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>Microsoft hires 100,000 of us and our code is so sloppy it has to be re-written by 500 overworked white guys. This problem is known to industry peeps as "The Code Diaper"and you'd hear more about it if you were paying attention. It's ultimately four times more expensive to outsource because the work has to be redone years later by white guys. Indian code is patchwork rats nest s***that fails and needs to be completely redone the minute it's integrated into any bigger project. This is real info from a medium-sized tech company CEO that we've talked to several times. Indians f***ing suck at coding, don't believe everything you hear about them being awesome. Also only roughly 10% of Indian business school graduates are employable.. this is possibly due to white racism (™) but perhaps it's also because Indian business schools suck? Charls actually is a high-caste Indian and we put him in white face. He has a beautiful family "I don't use bathrooms, I'm just like you (American, white-washed) " WORLD PEACE

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>Here is an email reply directly from the CEO of a successful tech company whose name you have heard at least once or twice:

>You missed the mark. Indians are generally OK on skills, they just don't give a flying crap. They show up, do what you tell them, leave. Low on ambition and ideas. They blow their money on white BMWs and $300 dress shirts so they couldn't be entrepreneurial if they tried. They're probably just happy to not be in Mumbai. The sad part is all the big companies are crying "more H-1Bs!" but these are jobs that could and should be done by American high-schoolers. Pretty sure they wash their hands because there are signs telling them to. Not familiar with "Code Diaper".

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that is velly unfortunate!

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Indian here. The fucking problem is the system of education over here, which treats computer science as "engineering", and accordingly, to get into a good college for a computer science course, it doesn't matter if you've never written a line of code in your life, what you NEED to be well versed in are physics, chemistry, and math. People like me who are actually interested in computer science, and have the credentials to show it in form of working projects and open source contributions can't pursue it professionally because we're not good enough in sciences, and shitheads who spend twelve hours a day solving physics problems that literally nobody cares about are offered CS courses, and they take them, because CS has a crazy huge number of job opportunities. I fucking hate this country's education system and I hate the fact I'm born into this shithole.

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That's pretty funny, when there MS hires people for every part of their ecosystem, while here they only needs salesman. The local gov (East EU) also use MS products as a money laundry.

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If you didn't literally shit in the streets of your country, it wouldn't be a shithole.

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For fuck's sake, stop with that meme already, nobody who has the time to come on this website is poor enough to have to do that.

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That's not true. There are plenty of Americans that come to this website and those people literally shit in their supermarkets.

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Best show.

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I thought we were talking about people who can't afford to have toilets, not literal retards who likely have their own measurable gravitational field.

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