. Fucking Lenovo.

>> No.64769219

8 hours on a X1C3, forget what distro, maybe LXLE.
might of been able to push 9 if I had lower brightness and no music. :3

Microsoft wants people to buy newer products. Duh.

When I had the W700ds for the desktop and T60p, X61T and T601, I knew I didn't need another laptop so I started getting old ones. This was like 2012?

Its not.
Get the i3 model if you could, maybe the i5 but those are rare.

I just don't like the cramped palmrest.

We don't really get questions for them, but people post them and their ThinkServers/Stations.

Some look nice, but can't do much with their slim PSUs.
Those and other /biz/ desktops are good to buy bc they are usually at most $50 more than what the going price of the processor alone.

Get a ThinkPad, Ideapads can go to shit.

>> No.64769350

>tfw no raven ridge refresh yet

>> No.64769401

it's entirely possible to find one for that price although if you want an ssd you'd probably have to buy one separately

>> No.64769409

I just wish they'd take advantage of the beefier iGPU and put out a 4k 14-15" model.

>> No.64769796

thinkpad logo is chipping out

give some good sticker to cover it out. +points to complement the red LED

>> No.64769904

What kind of Uni work? Just spreadsheets and shit or are you actually gonna be compiling/rendering/modeling/etc?

If you're not using it for intensive tasks, and especially if you're not gaming, you could buy a great laptop for your needs well under 1k.

>> No.64770041

A new Thinkpad sticker

>> No.64770210

Battery life on the x60 doesn't hold up like it used to on XP, it drains a lot faster on newer operating systems. That is what I've seen with mine anyway. KDE is quite system intensive in comparison to other DE's like XFCE. Give that a try and see if things improve.

I'm not sure where to get Linux-based drivers for tablets though, sorry.

>> No.64770418

I'm pretty sure that's a bubble jet printer, not a scanner.

>> No.64770463

Just repaste it, it shouldn't reach temps this high.

>> No.64770918

Positives and negatives of the T450s?

>> No.64770952

The screen is 259nits. ALtho most thinkpads have worse screens than that

>> No.64770958

Is 350 usd a fair price for a w520 with SSD, 170 watt chagrin cable and ok battery ?

>> No.64771007

Rate my plan /g/

>Get a T470
>later when t480 service parts come out replace the motherboard and bottom of the T470 with the T480's (or A485's parts if im paitent enough).

I have checked pictures of both and it looks like the only thing need to do a mobo swap is the bottom case of the T480 since the ports have changed. Im sick and tired of waiting for the T480 to come down in price and I need a new laptop right now.

>> No.64771143

I doubt you will be able to do that.

>> No.64771329


>> No.64771335

nigger all that to save $300? just buy a fucking t480, your time is worth more than that

>> No.64771495

Has anyone ever used nextworth for trade in?

What kind of value can I expect for a 5th gen x1, qhd, i7, 16gb, 1tb

I need dat quad core.

>> No.64771672

Need a Laptop, budget is around £200, don't mind refurbished, it's for my small business which is in a really dusty environment, so anything thats best suited to protect against that and maybe splashes. The most intensive thing it will be doing is the odd bit of photo editing using something like Gimp, but the Majority will be Email, Spreadsheets and browsing.

>> No.64771691

So poking around other trade in sites, it seems to be a fucking joke.

50-200 bucks for a laptop I paid $2700 for less than 6 months ago.

>> No.64771742

thinkpads are mil spec'd. You can use them in a dust storm or dump a glass of water on them. You're on the right track.

>> No.64771774

mil spec != IP rating
a number of things in your home have a mil spec

>> No.64771800

Point is you can watch lenovo videos where they throw them in a sand blaster or jump a pitcher of water on the keyboard. Or drop them from 20 feet.

A little dust is nothing to worry about with a thinkpad.

>> No.64771854

>they throw them in a sand blaster

Well that's convenient as the business is a sandblasting place.

>> No.64772111

How chinked is the T440 compared to the T440s?
Is the cooling performance and durability of the T440 OK?

>> No.64772617

>Windows 10
Go away OP, we don't want your proprietary software here. Only free and opensource allowed

>> No.64772760

Anyone experienced with making music on a thinkpad? How good are the soundcards? Thinking about buying a t440p for programing and a Daw.

>> No.64773155

Shit. I bit the bullet and got a macbook for audio work.

