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>rip ubuntu phone
>rip unity
>rip security and privacy

What happened to them?

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Gentoo happened. bitch.

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People started installing Gentoo.

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gentoo really took a large portion of their userbase

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That's what happens when you create a Frankendebian and make it the most popular distro.

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Read the card you moron.
They got exiled.

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Mark got laid by an african child once he came back from space, he was then put in jail and now they have no funds for real work.

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they didnt realize "just linux" people dont give a shit about big corps, in fact they go out of their way to avoid them

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The good news is Debian is perfectly usable all on its own.

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ubuntu is dying slowly

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That's the point
Ubuntu should never had existed

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They were sabotaged by bad people: Stallman, Red Hat employees, etc.

Turns our Linux community is so fucking garbage that they killed the best Linux desktop of all time. Enjoy your Ubuntu GNOME Faggots.

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Capitalism happened.

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I feel like Unity was the desktop that gave me the least problems while still providing me "modern features".

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You can't polish a turd.

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>ubuntu phone

Why didn't they go with a different name? "Ubuntu" sounds stupid and reeks of cheapness. Something branded this way was obviously DOA.

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Kubuntu's still alright, right?
(right guise?)

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They moved from personal computing to server businesses.

Anything other than Ubuntu GNOME is fine.

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Canonical hasn't worked on Kubuntu for a while, so yes.

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they fell for the convergence meme and killed unity.
now they eat redhats leftovers

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They went full cloud.

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Solus happened.

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Gentoo happened and it is wildly successful.

Gentoogle would be ultimate OS, and they are converging.

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Shuttleworth doesn't have infinite money
Canonical didn't actually make any money of thier own

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>ubuntu phone
I was really looking forward to these. Too bad they cancelled them.

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Unity happened.

Ubuntu brought in a lot of Linux users, but the switch to Unity killed it on plenty of toasters among other things. So people started forking more builds and jumping to other distros. Liked Mint myself. Others went to just regular Debian, etc.

Its like that first band that gets you into music and its all you listen to, but then you find the bands that inspired them and so on until the pool of musical taste is now wider without one dominating factor.

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he's right you know

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How is it dying if it has started to make profit?

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>what happened
Solus happened

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>Canonical didn't actually make any money of thier own
He said Canonical now maeks money.

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Nice try Kevin.

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>What happened to them?

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>They were sabotaged by bad people: Stallman, Red Hat employees, etc.

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Literally this.

Ubuntu Phone failed because it required OEMs to take financial risk when they could just stick with Android and compete on specs and looks.

Unity was the central pillar of their convergence vision, so when the phone flopped, it no longer made financial sense to sink more dev time into Unity when they could just adopt an existing DE like everyone else. Ubuntu is mostly commercially successful on the server/cloud, so of course they're refocusing their attention there.

The Amazon lens was a last ditch attempt to monetize the desktop. That backfired hard, so they probably won't be trying that again.

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>What happened to them?
They were too ambitious. They made a popular distribution of a niche kernel. Good on them. But what made them think that they could be anything more than that?

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