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>got drunk last night and peed on my computer.
>spent 3 hours today cleaning it, 1080 is fucked.
>bought video card 3 months ago.

Think the warranty will cover it? What do I even tell them?

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Nope, enjoy paying $1200 for a new video card faggot

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Fuck no it's not covered you fucktard lol who the fuck pees on a computer?

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They hide little liquid damage tabs in the hardware for tards like you

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>lol look how drunk I am guys!!!

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Fucking dumbass

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I drink alone.

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>alcoholic for 2 years
>never damaged my computer except spilling beer/wine over my keyboard about 4 times
You're just a retard.

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Never claimed otherwise.

Think i'll clean it, get it working again and sell it and get a 1080ti

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i once blacked out and when i came to i was making a sandwich with my right hand while holding my dick with my left
i was pissing all over the counter and onto the plate/bread

i guess what i'm trying to say is that i understand you, OP

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I never peed bed in my life. Until I was 26 then peed it for an entire year every time i drank.

Then it just stopped and haven't peed bed since. But pee in random spots around house. Peed on my desk last night and it dribbled onto computer. my life is suffering.

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Post pics of wet gpu, that's my fetish

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Didnt want to open case again here's a pic though

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Actually screw it here

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All the pee dust it was relatively clean since I dusted it like last week.

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This isn't the first time I've seen someone post about how they got drunk and ruined their PC in some extremely stupid way. What the fuck is wrong with your brain? I've gotten black-out drunk in front of my computer several times and have always woken up on my couch with nothing damaged.

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Why do you hit a man while he's already down

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>peed on my computer

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Ah man this is an unfortunate thead

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>pee dust

Yeah, pretty sure piss comes out liquid OP.

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>peed on my computer
I am trying to imagine the scenario. OP, tell me how accurate this is:

>Ok, so here I was, imbibing alcohol. You know how alcohol lowers inhibitions? Well, I guess I have always had an unconscious desire to urinate on electronics!
>I unzipped my pants, took out my penis, pointed it towards my PC, and relaxed my pelvic muscles.
>My RAM, my motherboard, my disks, my graphics card... all were getting drenched in my piss, oh yeah!
>I do not even want to imagine what will happen when I switch on my PC, and all the pee-soaked fans start spinning. That will be something!
>Ah, and now I am doing pissing on my PC. I am going to go to bed, and post about this on /g/ tomorrow!

IMHO you are an absolute moron. I hope you learned a valuable lesson.

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>sell it
who buys piss-stained GPUs?

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Ahh yes, pee the only liquid known to man to not evaporate.

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Clean it so no one knows?

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I pee in random spots all the time if i hit the point of no return while drinking.

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>pee leaves behind pee-dust when it dries
What the hell have you been drinking?

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You do know pee is not just water right? Contains ammonia, sulfur and other shit like unused vitamins, nutrients, blood etc.

Also obviously alcohol, which is a diuretic and dehydrates you, making your pee more yellow, aka having more dissolved shit in it, aka more pee dust.

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>pee dust

my sides

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lol nigga don't be coy with me. You're the one who pissed on your computer drunk like a fucking retard, not me.

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Canadian; I couldn't get drunk on the beer they sell in america. Wtf is 3% beer? Fucking water.

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>pee contains blood

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It does, well more aptly it contains dead broken down blood cells and other shit found in blood.

Not a lot, but your body mostly puts dead blood cells and excess blood into your poop, some does go into your bladder though.

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I am never surprised at 4chan really but... Yes

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hey, its a retard

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>this thread
Include me in the screencap

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Except it's broken

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I'm a CET so I might be able to take a crack at fixing it.

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What is wrong with you?

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sell it in /r/cryptocurrency

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>pees on computer
Warranter ples

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>I'm a CET
>point of no return drinking
>pisses on computer like a tard
>"guiz pee dust"

I mean, you can do your best to clean it but i'd say it's safe to say the GPU is a lost cause to sell. I would just focus on making it operable.

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Pretty sure pee is basically just blood your kidneys converts into, er, urine.

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I know it's redditier to do screencaps now. But good lord this thread had me laughing.

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>Think the warranty will cover it? What do I even tell them?
Clean everything with alcohol, and check if it works. If it still doesn't work just tell them that it doesn't work, and you want an rma. Wait until they send you back a broken gpu with a possible denial of rma for x reason, because warranties are a scam.

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holy shit man i cant stop laughing thanks op my depression is gone

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>pee dust

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just magical

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Poot me in the screancap

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Thanks, added some more

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haven't had this keks

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stupid reposter

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If anyone's curious I can probably find an old computer tomorrow, piss on it, and see if pee dust is a real thing

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If you suffer kidney infections or hemorrhagies you will get red pee

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>pees on computer
>wers my warrant

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do it

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Sweet baby Christ my sides

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>What do I even tell them?
Hollo! I am very stupid man and I bee on my BeeSee, now blease vree rebair :DDD hobe you dond mind the smell :D

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>Pee dust, my sides are finally gone. Thanks OP!

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OP has an STD

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>filter blood
>get urine
Did you fail 7th grade biology, anon?

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>What do I even tell them?
Tell them you're an Eagles fan. They'll understand.

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>pee dust

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Posted on /r/4chan :^)

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I've vomited on my PC before, but this nigga is taking it to a whole new level

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>no Tomorrow theme

Nigga pls

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>pee dust

Organic compounds, ammonia salts, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium as sulfates and phosphates.

Your hardware is fucked. Not amount of cleaning will fix the pitting on everything not gold-plated.

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Ahahaha you're an idiot OP

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this is as bad a /k/ jizzing on their guns.

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no because the guns can be cleaned and still work afterwards

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>urine contains salt
>salt is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs water from the air.
>salt increases water's ability to carry a current and speeds up the corrosion process.
>the chloride ions in salt can break down the protective oxide layer that forms on the surface of some metals.
GPU is doomed to die
Whole PC is doomed to die
even if you bake it on the oven,
you will have a hard time to completely wipe out the salts left on the board

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Don't fucking judge me you nigger.

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i won't tell if you won't tell

>implying it will ever be clean again

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What the fuck is wrong with you?

Anyway, you should've bought a Thinkpad. They have those holes in 'em that drain the piss, when dumb shits such as yourself piss on their equipment. You would've saved a lot of money now, asswipe.

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Hey, try snorting it, see what happens?

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Put me in the screencap reddit

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include me in the screencap pls

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Put it up on ebay as a GPeeU and see if any desperate miners bite.

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you simply never had the right beer, only walmart americans drink the big brand piss

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>that much blank space

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All this laughter made me accidentally piss in my computer

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Guess OP is a real hoser.

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