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This is bullshit.


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>inspect element
>source is right there
Wow that was so difficult to circumvent

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use another image search engine idiot

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>Are cat-girls possible?

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But Google is the best one.

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nigga, right click->view image

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That's all fine and dandy until you get <img src=data:image/jpeg;base64...>

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Then it only shows the thumbnail

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Hello nu-/g/. Please stop spamming this board with this garbage.

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werks here, stop using botnets

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So then the only people getting fucked are phonefags.

I am now in support of this change.

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Jesus christ now you literally have to be a hacker to view the fucking image?

fuck that I'm switching to yahoo

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no it doesn't. you get the full image.

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Yandex don't have this problem

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who the fuck is still using google images in the current year

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Your annual reminder that Bing actually has a very good video search function

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i sure hope so

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It's in the pudding, my nigga.

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A shit-ton of people, otherwise Google would have shut it down.

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Bing is pretty good, but yandex is the best. Always works with the hard to find manga pages from the one page thread when google just farts.

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They're hopeless

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They were butthurt people weren't opening the sites and viewing the whole page, thus not giving them the adwords shekels
It makes sense from a (((business))) decision I guess

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BTW google images went to shit last year
They changed the thing from actually searching by image similarity to image recognition to yield keywords -> searching by keyword
It made it completely useless

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will be obfuscated, already happening, google one of the worst culprits.

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They went to shit when they removed porn searches by default years ago, been using bing ever since and haven't looked back.

I know you can still look up porn, but you have to use an explicit word with the search which cuts down the results by alot and reduces the chances of you finding obscure content when looking up sauce.

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I use that all the time ffs

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Just use BING

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No, you don't, you full retard

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Might as well ask here.
Anyone notice how the images tab is randomly not in the second position, right next to All? Pisses me off when I click the second tab and it take me to Movies or something and images is actually hidden in a button.

Death of Google when

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That has been around for two or so years now.

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>how to parse html
This is /g/ not /b/

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>long press -> view image
How much of a faggot are you?

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>nobody mentions Duckduckgo

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Which is the best alternative?

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I meant for image search

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You literally do get the full image tho.

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>recommending a different botnet

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>de-recommending a site started explicitly for avoiding botnets

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probably too many lawsuits or complaints about copyright violations honestly.

surprised they didn't kill it sooner.

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You could go full Yandex if you want

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>people actually believe this

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That's why I use ad blockers on 99,99999999% of websites. I am just so tired of this bullshit happening over and over.

>duckduckgo a botnet

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yandex or ddg

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How does this change things at all legally speaking? Google is still “using” all those images without permission.

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>implying its not

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Well, let's hear why you think that, huh?

I'm not saying you're trolling, though it's certainly possible. I'd like to know why you would promote that.

Christ on a cracker, reverse troll is strangely fierce. I'm aroused.

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Google is out. Duckduckgo is new trend

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It's their (((Machine Learning))) determining which tabs you will most likely want to click with any given search.

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they've been doing that for a while in an effort to make whatever is in the second position more relevant to your search, so if you type in a location maps is second or if you type in a product shopping is second. I do wish they would just have it be consistent though since I almost always want images.

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>whines about jews
>"forgets" that cuckcuckgo's owner is a jew

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>i should be able to steal copyrighted images easily!

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copyright infringement isn't stealing

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>almost always
learn english

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>Well, let's hear why you think that, huh?
Whether or not it's true, it's a pretty obvious marketing tactic on their part.

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>1009 * 2
>defending (((copyright law)))

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And? If it's a feature, what's the issue?

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Fuck off pajeet, that's English.

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My main problem with google image search doing this is that 9 times out of 10 when you click the link to the site it's actually on the image isn't actually there. Google image search has long been the least reliable of the image searches and the view image button was literally it's only saving grace. Google didn't just shoot themselves in the foot with this one they just blew their own fucking leg off.

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>copying data from one hard drive to another is "stealing"

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almost always is fine fagotron.

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>Well, let's hear why you think that, huh?
Just good old skepticism on my part. Why would they not? There's a huge financial incentive and we have no way of actually verifying their claims.

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>copyright images
>on the internet

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True enough. Occam's razor, there

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browser extension fix when

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>mfw people are thinking of changing search engines just because of a button
>mfw people actually think google is going to lose large amounts of users over such a miniscule change

do 0% of you know what right click is?

