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Is there a such thing as good or quality MP3 players anymore?

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Check /csg/

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Genuinely curious, why would anyone use a dedicated audio player these days when phones have come so far?

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Why would you want to have actual music files on a mobile device when you can just stream? Do you live in a datacapped 3rd world country?

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>"me stream muzak"

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A phone with a good DAC. Or an iPod. No I'm not joking about the latter. iPod is there one thing Apple did right. But I just use my LG V20. It's DAC is amazing. I have all my music on my microSD slot. 55GB worth of FLAC.
Fuck off faggot. Hurr Durr muh streaming. I have unlimited data and use 18+GB a month and I STILL prefer local media over stream garbage

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Actually looking for a decent one. I kinda hate the fact that I'll open my phone to pick some tunes and then I end up getting distracted by messages and the browser etc. Anything that can get me to spend less time staring at a fucking phone is a win in my book.

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I still use a PSP as a music player

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Smart phones kinda killed that market. Why buy a separate device when you're carrying a perfectly capable one already.

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Get an ogg vorbis player.

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Yeah, but I bet you can't afford one.

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In the late 1990s it became feasible to make portable, solid-state digital audio players. Most players supported the patented MP3 codec, and that is still the case. Some players also supported the patent-free audio codecs Ogg Vorbis and FLAC, and a few couldn't play MP3-encoded files at all because their developers needed to protect themselves from the patents on MP3 format.

Using the term “MP3 players” for audio players in general has the effect of promoting the MP3 format and discouraging the other formats (some of which are technically superior as well). Even though the MP3 patents have expired, it is still undesirable to do that.

We suggest the term “digital audio player,” or simply “audio player” when that's clear enough, instead of “MP3 player.”

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Thanks dr stallman.

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Of course, the old good ones don't just stop existing.

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1998 called
they want their compression algorithm and file format back

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Better dac/amp, more storage space, saves your phone battery, physical buttons

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>wasting precious battery power for no good reason

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Except they do. Good luck finding a Clip+

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New ones aren't being made but the existing ones haven't magically poofed out of existence. The people who own them still own them.

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Also took me like two seconds to find one on eBay

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Hijacking this thread.
I have about 30GiB of music downloaded in .flac's. What's a cheap but good music player that has at least 32GiB of storage and can play .flac's, preferable >=50USD.

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Used iPod Classic

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Uhhhh did you have a seizure? It's not 2002.

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>when your phone dies, so does your DAP
>when your DAP dies, so does your phone
It's shit

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I really love how most of these thread are about poor people complaining that there is no answer to their problems since they are too stupid to think of one on their own. Get a real job and buy modern hardware you fucking luddites.

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Anything from Sony, there are a ton of options and a wide price range. If you're looking for something inexpensive (less than ~$60) there are generic ones for less than $20 that are as varied and numerous as leaves on trees.

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First two complaints are due to you being a manlet. BAttery life is great and you can make adjustments to extend it... Are you some third world dirt farmer who doesn't have constant access to electricity? I hear they make tiny portable batteries now just in case! Too bad they might be more than a nine volt from dollar tree.

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try one of these clip+ clone chink players (agptek a26) off amazon with a 64GB SD card in it. i'm happy with mine, super simple folder view shit that sounds great, plays flac and has about 30 hrs battery life.

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>First two complaints are due to you being a manlet
Ebin meme, but no. Touchscreens exist in all sizes and regardless of my size a phablet is massive compared to even the iPod Classic, which is pretty big as far as DAPs go.
>BAttery life is great and you can make adjustments to extend it
Or I could just continue going a week between charges with my DAP.
>Are you some third world dirt farmer who doesn't have constant access to electricity?
No, but some people actually leave civilization now and then. You should try it sometime.
>carry a power bank
If I'm carrying a power bank plus a phone to make my phone less shitty as a DAP I may as well just carry my DAP and my goddamned phone.

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>mfw bought a samsung mp3 player years ago and just learned it supports vorbis also

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Is there such a thing as a non faggot OP?

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