>> No.64773284
File: 1.87 MB, 750x750, 1495270245360.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Will be getting my chink 1080p connector for my T420 from china soon, will report back with results. Hoping it doesn't suffer from flicker.

Also, I have a couple of questions:
1. If I install Coreboot on my t420 will I be vulnerable to Spectre/Meltdown.
2. If so, will Coreboot ever be patched so I am no longer vulnerable?

>> No.64773716


>> No.64774252
File: 30 KB, 480x314, 27971826_10216186913373977_5866133213682160932_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys I'm looking to get a X230, and upgrading the keyboard to the x220 one. What is an average good price of getting a X230 without a hard drive? Will that get me a better price? The best I think I've found has a 120gb SSD and 4gb ramm, and it's like 175burger bucks.

>> No.64774296

Does anyone have experience with the new 2018 models? I am personally waiting for the A485 with Raven Ridge to be released.

>> No.64774299

Wew, I just pulled the trigger. x270, i7 6600u, 16gb, 512gb ssd pcie. $1k but brand new tho.

>> No.64774334 [DELETED] 

Do they have the same ports? The 2018 models use a new side docking connector. It does not appear that what you said will work.

>> No.64774428

yes I bought one on ebay and it hasn't exploded

>> No.64774583

Does anyone here have t440p with a quad core i7? What is your battery life like? I'm in school but at home I like to toy around and run a VM or two so I'm opting for the quad core version. I'm just afraid the battery life won't be good even with a good battery.

>> No.64774661
File: 210 KB, 1600x1067, s-l1600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Serious question:

Thinkpad battery for superdrive on T430s keeps falling out. This is due to a broken latch piece that holds battery in place. Where can i get a replacement latch? Can't find a place to buy.

>> No.64774771

I'm using an X230 and I play overwatch on it while I'm at home. Should I leave the battery on and plug and unplug it when i need to or should i just remove my battery and plug directly to the wall since i'm not going to move anyway?

>> No.64774861

Hey lads I'm looking for a solid laptop for college. Most I'll do is use writing software, learn to progam, and maybe Runescape/stream stuff on it. What's a reliable and durable laptop to get?

>> No.64775187

T430s man

Same boat here, Computer Engineering student. I love having two batteries in my thinkpad. I can code all fucking day anywhere I want with my 9 hour battery life. Gonna get an SSD soon so I can go even longer.

>> No.64775328

Fuck it I just superglued the battery to the drive

>> No.64775617

$180 for 8gb ram and 160gb SSD worth it for a t430? I don't use up that much space even on my computer. Got a 250gb SSD that has never gotten close to being full.

>> No.64775736

How many more years will the X60 series last for general use? I want to expand my collection.

>> No.64775837

$180 is OK. I paid $140 for one with those specs last year, but it had chassis damage and a busted sata connector.

>> No.64775881

I've heard that there are no manufactures for 4:3 screens anymore
The best hope would be a 3:2 thinkpad

>> No.64775890

Took a 10 hour train journey recently
I just watched episodes of Futurama stored locally on about 30% brightness and got almost 20 hours

>> No.64776077

kup od niemca pastę z misiem (Kryonaut). potem śrubokręt i do roboty!

>> No.64776797

thought **70 used 7000 series CPUs

>> No.64776804

hope you can cut out the superglue to remove it when needed

>> No.64777017
File: 417 KB, 1125x738, 225705E5-A19F-4C7B-A4A4-1098E90628BD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Apparently you could specced them with 6th gen cpus. Not anymore though.


>> No.64777254

20 hours on work t470.
Didnt even have a 9 cell battery, just 6-cell.
All i was doing was reading a book though, so thats probably why.

>> No.64777258
File: 364 KB, 927x1180, tops.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is any of these good?

>> No.64777344

I have an X220 but I am considering an X1 Carbon 5th Gen. What does /g/ think of the X1 Carbon?

>> No.64777355

out of interest what wear level is your charge capacity?
mine seems to be quite low considering it's not even a year old

>> No.64777358
File: 12 KB, 435x401, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64777388

It's an x260

>> No.64777810

Will Lenovo Y530 ExpressCard 54 dummy fit in an X220?

>> No.64777815
File: 297 KB, 447x471, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how to unscrew this shit? i need to replace motherboard and screw was all fucked up when i opened it.

>> No.64777845

drill it out

>> No.64777871

Keep going up screwdriver bit sizes until one fits.