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Honestly you're better using another search engine entirely. Google has been trying so damn hard to curate their results for so long that they're probably the least reliable search engine all around right now. They can link you to youtube and facebook and not much else.

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I fucking hate what this game did to the overall series.

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for images? bing is better and so is yandex

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duckduckgo is fucking retarded

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just filter that thread in its entirety, fuck the entire board actually, it use to be fun, now its a hell hole

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>looking at the information google is consciously serving you

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>filtering the only useful thread in that dunghole

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filtering the thread that makes me interested in what that manga is, but the faggot who posted it scrubbs EVERY fucking detail that MAY get you a hit, and the image is not reverse searchable, and then get banned when asking 'what is this, I think I would like to read it' because asking for a source on that board is a site wide ban.

FUCK that entire goddamn board, the few times I stumbled over there anymore the last fucking thing I want to see is shit I have no hope of ever finding a source too.

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the question of the century

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what did it do that the third game didn't already?

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>t. retard

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You're just dumb, i always find 95% of the stuff posted and if i can't i still get an answer by asking and posting proof that i couldn't find it.

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phones dont have right click you stupid cisgender old white male

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You have to be over 18 to post here.

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The fuck is the point when imgur and pinterest hosts everything I want?

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All you have to do it hold your finger down>open in new tab, it's literally a right click.

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>wah people INTENTIONALLY block me from getting mango!!!

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You have to be able to detect post-ironic shitposting to post here

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It's actually incredibly annoying. I use vimperator so I used to just do ;y to jank the image url. I don't want to fucking grab the mouse for something so stupid.

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As do you.

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>another successful redirect by the NRA

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What Firefox are you on btw? Still 52? It's so fucking slow reeee

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>he doesn't use pale moon

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hahahaha cucktianity btfo

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>i-it's not the guns, it's the mental illnesses! XD

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is there a greasemonkey script to restore it yet? i'm sure someone will make one soon

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git gud

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wait works better for anime, saucenao works better for manga, exhentai and iqdb work better for porn, and nothing really works for vns except yandex if you're lucky
google images sucks for anime stuff desu

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You can still use drag and drop for that

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File: 309 KB, 640x823, Screenshot-2018-2-16 Google SearchLiaison on Twitter For those asking, yes, these changes came about in part due to our set[...](1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This is bullshit.
It is, and you should direct your anger at the people who forced the change. AKA the copyright holders who sued Google

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and this is why we can't have nice things
everytime a user gets used to something and takes it for granted, it changes, usually for worse

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>read article
>decision is a consequence of a lawsuit
>makes almost no difference to anyone technically literate
>makes literally no difference to anyone with basic JS knowledge
wow it's fucking nothing

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must suck to be a normie now

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Says the one who uses a botnet OS

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Its still there for me.

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>makes literally no difference to anyone with basic JS knowledge
lolwut. How does JavaScript play into this equation? If you can't right click on the image, you can just inspect element and get it that way. No JavaScript required. Maybe you're referring to writing a GreaseMonkey script or something?

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/a/ dropped google image search 2-3 years ago, we use IQDB, Saucenao and Yandex now.

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please let them sue Google into the ground.

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>I am /a/

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>for images? bing is better
Gonna try for a few weeks then

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No, but i am that faggot that posts the same shit over and over in OPT threads.

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it's still very slightly more work to do that, which is why i said 'almost no difference'.
you can write a userscript to re-add the view image button, which would make it equivalent to before the change.

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I just switched to searx for image searching. Seems okay.

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I love searx but it's crap, just like pantsu

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herkz pls

>> No.64748544

I never used that shit anyway. Right click -> view image in new tab. Cry moar, pleb.

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ideal jewgle genocide when?

>> No.64748567

Thanks, Anon, you opened my eyes.
t. same anon who threw the jew tantrum

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Open image in new tab still works.

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Getty could have rewritten their site to block it. Plenty of other sites do. They redirect you to their main page when you try to view the image. Also Getty fucking watermarks all their samples so why should it even matter if they're being "stolen"?

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>you can write a userscript to re-add the view image button
I bet all the "Google image search" Firefox extensions will have this taken care of within 24 hours. Can't say the same for Google since there's no way they'd allow users to undermine them.

>> No.64748629

Their image search hasn't been any good for a long while now

>> No.64748642

i want to use a different search engine, but all of them are shit compared to google

>> No.64748647

I'm really more bothered by the removal of the search for similar images and search for other sizes options. I used them a lot.

>> No.64748652

Because they are trying to force their AI recognition shit.

>> No.64748653

Getty doing that would've been SEO suicide. They *want* their images to be indexed & seen so the user can directed to the appropriate purchase page.

Putting ourselves in their shoes, I can understand the position of wanting users to visit their site directly instead of having their .jpgs downloaded via a 3rd party indexer, but it's still really shitty for the end-user. Unfortunately when 2 corporations are bitching at each other, it's often the users who suffer

>> No.64748663

This shit pisses me off. It's like somebody hiding your keys.

>> No.64748720

right-click - Copy Image location

>> No.64748724

How the fuck do I search with an image already on the internet?

>> No.64748736

>most censored one
fix'd that for you

>> No.64748771

Drag and drop

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>people STILL using the Google botnet in the current year
id this everybody's first day on /g/?

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To all the brainlets in the thread saying right click save as -- Google is now serving up tiny thumbnails of the original image.

So both right click save as and inspect element are worthless. Maybe this change hasn't been pushed out to everyone yet, but it has to me

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nobody with a brain used google in the first place

>> No.64748846

That requires 2 whole windows! I can't cope

>Just checked actually
>images.google.com still lets you paste by url

>> No.64748857

>That requires 2 whole windows!
Only if you want to keep the first page open

>> No.64748862

>Right click image
>Copy image address
>Paste link

>> No.64748871

How else are you supposed to drag and drop a picture to google?

>> No.64748877

>has external sources blocked and wonders why the images wont load

>> No.64748894

bahaha, you're right. That's what i get for trying to be condescending. Well I'm glad I was wrong

>> No.64748902

That's what I'm saying.

There are sites that do that. Where you would click view image and they redirect you to the images page. Fanshare did it, I know photobucket does it too, and I think Pinterest might have done it but I don't remember. And recently I came across Facebook of all sites doing it.

They always did. I save crap from them enough to know. Google saves a backup thumbnail for the search itself. This is why you can often find deleted images in the search, or end up on the wrong page sometimes when you do view the site because it's shifted down from activity.

>> No.64748904

chromium doesn't have this problem, you can just click open image in new tab

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File: 1.85 MB, 1280x720, 2018-02-16 03-42-09.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>Search engine is removing features that make it a good search engine
kek, this is what happens when the company is run by SJW’s

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disregard this >>64748825 I forgot uBO was blocking the 3rd party sources

>> No.64748933

Must be a poof

>> No.64748950

It's almost like they were sued or something and were forced to do it

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It took me 5 minutes to write a userscript for this and I've never messed with that shit before in my life.
Why is /g/ so incompetent?

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/g/ is retarded gaymer kiddies and phoneposters

>> No.64748969

I've done that maybe once. Typically I find a pic on some other page/forum and try to find larger resolution pic

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>companies mad at google for not giving them their shekels
>google removes direct link to images; trying to force everyone through the ad-swamp
>google profits from more ad views since it runs all the ads anyway

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You're a poof, nigga.

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File: 11 KB, 500x203, 500px-Bing_logo_%282016%29.svg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it time to switch to Bing?

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>he recalculates the length of .images every single loop instead of doing it once outside of the loop and storing it as a variable
Why are you so inefficient?

>inb4 I've never written JavaScript
But you've apparently done some basic programming before, so you should know better

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Alright, you sold me, show me your code.

>> No.64749036

That was 2009 dude, where have you been? You haven't actually been using the google botnet all this time have you?

>> No.64749051

Up until now, its image search was unparalleled.

>> No.64749064

>Up until now,
Wrong. They have crippled their image search incrementally. If removing the "view image" button is the only thing you noticed you might be retarded.

>> No.64749069

Google is by far the most censored search engine
>implying you have actually used any other search engine

>> No.64749071

>people here are too stupid to read source codes of their browsers and see that right click is actually does

>> No.64749084


>> No.64749091

>How do I store the length of an array in a variable
num_images = images.length
for (i = 0; i < num_images; i++) {
// do some shit

If you want anymore day 1 lessons let me know

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File: 197 KB, 466x555, 1491193317765.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I unironically start shilling for Bing?