>> No.64777874

That's what happens when you use chiniese tools.

>> No.64777878

>Keep going up screwdriver bit sizes until one fits.
true that, 99% of people have have no idea that screw drivers come in various sizes and you need the right one to get the job done, otherwise you'll likely strip the screw and wear out the bit quickly.

>> No.64777900

is X220 bottom cover same as X230?

>> No.64777918

Put a rubber band between the screw and the screwdriver

>> No.64777967


>> No.64778003

Several options.
1 Counter sink bit
2. Dremel it into a flathead.
3. Press down really hard when unscrewing it (careful not to slip and have the screwdriver pop a hole through the board or knock off some resistors)
4. Drill it out

Listed in rough order of destructiveness.

>> No.64778349


>> No.64778586

Not a single business laptop in that ad, go away

>> No.64778740

thanks xoxo

>> No.64778904

Do you understand what have you posted? There are literally no decent laptops on your pic.

>> No.64779011
File: 95 KB, 640x960, 1517693699038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine a ULV built like an x220 or t420. All that space you could cram batteries into and have a device that would lasts 20-40hours. It'd be the ultimate device for backpackers and travellers.

>> No.64779050

The current T series already get 20 hours depending on what you do.


>> No.64779137
File: 2 KB, 85x101, ye.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it worth it? The price is high because it want orginally in USD. I mostly need a laptop for school, programming and internet.

>> No.64779322

My fucking T410s fails to die, that thing just works and works. I'm contemplating on getting a new one, either something from T-series or something from Dell business series. Any feedback on Dell? I think only Lenovo and Dell are selling tough laptops with pointing sticks. The requirements are just a sturdy chassis and lots of ram (ideally 32G+).

>> No.64779417

im surprised that this x220 even works. it shows multiple amt/me related errors on boot and uefi is fucked but legacy mode works.

>> No.64779434

find ThinkPad with HDD and buy SSD yourself

>> No.64780239

And why is that so?

>> No.64780289

They're all consumer laptops.

>> No.64780838

I just got a really nice X220 for 175€ from a guy, so no VAT or anything. Don't pay refurb people for SSDs, they'll just put a stinky chinky special in there and charge like it was pukka.

>> No.64781001

Are there some good ThinkPads with AMD CPUs?

>> No.64781071


Literally biggest meme. My t420 has become my main machine. While the x230t is only used for shitposting in the bath

Tldr: get x220

>> No.64781101


Amazon or ebay. I bought one advertised as genuine, which was not. Kept the battery and my money.

>> No.64781104
File: 27 KB, 1000x1000, wiss-snips-sidecutters-m3rs-64_1000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would normally use one of these to clamp down on the outside of the screw and rotate to loosen but those screws are probably too small. Try to find something to get a good grip.

>> No.64781159

Not yet. A285 and A485 (X280 and T480 based, respectively) should be coming with Ryzen+Vega APUs this year.

>> No.64781182

There aren't any thinkpads with AMD CPUs to my knowledge.
AMD doesn't really exist in the mobile space.
Ryzen is good, but intel's power management is better.

>> No.64781206

A275/A475 exist but use shitty Bristol Ridge pre Ryzen chipsn

>> No.64781273

Is there a way to boot Linux from the SD-Card slot of a x200?
Simply using LinuxLiveUSBcreator doesn’t seem to work.

>> No.64781518

That's pretty decent. Does it have the 1600x900 screen?

>> No.64781731

Thanks Anons, we'll see what happens in the following months.

>> No.64781878

Yes, probably
Yes, probably
We try not to respond to bait here
I like hot pluggable batteries
No that's too much
Not yet
Tablet models are memes unless you draw
Yeah get something that can boot from the bios like a USB or your existing hard drive and use that to boot off your SD card

>> No.64781890

Hello friends, I'm gonna post and see if you guys can help, but I've pretty much accepted that my computer is rip at this point.

I have a T440p, and after replacing the lcd the whole computer refused to give me video output. Nothing from the new (or old) screens, no backlight, and no output to VGA either. I did hear that sometimes they have problems outputting to VGA anyway, so I got a new display cable for the integrated LCD and still no joy.

And now i've pretty much gone through all the viable solutions I can think of (and i'm certainly not sending it to Lenuvo for repair, i've seen their beyond insane markup).

Any ideas, at all? If not I guess i'll sell it for parts and look for something else.