Its image search is way better anyway

>> No.64749106

Only for image search

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File: 357 KB, 860x373, problem-solver-loan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>right click on image
>click 'open in new tab'

Problem solved.

>> No.64749117

The worst thing about its image search is that by default they restrict it to really small images. Having the search bar not scroll with you is pretty annoying too.

>> No.64749120

>right click image
>open image
Hurr durr whats gombuter?

>> No.64749137

more like a blob: url.

>> No.64749147

What are the actual problems with 2018 Bing?

>> No.64749150

i wonder how much longer the right click thing would stay up tho, i mean, what's the difference if you can still get the pics
how much longer till they get rid of it...

>> No.64749162

AFAIK mobile users can't "right click -> view image" like a Desktop user. And mobile users are a significant portion of traffic, so maybe hampering them mobile was enough to settle the lawsuit.

>> No.64749182

why isnt there a publicly funded open source alternative to google images?

>> No.64749185
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>> No.64749189
File: 88 KB, 1080x1080, wtf12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so are we sure this isn't a prank twitter account? it's not "verified" and it has 11 tweets?


>> No.64749190

>right click
>open image
Nevertheless, use Yandex.

>> No.64749196


>> No.64749201

>>64749162 ==>>64748034

>> No.64749202

>use Yandex.

You know very well that Bing, Yandex and others are missing a shit load of images that Google has. This is like Megaupload being killed.

>> No.64749219

>people here are too stupid to read source codes of their browsers and see that right click is actually does

>people here are too stupid to read source codes of their browsers and see that right click is actually does

>people here are too stupid to read source codes of their browsers and see that right click is actually does

>people here are too stupid to read source codes of their browsers and see that right click is actually does

>people here are too stupid to read source codes of their browsers and see that right click is actually does

>people here are too stupid to read source codes of their browsers and see that right click is actually does

>people here are too stupid to read source codes of their browsers and see that right click is actually does
>people here are too stupid to read source codes of their browsers and see that right click is actually does

>people here are too stupid to read source codes of their browsers and see that right click is actually does

>> No.64749228 [DELETED] 
File: 134 KB, 309x552, screenshot-twitter.com-2018.02.15-22-15-21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's maintained by this guy, who is verified.

>> No.64749280

Yandex is far better than Google for image search.

>> No.64749311

Anyone know what event I need to listen for when the user scrolls down the page and loads new images? My script adds the proper link to the existing images but obviously it's missing when you generate new ones.

>> No.64749349

google images went from the only viable image search engine to completely unusable now. what the fuck.

>> No.64749398

I am curious, does this have anything to do with ctrl save not working either?
Both controls work proper, s works, but won't save.

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File: 18 KB, 288x288, Nyet6xr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> uses google to find yandex
> yandex.ru

not even once, dushenka moya

>> No.64749445

So I just checked, if you click on the image where you get the menu to "visit page", the image is the full size image linked directly to that page.
It's scaled down using CSS style for width, but when you save the image it saves it full resolution from the same source as "view image".

So, you can just right click save as and get the full resolution image. It also tells you the full resolution below the image in a caption. Grow a brain crybabies it's one less button to click. You can right click and directly save or open image in new tab.

This generation is fucking helpless.

>> No.64749450

what's the point of searching images if you can't view them

>> No.64749456

cant get different sizes either

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File: 1.67 MB, 2560x960, yandex google.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would say Yandex is more accurate.

>> No.64749487

stable individuals always kill people when they have guns. makes sense.

>> No.64749511

I would say you're a fucking retard and should learn how to search properly.

>> No.64749515

reading this thread is pretty illuminating to the state of /g/. what a tiny proportion of posters have what I would consider the baseline level of computer competency to be posting here. it wasn't like this even 5 years ago :(

>> No.64749534

If guns didn't exist people couldn't get shot. Checkmate brainlet.

>> No.64749563
File: 35 KB, 408x450, 1506913342811.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

<guns problen no pple gun kill peple<
BAN GAN!!!!11

>> No.64749580

there is only so good you can get when one of the assholes over there removes the speech so you cant find it by name, and then fucks with the image so reverse searches don't work.

If I knew what the shit was, I would be reading it, but a file name of 'good luck' give me not even a brute force volume and chapter to try and find.

>> No.64749581

why, what's wrong with .ru?
anyway there's a .com domain in english too

>> No.64749664

I don't know generally between the clues in the titles, iqdb, wait, and reverse image search I find pretty much everything.
Besides they post the same shit everyday, at some point there's always someone with another picture with the right title or something

>> No.64749675

I feel like it's based on time of day. It's embarrassingly bad at night.

>> No.64749684
File: 1.29 MB, 2560x960, yandex google2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64749818

Who are you quoting?

>> No.64749823

Russians don't want to take away my firearms. Putin is less an enemy of the US than either of our political parties.

>> No.64749852

I'm more worried that their image search is no longer any good for finding porn sources.

They're consistently getting worse and worse and some how it's been happening for years.

>> No.64749934

you guys didnt make a userscript to just add the button back yet? Its 2 fucking lines.

>> No.64749956 [DELETED] 

is dark theme on youtube gone for anyone else but me?

>> No.64750302
File: 97 KB, 645x729, 46a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>search google images
>right click
>View image


>> No.64750315


>> No.64750352

How much longer will the right click thing stay up?
Will they get rid of it since you are still able to get the pics?

>> No.64750384

You retards don't realize
They want people to get baited into going to the website and get ad clicks.
They don't care about you getting or not the picture. They want illiterates to go to the websites instead of just getting the image from the hotlink

>> No.64750559

The NRA is a terrorist organization.
Trump is a KGB agent of Putin.
AR-15 has 100 round clips and can fire 50 rounds in half a second.
You can buy one of those before you can buy alcohol in most states.
America was never good. Fuck America, Fuck the constitution, Fuck white people, and Fuck Trump.

Anyway, the images load direct from source at full resolution. I can just right click and view/save the full image.

>> No.64750569

unironically this

>> No.64750570

it's not the guns
it's the anti-depressants
you absolute soyboy
your bait is literally as bad as the "her revealing clothing made me rape her"

>> No.64750587

It invalidated any ending from ME3 with the message found at the end.

>> No.64750589

Dress like a whore, get fucked like a whore.

>> No.64750627

Calm down there buddy. We all know you Liberals lost, but no one likes hearing you whine all the time.

>> No.64750672
File: 66 KB, 680x709, 1507203640382.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64750681

>Things haven't changed since the 18th century
kys faggot

>> No.64750689

>it's the anti-depressants
What's it like being a retarded nigger?

>> No.64750692

yeah we should also get rid of freedom of speech and no taxation without representation

>> No.64750719

>use startpage
>click image
>click 'view image (always anonymously)'
>get full resolution image

>> No.64750720

>yeah we should also get rid of freedom of speech and no taxation without representation
You mean like court approved free speech zones which keep people from protesting in front of the Supreme Court and in front of the political conventions; or do you mean more like DC having their marijuana legalization bill overturned by Congress because DC has no official power because DC isn't a state so it is literally being taxed without being represented? You mean like that?
Again, kys faggot

>> No.64750809

Yandex also seems way better at reverse image search. I toss some random weebshit picture in there and it finds it.

>> No.64750832
File: 1018 KB, 1024x768, blu_pc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good, hopefully this will cause people to start browsing individual websites manually instead of just staying in the google search botnet.

It's one of the few things google has done right and you fags are complaining.

>> No.64750963

>>The NRA is a terrorist organization.
No, that's the SPLC
>Trump is a KGB agent of Putin.
No, that's Mueller.
You're right. Mandatory nuke ownership for all.

>> No.64751166
File: 6 KB, 250x250, 1505835360442.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

literally fucking WHY?

>> No.64751197

Nice thumbnail, saved it off reddit?

>> No.64751216


>> No.64751230

Because people pay a lot of money to host their stuff and only watching the relevant content on their sites are a bad thing somehow.

>> No.64751313

>one window, two tabs
>image in one tab, google|yandex images on the other
>drag and hold image over the desired browser tab
>wait a little
>browser switches tabs, image still in drag mode, google|yandex images is now in front
>drag and drop image in the search box
You didn't know that?