I love my Thinkpad :(

>> No.64781896

>Yeah get something that can boot from the bios like a USB or your existing hard drive and use that to boot off your SD card
Elaborate pls

>> No.64781938

You can't boot off your SD card slot
You need something that can boot
Grub should be able to boot off your SD card slot
But you need to install grub on something that can booted off

>> No.64781954

>spoiler tags on slash gee slash

>> No.64781973

Evidently I spend too much time on cancer boards.

>> No.64781978
File: 791 KB, 3836x1386, x230.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


getting egpu in 3 days, and 3rd monitor later

>> No.64782003

No it's okay I spend a lot of time on /vg/ myself when I run out of patience with /g/ and when I get bored with /o/

I fucking swear if I see another "ebin poo languages crash iphone xdddddd" threads

>> No.64782019

Enjoy your beautiful set up
I'm waiting for a new egpu adapter myself
My psu cable ate shit so I'm gonna try using a 12v 10a barrel connector

>> No.64782206

I'm about to replace the lcd on my T440p as well, your post worries me a little. Does the mini DisplayPort give you video output? If not then the motherboard might be toast.
If the DisplayPort gives you video, then maybe you just damaged the lcd cable.

>> No.64782236

>>>X220/X230 - 12", 768p, cheap and light
>>>T420/T430 - 14", 900p, widely available
>>>W520 - 15", 1080p, Desktop Replacement

X230 and T430 but no W530?
Is there a particular reason for that? I own a W530 and I'm quite happy with it.

>> No.64782250

P51 maybe.
It's like 10k USD too.

>> No.64782268

>At what point did you realise you probably have more ThinkPads then you have any practical use for?
When I didn't turn some of them on anymore.

I still want to buy more of them though.

>> No.64782276

People are too stupid to pick up a screwdriver and go on github

>> No.64782288


>> No.64782313

Nice, no guns though.

Also, what model of eGPU did you buy?

>> No.64782328

What do you mean? Is there some known issues about the W530?

>> No.64782359

No I'm talking about how people will just scream about their classic keyboard and the """ battery whitelist """ and the wifi whitelist with no basis
30 series is objectively superior to the 20 series

>> No.64782364

gun free zone in the whole poland

exp gdc beast + gtx 750ti + dell da-2

connectors on exp gdc changed and i had to cut a little bit of plastic off the dell psu, but it fits now, im 99% sure that it will work fine but still looking for a fire extinguisher

>> No.64782399

Yeah but that's the case for all x30 series, so why single out W530 only was my original question.

>> No.64782459

Unfortunantly I don't have a DisplayPort cable to check, but as I said VGA isn't working and I already changed the LCD cable.

And yeah, the mobo being dead is the conclusion I have come to too, but so far I've not had luck finding a replacement for the same one (with the Nvidia GPU), and even if I did I'd be sceptical of digging around in thee thing again, and beyond annoyed if it still didn't work for some dumb reason.

>> No.64782675

Oh hadn't noticed
I guess OP forgot

>> No.64782686

I would order a mini DP to hdmi connector just to double check the health of the mobo. Or order one more lcd cable from aliexpress. VGA not working doesn't guarantee that the motherboard is toast, the VGA port on my T440p is unreliable.

>> No.64782848

Well, if I have to have an usb stick plugged in all the time, I might as well boot Linux from said usb stick, no?

>> No.64782888


>> No.64782994

Beast v8 or v9?

>> No.64783202

Does anybody know how to install the X220 tablet firmware update to fix edge accuracy? I just get the error "A connection was not established. Update cannot be performed."

>> No.64783304

I’ll use a stick then..

>> No.64783523

If anything they are more durable (better materials). But heating issues are more common - also, soldered ram

>> No.64783567

I was all set to make a bad life decision and buy a t470 using the perks discount, but everything I’m hearing is that it’s very worth waiting for the t480. How long do you think until it shows up in the perks store? Like a couple months, or only when it’s about to be replaced by the t490?

>> No.64783656

What are the highest specs you could get for a used ThinkPad with $350?

>> No.64783669

t420 with a few simple mods

>> No.64783679

that sounds...depressing. t420 maxes out at 6gb right?

>> No.64783693

Nevermind I'm retarded

>> No.64783829

v8.5c, its some newer version of 8.4b i think

>> No.64783940

I guess i'll try, honestly at this point if just feels like i'm throwing money in to a hole that i'm never going to get anything back from.

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