>> No.64751332

Yandex image search is so much better that shitty google image search it's not even funny anymore
Based Ruskies

>> No.64751344

No, bing is shit, maybe a little less shit than google image search but still shit
Use Yandex image search

>> No.64751381

holy shit i love this, why havnt i tried yandex sooner

>> No.64751391
File: 985 KB, 1092x655, ...really.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't be that hard...

>> No.64751392

Honestly don't blame them that much.
The number of times the image doesn't show up anyway because hotlinking is disabled is pretty high.

>> No.64751564

how do i put a local file in the search bar?
i've never used image search in any way besides the button

>> No.64751586

that's literally the only way i've ever saved images from google image search

>> No.64751591

right click - > view image

>> No.64751604

Here you go retards, userscript that adds the button back.

>> No.64751615 [DELETED] 

how long it will last tho

>> No.64751619


You don't/can't. For stuff like that I have a script that resizes the image and uploads it to something like mixtape.moe and tell Google to use it.

>> No.64751674

How long do you think will it last

>> No.64751691

sweet dude, thanks a ton.

>> No.64751716

do you know if there's anyway to bring back the search for additional sizes function? It shows up if you search an image url or click google with 4chanX

>> No.64751726

Just long enough for them to disable right-clicking.

>> No.64751841
File: 1.46 MB, 1029x4529, 1515878135455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.64751979

>right click
>open image in new window

Op how many dicks do you suck on a daily basis?

>> No.64751988

I don't get these posts. Sure there are workarounds but that doesn't make this any less of a dick move by Google.

>> No.64751998

to think that I'd unironically start using Bing, what a twist

>> No.64752039

it makes it inconvenient though. I have to circumvent this shit instead of just being able to click a button.

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! WHAT POSSIBLE FUCKING PURPOSE DOES THAT HAVE! If i search by a fucking image to try and find a better resolution of it, I still haven't committed any copyright infringement. God dam google sometimes it just a shitshow.

>> No.64752045

>greentext is for quoting
fuck off newfag

>> No.64752077

this opens up the thumbnail version of the image shown in the search results though, not the actual image itself, so resolution will be shit.

>> No.64752086

hate pinterest

>> No.64752223

none besides it being MS, started using it a year ago and it works very well

>> No.64752539

2018 MS has probably become less evil than 2018 Google

>> No.64753732

Yandex has more hits on the pantyhose and google more on the hair, neither is perfect

>> No.64753817

I really wasn't expecting people to be this retarded on here

>> No.64753908

What's your userstyle?
It looks gorgeous, care to share it?

>> No.64754895

I was used to right click on "View image" and save (for large images). Now you have to wait until it's loaded. It sucks.

>> No.64754928
File: 538 KB, 850x708, cb57d73dfa92f79db5e15aff5b0f8953.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64754982
File: 1.82 MB, 628x433, blyeet.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not just using some fucking extension that makes browsing better anyway

>> No.64755216

agreed. i used to try google then give up and use bing. now i skip straight to bing for images. google is a mess for pics nowadays. it was fine 5 years ago or whenever they updated to the current model.

>> No.64755254
File: 529 KB, 1890x895, Untitled2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Talking about Jewgle, out of nowhere google images started to look like this, even on Microsoft Edge, so it's not the browser but i also can't pinpoint what caused this, if its in my end or not.

>> No.64755275

See if you have cse on the address bar, your search engine for some reason was probably changed to Google custom search engine bullshit.

>> No.64755309

No, i did a quick search and this is the address it doesn't have cse

>> No.64755566
File: 15 KB, 1919x284, absolute_state_of_yandex.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64755596

I've tried to force myself to use it multiple times but it's fucking horrible tbqf

>> No.64755662

On top of that im also getting less results related to what i search and i usually get pictures that look like it could be on the last pagers of the search function.

>> No.64755754

what ricing is that?

>> No.64755758

Why though?

>> No.64755792

Duckduckgo or searx.me

>> No.64755808

How does Google not have the power to tell Getty to go fuck themselves and then just block all Getty images from image search? Why is this the solution?

>> No.64756611

>1009 * 2 = 1018081
you stupid kike

>> No.64756634

Because google has nothing to gain by letting you get to the full image directly, and everything to gain from you visiting more websites that serve up google ads.
It's a win-win.

>> No.64756725

This. I don't give a shit about view image. The search for size was the more important feature since the first shit that popped up was always low res

>> No.64756919

antitrust lawsuit, Google probably has to pay a lot if they lose the case. With this deal, they don't have to worry about that.

>> No.64756929
File: 1.47 MB, 2047x3000, 420bcd5ecbef06e3a9c8a38624e1a8dd5090812ecb5d5290636bee1597e8f512.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how do I get yandex to search for my image instead of giving me borderline cp?

>> No.64757010

>using yandex while not being a pedophile
Why would you do that?

>> No.64757042
File: 515 KB, 908x953, animuscreencap_006.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thought it might be a good alternative to google.

>> No.64757063

I bet it is one. For pedophiles.
Normal folks going for adults won't see any benefits.

In before pedophile shilling

>> No.64757219

Gas yourself

>> No.64757298

I sure hope so

>> No.64757319

I never used this function. Remember when Google didn't have this years ago? It's a new feature

>> No.64757353
File: 152 KB, 466x492, 1508965386340.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>technology board
>uses google search

>> No.64757458


>> No.64757510


>> No.64757552

Why don't we make our own search engine?

>> No.64757584
File: 1.90 MB, 200x200, 1433669161354.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


DO NOT install an opportunistic extension to keep google useful
DO change your default search engine

This is how you make google notice how fucking shit their decision was.

>> No.64757616

Jewggle already said this is being removed too. Wait till the next Chrome update.

>> No.64757625

Google seems to have a critically low tolerance for legal paperwork.
See googlefiber.

>> No.64757633

Serves up thumbnails

>> No.64757642

Right click - open image in new tab.

>> No.64757656

But Yandex gives you cp results.

>> No.64757667
File: 1.37 MB, 847x432, HakaiShin.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bet someone will make an add-on or extension to add view image back, either way only cuck boys actually use google, startpage and other engines will always have view image

>> No.64757891

>I love searx but it's crap
Which is it you fucking retard?

>> No.64757945

Fuck off, the Twitter account is a fake

>> No.64757965

why tho

>> No.64757971

They already have

>> No.64757973

Fucking idiot, what are optimizations?
First of all, simply ACCESSING A MEMBER is not expensive at all and it's not much different to accessing a variable.
Secondly, the JIT compiler will move the member access outside of the loop.

Dumb fucking Javascript """programmer""", why am I even surprised.

>> No.64757984

Pajeet here. Why do people claim you can fix this by viewing the source code? You can only view it; you can't change it. The button is still gone. Do you people copy and paste all the source code and edit and recompile the website or something?

>> No.64758092
File: 60 KB, 1280x544, maxresdefault[2].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I literally retarded or does nothing here work.
I did a quick Google for "Wallpaper".

>Right Click -> Open Image in New Tab
Works for some, but not for the 4k wallpapers and stuff like that. Inspect Element, copy image address, it just gives me a tiny thumbnail

>> No.64758201
File: 32 KB, 400x267, coolduck[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>see this
>give DDG another try
>It's actually pretty good
Thanks Google!

>> No.64759054

Only useful post in this entire thread, /g/ is so full of faggots.

>> No.64759092


>> No.64759201

MY brother has this problem, on both his desktop, and his laptop. I'ver never seen it on my machines, so I must have some setting in my uMatrix preventing it.

>> No.64759224

depends on the website. lots of times it will load the full image inside the preview.

>> No.64759351
File: 611 KB, 976x539, firefox_2018-02-16_19-25-39.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It used to be messed up for me too, don't know what changed it back. Probably enabled some shit on umatrix.
OP should try troubleshooting with ublock and umatrix.

>> No.64759432

lol what was the message?

>> No.64759477

I remember a point where people used bing for sex so much that searching dog would bring up beastiality, they have since fixed that, but still makes me laugh

>> No.64759555
File: 112 KB, 570x446, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 22.04.28.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.64759628
File: 369 KB, 975x593, 9aa83255418f5bcb04ffe883297932e8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.64759784

what the fuck is the search by image button useful for anyways?

>> No.64759853

Go to qwant.com or bing.com
Turn of safe image search
Search for pimpandhost
Get v&

>> No.64760219

How do I make it not block that?

>> No.64760528

Why don't you annoy Getty images instead of Google? They're the responsible party.

>> No.64761144
File: 8 KB, 295x163, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's good for identifying cars in the background of images and giving you more pictures of cars

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